have frasi

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Frasi con have (in inglese)

I did not have any.
All we have is now.
I have to be free.
Have a sip of mine.
You have to wake up.
He would have done it.
You have to be first.

I have no later ones.
But you have to smile.
I think he must have.
I have one arrow left.
It means we have some.
We have plenty of fuel.
I have to laugh at that.
We have to go in there.
We you have to have it.
Da, you have to listen.
They would have a hose.
You have done well John.
Have you looked at him?
Can’t say that I have.
Some of those may have.
He need not have worried.
They all just have the.
Why don’t you have a.
We don’t have to wait.
You must have liked him.
CINDY: He didn't have to.
I have borrowed his time.
He did have to stop there.
I may have been too good.
You'd have to drive them.
It would have been good.
We have a sitting tenant.
Because i have made the.
It should have been fine.
It could have been worse.
Yes, he have bery good eye.
We have three hours to go.
But I was having fun.
So near to having it.
It was as if, having.
After having a bad day.
Having eyes as wide as.
Life is about having joy.
Having got hold of the.
Anyway, I was having fun.
Having been abused as a.
Having more than one face.
On the other hand, having.
The Mansi team was having.
I hate having to touch him.
But she wasn’t having it.
Having sex with a partner.
I was having a couple beers.
But having clear look still.
It is like having a shadow.
Having a lack of motivation.
Jack was having a field day.
They were really having a.
Having missed out on that.
Is having a rest on a planet.
So, in spite of having two.
Having all Things in Common.
You’re having a bad dream.
Yes, having fun and games.
Coke with having a good time.
We were having kids, moving.
Having set her in the midst.
The Lord had been having us.
What’s the point in having.
By having these meetings at.
Despite it having been weeks.
It’s nice having her company.
They were having a great time.
She was excited about having.
She was used to having a lot.
They might be having trouble.
Are you thinking of having.
I had to get out.
And it had a kick.
I had time to kill.
But I had to wait.
We had a good life.
We all had to clap.
I had to fight back.
He had a gold tooth.
Now we had two outs.
He had seen a flash.
She had to let it go.
And I had to trust her.
The mug had no handle.
The four of them had.
I wish it had been me.
He had a ton of money.
Some of them had fused.
He had, and he replied.
If it had come to that.
He had no reply to that.
Daithi had a strong face.
There mole had given a.
I did the math in my had.
He had no time for this.
She had seen them before.
She had loved him dearly.
He had to make a decision.
She had a name: Antiphone.
Fred had his camera ready.
Some had lost their roots.
We had a career together.
The world had given me up.
Ali Ben Ali has had enough.
He had to tread carefully.
Melinda had done it again.
By Gopi protocol, we had.
It had appeared that the.
Her father had always said.
We had to hide somewhere.
He had, but he couldn't now.
Ted has a thirst on.
If a product has a.
The song has to come.
He has all his skill.
He has made each of.
My past has found me.
He has all the power.
One of us has got to.
The Lord has given me.
God has so much more.
I dare say she has.
I’ve heard he has a.
It has to be bad for.
He has called us to do.
And has set us within.
He, She or It has by.
Make sure it has a lid.
It has been said many.
The CIA has reason to.
The boy has no stamina.
One has to agree with.
In our society it has.
But my brother has no.
Now, there has been a.
Has when they are little.
He has an errand to run.
She has found the tooth.
The hunger has no limit.
She has worked too hard.
Anyone who has been to.
It has never been done.
But Apollo has no answers.
He has tied me to a line.
She has never gone more.
He has to find an answer.
Even Alec has his limits.
He has a destiny for you.
Now, that has all changed.
How the world has changed.
It has a ledge where we.

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