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Frasi con peak (in inglese)

  1. The high is the peak.
  2. It's to reach the peak.
  3. They peak inside of it.
  4. Will merge at the peak.
  5. I was nearly at my peak.

  6. It’s to reach the peak.
  7. Have We Reached the Peak?
  8. To the peak of the mountain.
  9. The music reached its peak.
  10. He stood on the highest peak.
  11. This gave him the PSP (peak.
  12. The campaign was at its peak.
  13. They were functioning at peak.
  14. Walt stood at the peak of the.
  15. A peak and isle of rock it was.

  16. Peak Trail Days for the purpose.
  17. The year 1980 also saw a peak U.
  18. What’s the deal with peak oil?
  19. By midday they stood on the peak.
  20. That is because the peak head is.
  21. His wadded coat and cap with peak.
  22. It’s too far to reach the peak.
  23. He was already aroused to the peak.
  24. I couldn’t help but peak at them.
  25. I felt the tension reached its peak.

  26. Blueberries usually hit the peak of.
  27. It crashed today 9% from peak to close.
  28. Notice that the peak of a mountain or.
  29. The cream is done when it holds a peak.
  30. For one, the thinking process is a peak.
  31. If you had climbed the peak but have no.
  32. The quality of your craft is at its peak.
  33. Jesus took me to a very high mountain peak.
  34. When flowers are in peak they always look.
  35. In Model 2, Peak Three is the lowest peak.
  36. She was at the peak of her age and lovely.
  37. Well, it is the highest peak in Vermont.
  38. On the 20th you enter a yearly social peak.
  39. On the 21st you begin a yearly career peak.
  40. Priest Ru Yuan on the top of the peak of Mt.
  41. On the 20th you enter a yearly career peak.
  42. He told of seeing a peak on the mountains.
  43. She was staring intently at the distant peak.
  44. This should bring peak earnings for the year.
  45. At the peak of the stadium, was the proudly.
  46. Elpidias peered up at the peak full of dread.
  47. You enter a yearly financial peak on the 22nd.
  48. And at the peak of ecstasy each felt she was.
  49. Above that stood the high peak of Mount Lensai.
  50. This caused me to be ready to reach a peak of.
  51. It was over a kilometer to the peak of the rim.
  52. That's the highest peak in my world, Ava said.
  53. You were in a yearly career peak until the 23rd.
  54. Sneak Peak : Encala (Book 3 of the Heku Series).
  55. The sixth peak: the loss of the real love object.
  56. We walked up the satellite peak and back down it.
  57. The peak unemployment rate in the 1930s was 25%.
  58. The Total Water required for PEAK STRENGTH is :.
  59. At the peak of the steps, there stood a slender.
  60. Read on for a sneak peak of The Shadow Reigns….
  61. The fifth peak: the loss of the ideal love object.
  62. The peak of the curve had become more noticeable.
  63. At the barn’s peak, he was able to stand again.
  64. You are still in your yearly love and social peak.
  65. Bending, she nipped a peak of skirt above her knee.
  66. Though Sue had reached the peak of ecstacy a few.
  67. It has nothing to do with peak sexual pleasure as.
  68. At this time of the year, the peak of winter, the.
  69. They become stunned as they peak around the corner.
  70. During my peak years, I had the tenacity of Marciano.
  71. On the 20th you enter a yearly love and social peak.
  72. That night we camped below another snow-covered peak.
  73. Oil, oil with pigments, we’ve already passed peak.
  74. I walked back down and up to the next satellite peak.
  75. The southern most peak was the highest peak in the.
  76. He or she enters a yearly financial peak on the 21st.
  77. They saw a mountain peak extending above their heads.
  78. Cunningham twirled more quickly the peak of his beard.
  79. I think that for Hugo that meal was a peak experience.
  80. It was autumn, and, as they say, the peak of foliage.
  81. In some cases it is a lifetime personal pleasure peak.
  82. You are still in the midst of a yearly financial peak.
  83. She was young, at her peak and was burning with desire.
  84. Its highest peak is Cerro Chirripó, 12, 230 feet high.
  85. Climax – is the peak point or highlight of the story.
