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    1. The truck's angle is linked by fiber cables running along the top of the backbone so both trucks turn the same amount in opposite directions

    2. " He pointed at the big trunk that came down at a sharper angle than the others

    3. The limo skids an angle, the driver over-corrects and the car slams into a date tree in the median: CRASH!

    4. being suitable, but there was a sign, faded and hanging at an angle because one of the

    5. It was so desolate that anything to be rendezvoused with would be visible, even at this angle

    6. Seems she hit the bridge slightly at an angle and it stoved in the roof of her car a bit, not enough to stop the door opening, thank God, but her head got coshed in the process

    7. ‘Any idea when that is likely?’ I asked, settling myself on the chair beside the bed and trying to angle it so she can see me

    8. The angle of the drive sent them into the system on a spiral, a spiral that ended with them approaching a hundred degrees of angle away from the direction of Sol and forty degrees out of the galactic plane and behind the brown dwarf

    9. "It means were going to have to collide the particle streams we fire at a more direct angle

    10. He couldn’t have stopped the arm from bending to an acute angle if he’d wanted to and he barely got his fingertips free from between the forearm and bicep

    11. He thought maybe it was the angle they flew at that hid the gun towers, but now, they’d come closer and changed their angle of approach and he still thought they looked under-gunned

    12. It was the challenge of rendering all those views with all those actors in each view, each from a slightly different angle

    13. His head hung down at an angle, there was nothing to rest it on

    14. whole thing out from a different angle

    15. Even the new products using technology from Earth were often decorated to look like their ancient artifacts so the terminal was a crystal ball that you panned and zoomed by looking from a different angle and distance

    16. Nothing caught his eye as being suitable, but there was a sign, faded and hanging at an angle because one of the cable ties holding it to a chain link fence had snapped

    17. I’ll go and have a word with the doctor or whatever, shall I? I think we ought to cling to the relationship angle, don’t you? Cousin Karal?’

    18. It went straight for a few metres then turned through what was virtually a right angle … a bend that would make it virtually impossible to see who might be waiting around the corner

    19. “Well, now you are here, put the pot on the angle

    20. water in it before putting it on the angle which was jutting out

    21. He spotted it trying to get an angle on him to try and see him

    22. on the water pot onto the angle

    23. At this angle it would be easy to misinterpret her expression, but Ava had never been very pious to start with and had not closed ranks with the League and the Church once they were under attack

    24. direction too- at precisely the same angle

    25. The angle of their eyes made her aware once again that she was showing a lot more leg than was normal in this society

    26. monoliths at an angle so that they touched at their

    27. Ted will drop in at the club tonight and see if he can find an angle

    28. What he hadn’t counted on was there being a wide bridleway which was metalled and which crossed the path at much the same angle as the road

    29. The corded tassel of an embroidered cushion is imprinted on Billy's cheek and his ear lobe hurts where it has been bent back by the awkward angle that his head has been lying at

    30. So he still knew no motive for this summons and had to plug away at any angle it might be for the remainder of the shift

    31. Dead trees hung over the Hollow at an angle, the long ragged fragile

    32. Lising was just opening the outer door on her way in, “Well,” she said, “I figured out Tahlmute’s angle in all of this

    33. Her only garment was a thin skirt wrapped at an angle around her hips and emblazoned with an intricate and mysterious pattern in royal blue

    34. "That morning at the pond, you looked like an angle sent from heaven

    35. The lakes extended at a roughly sixty degree angle all across the tropics and northern temperate zones, seven hundred oxygen barometric feet above Earth's sea level

    36. Each panel was off to the side and at an angle to the stringrack

    37. I've been at the case from every angle with you, you aren't going to tell me more

    38. The android was still closer to the stairway than he was, he couldn't even get back to it in time even if he was willing to jump over the rail at an angle and take his chances with the landing

    39. It would be an awkward angle getting in there and avoiding the masonry of the bridge

    40. This plastic wasn't impregnable, it gave when he pressed at it, but he couldn't get a good angle to try and break it

    41. Not only did it span one of the city's wider roads, but it was inclined at a steep angle, moving from a two level structure to a four-story warehouse

    42. The wall was at a strange angle

    43. Black eyes knew this when he tried to scratch his nose and landed up with his finger fully up his nostril, the smaller man had nervously scratched his heel and had mangled his angle

    44. Scientists considering the phenomenon from this limited angle can rightly come to the conclusion that the space-time notion is finite

    45. A different angle: the

    46. for creating a controversial angle)

    47. The perfect pitch -- personalized greeting, story angle, where it fits in 437 the media outlet, call to action

    48. When pitching the media, make sure you have more than one story 491 angle

    49. The square one action is the circle of life that begins and ends on two planes of the same angle of understanding

    50. This angle brings him perilously close to the road, and if it's been raining he could end up getting splashed by passing traffic, leading to an inevitable loss of face

