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Frasi con summit (in inglese)

  1. We had reached the summit.
  2. We met them at the Summit.
  3. Snow covers her from summit.
  4. They passed on, up the summit.
  5. I raced to the cliff summit over.

  6. Harry turned to survey the summit.
  7. Written upon the summit of a gate;.
  8. You�ll reach in the highest summit.
  9. What about that summit over that.
  10. Only a little further to the summit.
  11. And she dragged him up toward the summit.
  12. Claude appeared at the summit of the trail.
  13. That day while I was on the summit of.
  14. Do we know what that summit is for?’’.
  15. On the summit of it there grew one high tree.

  16. It was a summit his firm was sponsoring.
  17. What the hell is this? A summit meeting?
  18. The summit of Tol Brandir was tipped with gold.
  19. About half way to the Pass summit we noticed a.
  20. This was developed in 2005 at the World Summit.
  22. But at the summit conference that took place in.
  23. Cherington broke the ice and addressed the Summit.
  24. The prospect from this summit was almost unlimited.
  25. A few months after the Freeware Summit, O'Reilly.

  26. On the far side of the summit lay a wedge shaped.
  28. They were climbing towards the summit of Mount Doom.
  29. They continued up the hill, to its summit, amid the.
  30. This state has been named as Shunya Shikhar (Summit.
  31. The summit commanded a clear view of the surrounding.
  32. The summit of the hill was much broader than she had.
  33. They had climbed up to the summit of , and sat for an.
  34. They obscured the summit temporarily, then cleared to.
  35. At the summit you hear all the languages of this world.
  36. Its summit obviously poked above the level of the ocean.
  37. At the summit of the cliff, their foemen all wore armor.
  38. As we climbed the road to the summit of the Simplon Pass.
  39. Shortly after the summit, O'Reilly shepherded summit at-.
  40. By the end of the day, I still hadn’t reached the summit.
  41. From the summit of the hill they struck a good path which.
  42. Love is the eye upon the summit of the soul, that sees God.
  43. The summit was bare apart from patches of heather and slabs.
  44. The summit meeting at the airport had been anything but warm.
  45. The house stood almost on the summit of a swell of moorland.
  46. She tells the story of a woman who took a horse to the summit.
  47. Except for a few insiders whose lifestyles reached the summit.
  48. Its summit barely cleared the canopy of the surrounding forest.
  49. Blanc without its summit poking above the surface of the waves.
  50. On the road a single beast crossed the summit, heading their way.
  51. As the sun reached its summit in the sky, a fog started to form.
  52. A leaded walkway ran around the inside of the tower’ s summit.
  53. Reactor systems, the prototype for which was built at the summit.
  54. You are standing at the foot of it and looking up at its summit.
  55. It was an endless steep mountain with its summit at zero degrees.
  56. On the summit, we took deep breaths to disinfect our polluted lungs.
  57. The road meandered to and fro in a lot of switchbacks to the summit.
  58. We went along a steep, narrow path that ran over the cliff's summit.
  59. On the inside of the summit were the prestigious quarters of the Walf.
  60. Soon he came out alone on the summit of Amon Hen, and halted, gasping.
  61. And then Harry stood on the summit with only his dog for company, but.
  62. I can’t believe you called a family summit this early in the day.
  63. The summit of the golden pyramid or its fifth cornerstone or the result.
  64. A summit (more wining and dining at the trough) was held recently where.
  65. Well! About two leagues beyond the summit of that hill above the village.
  66. She scrambled up to the summit of the spire and looked toward the horizons.
  67. Isengard was seen: They reached the summit of the rock; they drove towards.
  68. He led them to the summit, where most of the wounded lay under shade trees.
  69. Tony and Matthew started making plans to drive up to the summit of Mount St.
  70. In addition to the GPOI the World Summit would initiate a World Solidarity.
  71. Orcs gained the summit of the outer wall, and again the defenders cast them.
  72. Tackling the last leg to the summit was the final test of will and endurance.
  73. What Summit made was the promise of unassisted vision for nearsighted folks.
  74. This was her first G37 summit since taking office less than six months before.
  75. We rested in its coolness before making the last trek to the summit where we.
  76. It was time to leave and they took off, circling the summit called Old Man Peak.
  77. We bid farewell to the angels and the spirits that watch over this holy summit.
  78. We camped on its wooded slopes while I proceeded to the somewhat cleared summit.
  79. It appears that they are holding there a secret summit of Spacer administrators.
  80. One was shot down, and the scandal ended any hope of an agreement at the summit.
  81. They all met on the summit of a high mountain and sat down together in a circle.
  82. Not quite at the summit of Coven Hill, they came across the smallest of clearings.
  83. The Department of Veterans Affairs was hosting a national summit in Washington, D.
  84. We can only suppose that he must have made his way to the summit and seen it there.
  85. Loose shale slid off the mountain edge as each foot step guided them to the summit.
  86. On the summit we start our interminable scans with the binoculars and spotting scope.
  87. I found a spot in the outdoor lot on the westside of Overlook Hospital in Summit, NJ.
  88. The World Summit Committee voted unanimously in Charles favour and we had won the day.
  89. We did not have any complainers among us and so in another hour we reached the summit.
  90. Oswald told me to look down, and as I did so, I saw the hikers, not far from the summit.
  91. Oldest person to summit Mount Everest: Min Bahadur Sherchan (Nepal, b.
  92. On my fifth day in Octoworld, as I’d started to think of it, I finally reached the summit.
  93. Who could reach you in the heart of a volcano? But don't I see an opening at its summit?
  94. The storm swirled above it, spinning on the summit like it was the axis for the whole world.
  95. I wanted to wait and see what the summit with The Waldger Group had for us before I did that.
  96. Before he laid himself on the hard surface of the summit, he covered Hilderich with his cloak.
  97. On the sides and summit of the mountain, its appearance is more decidedly that of greenstone.
  98. There were peaks in the Khans that were so high you would have trouble breathing on the summit.
  99. President Clintons chief of staff said, This is not a trade summit, it is an overall summit.
  100. General Tyler wants us to regroup and dig in at the summit of the closest volcano over there.

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