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    1. "We have the technology to protect against viruses, this expedition is the apex of Talstan's achievements, we can protect our seed from viruses

    2. the very apex of the central arch, and looked around him

    3. leaned one against the other, balanced at the apex,

    4. He attaches self-adhesive electrodes to Leona's chest wall, one at the base and one at the apex of her heart, powers up the on board defibrillator and runs an analysis of her condition

    5. As he had done on his first journey, Tom stopped at the very apex

    6. its globular shape, the projector at the apex of the tower emitted a

    7. For the first time in all the years that he has owned Sillick Farm, he notices the ornate ridge tiles that run along the apex of the barn roof and he tries to smile, but none of his facial muscles seem to work anymore

    8. That pyramid's apex was bejeweled with photonic crystals, more on the peak of that pyramid than in Alan's whole city

    9. As the giant rectangle of red stone reached the apex of the pulley, a team of workers roped it in, guided it to its destination, then signaled to the ground below where the counterweight bucket was uncorked and the slug mules untethered, allowing the stone to settle into its final resting place

    10. The bark ridges running up the trunk were as thick as Brice, and though leafless and rotting, the tree reached the apex of the tower's interior, nearly bursting through the arched rib shaped trusses well over twenty stories up

    11. Reaching the apex of the mound it shot out into thin air

    12. After a moment's pause as they stopped in line, and then a quick nod to each other, the brass section wailed a long low mournful chord, gently augmented by the rhythm section and lifting it gradually as the front spots came on one by one illuminating each musician in turn, until the rich ring of brass reached its apex, brought it to a cutting halt so that in the split second of silence it seemed to hang in the room like a clarion

    13. " He was hanging on precariously to the apex of the frost-covered roof, shivering with the cold

    14. This most brilliant apex is sufficient to all concerns

    15. “He said that it was the largest city he had ever seen in the ‘new’ land and that if one stands on the apex of the larger pyramid, one is strangely revitalized

    16. The wooden beams that had formed the apex of the

    17. His rapid ascent was brought to a sudden halt at their apex

    18. There was a river at the apex of the bay and a small Chono village

    19. Under a theory popular among Federalists at the time of the founding the Supreme Court would have been the apex of the new government

    20. finger to the top of the cave, there at the apex was a small circle

    21. “Here Sir Kragorram’s great sword is already halfway through it’s swing when he appears at the proper distance from the group of sixteen wizards to strike them at it’s apex

    22. The obelisk, with its brightly shining apex, and the taller of the other buildings they had previously seen in outline were grouped in the center a short distance from the river

    23. He now seemed to have risen to larger-than-life proportions at the apex of the hill upon which he stood

    24. As the sun threatened to break over the horizon, the apex of the obelisk suddenly exploded in

    25. the monolith, below the shining gold surface of the apex, now stood fully revealed, an only

    26. Youssaf, having expected the question, responded, “The apex of Pharaoh's obelisk—see

    27. “We’re in a spherical enclosure that has curved ridges in the walls that radiate from the apex

    28. I somehow knew it could shoot a destructive energy beam from its apex into outer space

    29. seemed to have risen to larger-than-life proportions at the apex of the hill upon which he stood

    30. At the apex of the ridge, whose far side was still cloaked in the shadow of night, Moshe

    31. The moor was roughly triangular in shape with its apex on Loch Rannoch

    32. uncovering the apex of a monolith realization, from which the

    33. I neared the apex, watching the rest of the coastline

    34. The Cosmo-Art Theorems and Axioms represents the apex of my anthropological

    35. the apex of the cone meeting the surface of the denser

    36. from the side, with the apex of the cone meeting the

    37. the source The apex of the cone will be pointed towards the source The

    38. could imagine the chakra as a cone, this means that the apex of the cone

    39. apex of the cone is in contact with the node (i e it is facing the central chan-

    40. They flew from her mouth, without the most minimal apex of intelligence or discernment, spreading its poisoned aura on the nourished public who was ready to listen to her imbecilities, and the nourished public was always composed of “them“ and “us“

    41. Come on! Don't be silly! Please! Do it for our friendship and all the adventures that we have been together! -then my complicit eyes in an act of showmanship of a Broadway stage, began to shine through the veil of a few tears that being born at the apex of my eyes rolled down my cheeks, jumped, to fall into the closed hand of the Genie, which was grabbed at the sill of the window

    42. Maitreya moving forward so as to stand at its apex, and therefore close to the

    43. They began to realize that the feeding of the five thousand and the popular movement to make Jesus king was the apex of the miracle-seeking, wonder-working expectance of the people and the height of Jesus' acclaim by the populace

    44. Yar Afzal grunted scornfully and sheathed his weapon with a gesture that was the apex of insult

    45. Eventually the snaking track turned into a straight, flat section that lead to the farmyard, and they saw the bright glow of a floodlight mounted at the apex of an outbuilding illuminating the farmyard

    46. She pointed to the apex that was nothing but windows

    47. Douglas MacArthur snapped a salute as the flag reached its apex at the top of the pole standing on the center lawn

    48. A new species may fill in the gap as apex predator

    49. short hair on the apex of the head

    50. The apex of the

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    apex apex of the sun's way solar apex acme peak vertex pinnacle crest top summit zenith