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It can unravel if cut.
The crowd began to unravel.
It would unravel her life.
Slowly, it begins to unravel.
His story was starting to unravel.
Still trying to unravel them, Nick.
He’d been brought in to unravel this.

This may just unravel history as we know.
He didn't know how far time would unravel.
She had the power to completely unravel me.
Only a psychiatrist could unravel the mystery.
She didn’t have time to unravel his mysteries.
I’m afraid that it is all starting to unravel.
I stare at the wound trying to unravel the mystery.
Rhones brain twisted in knots trying to unravel the.
Holding onto one edge she allowed the bundle to unravel.
It could unravel the whole training and mentoring program.
A mystery that she wanted to unravel and better understand.
She was trying to unravel a knot, she told Stratos, smiling.
While trying to unravel the mystery, the detective was lost in a.
A conundrum he didn’t think he’d be able to unravel anytime soon.
If he started tugging at them, their entire life together might unravel.
The end of a rope must be secured in some way so that it does not unravel.
The gel hardened into a protective skin and she let her coat sleeve unravel.
Not sharing the same views, Hanor spent most of the morning trying to unravel the.
Should they run too far too fast to the end of the wire—their flesh would unravel.
As each one passed, it studied him intently, as though trying to unravel his psyche.
It'll unravel for you without me doing anything, just stay in that place of looking.
Physicists unravel the mystery of how knots form I’d say it starts with a bit of rope.
One moment I was battling to unravel this damned case, and the next I was fighting for my life.
The heart scrambling to deliver oxygenated blood, the mind scrambling to unravel the situation.
Early on, as I struggled to unravel the mysteries associated with The Apocalypse, the Dead Sea.
Then this tangled web would unravel and he again reassured himself they were not the main players.
A year had almost passed, following the global announcement, before the subterfuge began to unravel.
This is a film about the strange games played out in the mind and how we love to try to unravel them.
Any shadow, at the entrance, might stir reverberations the colour of fright, unravel deep-buried moons.
She was raised as an Atheist and that was a hard mindset to unravel despite all the evidence she had seen.
She tries to unravel the dirty bandage while she scornfully looks over her shoulder at the rest of the crew.
Meanwhile Ava was impatient for the probe to arrive that would let her unravel the data layer of this planet.
Curiously, I was told that several bank personnel and others had tried to unravel the mystery of these missing funds.
The unraveling of Refco.
How my reality was unraveling.
And here I was unraveling everything.
John Reid Noe – Unraveling the End.
This knowledge was key to unraveling.
First, to keep the scroll from unraveling.
He’s key to unraveling that part of the mystery.
The Universe was unraveling right before his eyes and there.
I can feel the strings that tie this place together unraveling.
I could use a finger to begin unraveling one of the knots, then.
Unraveling the story of water on Mars is important to unlocking its.
The threads were unraveling at the seams of the intricately woven plot.
All her memories are the same, but the links between them are unraveling.
Nico stood a few feet away, in shock, at the scene unraveling before her.
We continue the unraveling of the promised surprise by seeing in the next.
Her sundress was unraveling at the bottom, smudged with dirt and mud, and.
Man is the only animal on earth capable of unraveling the mysteries of Life.
Unraveling the parachute first, she bundled it onto the back seat of the car.
And who knows what damage she is unleashing?! She could be unraveling all.
It is all unraveling, Werner can feel it; the fabric of the war tearing apart.
I was now hooked and began making steady progress unraveling the many puzzles.
Belatedly, I process the comments that were being made while my world was unraveling.
By unraveling all of the unasked questions and clues that lie in their own subconscious.
Central Council had kept so much secret that only now were these revelations unraveling.
Completely decoding and unraveling The Apocalypse and other ancient knowledge are projects.
The starting point for unraveling this confusion is to understand that our Creator operates within this.
Randall, Lisa, Warped Passages: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe's Hidden Dimensions, Harper, 2006.
The entire mass of humanity migrated from the lawn to gather around the dining table, and began unraveling the events of lives.
By raising our young to develop into fear-stricken liars we have lost all hope of ever unraveling the true history of our own past.
He remained shut up, absorbed in the parchments, which he was slowly unraveling and whose meaning, nevertheless, he was unable to interpret.
She had taken the time to package herself up like a parcel going long distance but all that was unraveling fast under his merciless onslaught.
In the springtime dark with the windows open and the smell of leaves drifting in, he again grew casual, expansive, unraveling like an old sweater.
Kelvan technology without their consent, and keeping Star Fleet happy while I’m trying to hold the Universe from unraveling is becoming a bit overwhelming.
