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    1. In US, there is debate on rising healthcare costs

    2. Some CNN interns debate his placid demeanor, saying that perhaps he has “turned to religion

    3. She and Topher used to get high after church and debate spiritual truths, at least before his anxiety got worse and couldn’t leave the house

    4. The tautness I noticed round her eyes when I first saw her has disappeared now … again, I debate how rough the last few weeks have been on this woman

    5. I dump the statement on the work surface and debate whether I shall have a nightcap or not

    6. "None of us here can debate the niceties of genetic code," Haadij Doesshef said

    7. I debate, more as a means of keeping myself awake, whether this journey is better or worse than that one was … coming the conclusion that although this one is cleaner and marginally less stressful, in many ways there is not a lot to choose between them

    8. For a moment I debate whether to visit the loo again, decide I don’t need to and turn to give Gilla a hug

    9. After all, how distant can you be with a man who has wound bandages round your upper leg? We debate whether I should put my stained hosen back on again or not – opting to leave the clean ones for tomorrow … I’ll have to wash this pair out as soon as I get the chance

    10. Alan didn't engage him in debate

    11. She stormed out of the shop closely followed by her coterie of giggling young ladies and once they were all outside in the mall they held a heated debate about The Telephone Man

    12. There was quite a bit of debate about how much helium four condensate there really could be out here

    13. now where shall I look for the blind? Outside the charity shop, I stand and debate where to start

    14. After some heated debate and a slap or two, the youngest and

    15. to debate the merits of the choice made by the politicians of that

    16. We will debate these issues

    17. The debate in the media raged on, as it did around dinner tables

    18. Away from the public eye the debate raged within government

    19. that we have to respect considered debate and responsible protest,

    20. they held a heated debate about The Telephone Man

    21. There was much debate over the last orphan brought in and six of the council members voted for sealing

    22. Whether the external training is integral to the raising of our children in this oddest of new circumstances or not, we will not debate

    23. Unlike their usual topics for debate, the emergence of the random acts of pranks and such had forced their need for action

    24. cheerleading squad, the captain of the debate team, an Illinois State Scholar, a girl

    25. And with that she let the debate continue without her further participation

    26. "That's an odd sort of creature?" Theodorous said, having finally concluded his debate

    27. Ome didn’t care to debate the foundations of his faith with Atomin at the moment, nothing he could say would matter, not now

    28. of Christ", reopens the debate on the main

    29. “Morals – whether certain things are good and others bad – are open to debate, as far as I’m concerned

    30. Of the Gods’ debate on whether

    31. Whether one would actually see one’s loved ones ever again was another debate

    32. “I don’t know and to be honest…I don’t have the stomach for a philo-sophical debate with you right now

    33. However, whilst most physicists agree on the origins of the universe, debate still rages concerning its ultimate fate

    34. Entering into a male versus female debate is counter-productive, as both genders complement one another

    35. The proposal is put up for debate, and the measure is passed without objection

    36. So after years of internal debate I decided to leave

    37. For a few minutes the debate picked up again between the patriot of the new society and the remnant of the old one

    38. What you’ve done is re-open a debate I have had with myself that I thought I’d settled months ago

    39. I have been processing this whole debate for months, years, so you got both barrels

    40. Isabelle interjected herself in the debate that was going nowhere and said

    41. Sebastian was so absorbed in his internal debate he didn’t hear Russell approach

    42. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them

    43. their teaching? Commentators debate the answer and

    44. This was a long and drawn-out debate, which

    45. It did not take long for Captain Hawes to realize that the steamer meant business and that he was in no position to debate the issue

    46. This was a testing time for the sociologists and psychologists, a time of heated debate and argument

    47. “I’ll not debate this with you, Commander

    48. “And there’s still debate

    49. This makes the writing of history rather difficult and the subject of much debate, even hate

    50. Their handlers made their choices for them, so I scooped him up and tossed him into the deep end without any further debate on the matter

