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Touch en una oración (en ingles)

  1. It was a touch odd.
  2. I will be in touch.
  3. But I can touch it.
  4. A touch of the lips.
  5. He put me in touch.

  6. I want to touch him.
  7. Soft touch of a hand.
  8. All he had was touch.
  9. With the touch of a.
  10. I wait for his touch.
  11. The touch of the rose.
  12. An Oath As Lips Touch.
  13. She did not touch him.
  14. And warm to the touch.
  15. They will be in touch.

  16. The touch of our hips.
  17. I quiver to his touch.
  18. And try touch the sky.
  19. The touch of bare feet.
  20. I'll be in touch soon.
  21. Her touch was ice cold.
  22. I know how to touch it.
  23. I'll be in touch soon'.
  24. He'll kick it to touch.
  25. He wanted to touch her.

  26. We still keep in touch.
  27. He needed to touch her.
  28. He was losing his touch.
  29. It was cold to her touch.
  30. It was wet to the touch.
  31. His cold lips touch mine.
  32. He did not touch her.
  33. You will touch a life.
  34. He's scared to touch it.
  35. He shivered at her touch.
  36. By not keeping in touch.
  37. Get in touch with that.
  38. He had to touch himself.
  39. Barely a touch, no grip.
  40. I would never touch them.
  41. And touches not to touch.
  42. With a touch of the hand.
  43. His purpose is to touch.
  44. It’s cool to the touch.
  45. Touch her Lord right now.
  46. And the touch of a bullet.
  47. When touch plate Tp2 is.
  48. He was anxious to touch.
  49. It felt cool to my touch.
  50. Do not touch its surface.
  51. I was afraid to touch it.
  52. Don't touch a bare wire i.
  53. He wouldn't even touch me.
  54. Do not touch my sister.
  55. If only he could touch it.
  56. I want to touch all bases.
  57. Don't you bloody touch me.
  58. I need to touch, not see.
  59. Lord touch this dear lady.
  60. They always keep in touch.
  61. Touch each other every day.
  62. I didn’t touch it at all.
  63. Gut! I shall be in touch.
  64. She cringed from his touch.
  65. How dare he touch his mate.
  66. He felt a touch on his arm.
  67. The sword didn't touch him.
  68. Awaiting the touch of love.
  69. That last touch was perfect.
  70. I hate having to touch him.
  71. He bent over to touch the.
  72. She was enjoying his touch.
  73. We can be in touch with God.
  74. I love the way you touch me.
  75. Her touch is oddly familiar.
  76. Add a little touch of magic.
  77. No darkness could touch her.
  78. Wanna love ya, wanna touch.
  79. You can touch this stone.
  80. To touch them was to recoil.
  81. They were cold to the touch.
  82. He can get in touch with me.
  83. Is it safe to touch?
  84. Yes, you may have to touch.
  85. Go ahead, you can touch.
  86. Come touch the real thing.
  87. He reached around to touch.
  88. It had touch screen control.
  89. To try and touch me,.
  1. I felt her touching love.
  2. We need our touching core.
  3. Then we would be touching.
  4. Touching with a deep look.
  5. Touching the Heart of God.
  6. He had missed touching her.
  7. He was actually touching it.
  8. I imagined them touching me.
  9. Feet not touching the floor.
  10. And he was touching himself.
  11. How touching this always is.
  12. With flames touching the sky.
  13. Touching the stone calmed me.
  14. Our lips are almost touching.
  15. Mark shared a touching story.
  16. Now, we are touching the sun.
  17. Not touching his, but almost.
  18. The person who was touching.
  19. They circle, not touching yet.
  20. It was quite touching, really.
  21. It is certainly very touching.
  22. Wasn’t the act of touching.
  23. The music is soft; touching me.
  24. She couldn't stop touching him.
  25. Your long and touching history.
  26. Much More, Touching Him Inward.
  27. The gesture was oddly touching.
  28. Their knees were almost touching.
  29. I thought it was very touching.
  30. Touching hands and reaching out.
  31. He was touching her and she had.
  32. Her body almost touching his now.
  33. I came without even touching.
  34. When a boat was almost touching.
  35. This was a lovers way of touching.
  36. Foreheads still touching, she nods.
  37. It was a touching, emotional talk.
  38. Now I resented touching that topic.
  39. I’m sure it was very touching.
  40. Touching Technique #1: The Social.
  41. Tammas could feel her touching him.
  42. Maybe we should try touching it.
  43. Touching Technique #3: The Obvious.
  44. My Table: Touching True Stories of.
  45. You’re always touching my hair.
  46. She drew back without touching him.
  47. Outside a storm was touching ground.
