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Angle en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The angle in a barrel-.
  2. From the angle that the.
  3. Slice the top at an angle.
  4. Angle bait beneath the trap.
  5. The casino's dug the angle.

  6. What angle was he playing?
  7. This angle is referred to.
  8. A new angle that might work.
  9. You know we cover every angle.
  10. What then could his angle be?
  11. Increase the angle of the wedge.
  12. The wall was at a strange angle.
  13. Tony, absent, working his angle.
  14. Decrease the angle of the wedge.
  15. It wasn’t visible at our angle.

  16. I had no idea this angle existed.
  17. As the angle along with distance.
  18. Most of the hits were on an angle.
  19. Does she offer us an angle?
  20. But always keep in mind, the angle.
  21. They approached him from every angle.
  22. This creates a 45° angle on a chart.
  23. Martin was handsome from every angle.
  24. Increase the angle of the tilt table.
  25. The angle of ascent of your legs and.

  26. She needed another angle and quickly.
  27. Then, each in an angle of the great.
  28. Perhaps there was an angle there for.
  29. His leg was bent at an awkward angle.
  30. Raise up at the same angle as before.
  31. Climbing now at twenty degree angle.
  32. His mind drifted off on another angle.
  33. B: So he stabbed you? The angle is—.
  34. Then she changes the angle of her grip.
  35. Increase the angle Hold for __ minutes.
  36. Judy was such a huge Steven Angle fan.
  37. The angle was important for the ladder.
  38. His head cocked slowly, at an odd angle.
  39. The city, from this angle, was so small.
  40. His left arm was hanging at a bad angle.
  41. He tried hitting it at a different angle.
  42. The tension rises according to the angle.
  43. Maybe it was just the angle I saw them at.
  44. That's what it looked like from out angle.
  45. Lets try this plan from a different angle.
  46. The money angle might come later, not now.
  47. I observed it from the angle of the window.
  48. It’s a right angle in a pressure vessel.
  49. And try to figure out the Ukrainian angle.
  50. As he inspected each angle, each sparkly.
  51. Show them that they can angle the hips in.
  52. The boat was leaning over at a crazy angle.
  53. Install them at a 45 degree angle or lower.
  54. From this angle we could not see all of it.
  55. All he needed to do was get a better angle.
  56. There is something curious about that angle.
  57. That’s at an angle, Jonny was saying.
  58. Stop the car at an angle, I told Josh.
  59. From this angle it looked quite impregnable.
  60. Unsure how to keep investigating this angle.
  61. However, I think I have an angle on that.
  62. From this angle I can’t see past his head.
  63. Chaplin angle sewn up and Hermann and I will.
  64. He came to a steep bluff at a 70-degree angle.
  65. My knee twists in a painful and awkward angle.
  66. Stuck up over their heads, tilted at an angle.
  67. The steeper the angle, the stronger the trend.
  68. Frustrated, Von Braun came up with a new angle.
  69. I’ve never thought about it from that angle.
  70. Angle, (cast): Stretching nets upon the waters.
  71. She couldn’t see the Map Room from her angle.
  72. But the photo was taken from a different angle.
  73. It had been her angle that put Lindsay onto him.
  74. The helicopter struck the street on a side angle.
  75. It seemed to catch the sunrays from every angle.
  76. She knew he had an angle for every word he said.
  77. His mangled legs were bent at a grotesque angle.
  78. Sue from this angle than with the 69 position.
  79. Kyle raised his eyebrow, What's his angle?
  80. Each band of colour occurs at a particular angle.
  81. I put it on at a slight angle the way I liked it.
  82. Okay, then, let me go at it from another angle.
  83. Sheer quantity won't turn this into a news angle.
  84. Brooke kept tilting it back to the correct angle.
  85. Angle? Why does there have to be an angle?
  86. Increase the angle of the tilt sessions per week.
  87. The magnification and angle of view switched over.
  88. There was a desk at an angle in one corner with.
  89. Contradictions attacked his mind from every angle.
  90. The terrorist angle is the most we have right now.
  91. Someone figure out who he is and what his angle is.
  92. His head is bowed, sharpening the angle of his chin.
  93. Well, now you are here, put the pot on the angle.
  94. The shape and angle of the eye help determine the.
  95. A fragment of the ground erects at a 45 degree angle.
  96. I had the opportunity to see from a different angle.
  97. Does that mean that angle of gradient , in case of.
  98. Living seems pointless, when viewed from this angle.
  99. Elbows in a forty five degree angle in the sides of.
  100. People with guns started to show up from every angle.
  1. Mamma said she was angling for you.
  2. Two boys were angling in the shade of a willow-tree.
  3. Just leaning, or angling, without any other turning.
