delay frasi

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Frasi con delay (in inglese)

  1. It did not delay the.
  2. The delay was due to.
  3. Oh, sorry for the delay.
  4. There was a delay with.
  5. There could be no delay.

  6. So they would not delay.
  7. They did so without delay.
  8. I may have to delay a bit.
  9. But the sun did not delay.
  10. Make haste, and delay not.
  11. She stepped in without delay.
  12. There is a few seconds delay.
  13. Except for a delay at New St.
  14. The latex was a delay device.
  15. That tear was his son's delay.

  16. Just because there is a delay.
  17. Wipe those tears without delay.
  18. There shall be delay no longer.
  19. With luck, you could delay the.
  20. Ronan and Fearghal without delay.
  21. It would delay their next volley.
  22. If this delay was his fault, I.
  23. Without delay, Agatha placed me.
  24. The bridegroom sage without delay.
  25. We must attack without delay!.

  26. Without delay, I cupped his face.
  27. But Bilbo was annoyed at the delay.
  28. The success he craved was on delay.
  29. The delay might extend to 12 weeks.
  30. Obviously I knew there was a delay.
  31. The chance that did her steps delay.
  32. Without delay Alexa and I ran into.
  33. That might delay any serious action.
  34. And I won't delay you more than that.
  35. The men were disgruntled at the delay.
  36. The delay cost them nearly two hours.
  37. She needed an extended delay interval.
  38. It was only a temporary delay, though.
  39. I want him without an instant's delay.
  40. There had been a delay in the mailing.
  41. A delay of justice was a denial of it.
  42. Delay an instant: lean on me, Jane.
  43. The filter delay remains the same at 2.
  44. Now he must survive by strategic delay.
  45. The longest I can delay is till Monday.
  46. At once, and without delay too, quick.
  47. In her irritation with the delay, she.
  48. Both apologized profusely for the delay.
  49. Early on the seventh day, without delay.
  50. There was a noticeable delay before the S.
  51. Anon: Immediately; without delay; at once.
  52. Each moment's delay is an eternity for me.
  53. Kelvin was not going to delay the meeting.
  54. Please, delay this wedding, she said.
  55. This time round I entered it without delay.
  56. And patient of the slow-paced swain's delay.
  57. One of its weaknesses was its delay factor.
  58. Not a moment was lost in delay of any kind.
  59. Any delay and the hurt would have returned.
  60. Intentionally, we should delay the problem.
  61. There was a delay in her flight and she 52.
  62. Godly men have to learn how to handle delay.
  63. There is a noticeable delay before the reply.
  64. Follow orders without delay, and stay alert.
  65. Without any delay I sprinted to the end of.
  66. They could only delay, not stop this mission.
  67. The young woman did as I asked without delay.
  68. This time delay can be changed by changing.
  69. Ashat raised his head, angered by the delay.
  70. We are on a four-minute delay on the taping.
  71. We want to get rid of thinking without delay.
  72. Apparently, there was a delay in that signal.
  73. MacLeod, to have him call without delay, it.
  74. Raise questions and Delay giving the Answers.
  75. I apologize for the delay, but you’ll have.
  76. That’s why there was delay on the explosion.
  77. SET DELAY they said, Debra had told him.
  78. The want of it might be the cause of the delay.
  79. Otherwise delay of hysterectomy may be resulted.
  80. Delay could get pension payments of nearly $2.
  81. There is no good in this delay, said she.
  82. You may delay in your promise to find me a.
  83. All this is done at the expense of a delay of 3.
  84. I intend to depart now for Pallas without delay.
  85. I needed the maximum delay against his calling.
  86. Tony was aware that Kate had arranged the delay.
  87. Lack of sleep was just an excuse to delay things.
  88. In the end there was more than three hours' delay.
  89. They were to head to San Francisco without delay.
  90. The delay of appearance is from 12 to 18 seconds.
  91. He had his orders and there was no time to delay.
  92. He would have to collect them, despite the delay.
  93. After an hour's delay, the great nobleman appeared.
  94. The delay demanded by Beauchamp had nearly expired.
  95. Also included were periods of delay in completion.
  96. Why this delay? Why no betrothal? he thought.
  97. Without making any additional excuses to delay the.
