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  1. Horse domesticate in the Steppes.
  2. They never learned to domesticate the wild zebra.
  3. An era when humans began to grow crops and domesticate animals.
  4. The gravity of corportaenism's self-interest must be to domesticate human culture into institutionalized societies.
  5. The reason civilization was invented was because these undead evil things decided to domesticate and enslave living humans.

  6. These plays set before the men of Athens a morality by which to domesticate and control the savage elements in human nature.
  7. Sara went online and learned that it is important to handle feral cats while they are young in order to train them to be friendly, to domesticate them.
  8. The reason civilization exists is because of undead filth continually trying to domesticate living humans and force them to do what they want which is; kill and destroy all living things on earth.
  9. Thus to be a loving citizen-producer-consumer, to make the impersonal acts of a disembodied organization the personal acts of love, is to strive to enlighten governments and domesticate virtualnisms in caring for the other, e.
  10. At least other cultures had the sense to domesticate their sources of animal and fish protein, so they would not have to worry about starving to death once they killed off all of the wild animals around them and drove them into extinction.
  11. According to what ethic, what morality, can those who commit planetcide be rewarded with another planet to explore, domesticate and exploit? Out of love for other life bearing planets, we cannot allow the wealthy to treat Eartheart as their game nigger to get them a trophy nazi populated only by those who could afford to go, or who were needed by the wealthy to get where they wanted to.
  1. I have some experience in domesticating animals, thanks to my friend.
  2. When humans began domesticating animals and creating cities; they created a growth-dynamic that kills everything else in its civilized area and around it.
  3. On demand, iNstant Transcendence is a transitory suffocation-defying, fantASy anti-gravity ride with the temporary vacating exhilaration of exotic places, never staying, falling back, reeled by cultural behavior ruling the symmetry breaks and anomalous transformations domesticating us to the brochured expectation of being liberated without lifting a finger to stop the slave train of consciousness chained to iT's sole purpose: ilikenment.
  4. Where do you think this practice of domestication came from, eh? Humans domesticating other species like pigs, dogs, chickens, goats, sheep, etc was only a subconscious projection of their own state of existence: their own condition, a symptom of how they had been totally domesticated by undead things: how all the wildness and courage and honesty and truth of their true beings had been systematically poisoned to such a foul level and degree… that they had become programmed and brainwashed into being domesticated slaves for the use and convenience of the undead things that surrounded them and infiltrate and poisoned and violated them day and night.
