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    1. begin to describe His moral attributes which are

    2. describe it as if they know precisely what they are

    3. Describe your philosophy of life, and help them develop theirs

    4. Before Dan could summon the words to describe his absolute horror at the

    5. I can describe distinctive tattoos that each of them had

    6. ’ He said, his expression suggesting that ‘nice’ is not exactly the word he would use to describe his feelings in the matter

    7. saw what she could only describe as a whisker twitch at the edge of that black hood

    8. ‘As Stephen’s mother, I am touched that you are that concerned for him, but as your friend … and I hope you see me as such … as your friend, I have to say that I don’t see you as you describe

    9. Would it brutalise otherwise normal and intelligent boys? Was I trying to take one step too far with my reasoning? I didn’t really have the means to describe what I was thinking

    10. This afternoon I saw Diana at the gym, we had an aerobics lesson and then, as we were leaving together, she revealed to me some more interesting details about her job; in fact, she didn't hesitate at all to describe -always with an air of importance- a fixed fraud committed by the company she works for: It all starts with an advertisement they place in the newspaper every week, looking for new commercial travellers; they offer an alluring basic salary, as well as commission on the sales, plus social security

    11. That's the only way Apollo can describe the room that he's now in

    12. He knew the room number and everything … the receptionist said she’d asked for some evidence that he knew you and he’d been able to describe you and everything

    13. ‘I thought of that and asked her to describe him, explaining that you had two brothers … it was the best I could come up with on the spur of the moment … the receptionist said he was in his forties, overweight, hair receding a little and wearing a posh looking suit

    14. ‘But I’m not really the best person to describe the differences between our cultures

    15. Lucy thought for a moment that she saw what she could only describe as a whisker twitch at the edge of that black hood

    16. It is bad enough when it rains here, I can’t imagine trying to get around the sort of terrain you describe in the downpours mentioned in your last letter

    17. It is that ultimate purpose that we will begin to describe as we continue

    18. "The math would have to be the same on both planets," Luray said, "Even though I wouldn't presume to recognize an equation that could describe a stargate, I know the same ones have to hold true at each star, except for the local constants

    19. not that leisure is exactly the way you can describe it,

    20. What, Why and How; and Describe how you did it

    21. “Oh Kate, you have no idea what it was like, on second thought; yes, you do know! You are right; there are no words to describe the experience

    22. As for the journey to the airport, well I don't remember much of that and I couldn't describe the driver if it was a matter of life or death

    23. The last of the seated postures I will describe in this chapter is as follows:

    24. As usual I will describe the easiest variation first

    25. Before we leave the FORWARD BEND I would like to describe the advanced form of it used by really enthusiastic students

    26. describe first what is generally considered to be the easiest

    27. Having just described, in this chapter on disorders of the respiratory tract, one of the most difficult of the Yoga asanas, I will now describe a really easy one which will present not the slightest difficulty

    28. There are four variations of this posture and I will describe them in order of difficulty

    29. Keeping my eyes down, I mull over the statement … the last Element? What is he talking about? I haven’t retrieved the last one yet … He goes on to describe how we were pursued by Antis, escaping through Joris’ skill, though stopping short of mentioning that Joris actually killed two men and completely skirting over the actual cause of Joris’ death

    30. To end this chapter I will describe a series of slow and graceful movements which incorporate much of what I have described in this chapter

    31. The smell was unbearable, I can't describe it, but the rot was unearthly

    32. ’ I said, trying to think of how I can describe what I did in the face of his obvious incomprehension

    33. She listened to him describe the beginnings of this Hold, all that it embodied, and was fascinated

    34. The only way to describe the second day of the match was 'depressing'

    35. can't describe that feeling,' Fred said, as his eyes lit up

    36. The woman in the photo has what I can only describe as a delicate skull cap made up of tiny flowers and leaves which she wears over her perfectly straight hair

