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    1. To be able to enter those words into a device and transmit those thoughts into a specific target

    2. The problem however was it needed another probe, one which could transmit a polarized signal as well as receive it

    3. But a near miss should let us get a couple frames of imaging and allow the probe to survive and transmit the data

    4. But the whole explanation hinges on the ability of entangled particles in decay bacteria to transmit a human soul

    5. "She had to transmit herself and build herself back up on the ship somewhere

    6. “We haven’t known them long enough to transmit many movies over that distance,” Ava said

    7. “I'm joking, there's no way that could work, the natives don't have any way to transmit credit

    8. As long as my mini-eye produces the signals that this scene would transmit to the Kaldiss Eye, you cannot know the difference

    9. "We can transmit some information even as far as the distance to YingolNeerie

    10. The masters of your Universe transmit to you messages without your even knowing it

    11. The philosopher then comes in to propose that the human mind is programmed to receive, treat, and transmit information communicated to him by a vastly Superior Intelligence

    12. He’ll get my probable cause and transmit a warrant for an officer of the Court to search the Library’s databank

    13. He pushed past Hugh and pressed the transmit button, “This is the C

    14. Richard pressed the transmit button and replied, “Receiving

    15. Susan pressed the transmit button with her left elbow

    16. 3 of your minutes I transmit reports and conclusions to the other overseers

    17. She released the transmit button but kept the microphone ready for further announcements

    18. “That would make life very difficult for them, but they’re not going to just let us transmit it back to Earth, and there’s no way we could get a ship there without it being intercepted

    19. ’ ‘So you think it was my mistake? No, I understand how to transmit a message superluminally

    20. They transmit the infection with their bite

    21. On July 10th, Toral, receiving prompt rejection of his offer to capitulate if allowed to march out with full honours of war, requested that cable operators might go to the city, to transmit to Madrid the terms of the surrender demanded

    22. A radio, double-tapping the transmit button

    23. A clear, simple way to transmit “acknowledged”

    24. In sightless worms, the many parts of the body transmit input to the brain concerning the immediate environment that surrounds it

    25. The eye seems to have evolved as a more efficient way to transmit that input at greater depth, or distance from the organism

    26. “The simulations stimulate the amygdala, which is responsible for processing fear, induce a hallucination based on that fear, and then transmit the data to a computer to be processed and observed

    27. These buoys transmit detailed information about tsunamis while they are still far offshore

    28. transmit and receive the vibes

    29. By looking at them she could transmit some sort of message and they would do as she pleased

    30. ” Lost to these students are the ideals expressed by a judge of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in a 1992 case: “Patriotism is an effort by the state to promote its own survival,” to implant the values that justify its existence, and “to transmit those virtues and values

    31. Questions or a conversation you want to transmit out your brain telepathically has to be sent out as if you want to talk

    32. does not transmit, of what use is the receiver?

    33. His nanodrones transmit his memories through his hand into her brain

    34. Molevision – When the nanomoles are in a neutral stage they transmit different visions to other nanomoles when a human is suffering or experiencing pleasure from torturing someone else

    35. Then you will transmit these

    36. Another one of the results of her “conversion” was the belief that childcare should be turned over to government, and that parents must surrender all rights to transmit their values to their own children

    37. The Highest Priest ordered to transmit, via satellite, a message to Hell describing what had happened and asking for orders

    38. This was a top-secret satellite that could transmit data at speeds much higher than radio waves, using electromagnetic pulses that arrived at the galaxy of Hell within minutes

    39. These were a class of evil spirits that used telepathy to transmit wicked ideas to their victims while at the same time hiding the fact that these ideas were emanated by them

    40. If they were not in enemy contact and had the time, they could use the same method to transmit coor�dinates and other pertinent infor�mation they did not want the listening enemy to understand

    41. The Wolf clicked the transmit button twice, "Purple," he echoed

    42. He heard Copperhead transmit

    43. So he wouldn't push the transmit button until he definitely had someone to talk to

    44. We need to test in order to have any hope of success, but a conservative philosophy demands we transmit only enough for our purposes, and never for sport or diversion

