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    1. “Actually, I do,” Ackers said as he finished entering a string of codes

    2. plucked a violin string, marvelled again at the resonance

    3. quiet and, frankly, pretty boring, providing a thin string of tavernas and bars set back

    4. In the ring he had to string them along just to give the punters their money's worth

    5. The tension thruout the Haad was like a balalaika string and no one felt like having a meaningful conversation

    6. At a check-point… just before she pulled the string that would have exploded the belt wrapped around her midriff

    7. He found it hard to string a sentence together, not because he was slow, but because despite being considered an intelligent man, he simply could no longer be bothered

    8. One stick had a strong branch curving out on each side, from which she had run a string to a nub on the main stick

    9. in used brown paper and bits of string,

    10. A DJ, his muscles flexing in a white string vest

    1. and the reedy stringing of badly sung carols

    2. Belle set him to sorting yarns and threads for her blankets and rugs and stringing them on her traditional looms

    3. It would be just our luck for him to get us all bumped off and he would be the only one left alive so bollocks to him”, and with this comment he went back to stringing wire onto the frame

    4. There were all the usual contests and some new ones, from the spear throw to the axe hurling and the bow stringing and arrow making to a new thing called swimming

    5. As soon as everyone was over Andreya and Kellyn approached the gate, and Major Jerran began stringing out the explosives

    6. It is not easy to reach those two forts just by walking even briskly, but strolling was what the Fernández and Lincoln families wanted to do in that cruise for the purpose of stringing together the colorful story of Nassau’s past

    7. Let me put an arrow in him right where he stands and have done with it!” he bellowed his desperate plea, stringing an arrow in his bow even as he saw that Moshe would have none of it

    8. it!” he bellowed his desperate plea, stringing an arrow in his bow even as he saw that Moshe

    9. travel further into the plateau, had thin trails of fog stringing

    10. Jane made her magical seed turn back into a wild vine, stringing up the mermaids one by one

    1. of gently twisting strings

    2. The Church is flabby, and all of our theological strings are quite loose

    3. And all of this would be fixed, the strings tightened, if we had just one perception: a coming Kingdom

    4. Physically she was so desirable that this should be easy, intellectually he had to convince his mind that this was the only way he was going to keep Desa, but emotionally he could only think Desa was trying to find a way to loosen the strings that bound them

    5. ”, allowing me time to take in my surroundings and have a tickle of the kitten, he began weaving and scratching his jingle-belled wand across the strings of this innocent looking triolin

    6. There are tiny strings of flowers falling down the back

    7. 'Or Cutler had to pull serious strings at the immigration department for this,'

    8. sound of romantic strings and a look in his wife’s eyes that meant

    9. porters appeared to be in direct competition with several strings of

    10. He is soaring above the strings

    1. I was an addict strung out on violence and Smiler’s dealing in opiate thuggery

    2. "The ship, which is as long as all the streets in Yoonbarla strung end to end, has about as much volume of air inside it as Knume's house, counting the store and still on the bottom floor

    3. Though it is my view that it is all part and parcel of the problem of being highly strung and expecting too much of yourself

    4. and along a strung out headland,

    5. strung out on adrenalin, head for home,

    6. ‘I’d heard that chestnut mares tend to be sprightly and highly strung – it’s clear she likes a challenge

    7. It was strung with bluebeans that were blooming just now

    8. There is a small area called Capo di Sorrento – a collection of hotels, small shops and private houses set amongst the olive and lemon groves strung along narrow roads leading off the main road towards the sea

    9. The homes were of generous size however and from the amount of laundry showing on the multiple floors of ropes strung across this small canal, probably heavily tenanted

    10. -Probably strung out on slap or something of that nature

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