    37. Let me try to describe the area it is in

    38. It is hard to explain but the best way I can describe it is as though she had turned into an elven princess

    39. He looks thoughtful, ‘It’s a very strange feeling marrying your brother … all weddings are special but this was … oh, I can’t find the words to describe it

    40. She couldn’t order a meal yet, but she knew how to describe the techniques for various poses and moves

    41. When I try to describe

    42. The judges used every hyperbole in the thesaurus to describe

    43. Restrained good taste would describe it best, I suppose

    44. To describe the matter in hand as crowd control would, in Liverpool or London, be worth a laugh, but the boys in blue prefer this duty to patrolling the high street and shopping precincts in the town centre

    45. A phone number and contact details scrolled along the bottom of the screen as the presenter went on to describe the bird sanctuary, giving a potted history of the Arlosh Warbler and interviewing the obviously irate chairman of the sanctuary committee who waffled on about desecration of protected sites and the like

    46. Jock is aware of pain, aware of the needle being stuck into his buttocks, but he is in that quiet moment of shock when a broken body fails to connect with the receptors in the brain that describe a wound

    47. Over dinner, we talk about what the country is like – David’s been there before so can describe the people and the towns

    48. ” The women aahed at this, and the gentlemen praised his good sense, to which he responded innocently, “But she is; I don't know how else to describe the aroma of her to me

    49. Beautiful had never been one of those words she would’ve used to describe herself, Shelly yes, Crystal most definitely, but not her

    50. Claustrophobic, had never been one of those words she would’ve used to describe herself, but right then the only thing she could think of was getting out of the house

    1. What I have just described here is a small portion of who

    2. What I have just described here can be challenged by

    3. [I should point out that, whilst the situations described above are true, they are presented here as an amalgam of the actual events for the sake of simplicity

    4. Hair also takes too long to compost within 60 days and therefore should be used in the sheet method described later

    5. He needed to find Sammy the Shark/Gino Ngata first and the only living connection he had right now were the surviving victims of last night's attack which Melinda had described to him in disturbing detail

    6. described in chapter11 had the same measure of faith as we have today

    7. The acts of holy apostles were described by Luke

    8. described in the book of Acts:

    9. Mostly security guards by the looks of things or ‘Protective Services’ as they would be described in the statistics on workplace homicide

    10. It would be better to be a congregation without shepherds than a congregation with shepherds like those described in

    11. "You are familiar with the structure of heaven as described in the Holy Rants are you not?"

    12. Some of the last messages out described it

    13. Menachem had met them once in the early days of his captivity and from that meeting he described both of them to me

    14. Despite being a little wobbly after spending several days in bed, not to mention carrying the after effects of what she’d heard described as a nasty case of concussion, she still managed to summon sufficient willpower to be curious about what she saw as they walked through the interminable corridors of the hospital towards the car park

    15. What was it about this kind of disobedience that would cause the prophet Samuel to weep bitterly? The Amalekites are described in their first mention: Exodus 17:8-16

    16. Caderl has a pleasant face and is broad and solid looking as Gilla described

    17. The Lottodung was as described, black fur, clawed feet, but with

    18. Similar to the Rocking exercise described in chapter four

    19. Any exercise which tones and stretches the leg muscles and the sciatic nerve will bring relief from aching legs and so do not omit from your daily practice schedule the exercises described in the following chapter on lumbago and sciatica

    20. And if you suffer from that most distressing and common complaint, varicose veins, nothing could be more helpful than the habitual practice of the Shoulderstand which I described in chapter four

    21. Also do not omit the simple, leg stretching exercise described in chapter two

    22. This exercise is a more advanced form of the Head to Knee exercise which I described in chapter five

    23. Having just described, in this chapter on disorders of the respiratory tract, one of the most difficult of the Yoga asanas, I will now describe a really easy one which will present not the slightest difficulty