    45. how to transmit this form, and the laws that informed and created them, to

    46. To facilitate comprehension of the model adopted to transmit this

    47. are designed to transmit and receive information

    48. be manufactured to transmit and receive dark electromagnetic waves

    49. owners to receive or transmit thoughts, images and sounds from or to

    50. particle, yes, it can transmit sound, but as a wave, it has no mechanical properties to

    1. “I know that it just transmits voices, like with two cups and a string but much farther and without the string

    2. The intelligence governing us transmits its appreciation through feelings

    3. Into a virtue that transmits life, praise and glory

    4. experiences and transmits information by relating to the past in any

    5. The brain receives and transmits electrochemical signals

    6. It transmits on subspace…”

    7. The signal transmits slowly and can be mistaken as noise

    8. Anything can be studied as long as it transmits energy (heat)

    9. It transmits and records dozens of emotions

    10. whereas 13% did not know how it transmits

    11. It has a very small chip that only transmits light

    12. Anxiously he waits as the tiny microchip transmits his location and its hosts state of mind and physical health

    13. Feeling the device in his head warm by a fraction of a degree as it transmits, Grailem fills his head with happy thoughts

    14. Grailem feels the faint temperature increase from the microchip in his head as it receives and transmits

    15. Operated wirelessly from a transmitter installed in his chest cavity Grailem transmits a low pitched signal that alters the distant orbit of the starship around the planet

    16. that transmits the broadcast

    17. If anyone transmits in this area, we will hear it

    18. frames in a movie) and transmits the data (transmits dark energy) to the

    19. Toyne has a transmitter built into his watch, and it transmits the distress signal, but there is no way the Ministry can get in touch with him

    20. Through rhythmic breathing he transmits an increased current of Prana or nerve-force to any part of the body for stimulating and invigorating it

    21. He transmits powerful thoughts to others to heal them of their disease and attracts countless persons like a powerful magnet

    22. A mesmeriser actually transmits his vital force through magnetic “passes” to the subject

    23. The fundamental difference between this system and the nervous system is that the Living Matrix transmits information around the body in the form of energy as opposed to chemicals

    24. In its technical sense education is the process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another

    25. God seated in the region of heart transmits knowledge and digests all the four kinds of combined

    26. The Koran virus transmits through millions of people to die from lack of education and jihad

    27. mencement of worship and transmits it into the life breath

    28. In such a condition the worshipped God transmits

    29. environment; analysis of the situation and the individual who transmits this mode

    30. This set, whether it is mobile or immobile, transmits to people the sayings of charlatans, and these broadcastings can change the truth into falsehood or the falsehood into truth due to its power to make people hear their news which are mostly false and deceptive saying except some of them, and in the Hadith: "verily, the ear of the Antichrist's donkey shades seventy thousands of people"

    31. And his noble saying: "the one hair in it sings" means: whenever you move the pointer a range of one hair, it transmits the broadcasting of another station

    32. It shows that the one you are speaking about is none other than an enchanter who transmits forth what is concealed by humanity by means of his associates; that is, by means of the devils

    33. A good VPP transmits these answers loud and clear to your visitor so that she immediately understands what your site is about

    34. It transmits to a receiver, which you hook in to a TV or video, or you can connect it with a USB connection to a laptop

    35. Even in our “material” range of Energy-Plasma, one of particular “quantum Forms” of manifestation of this common Universal Field — UUOLL-SLAIILLI-I — not only is the carrier of electromagnetic waves, but also transmits the currents of the electric displacement of the field, there are continuous “zero-point oscillations” (“quantum fluctuations”), which are considered manifestations of the electromagnetic Field, but actually represent barely perceptible (by physical instruments) results of the dynamics of the mentioned flakglaass types of “Field”; in this common Field-Consciousness, electrons and positrons, protons and antiprotons and all elementary particles (whether you know them or not) now become manifested (excited states of “Fields”), now go again to another frequency level