  1. Look at the eyes of domesticated cows.
  2. Remember that a domesticated horse is.
  3. Our ancestors have domesticated them.
  4. Domesticated horses that have lived in.
  5. There were also herds of domesticated.
  6. Modern day Dingoes are not domesticated.
  7. Horses were first domesticated 5 thousand years ago.
  8. By now, most of them had been domesticated, but she.
  9. Dingoes were once domesticated but their ancestors later.
  10. Domesticated cats and dogs have often been referred to as.
  11. Domesticated cats and dogs have been taken along by their.
  12. Chickens were first domesticated 9,000 years ago in China.
  13. The Marbled Cat is roughly the size of a domesticated cat.
  14. It's sad that many domesticated animals lose their natural.
  15. Finally, we have a dog: the domesticated version of the wolf.
  17. Sure, especially the ones that aren’t overly domesticated.
  18. Domesticated dogs come in all shapes, sizes, coats, duties and.
  19. This was perhaps the first dog breed to be domesticated in the.
  20. Creating the ugliest domesticated bird ever raised in captivity.
  21. Khao Java Birds are the favourite domesticated bird in the south.
  22. However, we are not listed, nor are our domesticated Five Friends.
  23. If he wants me to be domesticated then he should buy me a cow bel.
  24. Some of the animals that had never been domesticated were soon being.
  25. As for the breeds in captivity: all of the domesticated slave breeds:.
  26. They erect fences, they cut down trees, they plant domesticated grass.
  27. After children are "domesticated" they will self-brainwash from then on.
  28. Pallas, on the fertility of the domesticated descendants of wild stocks.
  29. The sounds of a domesticated duck are gratingly loud and ugly and coarse.
  30. But we've retarded 'em by not using 'em in the ways they're domesticated for.
  31. Because they only knew how to live like domesticated oxen, pigs, sheep, cattle.
  32. Some historians claim that cattle were the first animals domesticated by humans.
  33. How old is the practice of decapitation? At least as old as domesticated chickens.
  34. This has led to the extinction of countless varieties of domesticated food plants.
  35. She was a country girl of seventeen who knew little about life or being domesticated.
  36. Before being domesticated, there weren’t nearly so many kinds of wild dogs and cats.
  37. How did it ever even become domesticated in the first place? Because it was easily portable.
  38. Their weaponry is at a level two, and their only source of mobility is domesticated animals.
  39. I never pictured you as the domesticated type, Sarah Proud was standing in the doorway.
  40. Because we tried to use tools to turn that wild, natural Paradise into a domesticated Garden.
  41. A pet is more than a domesticated animal; a pet is the enslavement of the domesticated creature.
  42. Ah, yes, said the wolf, snickering loudly, you domesticated scum enjoy eating table scraps.
  43. The domesticated cat is small and is more aesthetically proportioned and more aesthetically beautiful.
  44. Archaeologists in Peru have found domesticated avocado seeds buried with Incan mummies dating back to 750 B.
  45. Ruksar was a part of the family, she’s helped Auntie with the cooking and all the other domesticated chores.
  46. Then after millennia beyond thinking they domesticated some animals so that they lived with their food supply.
  47. He may be the least practical of men according to Jake, but he is domesticated and considerate into the bargain.
  48. One of the most blatant miscarriages of duplication so far in biogenetics has been the loss of domesticated plant species.
  49. They do not, unfortunately, perform a religious service involving dunking a polymer artificial domesticated fowl in water.
  50. The cat represents that part that is animal and wild that allows itself to be only partially domesticated with much effort.
  51. We see the same process of extermination among our domesticated productions, through the selection of improved forms by man.
  52. The anonymous driving of dumbed-down domesticated cattle to market for the purpose of mass slaughter… What a romantic idea.
  53. Besides, if it was to escape, because it was domesticated, it would surely not survive without the assistance of a 9-year-old boy.
  54. Okay, she didn’t really want to fall pregnant – she was still enjoying life and was not planning on becoming domesticated yet.
  55. Salines or licks are found in many places, where animals also, both wild and domesticated, resort in great numbers to drink the waters.
  56. It did not escape Man’s notice that the animals that he domesticated unknowingly sacrificed their young toward the benefit of his existence.
  57. This does not occur, or only in a very slight degree, with our domesticated productions, which have long been exposed to fluctuating conditions.
  58. He did not know how to raise a child and he did not have a family of his own, but in his village there was a family which owned domesticated cattle.
  59. According to our experience, abrupt and strongly marked variations occur in our domesticated productions, singly and at rather long intervals of time.
  60. Count Bournon, one of those loyal French exiles, who found a home in England, during the storm of the French revolution, was almost domesticated at Mr.
  61. There were plenty of other species around the place to entertain her, though not many of them were what one usually thought of as domesticated species.
  62. This book is written so you the reader will become aware of how you have been used and poisoned and domesticated into subservience by these undead things.
  63. Then you get the destruction of nearly every eco-system by over-populating it with domesticated animals to feed this meat addiction to overpopulated humans.
  64. With our domesticated animals, the various races when crossed together are quite fertile; yet in many cases they are descended from two or more wild species.
  65. The dog is a domesticated animal; it has been enslaved and used and abused for so long: it has lost all of its natural intelligence and natural independence.
  66. And here they were at Engaruka; Mycenean structures he recognised immediately as terraces and shelters for the protection of domesticated plants and animals.
  67. They had no animals, save for a few wild kittens that may or may not have been of domesticated descent, and they had not an ounce of electricity within their life.
  68. Like household dogs they came snuffling round us, right up to our gunwales, and touching them; till it almost seemed that some spell had suddenly domesticated them.
  69. How old is this word? It is as old as the slavery of bondship that humans first created when we first enslaved each other, and other animals, and domesticated them.
  70. It was imported here from Siberia at the beginning of the 20th century; it is a domesticated animal, and must not be confused with its wild, indigenous relative, the caribou.
  71. With the different species of our domesticated animals we know that the parts vary in a different manner and degree, and that some species are much more variable than others.
  72. Trying to make that piece of earth as uninteresting and boring as possible so that people will ignore it as much as possible and not focus on our domesticated plots of nature.
  73. Resulting in a sickly pus-white flesh almost as sickly white as the domesticated chicken that took thousands of years to be bred into its present state of unhealthy white flesh.
  74. You the reader of this book now have your chance to create new ways of living by touching living creature and making friends with all living creatures: not just your domesticated pets.
  75. The clarity of Siri’s simple Maasai understanding of the finality of death had brought some insight into her domesticated misunderstanding of the true value of living for the moment.
  76. The earliest domesticated rodent is the guinea pig or South American cavy (Cavia porcellus), which was first bred and maintained as a food animal in the Andes as long ago as 5000 bc.
  77. After dinner, the kids went off to do their own thing and Gary insisted on helping with the washing up, saying that he was fully domesticated and proceeding to demonstrate that very effectively.
  78. Then they build dead artificial things called houses onto that sacred acre of earth and put artificial domesticated grass and artificial domesticated tress and plants on that sacred acre of earth.
  79. Ultimately, facing the reality of time’s drip southwards, and the sharp scythe wielded by the grim reaper of domesticated animals, the couple found solace in their passionate love for one another.
  80. But oh, the horror of it: if they are ever forced to raise and eat domesticated chickens instead of killing and shooting wild animals that they never had to raise one finger to raise or feed or care for.