  98. Refusal to close or delay in closing the accounts;.
  99. This time the delay was chiefly due to Mrs Collard.
  100. Without delay Tanya contacted Julian over the radio.
  1. It was just delaying the inevitable.
  2. Delaying the inevitable, he thought.
  3. I don’t see the point in delaying.
  4. I lost nothing by delaying a response.
  5. What you are doing here is merely delaying it.
  6. Any number of reasons could be delaying things.
  7. Newt called to him from behind, delaying the decision.
  8. However, one of the best options in delaying the aging.
  9. Costa for delaying her treatment by at least nine months.
  10. I would have, said Ryan, delaying while he struggled to.
  11. There was no delaying the need to prove or disprove his theory.
  12. They all feared delaying tactics on the part of the authorities.
  13. I was just delaying until I have spoken about it with my father.
  14. If this is the case, it does help us by delaying the transaction.
  15. And, without delaying an instant, he recommenced running for his.
  16. So instead of delaying the inevitable we could draw a line in the.
  17. Many of the living grabbed desperately at him, delaying his progress.
  18. You have that history of working at a goal and delaying gratification.
  19. Hunter took a deep breath and nodded, no point delaying the inevitable.
  20. I gulped down a glassful of mineral water, without delaying any second.
  21. The Nearly-Mark-Killin’ storm only ended up delaying me by four sols.
  22. And it wasn’t his normal OCD death wish delaying him from taking action.
  23. Gerald would send him away for an hour; he’d employ some delaying tactic.
  24. Driving on to the Caulfield house, he thought up a plausible delaying tactic.
  25. Delaying the inevitable, I combed my hair then twisted it into one long tress.
  26. If you can clearly see that a buyer is deliberately using delaying tactics to.
  27. Garcia deactivated the SaLing skin, delaying his departure in order to study the.
  28. Delaying their lunch meeting until she appeared was a waste of everyone’s time.
  29. So now that the Wellmans had brought up my leaving, there was no point in delaying it.
  30. Since July, in order to maintain support, we have been conducting a delaying strategy.
  31. Both have to do with reaching long-term goals through delaying short-term gratifications.
  32. A mainframe down yesterday in the Rockies, delaying some connections, knocking out others.
  33. Bhaiya, what has happened? All the trains are delaying today? I asked the shopkeeper.
  34. Playing along with this delaying tactic, the Dai-laman was after their trust not obedience.
  35. The man bent down to retrieve them and caused our agent to fall to the ground delaying him.
  36. Zuma’s response was generally seen as yet another delaying tactic given the imminent elections.
  37. All your efforts to “prepare” the bird or to “know” the nest are just delaying the moment.
  38. And here was Ingeborg through the door, and not interfering, not delaying, but positively furthering.
  39. These are just some of the potential causes of delaying the integration or blending of step-families.
  40. EPA recently announced that it is delaying the announcement of the new ozone standards until late.
  41. Maturity can be defined as the delaying or denying of short term gratification in favor of long-term reward.
  42. Here you can see my daily ritual of lolling in bed for an extra five to seven minutes, delaying the inevitable.
  43. If they were delaying ten seconds, twenty, I could be up the fence and over, at least temporarily out of sight.
  44. But caught in the whirl of ticket distribution and rallies across the country, Modi kept delaying the interview.
  45. I found that rather annoying, but I suppose to his mind he was delaying his first responsibility to deal with his second, me.
  46. Therefore, in all probability, Truman ordered the bombings because delaying the war’s end would have been political suicide.
  47. And the crowd, inclined as it was to love the handsome young Imperial Champion, was getting impatient with his delaying tactics.
  48. Although Earl Roland had lost the court case, he had almost certainly succeeded in delaying the building of the bridge by a year.
  49. The prefrontal cortex is involved in delaying gratification and impulse control and moderates the impulses from the limbic system.
  50. The next level of complexity combines costs and revenues-the company manages earnings by delaying expenses and accelerating revenues.