    36. transmits and processes pain signals has led to the prevailing theory that

    37. The door was shut; and to suppose that wood, when it creaks, transmits anything save that rats are busy and wood dry is childish

    38. "Which is undergoing great fatigue and anxiety, my dear duke, when we have a telegraph which transmits messages in three or four hours, and that without getting in the least out of breath

    39. Whenever the President transmits to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives his written declaration that he is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, and until he transmits to them a written declaration to the contrary, such powers and duties shall be discharged by the Vice President as Acting President

    40. Thereafter, when the President transmits to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives his written declaration that no inability exists, he shall resume the powers and duties of his office unless the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive department or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit within four days to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office

    41. “This transmits what’s playing on the iPod to the system in the room,” Christian answers my unspoken query as he taps the small antenna

    42. While today the process is automated and the telephone system transmits many signals over a single cable, the underlying principle is the same

    43. Each computer can still communicate with any other computer on the network because each of the hubs transmits its incoming traffic out through the bus port as well as the other star ports

    44. The server responds to the queries with the requested information and transmits it to the workstations, which format it for display to the users

    45. A workstation, on receiving the token, transmits its data and then releases the token to the next workstation

    46. In this method, when a workstation has data to send, it listens to the network cable and transmits if the network is not in use

    47. If the destination is a workstation on a local network, the intermediate system transmits the packet directly to that workstation

    48. Once the connection is established, the source system transmits the data, and the destination system acknowledges its receipt

    49. The receiving system then transmits a confirmation response over the normal channel and transmits a special PREPARE message over the expedited channel

    50. Data transmission/reception The NIC takes the data it has encoded, amplifies the signal to the appropriate amplitude, and transmits it over the network medium

    1. The information, the memories, the behavior patterns were transmitted and read into her empty brain

    2. The optical links were still functional and she could get a feed from that scope transmitted here

    3. She was not even informed when her You found the Nupie on the local air band, and transmitted Ginger's message to it

    4. By 2381, there were no longer signals being transmitted from home

    5. They did not have a good map for the planet available, just the one transmitted by the Christials

    6. It was Yankee Swamp Fever and Waldeis had transmitted it when they shook hands when they were both scratched from hunting in the brush

    7. "It was a virus transmitted in bodily fluids, but it didn't spread all that quickly

    8. In his universe there wasn’t enough metal to run wires between chips, only optical energy was transmitted

    9. They claimed to have transmitted the code to the virus that stopped mortals from aging back to Brasil

    10. He also had memories of being a man in flesh, placed under a helmet in the basements of the Kassikan, where he was given those other memories in a pill, and transmitted back to Gordon's Lamp

    11. "As has been reported earlier, I have found good evidence for the presence of significant amounts of condensates in these bodies, and what I believe to be signals transmitted among the entangled particles

    12. When a qbit is transmitted from one particle to another, the state of that property in the transmitting particle goes to unknown

    13. They spent another week prying open the instrument schematics that had been transmitted from home with that quantum mechanics text

    14. “He hacked some of it, unless the Kassikan transmitted his copy into our virtual space

    15. We haven't transmitted this data back to H

    16. They are not signaling but their mission orders are still being transmitted

    17. "Thom didn't know how to build that equipment without new texts transmitted from home

    18. “You shouldn’t second guess yourself, and how were you to know this war would happen? Yes we might have guessed that Alan’s hack would take over the Brazilian expedition when it got there, but how were we to know they would convince the Brazilian establishment to put a viral complex transmitted from that hack into production?”

