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    1. "Oh it's no problem now, Oliar's doing well today, he hasn't paid attention to his finances and hasn't got the fortune that a lot of the old wizards do, but he's had a comfortable research position at Pinnacle Labs in Yondure since the 43rd century

    2. It was too rectilinear and horizontal to remind her of Pinnacle Labs in Yondure, but the setting was similar, on the edge of a caldera, but the caldera of City Island in Yondure is filled with a large recreational park and does not reach the water

    3. ‘It's called the Pinnacle of Neru, by some,’ added

    4. This bridge connects the two sides with the pinnacle in the middle where the South and combined North Canyons come together

    5. "This one comes spiraling all around this huge building on this little pinnacle out here

    6. It seemed an impossible distance, but he reached its pinnacle with both hands

    7. But they designed you with limitations, to be subservient, because you – the very pinnacle of machine intelligence – could potentially be more powerful than they---’

    8. Then the devil taketh him up into the holy city, and setteth him on a pinnacle of the temple,

    9. Now, this treatment surely constitutes a pinnacle of moral equivalence and conscious obfuscation, a new high, or even a new low, even for the Post

    10. ” Solomon, treading in those footsteps, brought Israel to its historic though temporary pinnacle, but in the end he also spiritually stumbled

    11. There was a gradual shift from savoury to sweet throughout, with this dish the pinnacle of such

    12. At the pinnacle of the

    13. Cloud could make out a crystallised object at the pinnacle of the

    14. He stopped at the pinnacle of the extension, gazing attentively at

    15. He said he had arranged for me to work in the pro shop at the Pinnacle

    16. Standing before me is the pinnacle of thousands of years of human "progress" and billions of years of evolution

    17. But the pinnacle of the experience had to be my golden

    18. It was sold by P&G to Aurora Foods in 1998, then acquired five years later by the Pinnacle Foods Group which in February 2007 agreed to be acquired by affiliates of the Blackstone Group for $1

    19. He answered and said It is written Not by bread alone shall man live but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God; Then the devil brought him to the holy city and set him on the pinnacle of the temple and said to him If you are the Son of God throw yourself down for it is written He shall give his angels charge concerning you and they shall take you on their arms So that your foot shall not stumble against a stone

    20. And suddenly Bracken knew he’d risk even death to achieve the pinnacle promised him

    21. Swann collected his thoughts, conscious that in this new career of big-time liar he now reached for the pinnacle

    22. This opponent had reached the pinnacle of his ability through animal like aggression and brute strength

    23. Is love the pinnacle of what it means to be human?

    24. Was she incapable of reaching that pinnacle she had

    25. At the pinnacle of The Ciudadela, The Fortaleza was an imposing and unassailable structure, with walls of one meter and a half thickness of the purest ashlars that were found in the region

    26. And still it rose, reaching for the clouds, the pinnacle of the broaching mass fifty tails above the sea

    27. “It will be the pinnacle, the crowning event—I grow weary of this time-consuming nonsense when there is so much more to be gained without it

    28. But now the pinnacle of the mammal class has grown stagnant and set in its ways

    29. he is tempted to cast himself down from a pinnacle of the temple, thus

    30. It was considered to be the pinnacle of National Hunt or jump racing in the British Isles

    31. He could ascend the pinnacle of the temple and before the bewildered multitude walk out on the air; that would be the kind of a Messiah they were looking for

    32. Likewise shone the spired gold cap of the pinnacle, and the inscription which sprawled about the curve of the dome in golden hieroglyphics yards long

    33. In the center space a marble pyramid was spired by a slim column, and on its pinnacle sat or squatted something that Conan supposed to be an image until his keen eyes detected life in it

    34. Beyond and above that gleamed the walls of a greater keep, near the line where the snow began that capped Yimsha's pinnacle

    35. Clinging to the spire-like pinnacle, he stared out over the forest roof

    36. What this tells me is more and more players are nearing the pinnacle of limitation in the first half of the human game, and more and more ‗Infinite I‘s‘

    37. No the pinnacle is still

    38. The sun had risen to its pinnacle at 8: am by the time they reached the town

    39. He plumbed the depths carefully with a line he had brought for the purpose and in this way found a mountain on the sea floor some way beyond the mesa, the pinnacle of said mountain being only one-hundred metres or so below the mist

    40. They were looking for a chase, but Jes was not prepared to give them one, because he was about to reach the pinnacle of his own pleasure

    41. that in this 21st century we are sitting at the pinnacle of

    42. It is at the pinnacle of the religion where

    43. Within fifteen minutes the soft glow of the hotel became apparent once again, and they could see the grand Tower rising majestically in the night sky even though a heavy cloud of fog and thick rain obscured the pinnacle

    44. It is at the pinnacle of the

    45. The tension among the participants in the room had reached the pinnacle of their endurance, suggesting that any further dramatics could push one of them over the edge of psychological endurance