  86. His experienced fingers quickly pushed her to her peak.
  87. It is untrue that there is peak sexual pleasure after.
  88. It is a 1500 meter rocky peak that from distance seems.
  89. When they reached the peak of their power they were so.
  90. On the 22nd you enter a yearly personal pleasure peak.
  91. On its highest peak snow yet unmelted was gleaming pale.
  92. The bird called the red cardinal has a peak on its head.
  93. By high noon the whole madness boiled to a terrible peak.
  94. You are still in the midst of your yearly career peak.
  95. At its peak, it had 280 aircraft on lease to 83 airlines.
  96. A few more hours passed and now my huger was at its peak.
  97. This avoids the plants growing during peak summer months.
  98. Ganesh was by Ravi’s side during the peak of his grief.
  99. Sophia was at the peak of her rebelliousness, against her.
  100. I climbed the main road, toward the big palace at the peak.
  1. I heard it’s peaking there, she smiled.
  2. Yeah, he said while peaking out the back window.
  3. Both her mom and dad walked in, with Courtney peaking in.
  4. Unfortunately, that consumption trend is far from peaking.
  5. I think it’s peaking over there, too! she replied.
  6. Notice that as natural gas prices were peaking (see Figure 12.
  7. Pete was peaking away at the computer keyboard as the officer.
  8. There’s a lot of peaking going on around here, he laughed.
  9. The boy’s testosterone levels were peaking without consciously knowing it.
  10. She crept up close to the opening and saw Nora’s familiar old face peaking in.
  11. They looked like sticks peaking out of the diaper – which was miles too big for her.
  12. She could have sworn she saw a yellow eye peaking through the tiny slit where the curtains met in the middle.
  13. The giant wolf accompanying the two women paced uneasily around them, its protective instincts peaking hyperactively.
  14. I sat myself on a small brick fence around the garden, and stared at the moss which was peaking through the cracks in the concrete.
  15. We had crossed the Litian River without incident in the night, but now the first rays of sunlight were peaking into the morning sky.
  16. Dispersion among forecasters in inflation surveys is a third candidate; it too has varied with inflation level, peaking in the 1970s.
  17. Grays? Not quite pet, not quite wild? Nuluv asked peaking with excitement, eagerly anticipating the opening of the mystery package.
  18. To assure your anonymity you hide near 1 of the large gaseous outer planets, just barely peaking around it so you can see what’s going on.
  19. As they drove off in search of maple syrup shortly before noon, Joseph pointed excitedly to the right, I think it’s peaking on that hill.
  20. It is ironic that when retail natural gas demand is peaking in the December to February time frame, futures prices often are near yearly lows.
  21. His enthusiasm was peaking and I had a feeling selling the shirt was going to be difficult for Louie because he seemed to be growing attached to it.
  22. First, when used as a fin for progression; Second, when used as a mace in battle; Third, in sweeping; Fourth, in lobtailing; Fifth, in peaking flukes.
  23. The ex ante real estate risk premium over the 10-year Treasury averaged 4% over 42 years, peaking at 8% in 1980 and troughing at 2% in 1984 and then again at 2.
  24. Excepting the sublime BREACH—somewhere else to be described—this peaking of the whale's flukes is perhaps the grandest sight to be seen in all animated nature.
  25. Why was it that when we viewed our memories it was always from an outside angle? As if you were peaking over the edge of a high wall into the garden of your own past.
  26. The Dow is now in its tenth year of consolidation after peaking in 1999; since that time the index has moved sideways with furious moves to both the upside and downside.
  27. From 1954 to 1963, much of America’s surplus grain was exported to poor countries under the USAID program, peaking at 17 million metric tons in the 1965-1966 growing season.
  28. Assets allocated to HFs grew quickly in the 2000s, peaking above $2 trillion in early 2008 and then falling by nearly half over a year of losses and redemptions, before rebounding again.