    1. My will power in firm control, I had debated whether a long bath or a stimulating shower would be the best course of action so, my priority being to use up time, I opted for the former; taking a book with me, I had spent an hour in the bath up to my ears in hot water and soap bubbles

    2. I have debated with myself several times whether I should ring him but I couldn’t bear it if he hung up on me and there’s no reason for him not to after my jibe about solicitors

    3. The other burning question that we debated time and again was this; where are we? Our original journeys from London had differed, with Menachem moving straight to our previous location rather than being held underground like me

    4. Three Earth years worked their way by while they debated the merits of a national boundary versus integration with the native economy and ignored the iceberg tumbling ever deeper into the brown dwarf's gravity well

    5. A fly hovered above the disordered tresses, analysing and collating the data flooding the atmosphere, another joined it, debated landing but was deterred by a worm of hair borne on the cooler breeze crossing from the nearby seashore

    6. He debated with the devout

    7. JJ and Angie debated for several minutes where this could be but in the end Iain solved the mystery by pulling out an old book of maps …

    8. She pretended to know more than he did about the subject and he jumped in and debated her about methods and theories

    9. I debated whether I should put my arm

    10. I debated whether to place my hand on Govind's hand lying pale on the covers

    11. ‘Yes, I love the bit where he says they debated who would do the research … there’s actually an exclamation mark there

    12. It would have been suicide to go in after him – that sea was wild … but would anyone believe her? Nervously, she debated this with herself, too accustomed to being disbelieved to put any reliance on it

    13. Trying to visualise the map back at the barracks, he debated with himself whether he should go back or try to cut across country to the road he knew had to be running almost parallel to the track he was on

    14. Andy’s memory went into fast rewind as he skimmed over the events of the last few weeks; he debated speedily which bits he could safely put in and which it would be best to leave out

    15. She debated long and hard with herself about going to Kulai’s office as Nightday got late

    16. They debated courses of action and adjourned after assigning committees to pursue investigation of the three solutions they had qualified as possible solutions from the outset two hours earlier

    17. She debated the question for a moment

    18. "No," she shouted pushing against his firm chest, then debated if that was such a good idea, as her heel teetered, on the top step, and finally slid out from under her

    19. Pushing the keys into place, she debated calling from the Cottage

    20. " She looked down expecting the worst, but when not a word fell from his lips, she debated if she’d said the wrong thing

    21. She lowered herself to her knees and debated pulling the box from its hiding spot

    22. Since her knowledge of the scriptures was almost as extensive as Jesus", she often debated Him

    23. Whether these two events happened on the same day, or describes different events altogether is debated by many people; but we will see how the Bible interprets itself on this subject

    24. Amaranthe debated what to tell him

    25. I debated a moment, wondering if this were a corpse partially buried, or a sick man, but as I looked, fancying I could see him breathing, I jumped down and pulled off the cloth

    26. No doubt that racism played a role from the white side too (why is it so hard to admit racism exists under all groups?) Whether the Mau Mau had an independent Kenya as motive is debated but logic tells me it must have been important as being the ultimate freedom

    27. Whether the United States should suspend its forty-three (43) year embargo against Cuba and resume normal trade relations with that country‘s communistic regime is one of the overriding questions presently being debated by our nation‘s political leaders

    28. The Afghanistan War has a far more debated legacy

    29. The cost in lives is heavily debated and not always easy to measure

    30. As of this writing, the treaty is still being debated, with a strong pro war and pro Israel faction in Congress hoping the treaty will fail, looking for an excuse to target Iran with US or Israeli bombing

    31. There was some discussion about the proposed educational funding for veterans that was being debated in Congress

    32. While they ate, whether Colling should return to trade more dollars for zlotys on the following day was debated

    33. This possibility was widely debated not just at General Assembly and Presbytery level but also by Kirk Sessions

    34. Tyrpledge still debated with himself though, whose deaths would it lead to in the end?

    35. The use of oxygen systems for the driver had been debated, but had initially been ruled out for this series, due to the risk of pure oxygen coming into contact with extremely hot computers, electrical power, and all kinds of exotic metals