  4. Bending down and angling his shoulder he made his way through.
  5. He checked the rear-view mirror, angling it until it was just right.
  6. Unfortunately, Justin doesn’t have as much time for angling anymore.
  7. I stand tall, even angling out a bit over the abyss, bracing against the.
  8. That there, the angling of the antenna, is how I’ll know if it linked up.
  9. Let’s go this way, he said, angling himself in the opposite direction.
  10. Entering the Cook-house, with its dusty beams of sunlight angling through the.
  11. Angling toward the wall of punk trees, JY stopped as if hitting an unseen wall.
  12. Alice lay in a broken, grotesque, pallid gesturing and angling of her thin body.
  13. Someone else had a camera and was angling for various shots of the sea creatures.
  14. Under the cover of fire, one of the shooters stalks along a path angling toward her.
  15. Finally Sebastian stood before the two women, angling the two cups so that the coffee.
  16. The credentials he gave me would work nicely, but I was still angling for the real stuff.
  17. Not until he’s touching her, hand on her arm, angling himself so that he’s before her.
  18. When upon departing for a last angling adventure the next morning I was interviewed by Mr.
  19. Dal forced herself to bank away, angling back toward the forest that climbed the steep slopes.
  20. He flipped it open, angling the thin blade until it bit into the skin at the base of her throat.
  21. I am not angling for fish, he said as he reached into his bag of bait and produced a plump worm.
  22. Surprised, he tried again, this time angling it lower so it would fly farther away across the water.
  23. Shifting his position, he bent her arm, angling it until her shoulder was close to popping out of socket.
  24. Angling his head to the left, Hadarah turned her gaze that way, and was greeted with the sight of a truck.
  25. Sergey Ivanovitch was fond of angling, and was, it seemed, proud of being able to care for such a stupid occupation.
  26. Harry returned to Clive House, fetched his angling gear and found a comfortable shoal in the Arrow river to wet his line.
  27. However, on this occasion he was almost cordial, and that told me that he was in a desperate situation and was angling for our help.
  28. Marcos sat back in his chair, angling it slightly, so he could watch the show while he waited for the man to come back with his money.
  29. Other reporters were shouting questions, closing in, angling microphones and cameras toward my brother as the wet wind blew around him.
  30. Voices coming from her right caught her ear, angling her head so that it was easier to listen she did her best to quiet down on the inside.
  31. Still another use of the treadmill for runners is to use them to train for faster speeds, say, if you are angling to enter in your local 5K run.
  32. He could never be inveigled into personal conversations, try though she might, but now with no angling on her part, he was talking about kissing.
  33. Then his mouth is on mine like he's starving for me and I gasp when he wraps a hand in my hair and tugs, angling my head exactly how he wants it.
  34. Harry excused himself, saying only that Kaitlyn wished for Chloe to instruct her in the art of angling and that he'd been conscripted for the first go.
  35. With a true growl he crossed the room and was in front of me, faster than any human, his left hand under my chin, angling my head so that my neck was exposed.
  36. Alice lay in a broken, grotesque, pallid gesturing and angling of her thin body, at the bottom of the stairs, like a crumpled doll that doesn't want to play any more, ever.
  37. Alice lay in a broken, grotesque, pallid gesturing and angling of her thin body, at the bottom of the stairs, like a crumpled doll that doesn’t want to play any more, ever.
  38. Angling the heel of his hand, he massaged at his shiny forehead, then ran his fingers across his thinning, short-cropped stand of salt-and-pepper hair and down his tight neck.
  39. Passing the spot where the ducks flew up, Joe Billie worked his way into the wind always angling towards his back-trail; Grandfather‘s warclub as well as his senses were on red alert.
  40. Madame says, Really, Harold, it’s gloomy as a graveyard in here, but Marie-Laure ventures a bit farther, the soles of her shoes slipping, the floor angling down, and then her shoes touch water.
  41. She found that he would give her anything she desired, answer any question she asked as long as she was forthright, and refuse her anything she attempted to gain by indirection, hints and feminine angling.
  42. She'd worked there so often she could compensate for some flaws and idiosyncrasies of the masks by clever twists and angling of the paint gun at the right points, and acted as a second inspector in catching poorly molded parts.
  43. The French and Spanish had long been angling to take the kingdom over, and in the fuss that followed the German Kaiser’s interference in Morocco back in 1905 (see Chapter 3) the two countries agreed to divide the country between them.
