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Wish en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I wish I had a.
  2. I wish I could go.
  3. I wish I could draw.
  4. I wish I was, Mr.
  5. I wish to help you.

  6. I wish you the best.
  7. I wish this were so.
  8. I wish it were so.
  9. The one with a wish.
  10. The next wish was Mr.
  11. I wish that were so.
  12. We wish him the best.
  13. I only wish you were.
  14. I wish that I was a.
  15. Wish we had her here.

  16. I wish to please her.
  18. We all wish to have.
  19. Wish he could tell me.
  20. I wish this was true.
  21. I wish that he would.
  22. To work as they wish.
  23. I wish to keep it so.
  24. They do not wish you.
  25. I have no wish to be.

  26. Master, I wish to die.
  27. Now I wish to hear it.
  28. I wish she was here.
  29. I wish I could say I.
  30. They wish to claim it.
  31. I wish that it was me.
  32. I wish to do nothing.
  33. Follow me if you wish.
  34. I wish they all would.
  35. I wish I were more so.
  36. I wish it had been me.
  37. I almost wish I were.
  38. I wish I could do that.
  39. More than I wish I did.
  40. Don't wish ill on him.
  41. With anyone you wish to.
  42. How much she did wish.
  43. What I wish you to note.
  44. General, I wish I knew.
  45. Take it as you wish.
  46. I wish you all the best.
  47. I wish you and the.
  48. Do you wish to aid us?
  49. I wish he’d shown up.
  50. As you wish, my lady.
  51. You should have a wish.
  52. I wish I could runaway.
  53. Uh, as you wish, miss.
  54. I wish I could see them.
  55. I wish that I wasn’t.
  56. I wish I could hold you.
  57. But I wish it weren't!.
  58. I wish it were that easy.
  59. Fuck, I wish I was rich.
  60. I wish Rashi was here.
  61. That is your final wish.
  62. I wish there was no end.
  63. I wish I had the answer.
  64. Darrell – I wish I had.
  65. I wish we'd heard from.
  66. That is my dearest wish.
  67. I wish I could make.
  68. I wish you had stayed.
  69. I wish her all the best.
  70. I wish I could help you.
  71. I wish that I would live.
  72. I wish he was dead!.
  73. I wish I coulda did more.
  74. Alvin made the first wish.
  75. Beware what you wish for.
  76. Your wish will be granted.
  77. This is my greatest wish.
  78. I could not wish it away.
  79. Call her what you wish.
  80. I wish I had never asked.
  81. I wish you hadn’t gone.
  82. I wish that it weren’t.
  83. You wish it had been you.
  84. He said, I wish that.
  85. I wish Ruth hadn't told.
  86. You would wish for you.
  87. Your wish is our command.
  88. Your wish is my desire.
  89. So he does not wish for.
  90. I just wish I could fly.
  91. I wish to call you uncle.
  92. I wish that she would.
  93. You may stay if you wish.
  94. I wish he had sacked Crass.
  95. He needed only to wish it.
  96. I wish this war would end.
  97. I wish that we could stay.
  98. Don't say I wish I was a.
  99. I wish I could go away.
  100. I wish it would never end.
  1. Wishing that I was near.
  2. Just when I was wishing.
  3. This is the wishing tree.
  4. Sort of wishing we never leave.
  5. Wishing I could take his place.
  6. Wishing you the best of health.
  7. Keep wishing all you want!.
  8. Wishing is negative! We do not.
  9. She waited, wishing he would go.
  10. Wishing that they all were dead.
  11. Wishing it hadn’t come to this.
  12. I just laid their wishing I had.
  13. Wishing you the best on your day.
  14. While I am wishing, I could hide.
  15. Or was he just wishing too hard?
  16. He found himself wishing he had a.
  17. I started wishing that she was mine.
  18. Wishing you the best for the season.
  19. He hated himself for wishing her dead.
  20. I sighed, wishing that were the truth.
  21. She smiled softly, wishing it were true.
  22. Holly found herself wishing Jo was here.