  51. So then, there are people who consider that delaying this war is neither ethical nor practical, but rather irresponsible and suicidal.
  52. Canceling or delaying the attack just because of the arrival of these French planes would only spread fear and defeatism among our men.
  53. For example, database replication tasks can easily monopolize a WAN link for extended periods of time, delaying normal user activities.
  54. Nevertheless, small groups of paratroops played a vital part in delaying German counterattacks which could have destroyed the US beach-head.
  55. She might and did catch cold there for anything he cared, she should never cross the threshold and start interfering, delaying, coming between.
  56. I was only fifteen and there was so much I wanted to do with my life, but even if I didn't die in that grim house I was only delaying the inevitable.
  57. Over the last four hours, the wind had risen quite strongly and presented a strong headwind to the approaching aircraft, delaying their arrival by minutes.
  58. Roger where possible would inform the media and cynical locals, that it was the lengthy delays in acquiring the stone from Turkey that was delaying progress.
  59. She spoke from the instinctive wish of delaying shame; she spoke with a resolution which sprung from despair, for she spoke what she did not, could not believe herself.
  60. On the contrary, he was favorably disposed to it; but a difficulty had occurred to him which he would state as a reason for delaying a decision on the bill for the present.
  61. One way to catch up on one’s sleep without delaying the present operations was to go back in the distant past, park the ship in Earth orbit and put the autopilot on before going to bed.
  62. He would have preferred for those dismounted troopers to be less determined to die where they stood, delaying his advance, yet what bothered him more was that they were rifle-armed cavalry.
  63. The purpose is to gradually teach the horse to wait for the second click, delaying it a little and always before he starts backing up SO THAT THE HORSE WOULD NOT LEARN TO GET THE REWARD BY.
  64. Would the black badger accept his offer, or would he choose a hero's death? He hoped the former because to lose more of his guards now would mean delaying his follow-up attack on Badachro Sett.
  65. It has contributed to delaying and in some cases stopping various projects such, as building of oil refineries, and has generally caused increased costs and problems with our production of energy.
  66. He knew well that any omission could cause him a great loss, for it might mean that he would fail to witness the Night of Valuation, thus delaying the achievement of his aspirations for a whole year.
  67. In keeping with the stated reason for delaying his departure, he left the Polonia and strolled around the adjacent streets, gawking at the war damage and at the shops and street vendors’ merchandise.
  68. Clearly that leaves ample room for a bit of a nudge or window-dressing by adjusting valuations or bringing forward some items and delaying others, to give the total figure the company wants to project.
  69. I think, frankly, that Silken Hills will require more than four hundred thousand men to be confident of holding, or at least significantly delaying, the sort of army Eastshare’s just demonstrated he commands.
  70. But besides this, since the exhaustion and enormous diminution of the army caused by the rapidity of the advance had become evident, another reason for slackening the pace and delaying presented itself to Kutuzov.
  71. But besides this, since the exhaustion and enormous diminution of the army caused by the rapidity of the advance had become evident, another reason for slackening the pace and delaying presented itself to Kutúzov.
  72. Though I know nothing of medicine, I venture to hazard the suggestion that he really had perhaps, by a terrible effort of will, succeeded in delaying the attack for a time, hoping, of course, to check it completely.
  73. Highway 90, I was told by Jeff Kominers, SEA 00L1, not to enter the shipyard nor start work because an executive order was both holding up my hiring and delaying my being granted the requisite secret security clearance.
  74. The weather turned, sending the skies a gunmetal grey and delaying flights with tropical rainstorms, so the airport was filled with bad-tempered passengers, and then, with immaculate timing, the baggage handlers went on strike.
  75. Then all expectations that the Germans would fight only delaying actions in southern and central Italy underwent a startling change when German divisions were observed moving from northern Italy to reinforce the troops south of Rome.
  76. Even if she worked on his sympathies and his duty toward his future family getting more and more worried over the fact that she was practically an old maid and she would move heaven and earth to prevent anything from delaying her marriage.
  77. Gamut, who had stood prepared to pour forth his spirit in song when the visitors entered, after delaying a moment, drew a strain from his pipe, and commenced a hymn that might have worked a miracle, had faith in its efficacy been of much avail.
