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Split en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I got there a split.
  2. The 3rd Split is Time.
  3. The 3rd Split was Time.
  4. A klaxon split the air.
  5. Split the two into four.

  6. So he split test the ad.
  7. In a split second, the.
  8. The vans split up when.
  9. They split up years ago.
  10. We could split a cab.
  11. I propose we do a split.
  12. I suggest we split up.
  13. That split Europe in Two.
  14. Dislike may split a crew.
  15. The 3rd Split created Time.

  16. After a split second, he.
  17. Let’s split up and look.
  18. Just for a split second.
  19. I thought Alf would split.
  20. We’re going to split up.
  21. Q and I split up for good.
  22. Diverted in a split second.
  23. He split the wood for the.
  24. I just got a nice split lip.
  25. Split off parts of the self.

  26. But reality cannot be split.
  27. They had split apart to be.
  28. Talons edge split your skin.
  29. With only a split second to.
  30. The basement was split into.
  31. Rebecca and I had to split up.
  32. We’d probably have split up.
  33. You better split too, Tabitha.
  34. A split not many could handle.
  35. There is a split pin through.
  36. Buy land, split it and sell it.
  37. It split into two paths ahead.
  38. The 5th Major Imbalanced Split.
  39. It's too late to split hairs.
  40. When the heroes split up it's.
  41. For a split second, it looked.
  42. The 1st Major Imbalanced Split.
  43. The 4th Major Imbalanced Split.
  44. A split second is all it takes.
  45. After that, the parties split.
  46. Would the Clintons split the.
  47. The gap split open in an instant.
  48. The Third Balanced Split is Time.
  49. Maybe they split up in order to.
  50. I laughed and split my lip again.
  51. According to plan, they split up.
  52. An enormous oak was split in two.
  53. Hal ways split off in different.
  54. It was if the city was split in.
  55. That’s it, time to split man.
  56. Locke had a split second to react.
  57. A split is gone for the flatties.
  58. The earth cracked and split open.
  59. Azura’s face was split by a grin.
  60. I didn’t split you, she said.
  61. The new name split her life in two.
  62. Everyone split up to look for her.
  63. You should always be split testing.
  64. In that split second a four inch.
  65. His perspective had somehow split.
  66. His consciousness seemed to split.
  67. Yet the next blow split it in two.
  68. We split up, Kevin said again.
  69. We have to split up, she said.
  70. Her torso had been split down the.
  71. Kiera, in a split moment, felt sad.
  72. Her split lip had been torn in two.
  73. It happened in a few split seconds.
  74. We could split a cab, he said.
  75. Elena: You can split water into two.
  76. He now decided to split his forces.
  77. I sell it and we split the profits.
  78. The split should be made at random.
  79. Loic’s grin nearly split his face.
  80. You know he’s split up with Cheung.
  81. Lucky for me, the creatures split up.
  82. There was a split in the commission.
  83. They came and went in split seconds.
  84. I was at his side in a split second.
  85. But let’s not split hairs on that.
  86. And it can happen in a split second.
  87. Jonquil’s mouth split into a smile.
  88. For a split second, she was wordless.
  89. Ray only hesitated for a split second.
  90. A man fell with his skull split wide.
  91. His empire was split into four parts.
  92. The trail split into a Y ahead of us.
  93. We came up with the plan to split up.
  94. Life would split asunder without them.
  95. She only had a split second to break.
  96. Luke was in my face in a split second.
  97. In 1930 it was again split 2½ for 1.
  98. We’ll split the house fifty-fifty.
  99. In one split second she stopped dead.
  100. Another crack and flash split the sky.
  1. Try splitting life up into.
  2. Splitting up is the best option.
  3. They planned on splitting their.
  4. I have one splitting headache.
  5. Finitude is the act of splitting.
  6. Splitting in two to surround the.
  7. I dreaded alike his splitting me.
  8. The splitting technique helps in.
  9. No matter who's splitting the bill.
  10. How to have fun while splitting up.
  11. Time has a uniform rate of splitting.
  12. His hooves are splitting and cracking.
  13. He’s splitting up from his wife, Dad.
  14. The splitting branch howled in protest.
  15. This is also why Time keeps on splitting.
  16. His head was splitting from the tension.
  17. This time with a splitting headache and.
  18. She was almost a splitting image of Alana.
  19. He had a splitting headache, and his body.
  20. As with the splitting of the atom, so one.
  21. I love waking up with a splitting headache.