  23. I guess there’s wishing and dreaming.
  24. I had been wishing and hoping that if.
  25. There were more wishing to leave then.
  26. She couldn’t help wishing she could.
  27. Right then, I was sho wishing it could.
  28. Individuals wishing to consume a very-.
  29. Jim started wishing that he could be as.
  30. The wishing well was then hidden by magic.
  31. I was wishing it were Monday, so that I.
  32. Anyone wishing to advance in government.
  33. He was wishing the night would never end.
  34. It’s like her own personal wishing well.
  35. I shook my head, wishing I knew the answer.
  36. I was just wishing for a young collector.
  37. Wishing for more wishes or love is taboo:.
  38. Not wishing to stir from his slumber, he.
  39. I was wishing my friends, clad smartly in.
  40. I remember wishing he had written in Latin.
  41. This is exactly what I am wishing you to see.
  42. Rather wishing his modest adjective away, Mr.
  43. Garcia nodded, really wishing she wouldn’t.
  44. Not wishing to torture himself further, he.
  45. Emma knew that he was wishing them good luck.
  46. Thomas spoke smoothly, not wishing to offend.
  47. Wishing you the power to forgive and move on.
  48. The Power of Wishing & the Law of Attraction.
  49. Thomas shook his head, wishing he could answer.
  50. I stared sadly at Astra, wishing she was mine.
  51. I remember wishing I could share your parents.
  52. I mean, it’s wasted energy, wishing for more.
  53. There’s a story about wishing something ten.
  54. Merely wishing for something will not bring it.
  55. What is worth wishing for is worth striving for.
  56. No…, I cannot, he said, wishing he could.
  57. I stumbled forward, wishing I had brought a beer.
  58. Now he stood behind his employer wishing there.
  59. I would look at the clock wishing for night to.
  60. Wishing we’d never left that stupid pool house.
  61. Don’t be slow girl, or are you wishing me dead.
  62. Zaporavo had his reasons for wishing to go alone.
  63. I bet that wasn’t a real wishing well at all.
  64. She dropped her gaze, wishing she could disappear.
  65. Wishing you were here with me loving me completely.
  66. As for Marx, he was a shifter Jew wishing to be a.
  67. They observed silently, evidently not wishing to.
  68. Hope, prayers, wishing, they wouldn’t be enough.
  69. But the whole time I'm wishing he was you instead.
  70. She was humble, and wishing to be forgiven; and Mr.
  71. She had her arms about Michael's neck, wishing he.
  72. I sat there wishing there was something I could say.
  73. Bulstrode, wishing to rouse her husband's feelings.
  74. Twoflower found himself fervently wishing for light.
  75. You’re not wishing it on me, I’m asking for it.
  76. I laid on my bed wishing for sleep but it didn't come.
  77. Don sidled up to the bed, wishing he’d come sooner.
  78. Despite the power of wishing, you need to be realistic.
  79. Loofah grinned lamely, wishing he had something to say.
  80. I’m always wishing for your great future and career.
  81. Well, that was it, for his wishing to fix modern ski-.
  82. Maintenon looked at Andre, wishing he would keep still.
  83. They poison them into wishing they could become birds.
  84. Petra stared at the manor wishing she could see inside.
  85. This too is true of those wishing to produce ectoplasm.
  86. Wishing he could have done more, Dandin excused himself.
  87. I began to count the seconds, wishing that time would.
  88. Merthin was half wishing he had not raised this subject.
  89. And at first the church consisted of those wishing to.
  90. She looked at him earnestly, as though wishing to make.
  91. Ashi was soon wishing that Doc had brought the kind of.
  92. All the Bautista's are wishing you happiness with Jeff.
  93. Do you remember kissing me at the wishing well?
  94. I whimpered in fear, wishing I had the gun in my hands.
