affair frasi

Scegli una lingua, poi digita una parola sotto per ottenere esempi per quella parola.

Frasi con affair (in inglese)

  1. So we had an affair.
  2. It is a quiet affair.
  3. Ah, that is my affair.
  4. It was a silent affair.
  5. It is a trivial affair.

  6. That must be the affair.
  7. It will be a small affair.
  8. She was having an affair.
  9. You were having an affair.
  10. But the affair was done for.
  11. This wasn't a formal affair.
  12. The affair reached the Tsar.
  13. It was a win-win affair, an.
  14. Learning of her affair with.
  15. The affair was in the papers.

  16. It was a very volatile affair.
  17. It is all an ordinary affair.
  18. It was a purely Negro affair.
  19. And now the affair was ended.
  20. At last the affair was decided.
  21. The affair ended months later.
  22. It was a very low key affair.
  23. And it was a five-ring affair.
  24. Was she having an affair?
  25. She, too, was having an affair.

  26. The affair shall go no further.
  27. That is not an affair, said Mr.
  28. Her love affair with Hippolyte.
  29. It's a church affair, you know.
  30. He had an affair, I said.
  31. Of course it is a painful affair.
  32. He had an affair with my mother.
  33. That would be a different affair.
  34. In order for the love affair to.
  35. DIVORCED because he had an affair.
  36. Were they having an affair?
  37. It was not a cut-and-dried affair.
  38. The affair is still in projection.
  39. Maybe she should have an affair.
  40. We had no clue in the Acton affair.
  41. Spalding was having an affair?
  42. The affair took an unexpected turn.
  43. That is an affair of free contract.
  44. He denied having an affair with her.
  45. She thought over their whole affair.
  46. On account of the affair and all.
  47. The affair was reported to the Major.
  48. This little affair of theirs was over.
  49. The affair has been most deplorably.
  50. Barron knew the affair would affect.
  51. It is an affair of sense and feeling.
  52. It was often a juggling affair with.
  53. He had let this affair drag too long.
  54. There is an affair in the Rue Plumet.
  55. They tell him theres an affair.
  56. I don’t know, that’s his affair.
  57. He never had any extra-marital affair.
  58. Our affair made headlines that summer.
  59. What? Martha having an affair?
  60. That affair had remained rather obscure.
  61. My mom knew about the affair, Sophie.
  62. There was no affair with Bobby, though.
  63. They are the big victims of this affair.
  64. About that affair of mine as I spoke of.
  65. Okay, so maybe it was an affair, of.
  66. The affair with Katiousha was at an end.
  67. As you were saying, it is my own affair.
  68. How were you to blame in that affair?
  69. This is a sorry affair, Jaume said.
  70. After all, it's a fairly trivial affair.
  71. So, let’s make this a family affair.
  72. Arriving in Alexandria was a messy affair.
  73. He claims to have had an affair with her.
  74. But it's a disagreeable affair all round.
  75. This affair is being given in your honor.
  76. Tut, tut, tut! That was the boy's affair.
  77. Well; and what about the love affair?
  78. Did Joe tell you about the affair?
  79. Lunch with his family was a quick affair.
  80. But there is a love affair going on here.
  81. Straw and Isabella were having an affair.
  82. The last straw was this affair with Helmi.
  83. This whole affair had an aspect of lunacy.
  84. It was a private affair, Tammas said.
  85. I saw her on one of those current affair.
  86. Personally I am tired of the whole affair.
  87. The whole affair was the work of a moment.
  88. She was asked what she knew of the affair.
  89. For my part, I wash my hands of the affair.
  90. The next day she laid the affair before Mr.
  91. In Carla’s mind, this was a family affair.
  92. It was a beautiful love affair with history.
  93. But this new woman started an affair with.
  94. If she likes to be poor, that is her affair.
  95. You have made the affair far more difficult.
  96. The affair has been most deplorably handled.
  97. One can detect the bear in the whole affair.
  98. There was a precise affair about that dress.
  99. Nothing in this affair resembled pleasantness.
  100. My new heart came and it was no minor affair.

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