  22. The 1st half of this splitting was going out.
  23. My head was splitting and I felt sick to my.
  24. Billy and Lance hopped in, splitting in the.
  25. The sun rose, the horizon splitting it in two.
  26. High, nerve splitting, and filled with terror.
  27. This apparent splitting of Reality is called.
  28. One can understand energy splitting, even space.
  29. If he were splitting wood, he cut off a finger.
  30. After splitting the mature and normal egg in half.
  31. Marco returned her splitting gaze and then nodded.
  32. Next morning I woke up with a splitting head ache.
  33. Or another way of putting it is: splitting with K.
  34. The casing burst open with an ear splitting crack.
  35. Visualize them finally splitting up and divorcing.
  36. Pit the plums, splitting them into halves or thirds.
  37. Yet other medical experts recommend splitting the.
  38. Energy is a Condition of the 1st Dimension splitting.
  39. The 2nd half of this splitting is now coming back in.
  40. Not without splitting the timelines again, Margaret.
  41. The dynamic of this one-sided splitting is not a myth.
  42. Ultimately splitting up might even save time because.
  43. I was splitting hairs, the staff sergeant conceded.
  44. Jeremy had even made the generous offer of splitting the.
  45. I had slept only three hours and had a splitting headache.
  46. We were too young and splitting up and running was easier.
  47. It may be splitting hairs, but I think it highly ethical.
  48. They were splitting the air faster than the speed of sound.
  49. Carl’s parents are splitting up, he said, abruptly.
  50. A team of doctors then commenced splitting apart his lower.
  51. It is in danger of splitting its skull against my knuckles.
  52. It proves Time exists as an exponential Splitting of halves.
  53. That’s a bit hair splitting David Not really Brian.
  54. Their son threw a stone at Wladek’s head splitting it open.
  55. The second major imbalanced split: splitting things with tools.
  56. Big John Macintosh was at the edge of the camp, splitting wood.
  57. The timbers on either side of the central pier are splitting.
  58. When it comes to splitting bills, there are a couple of options.
  59. All of this follows the same tool-dynamic of one-sided splitting.
  60. All three began splitting at almost the same time, but not quite.
  61. The case dragged on for years, splitting France down the middle.
  62. The basic principle of all these actions is: one-sided splitting.
  63. The fundamental design of organic cells splitting is nothing new.
  64. When Impetus began splitting Formlessness, it did three things;.
  65. Jeremy! he exclaimed, a broad grin splitting his face in two.
  66. Alex woke to a splitting headache and realized that she was in bed.
  67. The splitting of activities is just this: A task is not worked on.
  68. Yep, I didn’t get it either but it had Poland splitting its ribs.
  69. It is the rate of Time splitting which is constant; not Time itself.
  70. As he hoisted himself towards safety, he heard the splitting of wood.
  71. The Second Major Imbalanced Split: splitting things apart with tools.
  72. The vanguard is splitting up! my father said over the intercom.
  73. This prevents the splitting of votes for essentially the same thing.
  74. Drumtone approached the group from a stack of lumber he was splitting.
  75. After she walked me through the process of splitting and compressing.
  76. One coming out is not splitting: 1 this gives you a Totality, or One.
  77. A throbbing that aggravated the headache that was splitting her head.
  78. The greatest one-sided splitting machine we have today is the computer.
  79. By splitting Her apart in this new way… He created the 2nd Dimension.
  80. My head and heart are now almost splitting with this unbearable torture.
  81. The heavy black clouds rolled overhead splitting apart as they reached Mr.
  82. Max and Carla felt some turbulence after they heard an ear splitting bang.
  83. Sanduloviciu found that the spheres could replicate by splitting into two.
  84. Suddenly, there was a splitting pain behind her eyes that made her cry out.
  85. You know, I don't like the idea of us splitting up in unprotected cars.
  86. I even think that Judaism benefited a lot by splitting into orthodox and.
  87. Too early to go home but he didn't want to go to another ear splitting club.
  88. She glared up at him, trying to fight through the splitting ache in her head.
  89. Yes, after she walked me through the process of splitting and compressing.
  90. How all this happened was determined by the Causal Order of Splitting itself.
  91. The Zeeman effect in physics refers to the splitting of a spectral line into.
