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    1. peak? Are they energy zombies limping through life with that bent over

    2. Do you know the story of Haques, the greatest hunter of all? In the peak of hunting season, Haques would kill more animals each day than the village could eat

    3. That's the highest peak in my world," Ava said

    4. From here I can see the village lying snugly in its valley bounded by hills on all sides, the largest lying to the south – Crook Peak with it’s knob of rock on the top

    5. ‘The lightning is amazing when it strikes Crook Peak, spectacular!

    6. " I can feel Sabrina's anxiety peak again as the sound of her fingers nervously flip through the pages, "Well, it was because I never really left

    7. In spite of the fact that much of this planet's air is much thicker than on Earth, there are other places where it is much thinner and this society maintained telescopes that one needed to climb in pressurized tunnels to visit, so they had a better view of space than anyone had from Earth before space travel, the Kassikan received data from multiple observatories two miles or more above the peak of Mount Everest

    8. As the dragon had reached the peak before going into its dive, the

    9. Alderfolk Pottypears had reached the peak of the hill and was

    10. same pitch the 2 other balls had reached a peak and were on the

    11. bike stopped at the peak and waited for the see-saw to lower

    12. It seems that five years ago, in your state of Oregon, the burning and fighting was at its peak

    13. Establish the energetic imprint of peak physical health and immune building so that viruses simply won‘t gain entry

    14. 'We can't come in the summer vacation, that's peak sales

    15. He too roared loudly when he reached his peak, causing her to purr and nuzzle his chest

    16. And she too felt that strong bond; this time there were tears in her eyes as she reached her peak

    17. obstacle from Terry's now undoubted ascent to the peak of

    18. I confess, I did not resist, for I loved every second and I still remember my shivers, my wild heartbeat, his touch, his kiss, the red fiery sun peeping over the mountain peak, the birds chirping and flying around us, everything

    19. By midday they stood on the peak

    20. Meanwhile, Jamila was standing atop the tallest peak of the asteroid, all alone

    21. up to Pike’s Peak

    22. On the peak of the point of bedrock there was a ring of cargo canal with a bridge to Eleventh where the clothing barges had an easier access to the market

    23. This culminated in two planet-wide empires centered on Dempala, a vast city that grew to six hundred miles in extent at it’s peak

    24. Few others even knew about the existence of the circle, for it’s members were high on the peak of the Kassikan and did not seek publicity

    25. That pyramid's apex was bejeweled with photonic crystals, more on the peak of that pyramid than in Alan's whole city

    26. once more – this time with the added interest of peak

    27. About the last to condense out was the water vapor, and there was plenty of that, so the chimneys had big balloon condensers at the peak looking like a child's drawing of the smoke puffing off the volcano

    28. necessity in peak hour traffic – and that all the bloody

    29. , her time with Alan had been shorter than when her affection for Lesahr was at it peak

    30. Nevertheless, at peak times

    31. He stood on the highest peak

    32. simpler - as a peak of stupidity

    33. The sun had reached its peak and was now approaching the afternoon

    34. when they reach peak energy levels; that way they leave the office

    35. From the main section of the keep came two smaller wings, and from the flat peak did the roof slant into them

    36. After an uphill trek of about two miles I came to a peak of solid rock

    37. Listening closely, they popped the door and took a peak around before gesturing to Sebastian and Russell, who moved in, silent as cats

    38. The sun was at its highest peak when we entered the village where Zacharias and Elizabeth lived

    39. Whenever they were not busy with their duties around the settlement, he ran training exercises to keep them at peak ability

    40. Me Elijah and Johnny Grundy were stood together we had known Johnny since joining up he was a small dynamo of a man with dark hair that met in a widows peak and hard brown eyes he had a scar that traced a line from the corner of his eye to the corner of his lip

    41. Only telemetry told him that the deceleration effect was now encompassing almost the entire moon, the peak differential was currently 250 to 1

    42. Within an hour of the first observation, it became clear that she was flying the English ensign flag from her peak, but she looked so American that

    43. The Power was a rising sun over a mountain top that filled you with its warmth when it rose above the peak

    44. He told of seeing a peak on the mountains

    45. and in the sky above the peak, a perfect reflection of the peak

    46. Tanriel still hovered at the peak of the clouds, and dozens of red spears flew from her hands to punch through vampire flesh, setting them to flames