  78. After long missions, groups of planes occasionally came back so low on fuel that none of them could wait for the others to land, so they’d land simultaneously, with the lead pilot delaying his touchdown until he was far enough down the runway for the planes behind him to land at the same time.
  79. But it was immediately obvious that Jim was no longer able to play any further part in their plans, so there was no point in delaying any longer the activation of the next stage of their plan, which was for the two Swiss banks to start distributing the money they had accumulated over recent months.
  80. She would have to risk a distraction, as to wait for the army would mean failure although any action to disrupt and delay the ritual of transportation would be of some benefit, as by delaying them, they would have to go back over some of the magical rituals again or maybe even restart it from the beginning.
  81. It would be very difficult delaying the coroner’s inquest, especially with his lack of suitable grounds on which to base his request for a postponement; those things were usually wrapped up in one or two days following the incident, as after that details could easily be overlooked resulting in a miscarriage of justice.
  82. In his experience in World War Two and in the Korean War, the various units of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Army Air Force couldn’t coordinate a joint operation without wanting to constantly refer to their respective higher commands, often delaying the planning of operations by days and greatly complicating coordination.
  83. As it turned out, the rocks were bigger than she had thought making it more difficult to keep her balance, and they had small, hard spikes protruding from their uneven surfaces, poking into the soles of her shoes and delaying her progress with such intensity as it seemed they had been purposely laid there so she would be apprehended.
  84. With Professor Graham’s best student ever—supposedly, the only one ever to receive an A+ from the master—about to graduate that summer, the professor suggested that maybe the student would benefit from delaying his investing career until after the Dow had completed its predictable decline to under 200, which had yet to happen in 1951.
  85. He pressed me indeed tenderly to satisfy his ardent curiosity, both with regard to my past and present state of life, since his being torn away from me: but I found means to elude his questions, by answers that shewing his satisfaction at no great distance, won upon him to waive his impatience, in favour of the thorough confidence he had in my not delaying it, but for respect I should in good time acquaint him with.
  86. From now on you shall be speechless and shall not be able to speak until the day in which this shall come to pass because you did not trust this my word which shall be accomplished in its time; And the people were standing awaiting Zacharias and they were perplexed at his delaying in the temple; And when Zacharias went out he was not able to speak to them: so they knew that he had seen in the temple a vision; and he made signs to them and continued dumb; And when the days of his service were completed he departed to his dwelling.
  87. As he was going in search of Camilla it happened by chance that he observed her boxes were lying open, and that the greater part of her jewels were gone; and now he became fully aware of his disgrace, and that Leonela was not the cause of his misfortune; and, just as he was, without delaying to dress himself completely, he repaired, sad at heart and dejected, to his friend Lothario to make known his sorrow to him; but when he failed to find him and the servants reported that he had been absent from his house all night and had taken with him all the money he had, he felt as though he were losing his senses; and to make all complete on returning to his own house he found it deserted and empty, not one of all his servants, male or female, remaining in it.
