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    1. Basically, skin creams consists of substances that help the skin to regenerate its lost fatty tissues and elasticity

    2. Still, with over a thousand hardened laborers screaming at his back, Drau'd knew he was in for a grizzly fight the instant he lifted Hell's Bane off of a crushed, wolf helm and saw the creature's flesh regenerate almost instantaneously

    3. Dripping with blood and sweat, Gunt filled the crack in the trunk while bent and battered armored figures laid scattered about his feet, the bodies slow to regenerate and renew their attacks considering they had been reduced to mush

    4. But to what end? What was to become of him when the living were no more? The Elder Gods’ plan to regenerate and repopulate the worlds moved at a stagnant pace

    5. They did not regenerate fast enough to outlive that

    6. However, when greed and fear seep into the minds of human beings, things deplete faster than they can regenerate, causing dire consequences

    7. She’s not going to be able to regenerate without it

    8. regenerate children who have the Holy Spirit dwelling

    9. As the smoke clears it takes the negative energy with it, releasing it, to regenerate into something more positive

    10. They don’t regenerate

    1. John Hammaker, a research scientist in Massachusetts, postulates that each ice age in the history of the earth regenerated its topsoil

    2. Ken and Eileen Roach lived on what had once been a decaying council housing estate in a small post-industrial town to the north-west of Birmingham, an estate that was by degrees being regenerated by a mixed bag of home owners, buy-to-let investors and housing trust managers

    3. regenerated by a mixed bag of home owners, buy-to-let investors

    4. More powerful than the Living Dead, these creatures regenerated at a dreadful rate, even wounds of silver closed almost instantly

    5. Nathalia was certain now that no matter how many pieces she reduced them to, their bodies always regenerated

    6. He cast a wicked smile at the staff – which, thanks to Anon’s blood, he held in his regenerated right hand

    7. She regenerated off of that

    8. All who are reborn as true believers have been miraculsley regenerated by the power

    9. been regenerated, and even to unbelievers who wish

    10. that I was regenerated, He explained what the pain

    1. The high content of iron in beets regenerates and reactivates the red blood cells and supplies fresh oxygen to the body

    2. new birth, regenerates us, and then we are saved

    3. 1 It also regenerates oxidized Vitamin E back to its antioxidant state, thereby potentiating the free radical quenching capability of Vitamin E

    4. With this being the case, there is clearly more to us than a physical body which dies, regenerates and renews itself over the course of our life

    5. ’ This matrix is saved in our subconscious thanks to the power of our faith… And exactly due to this matrix, as a result of its healthy scheme, a body regenerates its functions on a physical level because it simply fulfils the order of the subconscious

    6. The soul regenerates during reincarnation, it gradually ripens through knowledge and love from our mortal Something as far as Something is connected to the soul

    7. A network of Paradise Players, who converge upon a brown site and create a work of art that will perpetuate itself as an evolutionary temple of Eartheart's health, is the theater of re-actors, those whose artistic living regenerates Eartheart and humanity by their creation of a compassionate lifestyle

    8. The process by which all Life was and is formed, the processes by which it regenerates itself: from cloning to mitosis-sex: is all a process of Dynamically Balanced Connectedness

    9. The skin regenerates after a chemical peel and often the appearance of the skin is improved

    10. Such society revives, regenerates: you feel better days come back—higher wishes, purer feelings; you desire to recommence your life, and to spend what remains to you of days in a way more worthy of an immortal being

    1. The blood stopped pouring from its neck, reverting the direction of its flow and regenerating the white, severed tip of its spinal cord

    2. With a contempt they’d not realised they harboured, they condemned the slavery, vile punishments, genetic and mental manipulation, lies about the reality of the real world that kept everyone imprisoned in the city, and above all the empty lives of the repulsive, regenerating Mages

    3. This power is the new birth or the regenerating power of God which is

    4. regenerating power of the Holy Spirit to draw or drag the chosen

    5. which means to give is the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit

    6. It is the Holy Spirit, in His regenerating, drawing, and dragging power

    7. This is an Old Testament verse that describes the regenerating power

    8. It is by the regenerating power of the Holy

    9. has drawn him to Himself by the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit,

    10. Can ministers of the Church of Christ give regenerating grace to their people?

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    regenerate revitalize rejuvenate restore reclaim rectify reform renew treat remedy attend heal renovate fix