  95. Toinette did not; she was wishing that she did, as she.
  96. By the time I finished my wishing the Arabian horse had.
  97. But Scarlett flung it off, wishing fervently that wrath.
  98. She beseeched the heavens, wishing that she might wake.
  99. Colling said goodbye to the Breitmanns, wishing them well.
  100. You should be angry and wishing to kill me where I stand.
  1. I have wished to be.
  2. I wished I was there.
  3. It wished not to be.
  4. But as he wished to.
  5. How he wished that 11.
  6. I wished now that I.
  7. She wished that I too.
  8. I wished I could rest.
  9. He wished he had more.
  10. I wished to burst out.
  11. She wished she and Dr.
  12. So he wished for the.
  13. He almost wished he was.
  14. Gawd we wished he would.
  15. I wished I could speak.
  16. He wished he were dead.
  17. I wished I was one of.
  18. He wished he was just.
  19. He too wished to know.
  20. He could, if he wished.
  21. How I wished that the.
  22. I wished we had swapped.
  23. He wished he would die.
  24. He wished she were right.
  25. I never wished for this.
  26. Not if he wished to live.
  27. I thought he wished it.
  28. Later on, if he wished.
  29. I wished to be at peace.
  30. Pavel wished to buy both.
  31. I wished you’d seen it.
  32. She wished she could be.
  33. He wished to see me again.
  34. I wished you were at home.
  35. He wished there was some.
  36. I wished I would meet him.
  37. I wished Sadie were there.
  38. They wished to offload a.
  39. I wished I could tell him.
  40. He wished he was far away.
  41. I wished I hadnt seen it.
  42. He wished he had time to.
  43. She wished she could help.
  44. Paul wished he were stupid.
  45. I wished that I could do.
  46. He wished he hadn't looked.
  47. I wished they'd stay away.
  48. I wished that I had had a.
  49. As your lord father wished.
  50. He wished he had some help.
  51. Calvin wished he could see.
  52. He wished he could remember.
  53. Not that she’d wished to.
  54. He wished he had more time.
  55. He almost wished she would.
  56. He wished he had had a gun.
  57. How I wished that were true.
  58. I'd always wished to meet.
  59. Obeast wished he had a club.
  60. Both wished they could see.
  61. I wished her well and she.
  62. And how I wished she was.
  63. She wished she could deny it.
  64. I could have wished that Mr.
  65. He wished to return with me.
  66. He wished he were a little.
  67. Wished him a swift recovery.
  68. I only wished her good luck.
  69. He wished us totranslate it.
  70. I so wished it was the truth.
  71. Jose only wished he hadn’t.
  72. Sometimes she wished it, too.
  73. I wished I hadn’t said it.
  74. He wished to see everything.
  75. She wished he would be home.
  76. He wished that he had floor.
  77. Scarlett wished she had not.
  78. I wished I was dead with him.
  79. And I wished that I hadn’t.
  80. She wished she had listened.
  81. I wished I had a machine gun.
  82. He wished he was with Simone.
  83. He wished fervently that he.
  84. Yngvild wished for a divorce.
  85. She wished she knew the an-.
  86. He wished they designed the.
  87. And for a moment she wished.
  88. I wished I hadn’t said that.
  89. I never wished; never thought.
  90. I wished I could take it back.
  91. I wished her again and put a.
  92. He wished to have his revenge.
  93. I wished I had his confidence.
  94. He wished he’d stayed awake.
  95. It was what he had wished for.
  96. She wished it was that simple.
  97. He silently wished them gods.
  98. God knows what she wished for.
  99. He came and went as he wished.
  100. They all wished him good-night.
  1. What he wishes to be.
  2. My best wishes to you.
  3. He wishes he was deaf.
  4. It wishes to consume me.
  5. And he wishes he hadn’t.
  6. He wishes to bring us to.
  7. She wishes to see Joss.