  29. She could see a few of what were presumably the gray tops of the very tall, elaborate headstones that belonged to the once wealthy and prominent peaking above the surface of the snow, but that was it.
  30. During their travels, they would be up close and personal with the Himalayan mountain range and even Mount Everest! Peaking above the other mountains, Mount Everest stood like a glistening silver triangle to their left.
  31. The orderly old wilderness would split for a huge slab of rock down whose face tumbled a falls, and here, in the light, on the sun-bleached rock, with the breaking water in his ears and the ozone of peaking vegetation in his nose, he was granted what he’d hoped for those first days after his arrival: he was no one, with no past and no future, nothing beyond the now and now and now of the white water surging into the clear.
  1. The stock price peaked at $32.
  2. This had peaked her curiosity.
  3. I pushed it slowly as I peaked in.
  4. The others looked similarly peaked.
  5. Their anger peaked when they heard it.
  6. He cautiously peaked around the shack.
  7. Those peaked breasts with tender pink.
  8. What? he asked, attention peaked.
  9. They stopped by a big, peaked troop tent.
  10. By now, the booze in my system had peaked.
  11. I knew her blood pressure had peaked again.
  12. Gary studied her eyes; his attention peaked.
  13. The pain peaked, as her passion had peaked.
  14. Her eyes drooped and her cheeks were peaked.
  15. The death rate in the gulags peaked in 1942-3.
  16. New Trader showed up just as the sun peaked out.
  17. He set off, scared and peaked, to help his wife.
  18. The silver ball peaked in its flight and stopped.
  19. The stock peaked at $25 and change (see Figure 4.
  20. A wave peaked up and he turned and paddled for it.
  21. I took a few steps back and peaked around the corner.
  22. As best he could, he snuck to the door and peaked out.
  23. As expected, the crowd peaked during the Doberman set.
  24. Government spending peaked just under 53% of GDP in 1945.
  25. The price rose so rapidly and peaked with the bear harami.
  26. Corporation’s accounting earnings per share peaked at $2.
  27. Its average daily inmate population peaked in 2003 at 14,533.
  28. He peaked out, shading his eyes from the blinding afternoon sun.
  29. Danny imagined Alsatians in black trousers, jackets and peaked.
  30. In early February, the Aam Aadmi Party’s popularity had peaked.
  31. Questioning? June’s confusion peaked to the point of anger.
  32. A tiny bit of tight curly gray hair peaked out from under his hat.
  33. Though that was not uncommon, it peaked his interest none the less.
  34. He heaves his booty, tugs askew his peaked cap and hobbles off mutely.
  35. Nooo! she screamed as the terror peaked, and then all grew quiet.
  36. She peaked just to make sure and found Victor standing behind the tree.
  37. The visitor was dressed in a light green tunic and a black, peaked cap.
  38. The stock price peaked on July 1999 at $40 per share but dropped to $16.
  39. As she peaked through the slots, she could see a festival like atmosphere.
  40. The sun’s pink rays peaked over the mountain and I dialed Tim’s mobile.
  41. Activity peaked in the '40s when the dollar volume ran $350 million a year.
  42. You’re already peaked, he said, pressing my cheeks with his thumbs.
  43. He was dressed as the other two men, in camouflage fatigues, with a peaked.
  44. Unemployment continued to rise through the middle of 1992 when it peaked at 7.
  45. To wit, the overall HF AUM peaked in 2007, just before HFs’ worst year ever.
  46. Worse, it was steeply inverted when inflation expectations peaked in 1980–1981.
  47. Rosalie Bradford (USA, 1943–2006) peaked at 544 kg (1,200 lb; 85 st) in January 1987.
  48. Hurrians, who peaked about 1500 BC as the kingdom of Mitanni on the upper Euphrates that.
  49. They wear a peaked cap on their heads the exact shape as the beak of the red cardinal bird.
  50. The clinic was a large single room wooden structure with window skylights in the peaked roof.
  51. Bezos personified the new economy theme of the stock market bubble that peaked in March 2000.
  52. The share of prime-age savers in the population peaked in Japan in the late 1980s and in the U.
  53. How is this? Where am I? he muttered, not removing his coat nor his peaked sealskin cap.