    24. In this exercise the chest is allowed to expand fully during deep breathing, and it also removes stiffness of the neck and shoulders and so is a useful exercise with which to follow the Shoulderstand described in chapter four

    25. This differs from the Halasana I have just described only in the position of the arms

    26. Practice all the Yoga asanas described in the chapter on constipation, and in particular practice the water-drinking habits of the Yogis and the relaxing and contracting movements known as Uddiyani

    27. Practice, at least twice a day throughout the month, the Sarvan-gasana or Shoulderstand described in chapter four, or if you are unable to do this, try lying down with your feet very much higher than your head

    28. Before I go on to your next exercise I would mention here that the CAMEL POSTURE or UTRASANA described in chapter six in connection with backache should also be practiced by women suffering from displacement of the uterus and fallopian tubes provided that the displacement is not of a serious order

    29. To end this chapter I will describe a series of slow and graceful movements which incorporate much of what I have described in this chapter

    30. All the stretching exercises I have described in this book, and particularly in chapter two can be performed in connection with exercising the eyes

    31. The Backbend described in chapter four can be performed so that your eyes follow the movements of your head and are so exercised, and likewise in the Triangle Posture* described in chapter ten

    32. Having done so rub your palms together vigorously and then place them over your eyes in the position already described

    33. I have said that one is as old as one’s spine and I have described all manner of Yogic postures designed to keep the spine healthy and supple, mainly involving forward and backward bending movements

    34. I told him how the fishing there was not what it was and when I described the fishermen as being full of Cornish myths and legends, he slapped a hand upon my shoulder and laughed, 'The world is full of fishermen like that

    35. Miss Jones had few vices and few interests that could be described as hobbies, but she was very keen on politics

    36. No wonder Aristethes had described it as a living museum that was dying; he could not have been more literate

    37. At first the telephone conversation with the old woman went very badly, with her great-aunt being extremely hostile to the memory of her nephew’s long forgotten children, but, as Annie described her predicament and as the old woman remembered that it had always been the men in the Craig family who had been the cause of the greatest unhappiness, she eventually found it in her heart to offer the young woman one of her flats at a very competitive rent

    38. She could have a universe exactly as she described, with cherubs for all her family and friends, she might not have noticed that they were cherubs

    39. ’ Stated Abi, in what can only be described as true Gemini fashion

    40. Gordon stared at the commander and found him to be a truly honest man, just as the reports had described him

    41. men of history, politics and the arts were always described as

    42. one of the self-testing methods I have described in this

    43. described as hobbies, but she was very keen on politics

    44. as described, at that point a healing process begins

    45. He described the mighty animal to Duncan and Rayne telling them that the huge flukes were longer and larger than his own hunting ship

    46. Allison described the problem with her hip and said

    47. as though Dave could be described as suspect!

    48. “Oh, it was described as an exploratory raid in the official reports,

    49. He’s described you well enough that I knew you on sight

    50. Bekthi lead them a few houses down the street and to the building Tendine had described, the twelve-trunk house with the overhanging second floor

    1. I have no wish to “paddle in a pool of pathos” but this really describes my current medical situation so wel

    2. Buddhism describes spiritual practice this way,

    3. What other religion can you think of that describes a God who would require that when you offer your sacrifice that you celebrate because you now know that you have peace with this God? It says in Deuteronomy that the Israelites were to only offer their sacrifices in the city that God shall choose

    4. ’ He said, affection and pride warring in his voice as he describes his home in detail - sounding not unlike an estate agent I once met when I was across in Bristol

    5. That is not to say that air signs don’t have emotions or that water signs can’t be intellectual, but it describes how they initially each respond to a situation

    6. Abi’s voice cracks as she describes how her father died

    7. Bex describes how her teachers fall into one of two categories; the ones who have come to resemble their books, hidebound, stiff of spine and congenitally dusty; and those who's pages get dog eared and torn as they try to remain part of the ever-changing youth culture that surrounds them

