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Anatomy в предложении (на )

  1. The Anatomy Of A Mix CD.
  2. Eye, anatomy of the, 105.
  3. Year 10 anatomy was coming back to.
  4. Interesting part of the female anatomy.
  5. At the core of her anatomy, protruding.
  6. It travels on another part of the anatomy.
  7. Anatomy, study of, its importance, 36, 122.
  8. Read Anatomy of an Illness by Norman Cousins.
  9. She had studied well her book of human anatomy.
  10. Well…it was designed for Stargazer anatomy.
  11. Tony Fripon, a Ghanaian, taught us human anatomy.
  12. Loving in the Moment, What About Now? Anatomy of.
  13. My only hope now is in anatomy, by Jove, it is!.
  14. Other parts of my anatomy were responding as well.
  15. The functional anatomy of the running training shoe.
  16. How much more directly tied to anatomy could destiny.
  17. Let’s take a moment to look at the anatomy of a hook.
  18. Sarah teaches biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology.
  19. This, by the way, is the anatomy of a Mindy Kaling crush.
  20. I knew we were at the anatomy lab because the translucent.
  21. Then he sat up and felt of various portions of his anatomy.
  22. Anatomy of the American Wild Swan, (Cygnus americanus,) 83.
  23. Samuel Brown of Alabama is named as Professor of Anatomy, Dr.
  24. From Head to Toe: Uncovering the Anatomy of a Commodity Index.
  25. There was one part of my anatomy that was dying to show her a.
  26. Fripp on this subject, entitled Human Anatomy for Art Students.
  27. The anatomy is close in reflective thoughts far more than monogamy.
  28. And her head was not the only part of her anatomy that was shaking.
  29. You just have to study the anatomy of the bear and be able to shoot.
  30. Anatomy of the Spirit, talks about being plugged into the past.
  31. The Quigg anatomy requires the act of cleaning to keep itself alive.
  32. Anatomy given meaning in our society becomes destiny, for this is the.
  33. In 1959, he won three Grammys for the motion picture Anatomy of a Murder.
  34. It was his contribution towards her education regarding the male anatomy.
  35. You’ve heard of the fall of Enron, chronicled in the book, Anatomy Of.
  36. Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin's School of Medicine in 1973, where his.