    36. Colling had debated with himself about the best route to take out of Poland, and decided that he wanted the opinions of Hermann and Elizabeth in reaching a final decision

    37. Colling debated with himself about hailing one of the passing freighters and seeking medical attention for the fisherman

    38. Colling debated whether he should persist in the masquerade

    39. Within those first three hundred years the subject of the plural “Natures of God” were avidly, even violently debated

    40. debated or even read by the Democrat controlled Congress with no Republican votes

    41. ) is a figure whose historical existence is debated; he is one of the most important philosophers of Chinese civilization

    42. “Well,” He debated with mirth, “we’re not on Earth

    43. But no such provision was either debated, or even introduced, at the Philadelphia Convention where the new Constitution was debated and written

    44. No laws would be enacted until their full text had been posted on the Internet and fully debated in Congress

    45. In nature, the mating dance is always accompanied by showing off fertility cues and signals of interest and availability” she debated, “That might have been what we did wrong the first time

    46. She had mentally debated the question for weeks but she was too exhausted to think about it now

    47. Although debated by some, I agree with the many good Bible scholars who say the sons of God referred to in Genesis are fallen angels

    48. mittee has not debated or voted on the draft recommendations

    49. I debated seriously about moving myself to AZ, perhaps Sierra Vista, outside Ft

    50. I debated whether I needed my jacket

    1. debates and the huge, towering hopes that lead all men down to a straw bed

    2. No doubt there were hushed meetings where the trend of its position was noticed even now and debates over who would be first to publish

    3. He tried to remember; revolution, committees and sections, the great debates and the huge, towering hopes that lead all men down to a straw bed

    4. They had been interested in those even though they kept the Kassikan out of the debates swirling around them, in spite of many efforts in the scientific media to get them involved

    5. He debates whether he should re-bandage and it is only the reality that we have nothing else we can use to bandage Berndt’s arm that stops him

    6. Before answering, he debates with himself, razor in hand, and decides he can’t be bothered

    7. of sanitised news reports, of ineffective debates and the inevitable

    8. “Malvern is apart of the Oxford Union, I have followed the publications of their debates for years

    9. way, a game that is watched more than presidential debates on TV, a game that

    10. There were academic debates going on down there over the odds of outgassing asteroids coming to rest in this position while Alan still thought his parents were flesh

    11. of debates, and the laws really useful

    12. inclinations, for which the debates on such theme

    13. topics for debates for the wise and moral law for

    14. their convictions in constructive debates

    15. In the printed debates of the house of commons, not always the most authentic records of truth, I observe, however, that they have been accused of this

    16. This normally leads to arguments, debates and many new versions of the Bible that distort the truth and diverge from the original texts

    17. Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858

    18. Debates on the Russian president’s pre-emptive stance: would the Americans fear the ultimate hostile response enough to back down? Were the words used in his address malevolent or simply uncompromising? His state of mind had also been questioned

    19. at Chevrolets, I didn’t say, “Oh, Chevys stink,” and get into one of those interminable, unwinnable debates over the strengths and

    20. With every flame that jumped high, debates were sparked and our knowledge grew

    21. It is one of the continuous debates amongst us on why you are following the route you are

    22. To classify them into sub sections will lead to academic debates which is useless to us

    23. Democracies can well afford open and passionate debates, but they cannot allow irresponsible leaders who are only interested in the political well-being of the present

    24. Furthermore, he left a very vulnerable trail in the debates

    25. ) He did poorly in the debates

    26. He was clean-cut, intelligent and often the center of lively debates that helped to make regulars of the class of clientele Brian preferred