  54. He peaked as best he could around the bend and saw several Leaf Monsters working on something.
  55. Pushing the door forward a bit, she peaked through to see a large, empty space with no windows.
  56. He was quite grey---from his cloak and his peaked cap to his dingy beard and pallid complexion.
  57. This person was a gray-bearded old man in a woman’s cloak, with a tall peaked cap on his head.
  58. And when you do that, you can see that the VIX peaked in relative popularity around November 2007.
  59. Liu set his empty teacup back on the saucer and slid to the front of his chair, his attention peaked.
  60. Yet he was much too much scared of broaching any man, let alone one in a peaked cap, to dare to ask.
  61. Mid-morning on 7 April 2009 Jim notices that the USD/CAD spot price has peaked twice just above the 1.
  62. It peaked in 1955, 1966, and 2006 and troughed in 1982—not coincidentally near the peak of inflation.
  63. The Viking let her go just as the force of the pull peaked, and she tumbled into the snow with a grunt.
  64. BRPs trended higher during the 1970s, peaked between 1979 and 1985, and then trended lower for 20 years.
  65. He passed a quaint old synagogue on Freiheit street, a bright Star of David rising above its peaked roof.
  66. Is it my sudden wealth in titles that has peaked your interest in me, my lord prince? she whispered.
  67. Now there was only the gray light from the window up near the ceiling, which made him look a little peaked.
  68. The market-cap-to-profits ratio (a variant of the P/E ratio) troughed at 4 in 1978 and peaked at 20 in 2000.
  69. Oak's interest peaked all the more and he gave an encouraging nod of agreement, hoping Denver would understand.
  70. His adrenaline had peaked and no matter how she fought and struggled her own strength betrayed her as it ebbed.
  71. The sun peaked over the top of the mountain behind Lovern and his hair glistened with the red gold of its light.
  72. My sense about radars tells me that the processor will be peaked out at a much lower cost than most other items.
  73. Their style evolved dramatically until they became pagodas with many balconies projected sides and peaked roofs.
  74. Colling could see that the trim on their peaked caps was red, indicating they were probably Red Army, and not NKVD.
  75. South Africa’s production peaked in the 1970s, but now the country produces just half as much as it did back then.
  76. The whole thing was capped off with a high peaked roof that was shingled in gray tiles, like something out of a movie.
  77. He slid into the left-hand seat, and pulled an old, rather greasy, RAF peaked cap from the pocket of his combat fatigues.
  78. Constantly looking around him he lightly traversed the same ground as the Citans, his ears peaked and ready for any sound.
  79. The traffickers’ social life therefore peaked, not Saturdays or Sundays, but on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when work was done.
  80. By 2008, however, the price levels began declining in the DJIA even as the transportation index peaked toward the end of 2008.
  81. For now, suffice it to say that the crisis was born of the worldwide housing bubble, which peaked in the United States in 2005.
  82. Giving her two aspirin, her grandmother said she looked peaked before issuing orders Jesse was more than willing to comply with.
  83. Walter Thompson to further my career at a higher level, not as somebody whose career peaked out after seven years in the business.
  84. Gold last peaked in 1980 at $850 per ounce, which, when adjusted for inflation, is the equivalent of $2,189 per ounce in 2009 dollars.
  85. He jerked short before the convent of the sisters of charity and held out a peaked cap for alms towards the very reverend John Conmee S.
  86. The only costume she really needed was a broom, but she had made a peaked black hat and a black alpaca wrap-around to carry the part off.
  87. Grey peaked cap on the back of his head, grey crumpled uniform over grey crumpled shirt, braided epaulettes, dusty, scuffed leather boots.
  88. No other signs or advertisements gave a clue as to what was inside but it looked like somewhere interesting and my curiosity peaked again.
  89. After lumber peaked and seemed to loose momentum, I wrote a naked strangle using the 400 calls and the 330 puts, approximately 130 days out.