  44. It was on one such occasion during this last mentioned avocation, that two visiting gentlemen who had arrived only that morning, accompanied by a third---one of the bachelors staying at the Lodges---happened into Hasting's Equipment Store to peruse his stock of angling tackle.
  45. As long as he had enough cash in his pocket to put petrol in his rather sparkly cabriolet and to fund his passion for angling, he simply didn’t have a care in the world, and so things progressed for nearly two years until his wife made an announcement over breakfast one morning.
  46. On the narrow Augesd Dam where for so many years the old miller had been accustomed to sit in his tasseled cap peacefully angling, while his grandson, with shirt sleeves rolled up, handled the floundering silvery fish in the watering can, on that dam over which for so many years Moravians in shaggy caps and blue jackets had peacefully driven their two-horse carts loaded with wheat and had returned dusty with flour whitening their carts—on that narrow dam amid the wagons and the cannon, under the horses’ hoofs and between the wagon wheels, men disfigured by fear of death now crowded together, crushing one another, dying, stepping over the dying and killing one another, only to move on a few steps and be killed themselves in the same way.
  1. As he angled his head.
  2. Was angled in one corner.
  3. Their path angled up sharply.
  4. The front steps were angled.
  5. He angled a sardonic ebony brow.
  6. I then angled my head with my.
  7. He angled his head in consideration.
  8. He angled it down with one fingertip.
  9. The angled uprights are actually 200.
  10. I had my truck angled in such a way.
  11. Morgan? He angled his chin toward me.
  12. An angled sheet of gold remained in the.
  13. He angled his head back and out of range.
  14. She angled her head, listening to the music.
  15. They angled him through the door and Stein.
  16. Then I angled my head to the other side again.
  17. She ducked the blade and angled into his body.
  18. Hope’s nose seemed to be angled slightly higher.
  19. It seemed to Libby as she angled a glance at her.
  20. Not unlike and airplane wing angled in the sky, I.
  21. The policeman angled down the top of the first file.
  22. He angled his head to study the face of the deceased.
  23. I weaved into it and angled us down the center divider.
  24. The car throttled past and angled in, bumping the curb.
  25. There are angled paths where the sun glints and shadows.
  26. Libby, her chin angled defiantly, tilted her head back to.
  27. It came loose, and at last, he angled it the way he wanted.
  28. Keeping to the shadows, Amaranthe angled around the smelter.
  29. The ship came into orbit and angled away from the Enterprise.
  30. The walls angled inward to a small non-skid, metallic floor.
  31. The next thing I measured was the length of the angled rods.
  32. High cheekbones angled themselves to a soft, long, thin nose.
  33. High cheekbones were accentuated by sharply angled sideburns.
  34. Tyburn Mcleary angled his head into the shaft of sunlight and.
  35. Marie was angled so that a shadow from a rafter above cloaked.
  36. My body on its own angled towards the ever encroaching forests.
  37. Instead, as though anticipating my actions, they had angled east.
  38. Ariel lay in wait over her while the sun angled towards afternoon.
  39. Kyle angled himself away from the street and opened his own jacket.
  40. Now that the lid angled, they were perfect steps into a lower tomb.
  41. He then looked at its angled panel, which was not visible to Scott.
  42. Then release the arms to the floor, angled evenly relative to the.
  43. Cardiff angled his head in Domnash’s direction just as the shape-.
  44. Burt angled his head in acknowledgment and took Cam’s offered hand.
  45. Then release the arms to the floor, angled evenly relative to the mid-.
  46. Angled at forty-five degrees, because it capped a staircase, presumably.
  47. Instead he angled head-down into the crowd, trying not to be recognized.
  48. Finding the corral empty, Enrique angled off towards the road, running.
  49. Use an up and down motion or a 45° angled up and down motion with the.
  50. She angled the Ford off the road and drove into the thick stand of trees.
  51. Zeke lightly touched the angled uprights to see if they were getting hot.
  52. With a light pressure on the reins, he angled Camellia a hair to his right.
  53. She nodded to two brocade chairs strategically angled in front of the desk.
  54. Release both legs, softening the groins, and see that the legs are angled.
  55. Between the others, only the wagon tongues, angled high, acted as barriers.
  56. Their table is angled in a corner of the cafe, with a clear view of the exit.
  57. The wheels rested on rails that led out of the cave and then angled skywards.
  58. Yuki poked Gaines with her elbow and angled her chin toward the defense table.
  59. The left one was angled in the direction of the woman’s head and the right.
  60. He sat as far as the desk would alow, though his face was angled towards mine.