    27. From what I could hear, that stirred up some pretty heated debates on whether or not that was legal in the state of Tennessee

    28. No more debates: time was up and, appropriately enough, the sky was blackened with dense, dark clouds and the rain fell as a deluge

    29. It seems as though much of the evangelical church has followed the lead of contemporary society in that debates on important issues apparently cannot be carried out unless accompanied by mud-slinging and aggressive insults

    30. ” Charles smiled, “…but both Republicans and Democrats give away more candy after they’re elected than they say they will in those big public debates before the elections

    31. They actually intend to get caught in their silly lies in the big public debates, so that their constituents will know that they deliberately lie…so maybe they are lying about other things they say, like wanting to hold down spending, too

    32. Every process happens without the utilization of the physical money or official coin for all the participators of this Project, such as: benefited people, lacking people, voluntary people, Social Philanthropy Networks, Use Network, Solidary Economy Network, Economy of Communion, Global Ecovillage Network, Red de Trueque Solidario, Ethical Bank, altruistic people’s communities (forum, debates, BBS), Kibbutz, among others

    33. participate of the General Meetings with debates and

    34. debates among its partners and the electronic voting at the

    35. Lynn told me they host monthly debates here, for entertainment, and also hold religious services here once a week

    36. overwhelmed in debates with people about these issues and books sometimes put at the end of the Old Testament

    37. Dried my father’s tears as he mourned his mortal friend who was no more, seen my uncle’s family’s intolerable sorrow at the realisation that their brother, their son would never hold them, laugh with them or have meaningless debates and frivolous discussions with them following that fateful day

    38. Out of their debates came novel ideas and new institutions of government: the American Constitution

    39. Pre-existing internal tensions were exacerbated by debates over the party’s attitude towards American involvement in the war, followed by debates over whether

    40. election administration debates,” launched what it calls the Natural Resources Stewardship Project

    41. ] government’s plans for the country’s foreign and domestic policy…The task is to penetrate into those places where policy is born and developed, where discussions and debates take place, where policy is completed

    42. Events include tests of knowledge, wizardry, and mathematical ability, speeches and interviews before banks of judges, debates between candidates on ethics, administration and diplomacy, individual combat both armed and unarmed, and candidates who are still in contention during the final round of competition are tested in command of troops and naval vessels during war games

    43. There is no explained rationale behind this event of the forming an apocrypha except that they feared what men would say about these books and downgraded these books so 'they made it into a formalised taboo' where you can read these books but not believe them so priests would not be overwhelmed in debates with people about these issues and books sometimes put at the end of the Old Testament

    44. More than once during one of their quiet debates he had turned and looked directly

    45. There were even whispered debates about

    46. hollering debates, because they had nothing on which to hang their hats

    47. And on the matter of our debates, another gem was him trying to convince me that

    48. He watches televised debates about a certain topical issue, and actually takes one side or the other! - even becoming hot under the collar when the opposition view is being expressed

    49. As with most debates, there are two sides to this argument

    50. What more is there to know, oh noble prince?!” The cantankerous younger cousin debates the prince with sarcastic glee

    1. The Inspector looks thoughtful, debating with himself before answering

    2. He pauses for a moment as though debating with himself before answering

    3. I grin at him debating whether I should challenge him for a moment

    4. There is a silence at the other end of the phone and I can almost hear the man debating whether he should say something to me or not

    5. After a thoroughly enjoyable half hour, debating the relative merits of the various plants on offer, I decide to buy a rather nice little Areca palm … small and neat … just right for the middle of the table; I splash out on a pretty pot to stand it in – my reward for having made a good start at The Laurels

    6. The boots paused as though debating this sad lack of forethought

    7. What would Berndt make of that letter? For some minutes, she lay debating what the next course of action should be when the sound of someone moving around in the house spurred her into getting out of bed