    19. “I have no way of telling if I am in a simulated universe transmitted from the dark bodies, or if I am in an event horizon imposed by someone in the crew of Gordon’s Lamp

    20. A bit of information had been transmitted between them

    21. He had on a soft cable-knit pullover with a huge floppy collar, and snug silk slacks that were the height of fashion in the last news they were transmitted

    22. Most of what she could tell them about how she got here was the stuff Thom had learned from the text that was transmitted a year ago and what he had learned since

    23. password is transmitted by your browser to the web server without

    24. Alfred knew Alan’s locale by the video Alan transmitted and some coordinates

    25. To use this equipment it was best to modify one’s self to have a nerve bundle growing in the center of each hair, so that impulses could be picked up as chemical signals and synapsed to the photonic amplifiers in the helmet and transmitted over the suntower thru a data-capacity channel

    26. This is not to say that messages couldn't be transmitted in code, but any code can be broken, so that wasn't really considered security

    27. No one can raise a hand to another after being infected with that, and since that virus could be transmitted thru the air, just about everyone has been infected by now

    28. There are multiple meanings in the message transmitted to the inner you and the whole is not coherent

    29. ral ies of protest, filmed and transmitted to

    30. The material, safely stored within the multiple realm capabilities of the mind-entity, could now be physically transmitted to its destination

    31. Ben transmitted the co-ordinates to the entity called Aleya

    32. He deployed a relay beacon, to constantly record his transmitted position and vital signs and broadcast to him any changes in the local environment

    33. The accounts of those works, however, which have been transmitted to Europe, have generally been drawn up by weak and wondering travellers; frequently by stupid and lying missionaries

    34. But when property changes hands, when it is transmitted either from the dead to the living, or from the living to the living, such taxes have frequently been imposed upon it as necessarily take away some part of its capital value

    35. Gradually they transmitted their heat to each other and their bodies merged together and Rosemary opened to him and they clung together in joy and love; the juices of their love-making mingling as one

    36. Along with asphalt, thought by some of the less enlightened to be manifestations of sexually transmitted diseases

    37. immediately transmitted all of this intelligence on the day it was received to the Secretary of the Navy, Gideon Welles

    38. He could truly sense the mood of despair, like a contagion; a virus transmitted by his network

    39. The forces transmitted through the shields to the ship

    40. the annihilation was transmitted to the hull

    41. A popular tradition was that if the King died at Kumassi, his fetish power remained, being transmitted to the next ruler; but if he crossed the boundary, the power departed with him from the capital, never to return

    42. A society in the throes of a Cultural War (or a War of Ideas), whose socially transmitted customs are under assault, is never quite apparent to the uninitiated, (unlike the attendant violence of civil wars, for example, whose apparent destruction of person and property, not to mention its deleterious effect on the economy, are much easier to assess), and whose consequential impact on that society‘s traditions (usually) take longer for an non-engaging or morally indifferent society to absorb

    43. No one, no human being answered those calls and when I called the people he called, their answering machine tapes on three of them had the exact same message as if it was a recording being transmitted

    44. This is because their brain has transmitted the

    45. COMMUNICATION OF THE PROJECT: All the institutional sponsors or social investors will have its names transmitted in all the events that occur, such as: lectures, courses, congress, forums, conclaves, fairs, articles and other events

    46. Only a shape is transmitted in the process of imprinting

    47. This publication may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author

    48. They seemed to have transmitted to me

    49. reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the publisher

    50. The prophecies a witch has are then transmitted to her female descendants who are also witches

    1. They found one section, once, where a single mask had been fabricated in Brazil and were forced to leave it transmitting until they could get new masks developed, fabricated and, for Osama's sake, TESTED before making us live in them

    2. Meanwhile Alan was still transmitting, mostly a picture of the blond woman, not a bad image to have in your view, especially with the riverbank beyond

    3. When a qbit is transmitted from one particle to another, the state of that property in the transmitting particle goes to unknown

    4. The Petrovak has ceased transmitting, but as their ground station was lost to Talstan in 2206, I don’t think that means they were lost

    5. Whatever happened, they are no longer transmitting

    6. The Malaysian Military had tracked the aeroplane and they stated that apparently it turned from northeast and headed west and the transponder and ACARS were not transmitting

    7. "The avatar knows about the diagnostic port! It was transmitting to it and tried to take control of me

    8. A loud whirling rumble could be heard as the energiser, for transmitting Golf and the ruro globe, powered up

    9. The first is the invention of writing, which alone gives human nature the power of transmitting, without alteration, its laws, its contracts, its annals, and its

    10. “For receiving, less than an amp, but transmitting more like twenty, I’ll have to check

    11. I can’t imagine what’s transmitting from that far out but I don’t like it

    12. Prior to that it appeared that it had not been transmitting, surely they would have detected it years before if it had been?