    8. 'Was this really something he wanted to pursue? Do I actually have so little contact with what he describes as 'conscience'? Am I just a mass of 'I's, each pulling this way and that? Don't I have my own independent will? Do I actually have possibilities I should have, but don't see right now? Do I even trust this strange old man anyway? I wonder who he is and where did he come from? He reminds me of an old guy I worked with at that Government contracting job

    9. Marco Polo, who visited it more than five hundred years ago, describes its cultivation, industry, and populousness, almost in the same terms in which they are described by travellers in the present times

    10. Have you not heard that’s what my poem describes? It’s gained great fame and accolades across the lands of Hellas

    11. Frithjof Schuon shows the difficulty of understanding experience, especially Divine experience, when he describes how hard it is for God to communicate with humans:

    12. In his essay, The Myth of Sisyphus,[73] Albert Camus tries to explain how we can live in what he describes as an “absurd” world, and still be happy

    13. He describes the smell, which he has christened Marmite, as 'bloody terrible', and he confidently predicts that it will have tremendous implications for a number of industries

    14. [155] In Flow, the author describes this as creating “order in consciousness

    15. The book, Zen in the Art of Archery,[174] describes one student’s long years of trying to learn Zen archery, with only the most cryptic guidance from his teacher

    16. He describes it as a frame of mind “in which nothing definite is thought, planned, striven for, desired, or expected, which aims in no particular direction and yet knows itself capable alike of the possible and the impossible, so unswerving is its power…” [183] The author quotes his teacher as saying, “The right art is purposeless, aimless! The more obstinately you try to learn how to shoot the arrow for the sake of hitting the goal, the less you will succeed in the one and the further the other will recede

    17. Chuang Tzu describes the kind of friction that wastes ch’i

    18. In his verses titled, “The Need to Win,” (see Chapter 12) he describes how an archer who needs to win loses power, but one who shoots for nothing (is not-doing) conserves his power

    19. Swami Satchidananda describes how the devotional path can be one of the easiest ways to loosen the hold of the ego

    20. The Gita is an important Hindu scripture, which describes a dialog between the Hindu god Krishna and the warrior Arjuna

    21. She took a gamble when she launched her own cable TV network which she describes as “mindful television”

    22. Can one then have design without a designer? The English Dictionary describes “design” in the following ways:

    23. We have to consider that the information contained in the Bible also addresses our origins in the creation account in which it describes how God created everything and that it was a deliberate choice and action from God to perform his creative work

    24. Whether these two events happened on the same day, or describes different events altogether is debated by many people; but we will see how the Bible interprets itself on this subject

    25. If we think about this carefully, what scenario, as far as periods of time are concerned, would allow for plants to be created in one period of time and survive long enough without the essential source of photosynthesis that is needed to maintain them, until a source for photosynthesis becomes available? The only logical answer in this case would be a relative short period of time such as a single day as the Bible describes

    26. This does not in any way relate to the sequence of events in Genesis, where God describes his creative works to us, but specifically the purpose of the Earth

    27. Also, if the Earth was not to be empty before God started describing his creative work to us, would there be any sense in describing it at all, if we assume that it should all have happened on the first day? To demonstrate this more clearly: When an artist describes how he goes about creating a painting, we would not find it strange that he would start by telling us that he would need a clean canvas mounted on an easel

    28. The Bible describes these as the windows of Heaven that were opened and the fountains of the great deep that were broken resulting in the Flood

    29. Interestingly enough, the garment which is referred to in two passages above, firstly points to the water covering the entire Earth as a garment and secondly it describes the subterranean waters being covered by a “garment” before the Flood

    30. All too often describes the activities of the Liberals in Congress and the Administration in attempting to jettison the Constitution

    31. Kumassi means literally, "The place of bloody death," and well its name describes it

    32. Far from dreading the unknown, the protagonist delves into it, makes it his ally and describes what he sees and pries, touches and analyzes