  1. Its delayed my flight out.
  2. Delayed prices are no good.
  3. I had adroitly delayed the.
  4. So here is the delayed post:.
  5. Hirsi was delayed for an hour.
  6. Her luggage was never delayed.
  7. But Glenn was in delayed shock.
  8. I have already delayed too long.
  9. I also had a delayed reaction.
  10. The rain has delayed their work.
  11. The causes of delayed ejaculation.
  12. Tahiras death delayed my departure.
  13. Both parties were delayed very late.
  14. Our trip was delayed eleven months.
  15. In case instalment is delayed, the.
  16. In the delayed testing scenario, the.
  17. Delivery of this one press is delayed.
  18. It came as kind of a delayed shock.
  19. We are delayed but only by ten minutes.
  20. I delayed my return to the castle once.
  21. Will lunch be delayed by 15 minutes if.
  22. Now there are reasons dreams are delayed.
  23. He had, moreover, been very much delayed.
  24. Work should not be unnecessarily delayed.
  25. This only delayed the inevitable, however.
  26. Without delayed I reported in my base camp.
  27. The Alliance meeting is delayed two hours.
  28. Really? A delayed hangover? That’s weird.
  29. Surely, I delayed the trip as much as I could.
  30. The SMS stated that my flight would be delayed.
  31. You seem to be in a state of delayed shock.
  32. The Lord’s answer: The rapture is delayed.
  33. I sighed, but the sigh only delayed the tension.
  34. Some Tempests have delayed going in the past.
  35. Lawrence Seaway opening was delayed by six days.
  36. The only thing that had delayed the Cardassian.
  37. He delayed leaving Brooklin until late afternoon.
  38. We know he delayed passing my message on to Gary.
  39. She must have had some sort of delayed reaction.
  40. Delayed, all friends shut out, the housemates sit.
  41. The last time I was on a train, I was delayed for.
  42. Later the same day, they found themselves delayed.
  43. What kind of delayed smiles and dry tears will you.
  44. You may still expect success but it will be delayed.
  45. Their plane was delayed in Hawaii and, due to a mix-.
  46. The serving of tea and cookies delayed the inquisition.
  47. It is noted as the subject just delayed his departure.
  48. It was a late morning start; delayed by breakfast and.
  49. Uncas delayed his fire until the scout uttered the word.
  50. They're nothing more than delayed compensation schemes.
  51. But their punishment was delayed to see if they would.
  52. I didn't want to stop and risk being delayed for hours.
  53. Delayed action explosive charges were placed in the bow.
  54. However, we were briefly delayed by the manager of the.
  55. But as things went, the test and my pledge were delayed.
  56. Delay plays into the Enemy's hands-and here I am: delayed.
  57. Menendez lay his fist under his nose and delayed his reply.
  58. I have an appointment with Richard, and I've been delayed.
  59. We hesitated—we delayed until longer delay was dangerous.
  60. If the pouring is delayed all the Mg vapour will escape &.
  61. Winchester was delayed, but would call as soon as possible.
  62. And as for the ‘angle’ call it delayed gratification.
  63. The guru wastes all our time complaining about delayed fees.
  64. But the departure to the land of the regular sun was delayed.
  65. Alastair is home before me; the trains were delayed yet again.
  66. That’s why the orgasm was delayed despite his desperate need.
  67. Although his business was doing well, he delayed our return to.
  68. Seeing that he was blockaded, with repairs delayed and with the.
  69. Delayed orgasm may be also caused by issues around intimacy or.
  70. The delayed crack of a rifle followed and echoed again and again.
  71. As a reaction to this, as a delayed backlash to Shay’s Rebellion.
  72. Elder beast, Cordus said, I am sorry to have been delayed.
  73. Justice delayed is Justice denied or so say the long hair liberals.
  74. So, their plans have been delayed, although they are still hopeful.
  75. Sometimes the results are immediate and sometimes they are delayed.
  76. But while the bridegroom was delayed, they all slumbered and slept.
  77. One, that the snappy comeback is often delayed to a point it is no.
  78. Conan delayed the blow he was loth to deliver, until it was too late.
  79. Sebastian delayed as long as he could before calling in the aircraft.
  80. I waited to eleven, something might have happened, the train delayed.
  81. He would have been out before dark if the Colonel had not delayed him.
  82. He had delayed closing the bargain until he discussed it with Scarlett.
  83. If she delayed a minute more, they would never know she was even there.
  84. Actually it is the reason for our being delayed in joining you here.
  85. The market generally prices in a discount rate change that was delayed.
  86. If I have delayed the sequel of my history, it has been purely to allow.
  87. He increased the dosage and hastened, instead of delayed, his own demise.
  88. If they sent it by sea it could be delayed by tides or the weather and.
  89. Tammas delayed transmitting his response as he listened in to the chatter.