  90. All at once the outstretched arm gave a peculiar motion and then remained fixed, while the boat's five oars were seen simultaneously peaked.
  91. I had a good life in California, pretty Victorian home with a peaked roof, a good marriage, a promising writing career, in-laws who loved me.
  92. This logic reinforces the view that the inflation-induced BRP peaked around 1980 and was much lower both 20 years earlier and 20 years later.
  93. The riders were typical hillmen, lean and hawk-faced; peaked steel caps were on their heads and chain-mail glinted under their flowing kaftans.
  94. The ex ante ERPB fell below 1% at the turn of the millennium when the tech boom peaked, and rose above 4% in 2003 and even higher in late 2008.
  95. Blood flow to the brain was crucial in maintaining consciousness in this turn…he grunted and groaned as the gees peaked out and then subsided.
  96. It had become increasingly clear to Jacob that the only way was up, for the artists who peaked for the hundred years from the late nineteenth century.
  97. I do the same thing as when I set my stops – look to around 20% (as opposed to 10% for losses), and then tweak it to where the share has peaked before.
  98. It proceeded to climb and peaked at #18, but has since slipped some, not really a surprise, though it did linger for a good time at #1 in Science Fiction.
  99. The composite series troughed in 1981, exactly when a successful market-timer should have bought, and peaked in 2000, when the market-timer should have sold.
  100. Perhaps that is the likeness of a mandarin—bulbous nose, hanging cheeks, moustaches drooping like plumes, a peaked head, knotty hands—a regular deformity.