    47. ship, Shenandoah, steamed up the Mercy River in a thick fog with the Confederate flag at her peak and was anchored close to

    48. thousand acres; this represented less than half the landholdings of the Acushnet Saw Mills at its peak

    49. Nature was at her peak, blending the wild blooms with various shades of green

    50. dispensators had failed just at the point of peak acceleration

    1. He peaked out, shading his eyes from the blinding afternoon sun

    2. in green overalls and a third in a peaked cap

    3. No other signs or advertisements gave a clue as to what was inside but it looked like somewhere interesting and my curiosity peaked again

    4. Grey peaked cap on the back of his head, grey crumpled uniform over grey crumpled shirt, braided epaulettes, dusty, scuffed leather boots

    5. with a peaked roof that covered about forty horses’

    6. Danny imagined Alsatians in black trousers, jackets and peaked

    7. a wink, he pulled off his little peaked red cap, smiled the broadest

    8. I knew her blood pressure had peaked again

    9. The traffickers’ social life therefore peaked, not Saturdays or Sundays, but on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when work was done

    10. This had peaked her curiosity

    11. Rocky would become isolated, with only volunteer State Emergency Services and police personnel continuing to evacuate locals to higher ground as the river peaked

    12. Blood flow to the brain was crucial in maintaining consciousness in this turn…he grunted and groaned as the gees peaked out and then subsided

    13. Colling could see that the trim on their peaked caps was red, indicating they were probably Red Army, and not NKVD

    14. our senses as young stags will try their horns on trees; no one will win, young points grow peaked, roots weak, by this symbolic trial

    15. A wave peaked up and he turned and paddled for it

    16. As expected, the crowd peaked during the Doberman set

    17. they peaked at the ultimate hardness

    18. Government spending peaked just under 53% of GDP in 1945

    19. Giving her two aspirin, her grandmother said she looked peaked before issuing orders Jesse was more than willing to comply with

    20. Pushing the door forward a bit, she peaked through to see a large, empty space with no windows

    21. The view moved in closer, centering on a large peaked roof woven of palm fronds and supported by tall bamboo poles, with carpets and furniture placed on the sand beneath it

    22. Walter Thompson to further my career at a higher level, not as somebody whose career peaked out after seven years in the business

    23. He cautiously peaked around the shack

    24. Their anger peaked when they heard it

    25. clump had a density that peaked in the centre and fell off toward the edges

    26. I pushed it slowly as I peaked in

    27. The sun peaked over the top of the mountain behind Lovern and his hair glistened with the red gold of its light

    28. The sun’s pink rays peaked over the mountain and I dialed Tim’s mobile

    29. "So, I’m on my own," Zoe muttered as she picked up the blades of grass that peaked out from the edges of her coat

    30. I took a few steps back and peaked around the corner

    31. Those peaked breasts with tender pink

    32. It proceeded to climb and peaked at #18, but has since slipped some, not really a surprise, though it did linger for a good time at #1 in Science Fiction

    33. She peaked just to make sure and found Victor standing behind the tree

    34. “Questioning?” June’s confusion peaked to the point of anger

    35. The riders were typical hillmen, lean and hawk-faced; peaked steel caps were on their heads and chain-mail glinted under their flowing kaftans

    36. He sat his horse among a cluster of his men—thick-bodied Shemites with curled blue-black beards and hooked noses; the low-swinging sun struck glints from their peaked helmets and the silvered scales of their corselets

    37. He had a thick scarf wound around his neck, which with his heavy spectacles, and peaked cap, almost hid his face…must have a bad cold or perhaps flu…better keep the partition closed!…

    38. The visitor was dressed in a light green tunic and a black, peaked cap

    39. Activity peaked in the '40s when the dollar volume ran $350 million a year

    40. He peaked as best he could around the bend and saw several Leaf Monsters working on something

    41. Once the drastic reduction in the domesticated human population had taken place, anticipated to be mostly complete within the first few months after the initiation of EADUN, it was hoped that reforestation and cleaner seas would optimise the natural capture of carbon and, in combination with the various geoengineering projects that had already been running for many decades, it was anticipated that global warming would have slowed and peaked out by the end of the twenty-first century

    42. By now, the booze in my system had peaked

    43. Her eyes drooped and her cheeks were peaked

    44. A tiny bit of tight curly gray hair peaked out from under his hat

    45. “What?” he asked, attention peaked

    46. “We won’t need those,” he groaned, dipping his head to kiss her as he moved a hand to her breast, squeezing and circling the pad of his thumb over her peaked nipple through the thin fabric of her shirt