  37. But I hardly think the case for anatomy needs much stating at the present time.
  38. If you prefer I could pick a different part of your anatomy to concentrate on.
  39. I think it a very satisfactory one, ha-ha! They go to the Academy, study anatomy.
  40. That evening, I showered fastidiously, soaping every inch of my anatomy, just in.
  41. Yes Sir, the person has a very sound knowledge of human anatomy and dissection.
  42. Early History of Human Anatomy: From Antiquity to the Beginning of the Modern Era.
  43. I think it a very satisfactory one, ha‐ha! They go to the Academy, study anatomy.
  44. Development and anatomy of primary structures in the seedlings of Cucurbita maxima.
  45. I had assumed it was because it was the most vulnerable part of the zarlons anatomy.
  46. There is one caveat to all this and that is the structure of each woman’s anatomy.
  47. Moreover, if you have an opportunity, study psychology, biology, anatomy, morphology.
  48. The connection between anatomy and destiny is not inevitable, as Freud suggested, but.
  49. Gorn Garcia had met, not counting the holodeck versions Garcia had created for anatomy 153.
  50. Only one familiar with Glokeen anatomy would be able to see that Ome was disturbed, worried.
  51. The anatomy of the tiny little Joorahplods was of such a nature that this was what happened.
  52. Sharks have been hunting the oceans for 350 million years with little change to their anatomy.
  53. She’d learn whether the cold water affected a certain part of his anatomy or whether she did.
  54. Although the man was a bit of a wimp, where else would she have learnt about the male anatomy?
  55. During the rage for realism and naturalism many hard things were said about the study of anatomy.
  56. The internal anatomy, I may remark here, as dissection has since shown, was almost equally simple.
  57. But why this wine and why the invitation? What am I doing here at Gray's Anatomy Bar and Grill?
  58. This may sound rather unimportant, but it actually tells us more about the anatomy of those aliens.
  59. Investigations on the morphology, anatomy and secondary growth in the main axis of Marglobe tomato.
  60. I screamed as the bath canted over and I was left suspended by the most delicate part of my anatomy.
  61. Tobie fretted over how well he'd made the repair, claiming his anatomy courses were far in the past.
  62. Another wizard of his acquaintance had to scratch a part of his anatomy which shall here remain nameless.
  63. Everything seemed to be there as far as Ted knew, but he based his anatomy knowledge on the game Operation.
  64. I would also be very interested to know why removing any part of ones anatomy should be considered immoral.
  65. IN THE ANATOMY of the California state prison system, Pelican Bay was the place where the sun don’t shine.
  66. Scattered around the room were plaster casts of various parts of the human anatomy taken from Greek statues.
  67. Scientists are carrying out various analyses of caribou and require this part of their anatomy to make them.
  68. The more one knows about what may be called the anatomy of picture-making—how certain forms produce certain.
  69. He also visualized the diagrams of the female anatomy from the human physiology books he had studied in college.
  70. Most people who peer at these sheets describe what they see: parts of the anatomy, animals, buildings, and so on.
  71. Do you know how the female anatomy works? I can’t have sex with my clothes on and I wasn’t wearing a skirt.
  72. In the search for form the knowledge of anatomy, and particularly the bony structures, is of the utmost importance.
  73. The only thing more horrific than brute murderousness is the hint of intelligence ruling such a disgusting anatomy.
  74. I put it down to me explaining to the girls that I had a stiff neck, and them wishing it was another part of my anatomy.
  75. A family of skeletons leaned over an anatomy book that had proven so interesting that being dead hadn’t distracted them.
  76. They were the only things in the room in motion, in slow starts and stops, tracing the anatomy of the man across from her.
  77. Oh, having been sourced in her anatomy itself, isn’t mystery the key to open woman’s heart to the thought of man?’.
  78. She had always been captivated by anatomy and medicine, and she came alive when the topic of conversation drifted to biology.
  79. The page he opened on was under the head of Anatomy, and the first passage that drew his eyes was on the valves of the heart.
  80. I got an ‘F’ in human anatomy at the end of that semester, even though I was sure I should have gotten a ‘B’ at worst.
  81. It was a revelation in the finer details of the female anatomy and they both concluded that it was as educational as it was erotic.
  82. Cockroaches have been scrambling around southern England for 300 million years with little ‘physical’ change to their anatomy.
  83. The only exercise I have had since I came to Egypt, is exercising my jaws through eating and another obvious part of my anatomy.
  84. Dr Derek Shepherd of Grey’s Anatomy is zero on ten compared to suave Dr Aadil Deep said of him in the first practical class.
  85. However, some people consider themselves to be psychologically the opposite gender to their bio-physical anatomy including genitalia.
  86. One needs to thoroughly know everything: biomechanics, anatomy, pathology, genesis, morphogenesis, physics, and chemistry of the cell.
  87. And although some apology is perhaps necessary for the ugliness of these diagrams, it is an ugliness that attends all anatomy drawings.
  88. Instead, he told me to perform a sexual act with myself that no one with a basic understanding of human anatomy would have believed possible.
  89. Half an hour later she was bathed and in a hospital bed with penicillin ointment on various parts of her anatomy, feeling like a very small child.
  90. In the diagram accompanying the reproduction of this picture I have tried to indicate in diagrammatical form some of the chief lines of its anatomy.
  91. Okay, now that you understand how men think and what they think about most of the time, let’s get to lesson number two – the anatomy of a man.
  92. Summerlee, the veteran Professor of Comparative Anatomy, rose among the audience, a tall, thin, bitter man, with the withered aspect of a theologian.
  93. I reach the conclusion that she rarely uses her brain to think but another vital part of her anatomy, and at the moment, it’s a rather exposed part.
  94. Plan B was nowhere near as perfect yet it had to be the one even though its one big flaw stuck out like a dog’s anatomy; a fifty thousand dollar flaw.
  95. Tagatat Tejasen, Chairman of the Department of Anatomy at Chiang Mai University in Thailand, has spent a great amount of time on research of pain receptors.
  96. Perhaps then, this is part of the anatomy in which the Self as spirit, soul and personality exist and reside whilst the Self’s body remains alive on earth.
  97. After the sjamboks they issued us with four feet long plastic batons which we named after a certain part of a donkey’s anatomy which I will not repeat here.
  98. At one point Anne and I must have had at least twenty parrots each sitting on some part of our anatomy eagerly waiting their turn to pick at the seeds in our hands.
  99. The guy with the shotgun had sprinkled enough buckshot through my anatomy that the doctor says that he has taken enough metal out of me to start a lead re-cycling business.
  100. It is obvious that he or she not only has a good understanding of human anatomy but has worked on a few human corpses said The Chief Of Police grimly, thinking out aloud.

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