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    1. ” I watched as Ted Wallace walked into the orderly room and I noticed like George he had been made up to Colour Sergeant he acme over to me and we shook hands saying

    2. That seems to be the acme of an herbivore’s learning ability, to accustom itself, by very slowly acquired experience, to use something other than its own senses to secure its safety and survival

    3. Road Runner’s head from the Acme Company

    4. “To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill

    5. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill

    6. What about man, the acme of evolution? It would seem that with the weaker ones amongst them having gone into the hinterland, to escape being their prey, the plunams of the stronger onams, would have monopolized the seashores and the riverbanks

    7. 30 by the Acme Speedy Delivery Service

    8. Acme has no idea who the sender is

    9. I decided to walk through a mini-park past an ACME tar mixer

    10. Listen up you goons! He"s telling the truth about the ACME

    11. That"s ACME scentless tar

    12. I have a solution in my bathroom cupboard called ACME Tar & Paint Remover

    13. Case in point, back in 1960, I mean my first day going to work for the ACME Chemical Engineering Corporation, as soon as I entered the main building to get to the lab the security guard stopped me

    14. I had to remove the ACME tar from my body, eat and drink something really fast and leave the building without being noticed

    15. I entered the restroom, opened the cupboard and then removed a plastic bottle of ACME Tar & Paint Remover

    16. drinking ACME beer, just about the cheapest brand in Canada and

    17. the Acme bag four times then split open the largest of the

    18. much of the contents inside the Acme bag spilled onto the floor

    19. Cynthia had three bags of ACME beef cat food, four cans of

    20. an ACME Security Vehicle turned left and straight into the path

    21. the acme of the process of evolution, but we’re not

    22. But when it comes to the peoples of the Books, it is not enough that the others too have faith in the selfsame God but their dogma too should be no different from their brand of dogma of a given sub-faith, and in what can be said as the acme of the Semitic religious intolerance, the Ahmadis / Shias of Pakistan and the Shias of Iraq have come to suffer at the Sunni hands as the worst victims of the Islamic dogma

    23. casually but her mastery of the gravity, her flow of vital energies was actually in the acme of perfection

    24. When you reached the acme of the moment, you sent me bursting forth in search of life

    25. Willie's ACME rocket ROARS over their car

    26. with an ACME logo emblazoned on the chest

    27. wooden crates labeled "ACME DYNAMITE" stored nearby on the tunnel floor

    28. Printed on the crate is "ACME" and "DELIVER TO: WILLIE COYOTE"

    29. Of the framed ACME shell in the wall in Col

    30. Being a Acme shell it was a dud of

    31. a small ACME rocket car that has several cannon barrels

    32. A metaphysician once gave me a wonderful recipe for taking every trick in the game of life, it is the acme

    33. Hence the terms acme,

    34. Likewise, a mountain is also the symbol for a pillar of strength (knowledge, wisdom) and stability and the peak or acme of great 202

    35. symbol for a pillar of strength (knowledge, wisdom) and stability and the peak or acme of great

    36. I speak the tongue of a race the acme of whose mentality is the maxim: time is money

    37. No need to dwell on the legendary beauty of the cornerpieces, the acme of art, wherein one can distinctly discern each of the four evangelists in turn presenting to each of the four masters his evangelical symbol, a bogoak sceptre, a North American puma (a far nobler king of beasts than the British article, be it said in passing), a Kerry calf and a golden eagle from Carrantuohill

    38. Wagnerian music, though confessedly grand in its way, was a bit too heavy for Bloom and hard to follow at the first go-off but the music of Mercadante's Huguenots, Meyerbeer's Seven Last Words on the Cross and Mozart's Twelfth Mass he simply revelled in, the Gloria in that being, to his mind, the acme of first class music as such, literally knocking everything else into a cocked hat

    39. Oh, it wasn’t fair that she should have to sit here primly and be the acme of keep her voice low and her eyes cast modestly down, when men, attractive ones, too, came to their booth

    40. Conversely, for cases of excessive depreciation, note: Depreciation charges of Acme Steel for 1932–1935 were found by the federal government to have been $555,000 too high

    41. Nana was in the kitchen reading a hot copy of the National Star, which I’d bought for her at Acme

    42. ‘Helene, who has never cared for anything but her own body and is one of the stupidest women in the world,’ thought Pierre, ‘is regarded by people as the acme of intelligence and refinement, and they pay homage to her

    43. But we have not as yet touched on the acme of the difficulty; namely, the fact that the neuters of several ants differ, not only from the fertile females and males, but from each other, sometimes to an almost incredible degree, and are thus divided into two or even three castes

    44. It is here manifestly impossible to select the more sterile individuals, which have already ceased to yield seeds; so that this acme of sterility, when the germen alone is effected, cannot have been gained through selection; and from the laws governing the various grades of sterility being so uniform throughout the animal and vegetable kingdoms, we may infer that the cause, whatever it may be, is the same or nearly the same in all cases

    45. Such changes, however, reach their acme in the so-called alternate generations of some of the lower animals

    46. But why should I dwell upon the incidents that followed this last overwhelming event? Mine has been a tale of horrors; I have reached their acme, and what I must now relate can but be tedious to you

    47. I imagined you as the acme of pride and passion, and for the last two months you've been talldng to me as one student talks to another

    48. " I tell you again, baron," said Versilov, rapping out his words resolutely, " that I consider Katerina Nikolaevna Ahraakov, to whom I wTote that unworthy and insane letter, not only the soul of honour, but the acme of all perfection ! "

    49. I was beginning to cry, I don't know why; I don't remember how she made me sit down beside her, I only remember, as one of my most precious memories, that we sat side by side, hand in hand, and talked eagerly : she was questioning me about the old man and his death, and I was telling her about him—so that it might have been supposed that I had been crying over Makar Ivanovitch, though that would have been the acme of absurdity; and I know that she could not possibly have suspected me of such childish banality

    50. Yulia Mihailovna was at the acme of bliss

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