  48. But shall depict the touching scene.
  49. This is a step above social touching.
  50. Touching Technique #2: The Accident.
  51. But as touching the dead, that they.
  52. He was touching it as McCoy entered.
  53. And while touching a cursed object.
  54. Their lips touching, tongues hungry.
  55. Almost touching her lips with mine.
  56. It was a way to experience touching.
  57. Thank you for touching all our lives.
  58. You sound concerned, how touching.
  59. He nodded slightly, touching his brim.
  60. This is one way of touching His heart.
  61. There would be no more touching today.
  62. Flower Descend With Touching Thoughts.
  63. Crucial only if touching you directly.
  64. Two hands touching and hoping to mend.
  65. Edwin murmured, touching his cold face.
  66. Barely touching her, he moved her to.
  67. What is that she’s touching?
  68. By morning, they were always touching.
  69. She didn’t want to stop touching him.
  70. Touching my shoulder, his gaze softened.
  71. It's touching that I will be missed.
  72. It was just touching that as young as.
  73. I nodded, touching the sails on the toy.
  74. The sun was almost touching the horizon.
  75. Will I be in touching distance of her?
  76. Emily? he said, touching her face.
  77. Touching his face, his hands, his hair.
  78. My feet were barely touching the ground.
  79. Touching you with the fingers of my mind.
  80. Emily, Mark said, touching her arm.
  81. She hugged it in her arms, it touching.
  82. Their lips met, barely touching at first.
  83. Robboaw was touching my arm and talking.
  84. There was a very touching note from Mrs.
  85. They actively avoid touching each other.
  86. I wouldn't want to be touching the mast.
  87. I took his help barely touching his palm.
  88. Apply without touching the dressing pad.
  89. Another Son, he said, touching her hand.
  90. Thanks for the pleasure of touching you.
  91. They sat awhile not touching their coffee.
  92. Sorry, Sheila said, touching his hand.
  93. To touch her hand was like touching snow.
  94. The touching of dead bodies is forbidden.
  95. Katusha, he said, touching her hand.
  96. It was like touching a blazing stove lid.
  97. Again he honored him by touching his ear.
  98. Hey, Garcia said, touching her chin.
  99. Only when touching is no longer forbidden.
  100. Keep in mind that touching isn't defined.
  1. He had touched a nerve.
  2. I just touched a glove.
  3. As the stock touched 9.
  4. He hated to be touched.
  5. We all touched the sky.
  6. As soon as he touched.
  7. He only touched my neck.
  8. He touched the pink one.
  9. We all touched the moon.
  10. She will not be touched.
  11. I was touched so deeply.
  12. When I touched the star.
  13. Touched to the heart, Mrs.
  14. No, he never touched me.
  15. It never touched a Greek.
  16. He touched me from behind.
  17. A smile touched his mouth.
  18. When he touched both of.
  19. Del Rio never touched Ms.
  20. He touched me, down there.
  21. She touched his arm often.
  22. His hand touched her face.
  23. She touched my other hand.
  24. The wrist touched her lips.
  25. But when she touched her.
  26. He lightly touched her hand.
  27. He touched Ish's feet and.
  28. Ish went over and touched.
  29. A hand touched his shoulder.
  30. He barely touched us when.
  31. She touched his right hand.
  32. His lips touched her neck.
  33. The moment we first touched.
  34. The moment it touched the.
  35. At last, he touched one key.
  36. Ashley touched his left arm.
  37. Then his hand touched flesh.
  38. Zem then touched a button.
  39. He lightly touched her cheek.
  40. I must have touched it, too.
  41. It touched a need, gave it.
  42. Her Winged Tears Touched Me.
  43. She was so touched by this.
  44. It touched me in an odd way.
  45. She also touched her nose.
  46. Should he not have touched.
  47. She touched her jaw and lip.
  48. And he came and touched the.
  49. Her fingers touched the key.
  50. He touched one of the more.
  51. She touched his hand lightly.
  52. She touched bare wall first.
  53. His fingers touched her arm.
  54. The Lord touched my shoulder.
  55. My heart was so touched,.
  1. He touches me and I melt.
  2. And touches not to touch.
  3. Russ touches him on the arm.
  4. He gently touches her face.
  5. A hand touches his shoulder.
  6. They say it touches one up.
  7. She barely touches her food.
  8. His touches were soft, light.
  9. He touches his mouth to mine.
  10. He touches the spot on his jaw.
  11. Whoever touches her feels cold.
