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    1. “Apparently they are quite tame, just scary because they only

    2. No one had ever been able to tame a Snotig; they were a feral animal, deadly when penned in; they always reverted to their wild nature

    3. I could tame the wildest of horses and feed wild birds, squirrels, and raccoons from my hands

    4. I’m not convinced that they’re ever really tame – just prepared to put

    5. Would she win him away from Caro? Would Alan then have Caro? He didn't want to have to tame Caro

    6. The girl went through the back door into the garden, and called out, "You tame pigeons, you turtledoves, and all you birds beneath the sky, come and help me to gather!

    7. It was a strange moment, to see him so quiet, so tame

    8. To tame the surround was to interfere with the natural order of things; Deanna insisted he would not cut back anything beyond the garden itself

    9. The press, always tame and wanting more crackers, parroted it as a major coup, literally crowing it from the rooftops in some cases

    10. The adults were a deeper burgundy wine colour, but the whole herd seemed very tame, as if they were used to ships and bipeds

    1. And then the old, never tamed, anger flared

    2. With nature though ‘tis nature tamed and used by such as me

    3. tamed, and hath been tamed of mankind:

    4. "Well I'll be" spilled from Todd's mouth "You've tamed the tiger" He responded with a laugh

    5. been tamed, and scatter in terror as the fearless (or

    6. being tamed by the Master, and He was an excellent trainer

    7. He said it was out by the desert rim and he ran scared til Desa tamed him

    8. To dream that you are being tamed indicates that you need to exercise better control in your life

    9. So strong was the blast that even the boiling storm rolled back in reaction to its hot gases, tamed for once by a stronger force

    10. Indeed, it was as Hades had said, as Imila had prophesized: Elena tamed gorgons

    1. It is our understanding and love of our nature that tames the

    2. Whenever you sell your speech, the time for you to be heard has passed, for whatever owns your tongue tames your time in service to it

    3. This tames our independence, although the

    4. The TORAH is the TORRENTS OF RAIN falling down on the red Lava of Red Hate taming it as the sea tames the fires of the Sun

    5. The bullock's head tosses restless high in the air with raging eyes, Yet see you! how soon his rage subsides--how soon this tamer tames him; See you! on the farms hereabout a hundred oxen young and old,

    6. He had neglected the Farebrothers before his departure, from a proud resistance to the possible accusation of indirectly seeking interviews with Dorothea; but hunger tames us, and Will had become very hungry for the vision of a certain form and the sound of a certain voice

    7. I tend cows, Jim tames Gila monsters

    1. had supported the government’s taming of the wilder elements of

    2. ’ That was her advice in regard to taming a woman with fire in her heart

    3. * Read Peter Stiff's excellent book "Taming the Landmine" if interested in the history of the vehicles

    4. You can read all about this in Peter Stiff's delightful book "Taming the Landmine" if you can find it

    5. “Either way sister, I am sure I am going to enjoy taming you”

    6. So besides taming the masses, it was also hoped that the picodust would enhance our collective intelligence—which would help us crack the problem of why anything at all exists

    7. In this view, human beings are therefore capable of taming our instincts

    8. 6 As the swine herders rushed into the village to spread the news of the taming of the lunatic, the dogs charged upon a small and untended herd of about thirty swine and drove most of them over a precipice into the sea

    9. Heart’s Path 103: Taming the

    10. In taming the Heart, in the

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    chasten subdue tame domesticate domesticise domesticize reclaim cultivate naturalise naturalize moderate tone down meek tamed gentle obedient kindly tractable fearless domesticated trained docile harmless submissive mild uninteresting boring monotonous tedious dull routine flat empty spiritless cowardly pusillanimous feeble weak dastardly train master break calm repress soften subjugate enslave