    1. Lord Tarak led Lady Rayne and First Kai along a walkway that angled past the Warrior Quarters, and overlooked what was obviously their training arena

    2. using the angled space on his hand between his thumb and index finger

    3. He angled his torch that way but saw nothing, if there was someone there he had darted out of sight

    4. The gaps were spaced five feet from one to the next and angled downward at a near ninety degrees, allowing defending archers a clear shot at the enemy directly below them

    5. Through the angled gap, Nathalia saw that Lord Rafe's garden was no longer green, but full of dull clad refugees waiting to stuff themselves into the palace

    6. • Stand with the heels touching and your feet angled out at 45 degrees

    7. I angled westward, and even though I had to dodge cars and freaks as I came across them, I was able to weave my way through the streets until I finally found an interstate

    8. He then looked at its angled panel, which was not visible to Scott

    9. The slope was scattered with loose rocks, some of which were debris from the crash, and was angled at almost forty-five degrees, although it got even steeper higher up

    10. It was too angled to be of much use to rest on, however it did have a protruding rocky nodule near one end

    11. “The main thruster jets will be angled towards the front of the ship, the exhaust passing over the top and under the bottom of the ship

    12. A squeak of surprise slipped out, but it quickly turned to a sigh as Aspen angled her head to deepen the kiss

    13. horizontal jib and others with an angled version

    14. Pat and Nobby were still running strands of wire along the angled wire at the front and back this wire was sited at an angle narrowing down

    15. She ducked the blade and angled into his body

    16. Keeping to the shadows, Amaranthe angled around the smelter

    17. The hull itself was and is oddly angled to deflect bullets and completely armoured against the AK47 and lesser calibers

    18. He shoved his paddle way out forwards, then gave a little sweep, with the blade held straight up and down, angled slightly

    19. His head angled down towards mine, his mouth so close that I could feel his breath

    20. The lead SUV made it through the roadblock behind us as the second one angled back toward the road ahead of us

    21. There were fresh magazines on angled pegs, and there was a date written on the tops of the drums in pencil

    22. The Baron's favorite chair was angled to receive the warmth, placing his back to the entrance of the room

    23. “What was that?” her eyes regarded him gaily with her angled head, shoulder, an arm and breast visible at the edge of the door

    24. He placed it in the firing cylinder, angled between two hand rails and lit the fuse

    25. Their path angled up sharply

    26. trays angled at 45 degrees

    27. ” she quietly requested, and when they stood together she set and angled the mirror at a distance that allowed them all to see themselves in it

    28. She then angled the

    29. “Well maybe, you should have someone tag along with you,” he angled his head toward her, not taking his eyes of the road, “just in case

    30. Taher locked eyes with Morgan, and then angled his head towards Leora, who was now standing beside Morgan since she had gone back to bound form

    31. In order to maximize the sensations and the contrasts between the sensations caused by the reflection of the two pieces, I will Translocate one of the pieces directly in front of you and just above you, positioned and angled so that the sunlight and your power are reflected directly onto your face, head and torso

    32. Two Caucasians, a man in his mid-twenties and an attractive lithe girl, slightly younger, angled quickly across the street in front of Wolf obviously intent on intercepting him

    33. they angled small streams such as this one

    34. Between the others, only the wagon tongues, angled high, acted as barriers

    35. The scariest part was the first incremental bank which angled thirty degrees upwards

    36. I angled my way around everyone else until I stood next to him as we slipped into our seats

    37. Neither did Katya, her emerald gaze locked on Chardonnay as she angled her claw slowly towards the chicken’s plump breast

    38. I had my truck angled in such a way

    39. The Magician ignored her comment and concentrated on the main course of his dinner, cutting with big precision the smoked little pieces of the roast, all in perfect squares angled in ninety grades, irreproachable, lying half-closed on the plate, without being mixed very much with the other appetizers

    40. The sun was sliding down the sky toward the west and in the angled light Chris saw traces of blue spots here and there on the glass

    41. angled point and hundreds of wavy lines extended along the length of the

    42. Lie on the bench with both feet on the ground, your lower back securely placed in the angled corner and your back comfortably resting on the bench

    43. She had angled these in such a way that should a visitor want to look into her front room from the garden, all that was visible to prying eyes was her front room ceiling

    44. Hyenas were known as bone-crushers for a reason, but as long as I could keep my fist and arm angled straight on into her mouth and acting as a wedge in her throat I hoped to minimize the carnage

    45. She nodded to two brocade chairs strategically angled in front of the desk

    46. Her hair was curled tossed back off her shoulders and her long legs were angled so that

    47. Then, Ishan angled himself so he could get through the narrow opening without disturbing the body dangling over his shoulder