    8. Nervously, I hover in the doorway, debating whether to sneak back to my cabin, but he sees me before I can retreat

    9. The sociologists were still debating what the effects on the populace would be if the Kassikan was to announce that this was definitely a visitor of some type

    10. Then he proceeded to enter the great debating chamber in procession with the master of ceremonies

    11. ’ Muttered Alastair, which sets Karen and I off debating whether men ever grow up, accompanied by the affronted comments of the male sections of the company … no-one, but no-one is ever going to believe this evening

    12. debating chamber, “Mickey” Gambol and his advisers from the

    13. proceeded to enter the great debating chamber in procession with

    14. Brent turned around once more and stared at the group debating; then he looked above

    15. There’s an item about the increase in teenage pregnancies which sets us debating: Dave taking the view that education is the way forward and citing Bunty Danvers as a prime case in point

    16. There was no point in debating that with her, he skipped ahead to the point of it all

    17. Drau’d saw the inner struggle within his eyes; as much as he was honor-bound to attend, Brodin also needed to be with his people, at the war-front where his strength and the power of “Hell’s Bane” counted for more than debating the inevitable at the Council

    18. Over the weeks the residents of Dort and other villages congregated at various halls and committee rooms, debating and arguing on the effects of aircraft noise and pollution, Fizzicist was for progress, everybody else was against

    19. In Korinthos and in Athens, scholars were debating reforms that would remove absolute power from the

    20. The most reputed of our scientists are still debating the possibility of time-travel

    21. I ignored it, debating my options

    22. We had been chaotically debating who/what had helped common tomb

    23. The Council held extensive meetings, reviewing and debating the tenets of the Temporal Directive until what seemed to be a loophole allowed the possibility of action

    24. After a few more minutes of debating technical issues, Jhordel dismissed them all

    25. entrance to his quarters, debating with himself

    26. He eyed the cleaning implements with the enthusiasm of a child debating a plate of spinach and liver

    27. “Well,” she said, “I was debating the merits of certain fluids as a means of loosening ropes, but let’s, ah, explore other possibilities first

    28. He was less than five feet from William, debating whether to shoot or offer assistance, when a downpour of water met his feet and splashed up onto his legs

    29. As I stood there debating my options, one of the deputies stuck his head out the door and asked if I needed any help

    30. I believe that wherever possible the church should keep debating difficult issues until a way forward can be found that includes everyone

    31. I’m debating if I’m ready to have a drink without relapsing into my old habits

    32. Debating the issue with your friends

    33. This bathroom did not create an environment where I felt comfortable wondering whether there is an afterlife or not or debating what the meaning of life is, and this, for me, is a shame

    34. “Are you still debating the decision, Reeve?” President Shinra

    35. teachers were debating where to evacuate

    36. He could hear them talking and laughing, debating and discussing

    37. The third revolution of the late eighteenth century took place, not on the battlefield, but in the creative minds of men debating how the thirteen free Colonies of America should go forward

    38. I then started debating if I should stay until she wakes up or leave before she does

    39. I was debating whether to place this topic under

    40. I was debating whether to place this topic under ‘Managing Staff’ or

    41. The rest of the world is adding to their nuclear power and we are still debating what to do

    42. said to deceive, there is no debating that appearances appear the way

    43. More importantly, he spends a significant amount of his time debating these issues with friends, and pontificating about the rights/wrongs of the particular issue in question

    44. This is not some prissy debating society where we can chew the fat on various issues and come away thinking we have had a really interesting little chat

    45. Der had been nominated as debating team leader

    46. We spent the rest of the afternoon debating about what to name the kitten

    47. He was wandering back, debating whether to check the new grass on the bottom field or return to the workshop, when he noticed a column of smoke drifting up from the boundary

    48. The police cars were gaining, so Chris accelerated while debating whether to pull over or not, as he now had the evidence he needed on tape

    49. Matilde raised her chest in a deep breath, debating whether to cut her off or continue

    50. He could see Victor debating whether to tell him or not

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