  8. I believe she wishes I did.
  9. We honored all her wishes.
  10. The man who wishes to get.
  11. It wishes nothing but chaos.
  12. This writer wishes them well.
  13. Who wishes to walk with me?
  14. He wishes to speak with you.
  15. I complied with her wishes.
  16. I submit to her feline wishes.
  17. A Swake couple who wishes to.
  18. It is you who wishes to fight.
  19. He turns it wherever He wishes.
  20. His wishes did the trick: Mrs.
  21. Maybe to carry out his wishes.
  22. Only if he wishes to be found.
  23. He wishes to grow into himself.
  24. Each nation wishes to confine.
  25. But the island wishes for more.
  26. And now he wishes to marry her.
  27. I’m at peace with his wishes.
  28. He wishes me to be near him.
  30. He wishes to go to Gathandria.
  31. CARL WISHES time would slow down.
  32. He wishes he had an assistant.
  33. It may mean she wishes to have.
  34. It seems that no one wishes to.
  35. A messenger wishes to speak.
  36. With best wishes and Heil Hitler.
  37. He wishes to know the nature of.
  38. Please respect her wishes and go.
  39. In other word’s wishes for him.
  40. He wishes he could take them home.
  41. You’d better do as he wishes.
  42. Then one wishes they were a hick.
  43. He wrote his own fictional wishes.
  44. Birthday Wishes with Best Regards.
  45. Wishes and Thank You for the SAW!.
  46. She wishes to honor and thank him.
  47. You shared, all of life’s wishes.
  48. The man who wishes to possess yog.
  49. The wishes of my Lord are important.
  50. Our father sends his best wishes.
  51. Requesting the fulfilment of wishes.
  52. Monsieur Duval wishes to see you.
  53. But she must act as Gelahn wishes it.
  54. He wishes to come before you at once.
  55. All… of my wishes, he warned.
  56. The king feels that when his wishes.
  57. All has gone according to my wishes.
  58. She wishes to return to College Park.
  59. And the way the child wishes it to go.
  60. To you and bring to me wishes sublime.
  61. She wishes she hadn’t come in here.
  62. He wishes to have a messenger at hand.
  63. I will honor your wishes, of course.
  64. She was very specific with her wishes.
  65. Respecting his wishes, I got up to go.
  66. Don't bother taking wishes from demons.
  67. Who wishes to put a question to him?
  68. Wiesse can have my head, if he wishes.
  69. The Ploughman wishes it, she said.
  70. He really wishes he could see her face.
  71. Best of Wishes I’ll Always Love You!.
  72. Barry asked me to send his best wishes.
  73. Again, I will acquiesce to your wishes.
  74. In accordance with their various wishes.
  75. He told me that he wishes to marry you.
  76. I fulfilled the victim’s wishes and.
  77. M’lord wishes to see you m’lady.
  78. My prayers and best wishes are with you.
  79. The accused wishes to take the stand.
  80. One wishes Fidelity to Truth above all.
  81. No, but I’m sure he wishes he were.
  82. It does what it wishes, when it wishes.
  83. If she only wishes to whisper in my ear.
  84. Then, there is a second set of wishes.
  85. The inhabitants left against his wishes.
  86. Nor of what my father wishes to achieve.
  87. Where there are stars, there are wishes.
  88. The wishes of a child simple yet complex.
  89. Usually, wishes that are made in person.
  90. I am being reminded of the wishes of a.
  91. Some wishes are destined to be thwarted.
  92. She wishes this thought would never end.
  93. I will die before I bow to his wishes.
  94. Yes, and to marry her if she wishes it.
  95. Your wishes are not ere is vindictivene.
  96. Such was the direction of my wishes, sir.
  97. Tres almost wishes that he were a hunter.
  98. And then the mother wishes it, he added.
  99. If wishes were fishes, aye, I’d pay.
  100. The three wishes of the creators of the.

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