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Frasi con deterrent (in inglese)

  1. As a deterrent to.
  2. But then the distance was a big deterrent.
  3. And that’s a deterrent how? Garcia asked.
  4. And there came to them news containing a deterrent.
  5. The deterrent effect of guns has been exaggerated.

  6. The important thing was the deterrent factor for the living.
  7. Hope, he considered the interruption a welcome deterrent from his.
  8. The machetes are for your safety, and they will act as a deterrent.
  9. The nuclear balance, precarious as it may be, has proved a deterrent.
  10. There is no need for surveillance and the camera is just a deterrent.
  11. Broken eggshel s can also be used as a deterrent for snails and slugs.
  12. Many still seem to believe that atomic weapons are a deterrent to war.
  13. These traps had been placed as a deterrent for any would-be pillagers.
  14. The successful arrest and prosecution of poachers should aid as a deterrent.
  15. Ensuring Nole was in agreement, the point was still not enough of a deterrent.

  16. He's an effective deterrent against a thief thinking of taking advantage of me.
  17. Identity Theft Deterrent ~ dentity Theft Protection Without Those Monthly Fees:.
  18. By shifting position several times, he found that the woodsmoke was a powerful deterrent.
  19. That is in my mind more than sufficient as a deterrent to any possible American nuclear attack.
  20. My belief in the power of overwhelming force as a deterrent to attack is frequently misunderstood.
  21. But at the same time it had to be a deterrent and put an end to the challenges they now experienced.
  22. A few shot up putative Indian rustlers would be a powerful deterrent to others of the same persuasion.
  23. That doesn’t make it okay! Even if it is a deterrent, the Phoenix Project shouldn’t be allowed to operate.
  24. It’s not much of a deterrent, but at least it will keep Aiden from doing another nose dive through a plate of glass.
  25. As for the thief, whether male or female, cut their hands as a penalty for what they have reaped-a deterrent from God.

  26. The unpleasant inference is that only the destruction of civic infrastructure is a deterrent – soldiers are expendable.
  27. She had decided to leave the heavier cast on longer because it was more of the deterrent to any thieves who wanted to try and steal me.
  28. However, if their stance fails to serve as a deterrent to – primarily – the US, then any strategic gains are sure to be only short term.
  29. Wanting a deterrent punishment to guard against future transgressions, they all pressed the panchayat to make an example of the errant couple.
  30. Not a Deterrent; all states that do not sponsor capital punishment have the same average or even lower than average homicide rates than do the states.
  31. Like the nuclear deterrent, they served as a symbol of a nation’s power – the muscle behind it; the ultimate force which should never need to be used.
  32. The high interest rate made it extremely expensive for businesses and individuals to borrow and was a deterrent for the removal of money from saving accounts.
  33. The wrong influence of peers can be a deterrent to the noble purpose of parents, thus parents should be in the crossroads and be aware of the kind of friends they mingle with.
  34. Rory glanced at the sign placed on the wall by the Security Company and noted that the patrolmen were accompanied by Rotweilers…definitely a fearsome, canine deterrent, for any would-be prowlers.
  35. You’re welcome, she says in a sarcastic voice, then continues in a regular voice, It seems like physical punishment was the best deterrent for bad behavior for many humans when they are young.
  36. As a general rule, in a low rate environment, I will use a higher discount rate to protect against the eventual increase in interests rates from the economy growing quicker than anticipated or as a deterrent to inflation.
  37. Sometimes it has seemed to me that my own adventures—or lack of adventures—set down as plainly and truthfully as I can recall them, might be of more illuminating, perhaps—perhaps—of more deterrent, effect than all my spoken generalizations.
  38. Despite the less than strong legal posture of OPMIs, we think that in general the threat of forcing out stockholders by predatory managements and control groups is not a realistic deterrent to an investment program based on the safe and cheap approach.
  39. It was obvious Curt had received information that the warden had been killed resulting in a blood-bath and that the prisoners had revolted, but by the time he was ready to advance his men, the tower had been disintegrated, which would be a deterrent to any leader, and now the Galaef was standing on the wall in plain sight.
  40. So they started talking about capital punishment and of course Bloom comes out with the why and the wherefore and all the codology of the business and the old dog smelling him all the time I'm told those jewies does have a sort of a queer odour coming off them for dogs about I don't know what all deterrent effect and so forth and so on.
  41. Isn’t that so, Sir…? Commander? What would our fate be then? They will surely destroy our most holy sanctuaries without any human or moral deterrent and by that we will most certainly be subjugated to degradation that you will not, as you will – at that time – pack your bags and leave for your own country, safe and sound, leaving us to face our horrible fate at the hands of the occupying forces.
  42. Successful arrest and conviction must operate as a deterrent and the State should, within the limits of its undoubtedly constrained resources, seek to deter serious crime by adequate remuneration for the police force; by incentives to improve their training and skill; by augmenting their numbers in key areas; and by facilitating their legitimacy in the perception of the communities in which they work28.
  43. Is not actualizing of the signs of Hour which God has indicated in His Holy Book since fourteen centuries and some, is not this actualization in this time considered as a wonder? Do not the signs of the Hour mentioned in the Holy Qur'an indicate a fact that this Book is one which falsehood can not reach from before or behind? How could God's messenger (cpth) describe this time such accurate description and express it in deterrent comprehensive words? Is not this a miracle?
  44. That the Brady Bill mandating a five-day cooling-off period prior to purchasing a firearm will have an negligible impact on curbing gun-related crimes should be apparent to any clear-minded individual excluding knee-jerk liberals and well-intentioned, muddled-headed individuals who sincerely believe that adding another gun law to the thousands of gun laws already on the books will, in some (uncertain) manner, act as a further deterrent to professional criminals who want to acquire a firearm.
  45. After the usual compliments he announced to him that the suspicions which had arisen of my participation in the plots of the rebels had been proved to be but too well founded, adding that condign punishment as a deterrent should have overtaken me, but that the Tzarina, through consideration for the loyal service and white hairs of my father, had condescended to pardon the criminal son, and, remitting the disgrace-fraught execution, had condemned him to exile for life in the heart of Siberia.

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