  61. Not angled this time, but set down flat in the floor, and cemented all around.
  62. The trooper ran to it, looking down the angled shoot at the laundry cart below.
  63. I’m angled across his lap again so that my torso rests on the bed beside him.
  64. Instead, he pulled in front and angled his car so that the Tesla was blocked in.
  65. But she had angled the muzzle to the left so that the round didn’t hit Robert.
  66. Release both legs, softening the groins, and see that the legs are angled evenly.
  67. His head angled down towards mine, his mouth so close that I could feel his breath.
  68. I looked down the alley and saw that it angled toward the street where I was parked.
  69. He placed it in the firing cylinder, angled between two hand rails and lit the fuse.
  70. They were sliding down the ramp as it angled down to the lake thousands of feet below.
  71. Instinctively, I angled the light so that he could see Kathleen’s exposed genitalia.
  72. The scariest part was the first incremental bank which angled thirty degrees upwards.
  73. Sensing the problem, the ascent software angled the ship into the wind to counteract it.
  74. Twelve hundred meters approximately, with a nice angled bullet flight down to the target.
  75. Her hair was curled tossed back off her shoulders and her long legs were angled so that.
  76. I angled my way around everyone else until I stood next to him as we slipped into our seats.
  77. Double layers of even permeable cloth will help keep out rain if well angled (see Camp Craft).
  78. An immaculate head of hair angled into her airspace, like a retriever nuzzling the slipstream.
  79. Hugo assumed a determined batter’s stance and held the bat angled fiercely over his shoulder.
  80. THE VIDEO HAD been shot in a garage, the camera angled at the BMW convertible with its top down.
  81. I leaned out farther, angled the flashlight, and saw liquid in the curve of some of the shards.
  82. It was angled so that he could see her face reflected in it, while he remained hidden from her.
  83. Now it was full of an angled hatch set at forty-five degrees between the back wall and the floor.
  84. She had angled herself between the front and back doors so that she would know if anyone came in.
  85. Vedara pressed her port thrusters and their course angled in toward to the denser cluster of moons.
  86. She angled out from the peaks to gaze down upon the fortress of the two-leggeds, so very far below.
  87. He angled his torch that way but saw nothing, if there was someone there he had darted out of sight.
  88. After a quarter mile, the trail angled inward into a sea of tall pines and short, vine-choked trees.
  89. The rails that once angled up and out of the cave were forced down, skewing his take off trajectory.
  90. The rooms were angled away from each other, connected by a short set of stairs and a crooked hallway.
  91. The ceiling soared overhead, with knotty boards rising to an angled peak, in a shallow upside-down V.
  92. Gun up, she angled fast through the high grass toward the near front corner of the sagging structure.
  93. Beneath the Campaspe's silent waters the golden perch angled itself up towards a broken quicksilver sky.
  94. Too young to be out this late? I angled my head, trying to see if there was anyone else in the corridor.
  95. The foundation of one's trajectory is angled and aimed by what you taught yourself to see or not see.
  96. Norah angled her head to study him, the lift of her brows indicating she’d caught his subtle flirtation.
  97. The Baron's favorite chair was angled to receive the warmth, placing his back to the entrance of the room.
  98. Looking intrigued rather than insulted that she’d turned down his generous offer, Gerald angled his head.
  99. There were fresh magazines on angled pegs, and there was a date written on the tops of the drums in pencil.
  100. It was too angled to be of much use to rest on, however it did have a protruding rocky nodule near one end.
  1. It's a question of angles.
  2. Chapter 50: The Sum of Angles.
  3. Drawers gaped at crazy angles.
  4. The angles become more obtuse.
  5. I saw it happen from all angles.
  6. Los Angles International for $500.
  7. A chorus of angles: The amount.
  8. He looked at cases from all angles.
  9. They turned them at various angles.
  10. He concentrates on different angles.
  11. Don’t hesitate to try new angles.
  12. His front end was all oblique angles.
  13. There will be horror from all angles.
  14. I thought I had covered all angles.
  15. Just a roll moulding at the angles.
  16. Brie was considering it from all angles.
  17. This was interesting from several angles.
  18. I have looked at all the angles, plotted.
  19. Los Angles, painted on the side door panels.
  20. You take your time, consider all the angles.
  21. His bones were twisted at impossible angles.
  22. Therefore, you should check your lie angles.
  23. His hair and eyebrows stuck out at odd angles.
  24. The angles of the cameras were, according to.
  25. The rear view of a plane is all oblique angles.
  26. Angles had everywhere taken the place of curves.
  27. Can you tell us the angles of penetration, Dr.