    47. Gary studied her eyes; his attention peaked

    48. artefact and that seems to have peaked his interest, I

    49. Liu set his empty teacup back on the saucer and slid to the front of his chair, his attention peaked

    50. My sense about radars tells me that the processor will be peaked out at a much lower cost than most other items

    1. They looked like sticks peaking out of the diaper – which was miles too big for her

    2. She could have sworn she saw a yellow eye peaking through the tiny slit where the curtains met in the middle

    3. I sat myself on a small brick fence around the garden, and stared at the moss which was peaking through the cracks in the concrete

    4. “Yeah,” he said while peaking out the back window

    5. To assure your anonymity you hide near 1 of the large gaseous outer planets, just barely peaking around it so you can see what’s going on

    6. The boy’s testosterone levels were peaking without consciously knowing it

    7. Pete was peaking away at the computer keyboard as the officer

    8. debt as interest rates were peaking which may have raised the cost of capital

    9. Unfortunately, that consumption trend is far from peaking

    10. His enthusiasm was peaking and I had a feeling selling the shirt was going to be difficult for Louie because he seemed to be growing attached to it

    11. transactions peaking at $27

    12. During their travels, they would be up close and personal with the Himalayan mountain range and even Mount Everest! Peaking above the other mountains, Mount Everest stood like a glistening silver triangle to their left

    13. She crept up close to the opening and saw Nora’s familiar old face peaking in

    14. “Grays? Not quite pet, not quite wild?” Nuluv asked peaking with excitement, eagerly anticipating the opening of the mystery package

    15. The giant wolf accompanying the two women paced uneasily around them, its protective instincts peaking hyperactively

    16. Why was it that when we viewed our memories it was always from an outside angle? As if you were peaking over the edge of a high wall into the garden of your own past

    17. Both her mom and dad walked in, with Courtney peaking in

    18. As they drove off in search of maple syrup shortly before noon, Joseph pointed excitedly to the right, “I think it’s peaking on that hill

    19. “I think it’s peaking over there, too!” she replied

    20. “There’s a lot of peaking going on around here,” he laughed

    21. “I heard it’s peaking there,” she smiled

    22. We had crossed the Litian River without incident in the night, but now the first rays of sunlight were peaking into the morning sky

    23. The orderly old wilderness would split for a huge slab of rock down whose face tumbled a falls, and here, in the light, on the sun-bleached rock, with the breaking water in his ears and the ozone of peaking vegetation in his nose, he was granted what he’d hoped for those first days after his arrival: he was no one, with no past and no future, nothing beyond the now and now and now of the white water surging into the clear

    24. She could see a few of what were presumably the gray tops of the very tall, elaborate headstones that belonged to the once wealthy and prominent peaking above the surface of the snow, but that was it

    25. The Dow is now in its tenth year of consolidation after peaking in 1999; since that time the index has moved sideways with furious moves to both the upside and downside

    26. methadone withdrawal typically begins 36–72 h after last use, peaking in 4–7

    27. 1), peaking at the forward rate between 2 and 3 years

    28. The ex ante real estate risk premium over the 10-year Treasury averaged 4% over 42 years, peaking at 8% in 1980 and troughing at 2% in 1984 and then again at 2

    29. Assets allocated to HFs grew quickly in the 2000s, peaking above $2 trillion in early 2008 and then falling by nearly half over a year of losses and redemptions, before rebounding again

    30. Dispersion among forecasters in inflation surveys is a third candidate; it too has varied with inflation level, peaking in the 1970s

    31. ) The global market cap rose steadily from $30 trillion at end-2003, crossing $50 trillion at end-2006, and peaking at $62 trillion in October 2007

    32. Notice that as natural gas prices were peaking (see Figure 12

    33. It is ironic that when retail natural gas demand is peaking in the December to February time frame, futures prices often are near yearly lows

    34. From 1954 to 1963, much of America’s surplus grain was exported to poor countries under the USAID program, peaking at 17 million metric tons in the 1965-1966 growing season

    35. First, when used as a fin for progression; Second, when used as a mace in battle; Third, in sweeping; Fourth, in lobtailing; Fifth, in peaking flukes

    36. Excepting the sublime BREACH—somewhere else to be described—this peaking of the whale's flukes is perhaps the grandest sight to be seen in all animated nature

