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    1. In addition, he allows nobody to say anything in class any more, as he doesn't tolerate even the slightest indication of a personal opinion

    2. Luray was as affectionate with Alan as he could tolerate

    3. generate adverse reactions once there are some components that they cannot tolerate

    4. to tolerate and through this

    5. I didn't get angry because my body could no longer tolerate the effort or stress, so right then my mind forgot that conversation literally by the time I walked out

    6. I gave him full attention because he seemed the sort who, when enthused, would not tolerate interruption, 'On 15th August, it is the birthday of our Goddess Athene

    7. missus won't tolerate me making eyes at anyone else,' Fred said

    8. could tolerate this kind of abuse? And why should she

    9. unless you simply cannot tolerate what you would be made into

    10. Tolerate all things from those in

    1. Scar could understand what she was doing; failure could not be tolerated and he had lost a very valuable artifact

    2. Many social, economic, cultural or religious differences are not tolerated by us instead we want God not to create such people at all

    3. His idolatry was practiced as he tolerated those who

    4. Although he tolerated a lot of what

    5. As you know Italy is predominantly Catholic, but the Gottesmen are tolerated – mostly because of the work they do in the community, but that is sufficient … it serves Gotte

    6. Eyestrain is a very common ailment suffered by those who live in a state of nervous tension because slight defects of the eyes, normally tolerated by a calmer person, becomes aggravated in nervous people

    7. tolerated and what honestly makes it more or less tolerable? When is the

    8. Christian will either walk out dumbfounded or, having tolerated it just

    9. never have been tolerated on a well-managed farm

    10. He had finally shown his true colors, 'exceeded above his tolerated station' to compete with the established families of Tahoe City for a share of their tourist dollars

    1. All the while Sherry tolerates his daily intoxication and nightly beligerance

    2. "Grandfather never tolerates such suggestions

    3. For he is a jealous God, a vengeful God who tolerates no unbelievers in his flock, thereby maintaining good order and avoiding the disastrous fate that befalls all those who stray from the prescribed path of righteousness

    4. status of the nation that tolerates it

    5. The greatest expansion tolerates syncopated

    6. The husband knows it but tolerates it because he loves her and feels responsible as he is much of the time away from home on business

    7. main reason why the government not only tolerates superheroes, but sometimes cooperates with them, and occasional y

    8. At most, it tolerates one annual loon

    1. Allowing for the unknowable and the agnostic, tolerating the conflict between

    2. He was talking to the girl mostly, the girl seemed to be smilingly tolerating him but with a cold look on her face

    3. The duty sergeant was not a man in the habit of tolerating constables sporting the wrong colour boots

    4. No, he had simply been tolerating her ludicrous scheme because Sespian gave her a bracelet

    5. and Sharon was tolerating the weaning process until the third day

    6. Rather, she offered the man in charge a healthy tip to ignore the missing tax stamp and threw in a little bonus for tolerating Caroline’s mouth

    7. After years of tolerating his dull, creepy existence, I finally found another man who could satisfy me

    8. This was their way of lovingly tolerating each other

    9. He - the horse - seemed to be tolerating it well

    10. Unica’s family was not the most open minded group of people when it came to tolerating non-Arian whites

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    abide bear brook digest endure put up stand stick out stomach suffer support tolerate allow permit take put up with accept sustain countenance admit recognise recognize oblige indulge sanction warrant