  90. They had been delayed by the storm and by a series of conflicting orders.
  91. If the game was delayed we would sit and listen to cassettes on a boom box.
  92. Oh, No! Now what? What the hell is this? All the trains are delayed?
  93. Of course, we might be delayed again for a few hours, but it is not likely.
  94. But I was reckoning without an encounter that slightly delayed our arrival.
  95. My flight was delayed and I missed Will’s private tour of the White House.
  96. Cold War extremism delayed rather than hastened the end of the Soviet Union.
  97. Margaret suggested that our delayed honeymoon be taken back in that direction.
  98. Tensions rising, Hanor had delayed this moment for long enough, weighing the.
  99. The men were delayed at the coat-check, where they waved at and quipped with.
  100. My father without delayed he threw a sack of money towards the village headmen.
  1. If a company delays in.
  2. We had to act with no delays.
  3. Avoid these costly delays by.
  4. Now there is a reason for delays.
  5. In case of delays in food service.
  6. Delays, if any, are caused by the.
  7. Researches indicates that delays in.
  8. Even so, delays here could be costly.
  9. And hath abatements and delays as many.
  10. Won’t that cause further delays?
  11. The delays, I believe, were too intense to.
  12. As for the Powerful Lady, something delays her.
  13. He delays passing on the message for over two hours.
  14. The additional due diligence, negotiations and delays.
  15. Having time does help but it only delays the inevitable.
  16. Each time, he had avoided injury, but the delays mounted.
  17. His delays are too costly to be part of recovery strategy.
  18. Delays and red tape go hand in hand, but if another attack.
  19. He had been rather low lately because of more delays with.
  20. When EB had cost overruns and/or delays on the 688’s, the.
  21. Frustrated by delays and the GNU Project's growing reputation.
  22. God delays and denies you the things just to test out hunger.
  23. I was met with inaction delays, roadblocks, obstruction and lies.
  24. ME: Concerning rapture 2010, what if the Father delays it again?
  25. You need to have patience because delays and setbacks are imminent.
  26. The results are huge delays and rarely do you see a call overturned.
  27. With the exception of several delays, the operation went as planned.
  28. By the time one realizes what is going on, the delays incurred and.
  29. I tried to diagnose the issue, fearing delays on the job front, but.
  30. However, these may result in additional costs or delays in executing.
  31. Such action can lead to delays and lengthy stays, sometimes overnight.
  32. There are other problems caused by delays on the bridge, he said.
  33. Financial delays can happen, but the overall prosperity remains intact.
  34. Naturally if you allow submarines on the highway, there will be delays.
  35. Only delays in translation caused it to appear to have been sent after.
  36. Of course there were delays and sheer incompetence that beggared belief.
  37. These costs and delays need to be factored into the investment evaluation.
  38. However, they are usually intolerant of delays in considering their offer.
  39. I'm collecting facts - we can't tolerate delays, screw-ups or uncertainty.
  40. Snow: A negative omen, signifying disappointments, difficulties and delays.
  41. The student often delays his demonstration through a belief in incompletion.
  42. Developmental delays in these family members, 458 people, 171 people have a.
  43. I wrote you about the delays and the problems we had so you knew about that.
  44. Her injuries needed to be treated right away, any delays would be foolhardy.
  45. Delays in receipt of export proceeds, handling of export bills, collection of.
  46. If he lost consciousness, it would accomplish nothing but cause further delays.
  47. There could be delays and glitches involved with this, but it happens eventually.
  48. I'd expected delays, a round of questioning at least, perhaps a check of our papers.
  49. For the buyer, risks in the deal are anything that will cause delays in exploiting.
  50. In the CAPM, the lag appears to be created by delays in cutting or raising interest.
  51. Pluto, however, goes retrograde on the 14th so there can be delays and glitches here.
  52. Increased earnings are happening but there are more delays and glitches involved here.
  53. As the Revolutionary Tribunal was said to be paralyzed by forms and delays, this law.
  54. Grimes loved these mind games and didn’t care about the delays from Thailand at first.
  55. We've all been there and in that place, what is tested is whether you can handle delays.
  56. I thank everyone that has followed my series (apologies for the delays in producing them).
  57. The report said nothing about the delays suffered by Bush in forming his administration.
  58. Earnings will still be abundant, but there could be more delays and complications involved.
  59. Delays in receiving payments or glitches with payments are quite normal under a retrograde.
  60. This might mean more delays and efforts in getting something on the market and smaller profits.