    33. It simply describes the hooks in the cart

    34. Although, one event not mentioned in his books relate to the books’ premise that describes a journey to deliver and save "The Scroll

    35. Very short and pencil thin; there is probably more meat on a gypsy’s whippet and if he weighs in at 40kgs he’s had a big night out, I think, describes him to a tee

    36. But that describes the famous king cobra which can reach 18 feet (5

    37. If I may use the example of automotive performance as a metaphor, it sounds as if this describes the ideal in a car motor that runs on computer-controlled carburetion where lean-burn is the standard regime

    38. “I have this leaflet for you that describes cat productivity

    39. The American Collegiate Dictionary describes belief as: “Conviction of the truth or reality of a thing, based upon grounds insufficient to afford positive knowledge

    40. This has probably been so since before Man was separated from the rest of the natural world, as science describes that process

    41. Generation of Income for Totality of the People, Organizations and Countries To follow, the Figure-04 describes the possible future situation that will be reached when the problems are resolved

    42. Another, who also had a revelation, however says: "No, I saw God, and He is red, smooth and glossy" -of course, it describes Him this way because it was on the body

    43. He describes the geography of this place in detail

    44. In this book, he describes that the liberalism (Leftist madness) displayed by President Barack Obama and the present Democrat party leaders can simply be described as a psychological disorder

    45. The article I reviewed was for the ―American Thinker‖ and she describes Obama‘s odd mannerism, secret former life, narcissism, his flat approach when passion is needed, his aggression when smarts is better, and especially his failure to realize when his behavior, such as ―whose ass to kick‖, is out of touch

    46. Ascension simply describes the journey a soul undertakes after it has mastered all there is to experience in a particular dimension

    47. Venerable Thubten Lhundrup describes the practice of mindfulness in this way:[42]

    48. describes a format called template to represent information as shown below:

    49. Quantum physics also describes a universe that is complex, chaotic, and uncertain

    50. This describes actions that are mixed in their intent – that is, partly harmful and partly helpful (such as appearing to give a gift with a pure motive, but in reality greatly desiring the person's approval)

    1. She sensed something other here but not evil, not in its own right, describing it to herself as rather a feral air, as though the man were wild and untamed as yet

    2. The hall was full to bursting and the comments I heard afterwards were very complimentary – I enclose a cutting from the Readersein describing the event

    3. My mother hadn't seen me yet, but she disagreed with him since she used the word psychotic when she was on the phone and describing what could happen with me

    4. The acolyte gave him a pretty sophisticated interrogation on his piety by describing some situations and watching his reaction

    5. The two charlatans attended the cabinet and ran through the contents of the report with the assembled ministers of state, describing and explaining all of their arguments, summaries and conclusions in the clearest and simplest terms

    6. While he went on describing the various laws of their planet fantasies swirled about in her mind

    7. She had no clue what was going on in today’s conversation, for all he knew Patass was describing every position they’d used, how she was at it, how overcome she was by his romance and the way she flopped like a carp during her first orgasm

    8. She couldn’t remember how many there were, but she worried that he was describing them all

    9. report with the assembled ministers of state, describing and

    10. the pathways and describing the layout of the estate

    11. Chloe seconded her observation and opened the Baedecker to read passages describing the island's history and attractions

    12. He had volunteered a lot more than he should have in the conversation, but he had just finished a grueling day of studying the desert, if anything he was helping his credibility by describing something of the planet he knew

    13. gift that words could not give justice to describing

    14. Calm was an understatement in describing the way he’d handled the last six years

    15. Without a tear, she continued on, describing every disastrous turn that took away her loved ones like a farmer’s scythe cuts corn

    16. Among the countless things they’d talked about while clinging to a mast from Father’s ship, she remembered Andrastus describing how to coax milk

    17. One way of describing this idea of turning towards happiness is to say you are redirecting your attention

    18. Speculating about or describing in detail what his followers could experience on their own would have detracted from the goals of their practice