  92. From a bone, to a rock, to a log, to an atom… splitting things is destructive.
  93. He covered himself up again, fearful of stray arrows splitting his differential.
  94. F in keeping the country united instead of splitting it into two hostile factions.
  95. The path of splitness ended when the 1st half of Infinite Time finished splitting.
  96. Design includes logical splitting of modules for better control and understanding.
  97. Yes but aren"t you just splitting hairs? Isn"t leaving Earth implying the time of.
  98. Energy, Space, and Time is merely the result of their Splitting into 3 dimensions.
  99. The instant this process of Infinite Splitting began: it became a creative process.
  100. Her Mom didn’t press charges, I guess, but she was splitting up with her husband.
  1. These church splits should be.
  2. And reveals a tongue that splits.
  3. The 3 splits are an organic whole.
  4. No two splits are exactly the same.
  5. Because of numerous stock splits, etc.
  6. But even imbalanced splits are balanced.
  7. The road splits it's tongue into a fork.
  8. Seconds later a scream splits the silence.
  9. All bad luck comes from these Soul Splits.
  10. Sometimes the family as a whole splits up.
  11. It is God Who splits the grain and the seed.
  12. The Path of Splitness disconnects and splits.
  13. Whoever splits wood may be endangered thereby.
  14. It is the basic Force which splits things apart.
  15. Splits in the wood should be cut off immediately.
  16. Stocks tend to top around excessive stock splits.
  17. But the rate at which it splits is always the same.
  18. The black powder splits you in half, she said.
  19. It splits the glass and rockets out into the street.
  20. The growth of a tree is a series of Connected Splits.
  21. One splits by placing an equal wager next to the first.
  22. When the skin splits the meat can be removed and boiled.
  23. His face splits into a huge grin, and he shakes his head.
  24. One splits off and leans on the rail, searching the room.
  25. The 2nd and 1st dimensional splits were Causal in Nature.
  26. Awareness splits and exists in two places at the same time.
  27. Mount of Olives and the Mount splits in two (Zechariah 14:4).
  28. The splits were causal: they happened in a specific sequence.
  29. The polythene holds it together in the box, in case it splits.
  30. Children splits! Which use the Strategies of the Poor Me, The.
  31. These many Hurt Inner Children splits flow in and out of your.
  32. It splits the 1st and 2nd Dimensions inside the 3rd Dimension.
  33. Children splits! Which use the Strategies are the Poor Me, The.
  34. Roast ungutted in embers, when the shell splits they are ready.
  35. By use of proxy machinery (mergers, reverse splits, consents).
  36. The stock (adjusted for later splits) opened for trading at $31.
  37. The egg starts to shake some more; a tiny hole splits into a tear.
  38. By default, CodeIgniter splits a URL into several different parts.
  39. The flow of water splits into two parts, the concentrate and the.
  40. In Extremis, these fractures or splits are one of the reasons for.
  41. However, the cure to all the above is integration of the splits by.
  42. The SAR splits the PDU into 48-byte segments for packaging into cells.
  43. A condor splits the body and instead uses two different strike prices.
  44. This is going to be what splits us isn't it? You really need public sex.
  45. Portsmouth NSY in Kittery, ME, with which EB still splits overhauls and.
  46. Wal-‐Mart has had a large number of stock splits and so now.
  47. The more it splits off from its original path: the more unique it becomes.
  48. Now split the 4 quarters of the apple at 90 degrees to the first 2 splits.
  49. The stairwell splits into two directions that lead to each side of the house.
  50. The Present Moment which exists in-between the past and future Splits of Time.
  51. A stock will often reach a price top around the second or third time it splits.
  52. Consider what will happen if Stock A, which was trading at 80, splits 2 for 1.
  53. The 3rd split is merely an organic outgrowth of the other 2 former major splits.
  54. Time merely splits the Infinite Conditions of Length, Width and depth… linearly.
  55. All yields, splits, cracks, floats, rolls, falls, jostles, hastens, is precipitated.
  56. It splits in all directions at the same time: Length-wise, width-wise and depth-wise.
  57. Reverse splits are not too common, but ITT underwent a 1:2 reverse split on that day.
  58. The remaining splits of Time have been splitting the Condition of Depth In, Infinitely.
  59. The grooved structure of peacock feathers splits light in the same way as a diffraction.
  60. When a stock splits, we might assume that the dividend also will be split proportionally.