  61. Since Emily appears intoxicated, the thought of leaving her vulnerable again, delays my thirst.
  62. We just need to remind ourselves of this truth that delays of the Creator do not equate its denial.
  63. Inclement weather delays and postponements will be made up at the end of each term, where permitted.
  64. However, when the cash flowing in is almost unlimited, the company can afford small delays in profits.
  65. If there are no more problems or delays with the research study, we’re looking at about four weeks.
  66. The hurdles and delays discourage other miners from filing claims, and they certainly scare off the lawyers.
  67. He did cautiously and slowly end the Iraq War, in spite of yet more fear mongering and delays by opposition.
  68. The 27th to the 30th seems a particularly good period with a nice payday, only there could be delays involved.
  69. Even at that, they would be taking several delays in transit and to not expect them for at least another year.
  70. He had fussed about laying them out properly, much to her irritation – and now he was raising even more delays.
  71. The futures market has begun to show a growing impatience with weather or transportation delays during this time.
  72. Despite the improvements in the law, railroad reorganizations have been subject to extraordinary delays since 1933.
  73. Emily: What’s all this fuss about sub delays on the expressway? Perhaps that sign Use both lanes is meant for them.
  74. Thanks to the mistaken address and the severe delays of the wartime mail, the card would wander the world for months.
  75. There was a serious pleading in Lydgate's tone, as if he felt that she would be injuring him by any fantastic delays.
  76. According to my calendar, the Hermes resupply probe is being launched from China in two days (if there were no delays).
  77. Rather than argue with their leader the German generals chose to fall in line with his plans, resulting in fatal delays.
  78. These details and accompanying delays worked up an atmosphere of preparation that was as impressive as it was fascinating.
  79. Sat in the open doorway of the wagon we were kicking out feet bored with the incessant delays that we had been subjected to.
  80. Those who would build are faced with long delays and large legal fees and this could be solved by having Congress pass laws.
  81. Also, it would be wise to avoid the risk of eventual delays that would automatically lead to delays in the finished product.
  82. Once they win the lottery, things should change for these lucky winners, but, in fact, it just delays the inevitable result.
  83. He showed great skills in checking successive Soviet thrusts and imposed delays on the westward advance of the Russian armies.
  84. Usually it was notices of more processing nodes smashed to rubble and additional delays in getting souls into smaller targets.
  85. For example, a videoconferencing system may not work as expected because of interruptions and delays in audio and video signals.
  86. Mercenary observers stationed on far hills saw the bomb’s impact and felt the explosions after the time delays were exhausted.
  87. Hitler's interference in military operations had become totally irrational, causing enormous logistical problems and fatal delays.
  88. Normal packet collisions become a problem only when there are too many of them and significant network delays begin to accumulate.
  89. One of the side effects of the birth control system the military uses is that it delays the onset of menopause a decade or more.
  90. Several clinical trials suggest that acetyl-L-Carnitine delays onset of ARCD and improves overall cognitive function in the elderly.
  91. After a few frustrations on his journey – delays, getting on the wrong train and missing a connection, Daniel finally arrived at St.
  92. Necessity, however, always forced him to submit at last, though frequently not till after many delays, evasions, and affected excuses.
  93. What happens though when it’s crucial information, which we have to decide and act upon? Delays, fear, confusion, anger easily arise.
  94. Since our ship was not Imperial property or lands, I could refuse such a search, but there was no avoiding the delays that would cause.
  95. Willstown, and at the Strand Hotel she found a letter from me waiting for her that had been there for some days, on account of her delays.
  96. Early token release eliminates some of the latency delays on the network that occurred while systems waited for the free token to arrive.
  97. The project engineer is responsible for delays in the building and construction work schedule and for taking required corrective measures.
  98. She sometimes, at least, from an affected concern for the peace of the parish, delays the settlement till this concurrence can be procured.
  99. The month of August passed, and, after all these delays, they decided that it was to be irrevocably fixed for the 4th September—a Monday.
  100. Following the security man’s map to the control room was not straightforward and several delays were caused by heading up the wrong passage.

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