  28. He needed to master ALL of the game’s angles!.
  29. North-south will be at right angles to this line.
  30. On each level were multitudes of angles, singing.
  31. A stop-sign was skewed, its angles foreshortened.
  32. Both of his forearms are bent at nauseating angles.
  33. It did not process the limbs bent at broken angles.
  34. From certain angles, it looked downright ungrateful.
  35. He disappeared behind one of the angles of the apse.
  36. Her body twisted at odd angles underneath the covers.
  37. His thick, white hair was sticking out at wild angles.
  38. She checked out her reflection from different angles.
  39. Deltas bled off speed quickly at high angles of attack.
  40. Cut out four corner brackets (B) with 45-degree angles.
  41. The images he could still see now spun at drunken angles.
  42. His face a skull – all angles and hollowed out cheeks.
  43. Their angles had prevented their seeing that particular.
  44. Try different angles while carrying your favorite chair.
  45. Included angle – the sum of all edge angles of a knife.
  46. Rick never made a move without knowing all the angles.
  47. Thus, it is a good idea to try out different angles first.
  48. Having considered those angles he turned back to the women.
  49. The boy's face had more hard edges, and sharp angles to it.
  50. Learn about these angles, so that you can improve your game.
  51. You examine it from all angles and you continue on your way.
  52. Angles and Casts of Crystals of Carbonate of Lime, 140, 141.
  53. Chabouillet, secretary of the Prefecture under Comte Angles.
  54. Lengths of wood and twisted metal balanced crazy angles, a.
  55. Wider angles will give greater area but shed rain less easily.
  56. The fish change color at different angles as they swim along.
  57. No hint of beard stubble softened the hard angles of his jaw.
  58. The amount of teeth, the gullet, the hook angles (the tooth.
  59. She had spent hours getting the shadows and angles just right.
  60. It seems that Leona is burning too many candles at odd angles.
  61. That left Zara free to think about many things from new angles.
  62. Aspects: The zodiac is a circle of 360°, and the angles formed.
  63. Why had it been written that way, with the ends out at angles?
  64. She doesn’t let go of Alan, but she angles herself toward Devon.
  65. When he had turned many angles in this corridor, he still listened.
  66. She angles her body toward us and folds her hands in front of her.
  67. The wall consisted of salient and retiring angles like a sawtooth.
  68. Reflecting light from all angles continues to flashes on the screen.
  69. It deftly caught him again, its body twisting at impossible angles.
  70. Freddy watched on, his head cranking comically through crazy angles.
  71. I’ve studied the Texas problem from many angles and for many years.
  72. With the difference in viewing angles we will be able to see better.
  73. Several more photos were displayed of the ship from different angles.
  74. Brumvack’s forehead creased as he worked the angles of the problem.
  76. He considered angles which never even crossed Sir Richard's mind and.
  77. Her braids had been cut short; they stuck out at angles from her head.
  78. We know that Heaven is where the angles are, but nothing about what.
  79. I could hear them yelling, swinging their machine guns at all angles.
  80. He was sprawled on the couch with his arms pointing out at odd angles.
  81. These are just some of many possible angles that you could consider as.
  82. They have the lost in Hell before the angles that sinned will be there.
  83. They stuck out from his head on either side at angles of ninety degrees.
  84. ANGLES USED TO PROVE HELL? Jude 6; 2 Peter 2:4 " UNTO the judgment," not.
  85. In that event, I predict that the household cost of water in Los Angles.
  86. Two of these crystals are often arranged at right angles with each other.
  87. We'll end up with compound angles, but we can work it out as we go along.
  88. Sure, they have some specific angles, but those aren't too hard to learn.
  89. I knew the delicious solidity of that body, the soft angles of that face.
  90. These are just a formality, but I have to follow all the angles, you know.
  91. Windows are blown out of their frames and walls are twisted at odd angles.
  92. Buildings which have since been pulled down then formed redans and angles.
  93. Also, look at the angles they were shot from and the blood splatters on me.
  94. He had no idea about what angles to fire from or how to compensate for wind.
  95. I took as many different angles as I could, taking infinite pains with each.
  96. A set of double windows at the far end was framed by the angles of the roof.
  97. Andrew could see the bumpy pitted scars and the hairs growing at odd angles.
  98. He and a number of analysts had looked at this from all the possible angles.
  99. Are these angels now in Tartarus or Hell? Why are these angles used to prove.
  100. Filled with tense writing and low camera angles, this high concept drama is.

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