    19. As expected, he proceeded with the usual sales pitch which included describing the specifications of the house and its price

    20. For an estimation of efficiency of use of cement the relative parameters describing the quantity of cement or its cost on unit of strength and also ratio between strength of concrete and the quantity of cement are offered

    21. 3: -- Accurate integration of information in codes that are relevant at all times and describing people, events and various subjects as they occur throughout history without fail

    22. As noted above, there is no well-supported model describing the action prior to 10-15 seconds or so

    23. Some people will argue that the words used for describing God’s creative work in Genesis 1 point to new creations that did not exist before in some instances, and re-creation in others

    24. Also, if the Earth was not to be empty before God started describing his creative work to us, would there be any sense in describing it at all, if we assume that it should all have happened on the first day? To demonstrate this more clearly: When an artist describes how he goes about creating a painting, we would not find it strange that he would start by telling us that he would need a clean canvas mounted on an easel

    25. We should also carefully consider whether we should cling to our knowledge of the Earth’s condition today, or whether we should rather look at the conditions on the Earth before such a flood occurred as described by the Bible? From what the Bible tells us, the world was a lot different in the times before the Flood from what we experience today: Below are some passages describing various aspects:

    26. Here we see the Bible describing people’s engagement in foolish thoughts and deeds and thinking that if they applied enough effort, they would be able to free themselves from being subject to God

    27. When, around 1600, Hamlet mentioned that there was something rotten in the State of Denmark, little did he know that he would be describing twenty-first century America under the Obama administration

    28. Military strategists, when describing the most pivotal stage of a conflict, often used the term tipping-point

    29. ’ Zolla then went on to explain the process of temporal acceleration: ‘It’s done simply by creating a self-contained gravitational field shrouding the entire ship,’ he said, as if describing some every day occurrence

    30. followed the Christmas I've been describing

    31. He remained seated on the toilet while I went on describing what had happened between Evelyn and me without interruption

    32. US troops, writing in their diaries, letters home, and interviews with journalists in fact often referred to Filipinos as “Indians” when describing the enemy's guerilla war tactics

    33. Apart from describing the theories of battles, this text also discusses the diplomacy and developing relationships with other nation�s importance for the sovereignty of a state

    34. Tauntingly, she told of her evening with George Dearling, describing in detail her new outfit and the make-up she had worn

    35. Asked the staff about her, describing her to them

    36. We love our Echo, but note that Consumer Reports magazine used the word “tilt-a-whirl” in describing it

    37. He was describing to her, each gentle word interrupted by a caress, how he was swimming, lost in the liquid beauty of her eyes, and that his love had more depth than the Pacific when the bedroom door flew open

    38. I am describing them here simply for your amusement

    39. When he learned they spoke Polish, he began enthusiastically describing his service in Italy, his demobilization and return to Poland after six years as an exile

    40. [11] Here I am describing the situation as it was in the early 1960s

    41. Colling admitted that Ferguson had not mentioned it, Smith laughed and began describing how Vincent had decided that the garrison would put on a display of American military pageantry for the local German population

    42. describing incest, rape, and adult-child fantasies

    43. Berlinski, in describing Darwin, writing about the eye in On the Origin of Species, as having “confessed that its emergence troubled him greatly

    44. He interrupts the sound and starts describing the holy place

    45. But I have to focus since he is describing my mission and the purpose of my life

    46. While she crawled she sent a message to a wide-awake Nico to come and find her, describing the tail and the end of the gate

    47. " These forces powerfully operate in ourselves and in the world (news broadcasts describing violent acts, war, racism, environmental destruction, and so on, all bear testimony to this)

    48. The Buddhist teachings have many stories, some of them describing the outworking of karma and previous lives

    49. describing his conversation with the angel

    50. One was a book describing many of the plants in the Khakhanate and giving their names in several languages

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