    13. A species existing 250 light years away could have been transmitting radio signals for the last 249 years and they would not have reached your world as yet

    14. There was no knowing if the the probe had made audio contact, simply a hope that transmitting on the same

    15. Electric blue can override any other colour in the Aura, when the person is receiving and/or transmitting information in a telepathic communication

    16. When was the last time he held a gun, or a knife? My skin tingles at the point of contact, like he’s transmitting electricity through his skin

    17. I'd held Agnes' hand strongly, transmitting my own trust and steadying her

    18. What harm has she done? She knew the dimension she was transmitting from

    19. jumped are transmitting deadly curse on to him

    20. The nanoscanner is transmitting the audio conversation

    21. 11 There was no understanding at the time of bacteria and the role played by rats and lice in transmitting disease, so it was natural for theories of every sort to be believed

    22. “I’m going to think of one of these three stones, transmitting which stone I’m thinking of to your mind

    23. in transmitting this message, Lucy felt the ire behind

    24. “With the larger size of your transmitting stone, and the fact that it’s power delivery is far more consistent and lasts all day and all night, it transfers almost as much power as mine does

    25. Kleti Spell-Mongers wandered about in the crowd, transmitting what they saw to other places and providing exuberant commentary, as did others who transmitted the experience via broadcasted Readings

    26. The survivor might be listening constantly, but not transmitting to save his battery because the power required to put out a voice signal was many times that used by merely listening

    27. in the astral body is capable of receiving or transmitting vibrations from one

    28. You start transmitting all the information and almost immediately, over 1000 miles away, the blueprints and the command to begin the chip’s production are received

    29. The poor writer of these lines is simply transmitting the spiritual wealth and Orthodox beauty of Mt

    30. The mike was transmitting to a receiver set-up in Rory’s office

    31. She was the means of transmitting the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit to Elizabeth

    32. Grailem estimates that the battery will continue transmitting for eleven minutes unattached from the skull before its power is exhausted

    33. Feeling the microchip in his head raise its temperature by a quarter of a degree tells Grailem that it is transmitting

    34. The controlling device appears part of the transmitting circuitry; which must mean it is a receiver as well

    35. Able to transmit at various wavelengths these would be the main mind controlling substance; with so many all transmitting at the same time, thoughts would become disconnected and control of normal bodily functions, like breathing and blood circulation could easily be disrupted

    36. Walking across the spaceport and secure in the knowledge that the girl is transmitting his health and coordinates of his assumed identity Grailem Almond, Grailem approaches the spaceship

    37. He pushed the transmit button and held it down to continue transmitting the message

    38. “The nanobots transmit to larger nanobots in the gut, which are capable of transmitting further to a nearby location all the data that transpires within the dream state

    39. “What would be transmitting, during this delay?”

    40. ‘’While I can guess that your planned interview with Doctor Davani will most probably be rescheduled because of this raid, I believe that there will be no official objections to you transmitting your video showing those Israeli planes being shot down

    41. Liu checked his connection to make sure the bug was still transmitting; it was

    42. “Sir, the Japanese Navy has resumed transmitting, but from a new location, probably Yokosuka

    43. "Religions have religious forms, while what we're transmitting here is ① Li Hongzhi,

    44. who's really transmitting a practice that takes you to higher levels

    45. Townsend was transmitting that information when Nancy got an idea

    46. would last for almost 48 hours, transmitting ‘voice detection’

    47. looked at each Maynwaring coldly, as though he were transmitting some

    48. It was the transmitting part that concerned him and not the power feed wire

    49. He said “No worries with picking up; it is the transmitting that will be dicey

    50. frequency of vibration that you have been transmitting

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