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    1. I know that this is not a new argument, but what is “Bravery” when used in the context of terminal il ness? I am unaware of anybody who

    2. Well, what is that getting you? What do you have because of what you are being? Do you have an argument on your hands with

    3. I don’t want you to explain to them the next time you are having an argument, that they are being defensive, being argumentative and being closed minded

    4. I don’t want you to tell them what they are doing wrong and that’s why they are having an argument

    5. On the other side of the argument, a fast-growing cult of vampires has formed a religion around the Wolf, waking up early every evening to watch The Situation Room

    6. They start immediate argument if the other is taking a side different from him

    7. "Yeah, I've heard that one before," he said, didn't believe it then or now, but wasn't going to bother getting into an argument about that with a potential customer

    8. I saw the other candidate and, without wanting to sound big headed, there really was no argument! She was built like a brick privy, as the saying goes!

    9. ‘I suppose you could say I am trying prevent a silly argument becoming something even more ridiculous

    10. ‘I … he … it was a very silly argument

    11. there be this distinction between the sexes, that distinction furnishes the basis of an argument and a reason for the instruction here given

    12. I want to counter his argument with things like loyalty and trust, but I know I have earned neither

    13. Or maybe you are stuck in an argument with your

    14. But alas, my people have been made to African-American adult could rebuke any African-American believe we are simply a race of black men; no longer African; child because we were one community—a village, if you no ethnicities to speak of; no sufficient argument for our will—of displaced Africans; a people still emerging from the humanity

    15. ’ She said, her tone brooking no argument

    16. Both her reaction and my reaction to one another would cause for an argument because we both immaturely understood the situation

    17. JOYCE: And after losing that game, did he not get into an argument with the line judge and call him a "blind son of a bitch"?

    18. Daniel was glad as he didn’t want to get into an argument with Kate over this

    19. Let us then consider the second argument against vegetarianism, that the vegetarian diet is dull and uninteresting

    20. And what of the last argument, I mentioned, that health food shops are expensive markets and eat up the household budget? True in a sense maybe, if you do not bother to learn vegetarian cookery

    21. What of his ideas? What was the argument about? Please

    22. The argument didn’t last long

    23. His heart gave out in the heat of an argument

    24. Some time later mother and father rolled through the door in the middle of a heated argument about the pros and cons of holidays in the sun and gambling trips to Las Vegas

    25. The argument ceased abruptly when the adults saw the mess covering every inch of the kitchen and every last hair on their children’s' heads

    26. prepared to concede the fact that they may lose the argument

    27. Losing the argument means

    28. I can follow his argument about the precision he gains by averaging more samples

    29. As old Ted signed the contract for his new television programme, as the crowds cheered again and again, no one noticed the furious argument taking place between the judges

    30. It’s not that we had an argument, as such, but it comes pretty close

    31. His argument is that I’ve given him a chance to have a day out not only in entertaining company but also in a beautiful part of the country and must therefore allow him to contribute towards the costs

    32. the rest of the argument, Ish and Omi just exchanged stares

    33. On Pani's island I'd grown used to pushing my way forward in crowds, and knew how much tolerance I was allowed in heated argument

    34. ‘You’re doubtless familiar with the concept of love in a religious sense?’ she nods and her brow wrinkles as she tries to see where my argument is going

    35. Maybe he just had an argument with someone

    36. Click here to learn more about Ho‘oponopono and how it was used to turn an argument into a beautiful moment

    37. If he could do it as if it was an intellectual argument and stare her down in the eyes, that would be one thing, but he had just noticed that her robes weren’t quite opaque enough to completely hide the color of her nipples, and he had to bring up his med panel to make sure his hormones were properly set

    38. oldest daughter and I had an argument that Rhett

    39. an argument or a divorce – they will have trapped

    40. "I expect you to surrender because of the logic of the argument, not the pleasure that goes along with it

    41. They had an argument with the Hindu kar sevaks and

    42. middle of a heated argument about the pros and cons of holidays in

    43. argument ceased abruptly when the adults saw the mess covering

    44. Argumentative It is better to dispel an argument than to pointlessly fuel

    45. They got into a heated argument on cell growth and the ability of genes to adapt

    46. Could she be a copy, while her original self continued the argument with Thom and waited the five additional minutes, then claimed she couldn’t feel a thing after all? Might she have already shut that veron store down? Would going back make yet another copy that would have to fight her original for survival, the reunification all over again?

    47. When you and Cordra first moved here, there was an argument about this subject?”

    48. “Shall we hit the water once more while we have this hole in the clouds?” He was already up and walking toward it, Tdeshi’s body excited his ardor even though their conversation had been closer to an argument than seduction

    49. Then I hurt so much that I left without an argument

    50. Petr, ready to counter any argument

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    argument argumentation line line of reasoning logical argument parameter literary argument statement debate arguing contention contestation controversy disceptation disputation tilt reasoning logic proof explanation reason justification fact discussion row quarrel altercation rumpus matter subject theme thesis topic abstract epitome summary