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    1. Having sat down to consider the excellent fair on offer – dried

    2. We never consider as a serious

    3. Consider that in the U

    4. Additionally, because of lifestyle changes and a lower metabolism, it is important to consider how we eat as well as what we eat

    5. If you live alone in a large home, consider having a housemate / companion who would be willing to do the grocery shopping and cooking in exchange for rent

    6. But we behave in the same manner if we break something that we consider costly or unique

    7. thee, that I may find grace in thy sight: and consider that

    8. In human interaction, particularly with relatives, friends and neighbours, one is often required to counsel either for what we consider as the good of the individual or for our common advantage

    9. ‘She must be crazy!’ I said without thinking … he waits as I consider the point

    10. “Well—” I consider telling her about the ants

    1. Have you considered turning to the Church as they could

    2. That, technically, would be considered indecision

    3. Different people require different amounts of sleep, but seven or eight hours is considered the average amount of time necessary for rest and regeneration

    4. Early to bed and early to rise is generally considered healthiest

    5. Children are considered as the nearest incarnation of God because they are yet to pollute their mind

    6. Only 6 species in the USA all living things, cockroaches have been called are considered bad household pests

    7. This high side of the lake is considered to be part of the Highlands by many

    8. The goods that cost you Rs 5,000 today would cost you over Rs 16,000, 20 years down the line if an average inflation rate of 6% is considered

    9. Though why I should be, I don’t know … we live in a very exposed world when it comes to what is considered newsworthy

    10. I know not of Good or Evil, but you have taught me what acts are considered Evil

    1. For instance, if you are more than 5 years away from retirement, you can find out the return you need to earn considering your present saving pattern or you can find out the amount you need to invest at a given rate of return

    2. ‘Not really …’ I replied, casting my mind round the options I have just been considering

    3. ’ Emma said slowly, considering my comment

    4. ’ I replied after considering her question for a moment

    5. ’ The policeman said considering ‘It would have made a nasty noise

    6. She rubs her foot on his leg under the table, seems to be considering what to say

    7. He stood stock still for a moment considering his options

    8. ’ He said considering the idea

    9. ’ I said, warily considering the connotations

    10. God: whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation”

    1. While the newly born child can experience only love, he has no fear, he is free to decide anything and considers capable of doing whatever he wants

    2. that God considers to be necessary for us

    3. ’ Joris said, his eyes narrowing as he considers the map

    4. “Stop blaming yourself for that, we all know any spark could have set it off and no one considers your hack the real cause of this war

    5. A third man considers it

    6. not prevent another from making what he or she considers to be a sound

    7. Yes Brent and he gave me the impression that he considers you a member of his family

    8. “She considers Tdeshi to be her mother

    9. Shaun considers the offer

    10. They are not of great monetary value, Miss Grey, but would be a reminder of someone who, as Philip Stevenson informs me, considers herself to be a friend of Bunty Danvers

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    believe conceive consider think reckon regard see view deal look at take debate deliberate moot turn over count weigh study adjudge deem hold suppose ponder contemplate reflect on meditate discuss bear in mind observe honour value esteem