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    1. Solomon Browne was despatched to save those aboard the Union Star freighter that had flooded engines and ripped its anchor chain

    2. This depletion of the mineral content produces deficiencies throughout the food chain

    3. Baker directs John to one of the armchairs, unbuttons his jacket to reveal a gold tie chain, and sits in the other one, leaning forward in John’s direction

    4. For his part the old man sat impassive, chain smoking throughout the couple’s

    5. (A chain that has the element of gold)


    7. chemical chain might have a lifetime of a second, or it might exist in an unbroken

    8. Keys rattled on a chain

    9. Bahkmar could understand how the political connections were like dendrites, the chain of command was the axion

    10. I wanted to light up the room, wanted to chain smoke my way through the morning, but the small bag of gifts on the mattress next to me in the darkness was too precious to waste

    1. After the last incident, Ava chained that cherub to a wooden chair and stabbed his testicles to hamburger with a carving fork

    2. Given the mental stresses and the physical degradations of the day, it was inevitable that I fell asleep chained to the radiator

    3. Before we moved he had taken to climbing up onto a window ledge in spite of his chained wrist

    4. feet were still chained so he remained seated with his back to the wall and

    5. The chained women sat on the bed and said nothing

    6. On a cradle, chained to the cracked kitchen ceiling,

    7. They were chained

    8. ticket this year,' I said as I chained our suitcase to the lower berth

    9. There was a rotting corpse chained to the far wall,

    10. Some faced jeers and flogging, while still other were chained and put in prison

    1. After chaining Apsu, Ea killed Him; tied Mummu and chained him

    2. It forms a chaining of

    3. Concealing and chaining his bike a hundred metres from the road, Jarek shouldered a pack containing a bottle of water and enough bread and biscuits for two days, then spent the day trudging through dense undergrowth

    4. The spell she had placed on me, ‘saving’ my life, had actually been a chaining spell on my Power

    5. anticipated consequences of long-term chaining

    6. Dropping roughly Marie Demaersk on the mattress, the suspect then methodically undressed her, leaving her totally naked, before chaining one of her hands to the wall

    7. But a bad friend is a positive misfortune, a weight continually dragging us down, and chaining us to earth

    8. Another option is “forward chaining”: compute each value as soon as you can, in hope that you’ll reach the goal

    9. “If the meaning of life is to have a meaning,” he faced her voice expecting to see mother, lover, or goddess – something befitting a game, a hallucination, or a near death experience – but all he saw was the face of everything he had ever loved looking as if it were a poisonous viper that he had beaten to death each day of his life as payment to rise from his chaining bed of privilege

    10. We sweet treat tamed our homegrown gangster threat of protection tribute or else by chaining the holiday to the slavery of sugar plantations and the kidnapped child labor of cocoa concentration camps

    1. “Like chains,” the boy said, and Hermann thought that maybe he was silently going mad just while waiting in the terminal

    2. Their ghosts still haunt us, clinking on chains woven from steam-pressed skin

    3. I unbolted the door but left the chains on

    4. John stands in chains in the courtroom

    5. the great Danton, could do nothing now that the beast was off its chains but try to

    6. Locked down with the shock, bound in chains of fear, I tried to break my bonds by lashing out at phantoms amid irrational bouts of bravado

    7. Chains falling to the floor

    8. Then he too broke the chains of captivity, and locked Menachem into his own arms so that they could start the dance all over again

    9. Kara signed herself out of the records office and the two women walked in silence along the street towards the little café – one of the larger chains that prided itself on the quality of its coffee, Kara noted with dismay

    10. shackles and silver chains

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    chain strand string concatenation chemical chain chain of mountains mountain chain mountain range range range of mountains ernst boris chain sir ernst boris chain progression succession series continuity connection train metal links padlock cable restraint bond attach connect bind fasten hold lash secure wrap shackle restrain fetter handcuff tie up imprison