The rune was unraveling the walk into the woods, the waterfalls, the sleep, the beautiful Arkenian spelling him now, and everything he now knew about himself.
Somewhere, somehow they’d all overlooked some seemingly insignificant piece of information, which was the clue to unraveling this whole sorry mess and mystery.
Biting her lip against the panic that threatened to overwhelm her, she closed her eyes against the nightmare unraveling before her and prayed for the end to be quick.
My mistake in 2009 was that in March—when I should have been buying—I felt things were completely unraveling and started selling my longs and increasing my shorts.
Not knowing what was coming next and being so far from home during the final unraveling of my first marriage, I found that the experience of shooting repeated takes was my undoing.
The logical part of his brain cried out in anguish at the impossibilities unraveling all around him, and wanted to stop and cry out for someone that could explain even the smallest iota of these tricks.
It is easy to identify in the tides and currents of history times when lack of courage and resolve to confront a threat in its initial impulse ended up costing catastrophically more in its final unraveling.
It unraveled, revealing a large map.
His long scrol had unraveled halfway.
This scam unraveled when an employee.
Xavius unraveled the garments around his face.
He reached forward and unraveled the paper ball.
Day by day, we unraveled more of Lovern’s secrets.
I have a family unraveled what she came to trust in.
Josh knew that Brent probably had unraveled the truth.
Carter unraveled the business card and shined his mag.
But only a strange choked gasp unraveled from his lips.
All the tender therapy Isaac had done for her unraveled.
Julie believed this is why the universe had not unraveled.
It was as if Nixon finally unraveled the essence of himself.
He unraveled the top of the bag and peeled it down off the contents.
She unraveled her apron and let the berries fall gently to the counter.
Then pandemonium exploded: all sense of order unraveled as the crowd of.
It was like the sound a wounded bird makes with his dry, unraveled pinions.
I’m sorry, Alby, he thought as he unraveled the thick vine from his chest.
The boy dismounted and unraveled a cloth tape measure as he approached the sheriff.
All of her panic and fear and tension unraveled verbally as she lowered her shield.
As the threads of his sleeve unraveled, so did his resolve, and his melancholy deepened.
Before Joey realized his body was already unraveled and heading towards the carspi’s teeth.
Time was being unraveled; his future self slipping into a paradoxical state of non existence.
God is unraveled and His will is deciphered in the mechanism, processes and patterns around us.
Suffice to say the information unraveled from those regressions is both comforting and profound.
When he pulled the wire out, the braces unraveled and fell from his mouth in large chunks of metal.
Once secured, the ropes were pulled inside and rolled, ready to be thrown out and unraveled if needed.
Twenty, thirty yards or more the nymphs and dryads and summer founts sprang up in unraveled hieroglyphs.
Now, my understanding of my life’s plan had unraveled and twisted like the path leading to the sacred woods.
He had a way of instruction that made Beth feel it was she who, each day, unraveled another fascinating mystery.
So many mysteries that could be unraveled just because the Pilgrim knew these things, like he had always known them.
She had unraveled the riddle of the signpost at the wishing well and he wanted to show her that he could be clever, too.
I unraveled Martinez’s bed and took the string outside, then taped it to the trailer hull along the path I planned to cut.
I have to admit I’d feel a lot better if Dohlar’s relationship with the Temple came a little unraveled, too, Howsmyn said.
She moved to the next tree but he unraveled the rune, determined that she would not make another breach, no matter what it cost him.
The alleged fraud unraveled in 1997 when new interim CEO Robert Miller ordered a review of Waste Management’s past accounting practices.
They did not know that inside every living cell there is a coiled mass of DNA: a living knot of molecules that are designed to be unraveled.
With his right hand he guided steaming beams of red light from his eyes to the locus where his coil unraveled onto the edge of the nickel and steel piece.
Then the most amazing thing he had seen, only comparable with the fireball from before, unraveled before his eyes with astonishing speed and breathtaking complexity.
Valerius, at a disastrous adventure which will remain dangerous so long as we have not unraveled its threads and of which you will certainly end by being the victim, Christine.
But it unravels.
The knot in my stomach unravels.
Aaron unravels the small intestine.
Is it a prior life that now unravels.
She holds the dress up as it unravels.
Too good for too long, and now it unravels.
Fear unravels in the pit of Loki’s stomach; it’s all he can do not to quake in his seat.
And do not be like her who unravels her yarn, breaking it into pieces, after she has spun it strongly.
In the aftermath of his regime - the narcissistic leader having died, been deposed, or voted out of office - it all unravels.
Grief unravels the knots that hold the fabric of everyday lives together, and Billy is a loose arrangement of tangled threads and regrets.

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