    1. I can still see the picture in my mind of sitting on the shore of that little pond, eating breakfast and looking up at those peaks watching over it from all sides

    2. The builder of boats peaks his cap, stays his hand,

    3. A sprinkling of intricately decorated blue and white houses and chapels that seemed to graze upon the saddle between the peaks of two mountains was laid out before us

    4. The land to the far north was very cold and the mountain peaks had snow on them

    5. He reached peaks that he never knew he was capable of; she was one hell of a woman

    6. Majestic mountain peaks loomed far to the north

    7. Blue snow-capped peaks riding walls of jagged rock

    8. Sometimes he saw other peaks to his right, much closer and milder, covered with soaring trees

    9. He saw that he was climbing thru a pass between some fairly impressive peaks

    10. There were probably five or more hours of light left, the local sun was still several diameters above the peaks to the west and they were steep

    11. Peaks and valleys and forests and towns into infinity

    12. had translated into snow on the peaks, and they glistened

    13. Covered in rainforest and volcanic peaks, banyan trees and tropical blooms are everywhere, and waterfal s cascade into local rivers

    14. the eyes – dominating the higher peaks surrounding it

    15. a hanging valley, with snow-clad peaks soaring above

    16. fact, snow-clad peaks surrounded us on all sides

    17. There was nothing but black water and its white peaks below

    18. The mighty peaks of the Bernese

    19. Ahead of them, the Gorian Mountain loomed, its snowy peaks hidden by a dense layer of smoke

    20. coated peaks marching along the southern horizon as we

    21. visions of sparkling waters reflecting majestic peaks and

    22. out the window at the distant, looming peaks of the

    23. and gazed thoughtfully out at the misty peaks of the

    24. were in a wild and terrible country, with high peaks on all

    25. imagined existed – many of the peaks glistening with

    26. and was gazing upon the line of high peaks floating above

    27. the surrounding peaks were still cloaked in a generous

    28. at the sparkling peaks, began a slow ascent of the valley

    29. shrouding the peaks, he said a silent prayer of thanks to

    30. They stopped in many kinds of wilds, hilly jungle and shaftwood covered peaks a lot like Wescarp, neat farmland and small inns, open prairie like the wilds along the Lhar

    31. from the peaks of the mountains already whiten

    32. Chris was heading for a valley, between two of the larger peaks, which appeared to head in their direction

    33. Other valleys led off to cut between smaller peaks but the party kept bearing left so that they would be heading north as soon as possible

    34. very muted pair of peaks on the Polish church at the far end of Devonia Road, the one with an

    35. Upper Street, two lurid green peaks above the

    36. They soon found themselves in the shadow of the peaks and then onto the escarpment they had scaled the day before

    37. Remove from heat and beat with an electric mixer until stiff peaks form, 10 to 12 minutes

    38. Meanwhile, beat egg whites to stiff peaks

    39. Beat frosting mix, corn syrup, vanilla, and boiling water in a mixing bowl until stiff peaks form, about 5 minutes

    40. Continue beating until soft peaks form and candy starts to lose its gloss

    41. Sprinkle in the gelatin powder, and continue whipping until peaks form when the beaters are turned off and lifted

    42. Beat egg whites until soft peaks begin to form

    43. Add sugar, salt and vanilla; beat until stiff peaks form and turn glossy

    44. A rolling line of clouds chased the moon above the mountain peaks, spilling a heavy drizzle in its passage

    45. 2 million acre sanctuary enhanced with high peaks, a volcanic tableland, rivers and lakes of crystalline waters, boisterous and thundering waterfalls, basins of erupting geysers, hot springs, fumaroles and sulfuric mudpots that smell like rotten eggs, luxuriant valleys, spectacular scenery of flora and fauna… and all that, in a huge ensemble of panoramic vistas and, at times, truly dazzling landscapes

    46. with twelve of the highest peaks in North America

    47. Within seconds he was already steadily climbing up the steep winding path that would take him between the two dominant mountain peaks, and afterwards probably on a shallow descend to the Land of God

    48. He had reached the neck between the two peaks, and he could now see a wide stretch of plain-like ground extending before him

    49. The afternoon sun shone weakly between mountain peaks: the harbor would be in darkness before the barge was secured in its berth

    50. The next morning, the clouds had cleared, revealing the highest point of Franz Josef Glacier between the mountain peaks

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