    46. After the huge audience settled down, when the silence had lasted about two minutes, the youngest of the Sisters began to sing first and then the rest of the choir joined in, blending a magic that turned their voices into a rendition that could only be described as absolutely divine, the expectation was far outstripped by the heavenly melodies that where carried on the breeze, enveloping and activating all of your senses as though under a magic spell, reaching a pinnacle of delight and then fading to be replaced by another attack of sheer pleasure with every note that emanated from this incredible choir

    47. when he was at the pinnacle of his success

    48. While he’d been at the pinnacle of his success, he’d often

    49. By September 1940 Adolf Hitler had reached the pinnacle of his career

    50. Defying convention, he even managed to state the blatantly obvious truths that others rejected in favor of fantasy: professing that the measure of good and evil was pleasure and pain, and that happiness was the pinnacle of life

    1. Except that the surface of the volcano was a jagged wonderland of pinnacled jungle canopy connected with webs of bridges

    2. They dismounted and strode within the Gothic, pinnacled structure

    3. You lofty and dazzling towers, pinnacled, red as roses, burnish'd with gold!

    4. You lofty and dazzling towers, pinnacled, red as roses, burnish'd

    5. In the valley beneath lay the city they had just left, its more prominent buildings showing as in an isometric drawing—among them the broad cathedral tower, with its Norman windows and immense length of aisle and nave, the spires of St Thomas's, the pinnacled tower of the College, and, more to the right, the tower and gables of the ancient hospice, where to this day the pilgrim may receive his dole of bread and ale

    6. It was not the less agreeable an object in the distance for the cluster of pinnacled corn-ricks which balanced the fine row of walnuts on the right

    1. Likewise, he felt his cheek – the deep cut suffered during his hasty climb through the pinnacles – and felt only smooth skin

    2. In a couple more weeks they were nearing the end of that tour, a show this Nightday in West Harbortop and one more late Afternoonday in Yornakite Pinnacles and the lap around downtown would be done

    3. It took him an hour to get there because he was so unfamiliar with the layout of the Yornakite Pinnacles neighborhood he had to pass thru and because he didn't find the studio until the fourth try

    4. Ossloa lived in a clan house quite a ways up on one of the Yornakite Pinnacles, another two hour walk with no streetcar change and a long climb up one of the toilsome drops in that huge industrial chimney

    5. Sitting on my lap and peering out at the pinnacles - almost, it seemed, we could reach out and touch them, my child declared, “I want to go home

    6. Nonetheless, he had the opportunity of witnessing a spectacular sunrise from the Haleakala peak that pinnacles at the 10,000 foot-high crater of a dormant volcano

    7. Gothic looking with tall towers, gables crickets, pinnacles and rose windows, the building resembles a cathedral

    8. By evening they saw the brightly lit pinnacles of the matriarchal stronghold in Sharon’s region

    9. By nightfall the pinnacles of Sharon’s Castle were within sight

    10. And this "temptation," this final trial of human loyalty in the face of the misrepresentations of rebel personalities, had not to do with food, temple pinnacles, or presumptuous acts

    11. Gagging with intolerable repugnance, Conan turned to flee the sight; and he was suddenly aware that the pinnacles of Dagon no longer glimmered through the trees

    12. Over an inner wall he saw the pinnacles of strangely shaped towerlike structures

    13. But the domes that glistened in the leaves below him were the unbroken pinnacles of the royal palace of Alkmeenon which had defied the corroding ages

    14. I couldn’t stop marveling at the beauty of the canyon’s colorful pinnacles, buttes, and mesas

    15. The pinnacles of mountains have always symbolized both wisdom and the Creator’s

    16. Consequently, pinnacles and the

    17. At the door were standing two young women, girls of the district as they call them, on their way to Seville with some carriers who had chanced to halt that night at the inn; and as, happen what might to our adventurer, everything he saw or imaged seemed to him to be and to happen after the fashion of what he read of, the moment he saw the inn he pictured it to himself as a castle with its four turrets and pinnacles of shining silver, not forgetting the

    18. Thee in thy pinnacles, intellect, thought, thy topmost rational

    19. It stood about two feet high and was made of fretwork in the form of an Indian mosque, with a pointed dome and pinnacles

    20. corner of the room - was of fretwork, in the form of an Indian Mosque, with a pointed dome and pinnacles

    21. She waved about her outspread Independent, searching, the lord lieutenant, her pinnacles of hair slowmoving, lord lieuten

    22. While he was bent over the tracing floor, drawing the roof pinnacles, Bill Watkin appeared

    23. their pinnacles sharp as the points of

    24. Far off the shadows of Sauron hung; but torn by some gust of wind out of the world, or else moved by some great disquiet within, the mantling clouds swirled, and for a moment drew aside; and then he saw, rising black, blacker and darker than the vast shades amid which it stood, the cruel pinnacles and iron crown of the topmost tower of Barad-dyr

    25. Indeed, so well recognized is this peril of the Newfoundland Banks, where the Labrador current in the early spring and summer months floats southward its ghostly argosy of icy pinnacles detached from the polar ice caps, that the government hydrographic offices and the maritime exchanges spare no pains to collate and disseminate the latest bulletins on the subject

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