    48. thighs are angled about 45-50 degrees relative to the floor

    49. Release both legs, softening the groins, and see that the legs are angled

    50. Then release the arms to the floor, angled evenly relative to the

    1. “It was really more of an inevitability; if one knows the proper angles of attack and thought processes of his opponent, there really is only one outcome to ultimately destroy them

    2. They are likely to look at life from many different angles and perspectives and not get frozen in certain views, typical of certain age groups or become predictable with familiarity

    3. One second it was thundering along chasing the sunset in the deepening darkness, the next it was accelerating at thirty-six feet per second per second from under her, its legs spread in all directions and at angles that looked pretty painful

    4. The kitchen basin had been cracked in half by the force of the wood growing over it, the pieces were now at angles

    5. I can still see him now … his face was all wrinkled, and he was bald on top with white hair round the edges which was rather overlong and stuck out at all angles

    6. in from every and all angles, because the more traffic you have, the greater

    7. When you have tons of website targeted traffic coming in from all angles,

    8. targeted traffic coming in from many different angles, you will have all the

    9. That way people could see both angles and then understand the whole picture instead of one corner

    10. It seems that Leona is burning too many candles at odd angles

    11. The angles become more obtuse

    12. South along the back of the far barn, walking slowly, looking into angles of shadow and watching for sudden shifts in light, one of the uniformed constables makes his way toward the field at the bottom of the farm complex

    13. Angles of expression

    14. On each level were multitudes of angles, singing

    15. cement, and the ball bounced at odd angles at every shot

    16. " He wore a plain white robe, and had a face that was all sharp angles

    17. He spent another half hour asking more questions from many different angles but found out little more

    18. Tristan saw that his ball lay back at the tee and studying the angles carefully, saw that by using a rebounding effect of the side boards success could still be his

    19. His bones were twisted at impossible angles

    20. A chorus of angles: “The amount

    21. (Again though, use both angles for maximum effectiveness

    22. They knew the family was opposed to their union, so they’d prepared for all possible angles and hoped that they would be convincing

    23. It's a question of angles

    24. He enjoyed the process of doubting, turning things over in his mind, finding new angles

    25. The animal cocked its head up and down and in various abrupt angles in vacant observation

    26. Inside the walls of the house were dozens of shiny metallic structures interlaced at odd angles

    27. The four tribes, the Angles, Saxa's, Normasts and the Braves settled this land, the last living continent

    28. Typical Earth design, he thought: all hard angles, to give the impression of solidity and robustness – reassurance that this vessel can withstand the most extreme conditions space can offer it

    29. Glen shook his head and looked at the ground, his short red hair standing up at all angles against the sky

    30. I padded the blanket up and used it to rest the rifle on we were in a small stand of bush at right angles to where I thought the sniper would appear

    31. sofa to the angles of the magazines on the coffee table

    32. We heard that a shell had hit the tower in 1915 and that French engineers had secured the statue at right angles to the building and the blessed virgin looked as though she would come crashing down to earth at any moment

    33. He launched a fast attack, blows flying from all angles in Raven’s direction

    34. I walked towards the front doors which hung off their hinges at different angles and then outside to where my car was still parked taking in the village of Heskett as I did so

    35. No hint of beard stubble softened the hard angles of his jaw

    36. He was gracious with his replies but very secretive and I had to ask him the same question several times trying various angles

    37. As he entered the chamber Cherva studied the straight walls and sharp angles uneasily

    38. I had no idea or even the slightest inclination that hair could be bent, twisted, stretched and curled into such magnificent angles

    39. “With this! That’s how! I used my head, played the angles, worked hard and cut the right deals

    40. With the help of mirrors (See image below) you can divert laser on different angles in room in such a way that finally the light must reach to this sensor, If any of the laser path is obstructed by anybody, The alarm will sound

    41. The rear view of a plane is all oblique angles

    42. The back of our smudge pots were covered, the tops were covered, yet air came in, and the insides of the wooden angles were painted with thick coats of whitewash

    43. crime scene in and around Mia"s apartment building would be preserved until the investigators had scoured for all possible traces of physical evidence and photographed everything from as many angles as possible

    44. I then wondered if the worm on the hook is calculating the angles the same way when it is dropped in the water

    45. Once they were past the last few trees and plants, a trench of sorts lay there; it was mossy but clearly man-made with clear-cut lines and angles defining it, not deeper than the height of a man

    46. A set of double windows at the far end was framed by the angles of the roof

    47. Freddy watched on, his head cranking comically through crazy angles

    48. Deltas bled off speed quickly at high angles of attack

    49. His front end was all oblique angles

    50. He fell badly on the first step with his chest thudding on impact, and then his body swivelled slightly to one side before he rolled down two, maybe three steps until he came to a stop, his limbs sprawled at nearly impossible angles