  61. Nicaraguan politics in the 1990s were a confusing picture of splits and faction fighting.
  62. Harry’s face was swollen with black and purple bruises and splits to his lips and nose.
  63. Suppose that the stock in our example splits 2 for 1, resulting in a new stock price of 68.
  64. Some Price Fluctuations of Sixteen Common Stocks (Adjusted for Stock Splits Through 1970).
  65. Here is another poem but lesbian: How wretched and unhappy the vagina that a penis splits.
  66. At which the heavens almost rupture, and the earth splits, and the mountains fall and crumble.
  67. It easily appears from the reading of Romans that there were already factions or splits in the.
  68. Or, if the relationship is really promising and we get past that, then he splits at six months.
  69. It splits all information into two separated, non-connected absolutes: 1 and 0… or On and Off.
  70. In the third split: it splits apart the 2-dimensional Universe and creates the Dimension of Depth.
  71. Banana splits would have to wait until the mess hall would be able to supply their main ingredient.
  72. No one, she continued, knows why, but sometimes the soul splits upon coming into this world.
  73. Then still holding on to his leg you use a side kick to his groin, while teaching him to do the splits.
  74. When the atom splits, it releases both energy and more neutrons which in turn cause more atoms to split.
  75. How can this be so? Because Time splits the Condition of Depth everywhere in the Universe at the same time.
  76. As if to answer his question, the wall at the opposite end of the room splits apart to reveal the ballroom.
  77. The distribution of cash flow is known as splits because the LPs split their share of cash flow with the GP.
  78. DNA is an example of that New path of Connectedness: every time a strand of DNA splits, it creates New Life.
  79. When any energy encounters any other energy in its Path, it deflects away, or splits off from its original path.
  80. The top part was pushed in, with large flaps of skin and white edged skull bone sticking out through the splits.
  81. After intense heat it splits in half… then a 2nd slit appears 90 degrees to the 1st split and it splits again.
  82. Rick and Chandler have a device that splits hydrogen out of water and their trucks run on nothing but water now.
  83. Because of the Conditions that go to make up Time: Time splits the 3rd dimension in only one direction at a time.
  84. It is the rate, or speed at which Time splits which is constant, not the actual amount of Time which has elapsed.
  85. What happens to the other risk measures—theta, vega, and rho—if a stock splits? These numbers remain unchanged.
  86. As much as we would love to enjoy this game with a friend, local coop splits the screen into two very small parts.
  87. Every moment Time splits… it splits equally, it splits in half, it splits whatever is left of Infinite Time in half.
  88. As he waves his hand in front, the box splits in half: two doors slide open revealing a CD player and a host of buttons.
  89. The lane splits at the start of the village and Billy takes the left fork, manoeuvring slowly through the narrow streets.
  90. Nebraska, in particular, has but one house, reducing the potential for splits among house, senate, and executive branch.
  91. Our study of the biggest winners found that only 18% of them had splits in the year preceding their great price advances.
  92. This is the social hypocrisy that splits all human society into two classes: children and adults; the young, and the old.
  93. A traumatic experience is one that splits off from the human psyche and is not fully digested, integrated and experienced.
  94. Fragile hair splits easily, but split ends can also occur in hair – especially long hair – that is in otherwise good condition.
  95. The price of its shares fell from 607 to 300 in seven months in 1962–63; after two splits its price fell from 387 to 219 in 1970.
  96. Also these splits within yourself are like idiot children which have abilities above the normal like Dustin Hoffman in The Rain Man.
  97. Companies that repeatedly split their shares—and hype those splits in breathless press releases—treat their investors like dolts.
  98. The merchant road splits in the lands of the Saturiwa, one fork heading south into the Timacua Peninsula and the other turning west.
  99. Also these splits within yourself are like idiot children which have abilities above the normal like Dustin Hoffman in "The Rain Man".
  100. Because, though oak is more firmly connected than birch, it is connected in such a way that it splits lengthwise, while birch does not.

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