  12. Touches her cheek just slightly.
  13. The red line never touches zero.
  15. She reaches up touches his cheek.
  16. Their innocence touches you heart.
  17. That touches a man's inmost heart.
  18. She touches the mane of the horse.
  19. Shaun never touches anything else.
  20. That book really touches me very.
  21. His touches caused unseen bruises.
  22. The story of Sakya Muni touches us.
  23. There were touches of her life but.
  24. She touches it, as if expecting to.
  25. Only when the blood touches mortals.
  26. He reaches out and touches her hand.
  27. More touches on a boundary are good.
  28. The spirit touches matter and cons-.
  29. A jetliner TOUCHES DOWN on the runway.
  30. The 747 touches down without incident.
  31. Between c c the copper alone touches.
  32. The Power that touches and withdraws.
  33. In every raindrop that touches my skin.
  34. Her palm touches the flat of his chest.
  35. Who are you that touches my soul within.
  36. The boy touches my feet every time he.
  37. She touches the empty chair between us.
  38. Grover messes up everything he touches.
  39. Now those finishing touches that make.
  40. It still confuses me when he touches me.
  41. He slowly walks up and touches the glass.
  42. It’s like that wall touches the sky.
  43. And that is what touches me close about.
  44. If the Cat touches the red color, it dies.
  45. It is rare and it touches me to the heart.
  46. He sighs, and touches his forehead to mine.
  47. Now just a few touches to finish it off.
  48. She imagined the touches, the smells, the.
  49. He touches the bruises and cuts on my face.
  50. The hoof slightly touches the load ramp -.
  51. It touches things without impinging on them.
  52. Put water until it touches the base of bulb.
  53. Turning to Johan, Simon touches his shoulder.
  54. She touches Private Dewey's shoulder and says.
  55. Below is a passage from Matthew that touches.
  56. His intimacies with her had been with touches.
  57. Shes going to burn anyone that touches her.
  58. Her work touches me and reached me at a time.
  59. Cooper which touches briefly on it, and In The.
  60. This ray strikes, touches, and penetrates them.
  61. Ricci touches his shoulder, but Ahmed pulls away.
  62. Can’t be a good thing when a man touches you.
  63. Carrie found Sarah helping put the last touches.
  64. George touches the wall behind him for stability.
  65. But when adversity touches him, he is in despair.
  66. Brink touches and gently pats her thinning scalp.
  67. If the Cat touches the blue color, it is at home.
  68. John touches Hamo on the arm to get his attention.
  69. There were only a few finishing touches left now.
  70. John has put the finishing touches on that one.
  71. Melvin Douglas touches on this with Paul Newman's.
  72. She crosses the room and touches one of the panels.
  73. I’ll remove any part of his body that touches me.
  74. When he touches it to his mouth, I say, Be brave.
  75. He touches his forehead to mine and closes his eyes.
  76. She touches him on the cheek, turns his face to her.
  77. Edison touches his chest and searches for his wounds.
  78. He touches my bruised cheek with just his fingertips.
  79. While this chapter touches on this topic in simple.
  80. Laughter touches our soul and all the souls around.
  81. The destruction of everything it touches is imminent.
  82. We must be strong enough to bear all that touches us.
  83. A hand touches my shoulder, and I twitch away from it.
  84. Thank you all for your many life resurrecting touches.
  85. In fact, they make touches like little square bricks.
  86. After a couple of minutes, Buff touches his shoulder.
  87. But when his hand, and touches, naturally attracted.
  88. This is only when the object touches the solid earth.
  89. Thinking about a thing never touches the thing itself.
  90. A shrieker bird puts the finishing touches to her nest.
  91. When the object touches the earth it relates to ΠΠ0.
  92. It touches the three bodies: gross, subtle and causal.
  93. Ensure that the foot only lightly touches the targets.
  94. If he touches me, she thinks, I will tear out his eyes.
  95. The box should have at least two touches on both zones.
  96. Will and Christina share a lot of idle touches lately.
  97. When adversity touches the human being, he calls on Us.
  98. The next one who touches me is going into the river.
  99. If he touches the green, then it will jump 2 points up.
  100. The water ripples softly as the glass touches and fills.

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