  1. From the peaks of the.
  2. Hot Spot where it peaks.
  3. The peaks of glory to attain.
  4. The peaks were not spectacular.
  5. The mighty peaks of the Bernese.
  6. I estimated the twin peaks to be.
  7. The highest peaks were snow covered.
  8. The velocity peaks and he launches.
  9. Whip egg whites until they form peaks.
  10. There are still higher peaks to conquer.
  11. Three Peaks and a Domed House, 39.
  12. Ye crags and peaks I'm with you once again.
  13. Meanwhile, beat egg whites to stiff peaks.
  14. This is the Three Peaks example in Figure 6.
  15. Its eastern peaks rise to over 8860 feet; Mt.
  16. Upper Street, two lurid green peaks above the.
  17. For one instant I could see their lofty peaks.
  18. Although the walls of the mountain peaks were.
  19. The sun had risen over the white Himelian peaks.
  20. They sit on the roof peaks shoulder to shoulder.
  21. Majestic mountain peaks loomed far to the north.
  22. Wallis Norton, Norton House, Peaks Hill, Purley.
  23. The snowpack is already heavy on the high peaks.
  24. Behind them higher peaks could just be discerned.
  25. Beat egg whites until soft peaks begin to form.
  26. Blue snow-capped peaks riding walls of jagged rock.
  27. But the pitch-dark mountain peaks emitted no sound.
  28. All around it are the endless peaks of the Rockies.
  29. As I walked, I didn’t think of those snowy peaks.
  30. Mountain peaks ran in all directions, the highest.
  31. Beyond those peaks the range bends round south-west.
  32. Land of the ocean shores! land of sierras and peaks!.
  33. Peaks and valleys and forests and towns into infinity.
  34. A set of peaks (3) that is observed with an onset of.
  35. Pia Peaks, Linda Lovejoy, Debby Dazzle, I love you all.
  36. The scanners no longer recorded suspicious energy peaks.
  37. The sun lit up the sky behind the peaks of the Cordillera.
  38. Dawn was still white on the peaks when Conan rode westward.
  39. As the sun sank behind the mountain peaks it immediately.
  40. There was nothing but black water and its white peaks below.
  41. We had come to stop in a saddle between two satellite peaks.
  42. The plague peaks every year, without fail, during the summer.
  43. On the 22nd you enter another one of your yearly career peaks.
  44. He likening sides and peaks of mountains, forests coated with.
  45. One of the mountain peaks was completely bare of snow and ice.
  46. In another bowl beat in chilled whipping cream to stiff peaks.
  47. The hills, including the rocky peaks, were covered with an ade-.
  48. At last the Maegar reached a meadow enclosed by a group of peaks.
  49. The sun was just stretching its rays above the peaks to the east.
  50. Twin Peaks II, he liked to call the town of under three thousand.
  51. Then as I turned my gaze back to the distant twin peaks, a third.
  52. Flowing over the mountain peaks like a watercolor stain spreading.
  53. Mountains, pyramids, and their peaks and capstones symbolize and.
  54. You are in the midst of one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks.
  55. Hadaen gazed to his north at the snowy-capped peaks of Mount Lensai.
  56. Beat the egg whites with the cream of tartar until soft peaks form.
  57. We can even see the destination in the peaks of the mountain in the.
  58. The morning sun rose above the peaks of Huashan when they found the.
  59. Already, the coming winter had dusted many mountain peaks with snow.
  60. There is more joy in remembering peaks conquered than worrying about.
  61. There are plenty of valleys and even more peaks that you roll through.
  62. Everest among their first ten peaks to conquer – it will be too much.
  63. Also, notice that the stars (light, truth) are above the peaks of the.
  64. There were two other price peaks that came close to the upper boundary.
  65. The mountains in the distance seemed soft and undulating with red peaks.
  66. With an electric mixer, beat the egg whites until soft peaks form, then.
  67. One Year Later: A Follow-Up of the Three Peaks and Domed House, 40.
  68. Add sugar, salt and vanilla; beat until stiff peaks form and turn glossy.
  69. Well with it being a gift shop, it comes in peaks, but at its busiest.
  70. Beyond that in all directions were high peaks that we couldn't see beyond.
  71. As the truck pressed on, the valley walls climbed higher toward the peaks.
  72. Through the night, until the mountain peaks begged for the dawn, we talked.
  73. She looked ahead once again as a cluster of mountain peaks came into view.
  74. He was utterly focused upon the twin peaks and I could see the tension of.
  75. The bolt seemed to have struck between two high peaks at the base of what.
  76. You are still in the midst of one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks.
  77. For this row of fire had suddenly appeared in these desolate mountain peaks.
  78. Whisk the egg whites till soft peaks form and fold it into the milk mixture.
  79. Continue beating until soft peaks form and candy starts to lose its gloss.
  80. You are still in one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks until the 22nd.
  81. The reclusive giants that called these high peaks home would soon be no more.
  82. He saw that he was climbing thru a pass between some fairly impressive peaks.
  83. Chances of developing a hemorrhoid increases with age and peaks between 45-65.
  84. Many years of data help you to understand the peaks and valleys of a strategy.
  85. Beyond the plains were mountains with snowcapped peaks that clipped the clouds.
  86. Before him the jagged peaks of the Sierra came out all black in the clear dawn.
  87. Marjorie peaks at it a bit and then recoils, her stomach flipping and growling.
  88. Having no other options, we steadily keep climbing these small peaks and crags.
  89. The land to the far north was very cold and the mountain peaks had snow on them.
  90. Last month on the 20th you entered one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks.
  91. Last month, on the 20th, you entered one of your yearly love and social peaks.
  92. Four pair of eyes gave rise to surprise, chill and saw on the tall peaks, there.
  93. However, at 14,000 meters I saw blackish peaks rising in the midst of the waters.
  94. In the distance, the Alps towered overhead, the highest peaks still snow covered.
  95. Soft, ivory breasts caressed with the pink-hued peaks hardening as she used his.
  96. Putting them together evens out the peaks and valleys into a steady upward trend.
  97. The red sun was high over the mountain tops, bathing the white peaks in a rosy hue.
  98. At the left of this high range rose three peaks; the tallest and nearest stood up.
  99. He reached peaks that he never knew he was capable of; she was one hell of a woman.
  100. That one’s Mount Leiden advised Jasper, pointing to the tallest of the peaks.

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