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Unravel in a sentence

I unravel ed.
It can unravel if cut.
The crowd began to unravel.
It would unravel her life.
Slowly, it begins to unravel.
flaws would unravel his plan.
His story was starting to unravel.

the void would continue to unravel.
box and let it continue to unravel.
Still trying to unravel them, Nick.
bit and you will unravel your carpet.
unravel the story behind the numbers.
probably beginning to unravel before us.
He’d been brought in to unravel this.
ends and unravel ing its tight knitting.
knot; it needs a bit of time to unravel it.
This may just unravel history as we know.
He didn't know how far time would unravel.
She had the power to completely unravel me.
Only a psychiatrist could unravel the mystery.
She didn’t have time to unravel his mysteries.
I’m afraid that it is all starting to unravel.
I stare at the wound trying to unravel the mystery.
importance, watching his one-eyed road-show unravel.
Rhones brain twisted in knots trying to unravel the.
Holding onto one edge she allowed the bundle to unravel.
would quickly unravel and healthcare costs would plummet.
It could unravel the whole training and mentoring program.
The unraveling of Refco.
unraveling of (2008), 15, 19.
How my reality was unraveling.
the dark, unraveling tapestry.
an unraveling stream of emotion.
And here I was unraveling everything.
John Reid Noe – Unraveling the End.
This knowledge was key to unraveling.
step for unraveling the promised surprise.
First, to keep the scroll from unraveling.
A good spot for unraveling mysteries, Nancy.
He’s key to unraveling that part of the mystery.
The Universe was unraveling right before his eyes and there.
I can feel the strings that tie this place together unraveling.
I could use a finger to begin unraveling one of the knots, then.
unraveling much of what she had done in the last hour, and shook.
characteristics that are the key to unraveling all of the symbolism.
Unraveling the story of water on Mars is important to unlocking its.
The threads were unraveling at the seams of the intricately woven plot.
All her memories are the same, but the links between them are unraveling.
Nico stood a few feet away, in shock, at the scene unraveling before her.
We continue the unraveling of the promised surprise by seeing in the next.
Her sundress was unraveling at the bottom, smudged with dirt and mud, and.
Man is the only animal on earth capable of unraveling the mysteries of Life.
Unraveling the parachute first, she bundled it onto the back seat of the car.
first, his bandage unraveling like a streamer in the wind and his hairpiece.
And who knows what damage she is unleashing?! She could be unraveling all.
I’ll get it unraveled.
unraveled around his legs.
It unraveled, revealing a large map.
His long scrol had unraveled halfway.
This scam unraveled when an employee.
Xavius unraveled the garments around his face.
He reached forward and unraveled the paper ball.
Day by day, we unraveled more of Lovern’s secrets.
I have a family unraveled what she came to trust in.
Josh knew that Brent probably had unraveled the truth.
Carter unraveled the business card and shined his mag.
unraveled from the stake on the ground minutes earlier.
But only a strange choked gasp unraveled from his lips.
All the tender therapy Isaac had done for her unraveled.
Julie believed this is why the universe had not unraveled.
He unraveled himself and flew around her head like a halo.
It was as if Nixon finally unraveled the essence of himself.
The contents of her bags unraveled on the filthy school floor.
He unraveled the top of the bag and peeled it down off the contents.
carefully unraveled her big pink sweater and had re-knitted the pink.
She unraveled her apron and let the berries fall gently to the counter.
Then pandemonium exploded: all sense of order unraveled as the crowd of.
It was like the sound a wounded bird makes with his dry, unraveled pinions.
I’m sorry, Alby, he thought as he unraveled the thick vine from his chest.
The boy dismounted and unraveled a cloth tape measure as he approached the sheriff.
All of her panic and fear and tension unraveled verbally as she lowered her shield.
But it unravels.
The knot in my stomach unravels.
Aaron unravels the small intestine.
and unravels the pattern of years,.
Is it a prior life that now unravels.
She holds the dress up as it unravels.
Too good for too long, and now it unravels.
Fear unravels in the pit of Loki’s stomach; it’s all he can do not to quake in his seat.
And do not be like her who unravels her yarn, breaking it into pieces, after she has spun it strongly.
In the aftermath of his regime - the narcissistic leader having died, been deposed, or voted out of office - it all unravels.
Grief unravels the knots that hold the fabric of everyday lives together, and Billy is a loose arrangement of tangled threads and regrets.

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run unravel unknot unpick unscramble untangle ravel