  81. When Meme returned, her parents had made an agree-ment that not only would the girl think that Aureliano Segundo was still a domesticated husband but also that she would not notice the sadness of the house.
  82. Duncan, who knew that the animal was often domesticated among the Indians, followed the example of his companion, believing that some favorite of the tribe had found its way into the thicket, in search of food.
  83. To see something else was an anomaly—unless you made an excursion to the local zoo—besides the many dogs, cats, and other domesticated pets that had been acculturated to our human lifestyle over the years.
  84. As Greek intelligence and objectivity had grown through the centuries, the gods lost their air of mystery by being domesticated; they were subjected to limited roles and their capabilities more precisely defined.
  85. The conflicting land-use needs of nomadic peoples—followers of wild, then gradually domesticated, herds—and members of more settled communities have created a friction between them that has had a long tradition.
  86. Thus, as I believe, we can understand why, with domesticated animals, varieties have not been produced which are mutually sterile; and why with plants only a few such cases, immediately to be given, have been observed.
  87. These fetishnistas have domesticated us into security range chickens eating parasites out of the rich woman's vomit – blind worms, obedient to their nature, composting the steaming piles of the greedy man's consumption.
  88. On the other hand, the lush vegetation reminds us that the Hero's vitality is the force of life itself, striving to preserve and propagate itself and its kind, for Mars also fortifies and protects domesticated plants and animals.
  89. Other forest areas may be non-contiguous or disunited, further disrupting lemur habitats and opening up the door to the introduction of invasive animal and plant species, sudden close proximity to domesticated animals, and new diseases.
  90. From the moment that I had come in contact with the red inhabitants of Mars I had noticed that Woola drew a great amount of unwelcome attention to me, since the huge brute belonged to a species which is never domesticated by the red men.
  91. If humans had never domesticated animals in the first place… if we had never built cities in the first place… if our numbers had never swollen into the billions in the first place… then we would have almost no illnesses to worry about.
  92. Pulling into a village of little distinction, we failed to appreciate the full, Rousseau-esque rural charm of the decaying rustic timbered frame houses and manky collection of domesticated animals occupying a perfectly good spot for a hotel.
  93. But as species are more variable when domesticated or cultivated than under their natural conditions, it is not probable that such great and abrupt variations have often occurred under nature, as are known occasionally to arise under domestication.
  94. What kind of eyes do you want to have? Sparkling eyes? Or dull eyes? The eyes of a domesticated animal that has no interest in the beauty around it? What is more beautiful? The sound of a bird singing, or a duck quacking? Wild birdcalls are beautiful.
  95. This is what I needed, this foul smelling house of fowls, loud and frantic, scared and timid, wild beasts in a cage (if beasts were corner dwellers and chicken shits), they were family; as domesticated (or undomesticated) as my own — they were family.
  96. What if Christian had not brought pigs and domesticated animals onto Pitcairn Island? What if they had become vegetarians? Then they would have been the first healthy vegetarian community ever to succeed without being corrupted by an outer civilization.
  97. The evil of exclusive love and exclusivity creates misery and unhappiness, loneliness: it creates mindless domesticated slaves and idiot/masters who do not know how to take care of themselves: never mind the domesticated slaves they think they ‘own’.
  98. Now domesticated turkeys have red-blue gizzards and heads… Showing their bright-red color of veins returning to the heart… because their skins are so thin, and transparent, that you can puncture a turkey’s skin with your finger as easily as a balloon.
  99. What has mass breeding and mass slaughter done to domesticated turkeys? It has produced White-feathered Birds with Red, and Blue heads and necks: breeding all the wildness out of them; which is exactly what has been done to the American people and to the American flag.
  100. He had the reputation of being a clever man, had been there some three months waiting for his trial to come on, and would have to wait as much longer; but he was quite domesticated and contented, since he got his board for nothing, and thought that he was well treated.
  1. Thus, willfully evolving a pause of empathetic understanding pacifies anger or fear into indifference, domesticates it into mutual habitation, and eventually creates, via face to face daily interaction, a collective acceptance of others'.
  2. For once Techine has harnessed the energy of the planet – wind, solar, thermal, hydro – becoming a Type I technelization, won't its imagination be captured by the engineering feats required to become a Type II technelization: consuming all the sun's energy in its Sherman-marching manifest ideal of transforming into a Type III technelization taming the energy fields of the solar system to become truly immortal as it wonders with an epicurean hunger if it could consume the galaxy, then the universe, what glories might its poly-reality produce? Is Techine topographically unbounded, whereas the universe, if not multi-parallel, has only linear expansion? Will techno-growth be the god that domesticates the multiverse's energy potential, converting its forces to power Techine's Ideal Dream into being? Is the teleological end of dark, white, shadow, pale and gray energy to be an everlasting battery for a galaxy-wide Cosmic Mind to fuel its incessant quest to create for its own amusement and edification? Is Game's End for energy a cosmic CAFO to power the pleasure of the final techine gamer?

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