    1. As long as he had enough cash in his pocket to put petrol in his rather sparkly cabriolet and to fund his passion for angling, he simply didn’t have a care in the world, and so things progressed for nearly two years until his wife made an announcement over breakfast one morning

    2. fund his passion for angling, he simply didn’t have a care in the

    3. It was on one such occasion during this last mentioned avocation, that two visiting gentlemen who had arrived only that morning, accompanied by a third---one of the bachelors staying at the Lodges---happened into Hasting's Equipment Store to peruse his stock of angling tackle

    4. Harry returned to Clive House, fetched his angling gear and found a comfortable shoal in the Arrow river to wet his line

    5. Harry excused himself, saying only that Kaitlyn wished for Chloe to instruct her in the art of angling and that he'd been conscripted for the first go

    6. When upon departing for a last angling adventure the next morning I was interviewed by Mr

    7. Marcos sat back in his chair, angling it slightly, so he could watch the show while he waited for the man to come back with his money

    8. However, on this occasion he was almost cordial, and that told me that he was in a desperate situation and was angling for our help

    9. Bending down and angling his shoulder he made his way through

    10. Angling his head to the left, Hadarah turned her gaze that way, and was greeted with the sight of a truck

    11. Voices coming from her right caught her ear, angling her head so that it was easier to listen she did her best to quiet down on the inside

    12. table, both of us angling toward the courtyard where a few small

    13. She'd worked there so often she could compensate for some flaws and idiosyncrasies of the masks by clever twists and angling of the paint gun at the right points, and acted as a second inspector in catching poorly molded parts

    14. The credentials he gave me would work nicely, but I was still angling for the real stuff

    15. I am not angling for fish,” he said as he reached into his bag of bait and produced a plump worm

    16. Passing the spot where the ducks flew up, Joe Billie worked his way into the wind always angling towards his back-trail; Grandfather‘s warclub as well as his senses were on red alert

    17. Angling toward the wall of punk trees, JY stopped as if hitting an unseen wall

    18. angling in, aiming for her belly, eyes on the blade of the cleaver as it drifted up with her

    19. ’ Ursula panted to the quivering girl in her arms, angling her

    20. angling her head to the left, is Casaval Ridge

    21. standing in this store talking to this man and angling for a meeting with

    22. I stand tall, even angling out a bit over the abyss, bracing against the

    23. Under the cover of fire, one of the shooters stalks along a path angling toward her

    24. Still another use of the treadmill for runners is to use them to train for faster speeds, say, if you are angling to enter in your local 5K run

    25. He checked the rear-view mirror, angling it until it was just right

    26. Finally Sebastian stood before the two women, angling the two cups so that the coffee

    27. Dal forced herself to bank away, angling back toward the forest that climbed the steep slopes

    28. Surprised, he tried again, this time angling it lower so it would fly farther away across the water

    29. Angling the heel of his hand, he massaged at his shiny forehead, then ran his fingers across his thinning, short-cropped stand of salt-and-pepper hair and down his tight neck

    30. He flipped it open, angling the thin blade until it bit into the skin at the base of her throat

    31. the back of her hand and angling a chal enging stare up at

    32. ing?" And I answered, "Heck, No! The leaning, or angling, of the

    33. Just leaning, or angling, without any other turning

    34. cause he still has no edge; then, by angling his knees-n-hips uphill,

    35. Entering the Cook-house, with its dusty beams of sunlight angling through the

    36. With a true growl he crossed the room and was in front of me, faster than any human, his left hand under my chin, angling my head so that my neck was exposed

    37. out that the Clarks were angling for another higher end time share property right on the ski slopes

    38. That there, the angling of the antenna, is how I’ll know if it linked up

    39. Madame says, “Really, Harold, it’s gloomy as a graveyard in here,” but Marie-Laure ventures a bit farther, the soles of her shoes slipping, the floor angling down, and then her shoes touch water

    40. Then his mouth is on mine like he's starving for me and I gasp when he wraps a hand in my hair and tugs, angling my head exactly how he wants it

    41. Sergey Ivanovitch was fond of angling, and was, it seemed, proud of being able to care for such a stupid occupation

    42. Two boys were angling in the shade of a willow-tree

    43. He could never be inveigled into personal conversations, try though she might, but now with no angling on her part, he was talking about kissing

    44. She found that he would give her anything she desired, answer any question she asked as long as she was forthright, and refuse her anything she attempted to gain by indirection, hints and feminine angling

    45. and I was the angling incumbent

    46. “Let’s go this way,” he said, angling himself in the opposite direction

    47. Not until he’s touching her, hand on her arm, angling himself so that he’s before her

    48. Someone else had a camera and was angling for various shots of the sea creatures

    49. Other reporters were shouting questions, closing in, angling microphones and cameras toward my brother as the wet wind blew around him

    50. Shifting his position, he bent her arm, angling it until her shoulder was close to popping out of socket

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