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Frasi con chill (in inglese)

  1. I got a cold chill.
  2. It was like a chill.
  3. An icy chill hit her.
  4. A chill crept over me.
  5. Chill 2 hours to set.

  6. Chill for a few hours.
  7. A chill ran through me.
  8. A chill spread over us.
  9. A chill washed over me.
  10. Ha ha, ok ok, chill.
  11. It gave Ingrid a chill.
  12. A chill swept the room.
  13. Chill at least 4 hours.
  14. A chill ran through Max.
  15. A cold chill gripped me.

  16. There was a cold chill.
  17. A chill ran up his spine.
  18. It was more than a chill.
  19. A cold chill to the skin.
  20. The night air was chill.
  21. Just chill out, I guess.
  22. A chill shot through her.
  23. Chill came off the water.
  24. A chill went through her.
  25. You need to chill out.

  26. A chill sliced through me.
  27. Chill 4 hours or until set.
  28. A chill courses through me.
  29. A chill ran down his back.
  30. A chill crept up my spine.
  31. A chill bolted up her arm.
  32. I got this, just chill.
  33. A chill shot down my spine.
  34. A chill slid down his back.
  35. My life is chill these days.
  36. But chill out, you muppets.
  37. Chill for 2 to 4 hours or.
  38. A chill ran down his spine.
  39. Chill until ready to serve.
  40. Chill out now no cat fights.
  41. A chill went down her spine.
  42. Turn in the cream and chill.
  43. The chill I’m feeling is.
  44. Cover and chill for 2 hours.
  45. He told me about the chill.
  46. She’s the chill out queen.
  47. There was a noticeable chill.
  48. It gave him a kind of chill.
  49. A chill moved down her back.
  50. I knew I had to chill.
  51. There is a chill in the air.
  52. A chill shivered through him.
  53. There was a chill in the air.
  54. The day was chill and sombre.
  55. Chill 3 hours before serving.
  56. A chill crawled up his spine.
  57. Tani: ok ok take a chill pill.
  58. A chill ran up Petra’s spine.
  59. With the name, a chill entered.
  60. This chill is too encompassing.
  61. A cold chill coursed her body.
  62. The chill spread down my back.
  63. A chill swept through the air.
  64. The chill wind eased the pain.
  65. A chill went through her spine.
  66. A cold chill ran up his spine.
  67. Calmly he says, Chill, bros.
  68. Sitting up, he sensed a chill.
  69. A distinct chill pervaded the.
  70. Chill pie for 25 to 30 minutes.
  71. A cold chill crept up his spine.
  72. The purple sky, the fresh chill.
  73. But now! The two chill tears.
  74. Allow to chill in refrigerator.
  75. For now, I guess we just chill.
  76. Chill 8-12 hours before serving.
  77. The air had grown quickly chill.
  78. Chill in refrigerator for 1 hour.
  79. And then a chill runs through me.
  80. A bitter chill came into the air.
  81. A cold chill passed through him.
  82. Winter rains will chill the air.
  83. It was a chill September morning.
  84. Jesus, Nikki, chill the hell out.
  85. Chill in refrigerator 15 minutes.
  86. An uneasy chill washed over Mike.
  87. An early evening chill crept in.
  88. The air had a sudden chill to it.
  89. Her calves were pleasantly chill.
  90. Chill and garnish with scallions.
  91. The pervert world with icy chill.
  92. Chill air sweeps through the car.
  93. Now just chill; we need to think.
  94. Chill covered 24 hours to harden.
  95. Chill several hours or overnight.
  96. Chill until chocolate is hardened.
  97. Cool; chill about 5 hours before.
  98. She had a deep chill in her bones.
  99. I’ll just chill out,’ he said.
  100. The chill flowers fell on her neck.
  1. Then came a chilling scream.
  2. A wail - soft but chilling.
  3. It was the chilling way he.
  4. It was really quite chilling.
  5. Cameron was just chilling out.
  6. It was a chilling observation.
  7. It caused this chilling cold.
  8. It is very chilling outside.
  9. He felt a cold, chilling shiver.
  10. It was a spine- chilling sound!.
  11. He displayed a chilling lack of.
  12. The patience of it is chilling.
  13. Chilling indeed were these thoughts.
  14. Chilling with their new boyfriends.
  15. But Fate and the Lady were chilling.
  16. Muddy footprints told a chilling tale.
  18. The man’s reply was slightly chilling.
  19. The rain fell heavily, chilling the air.
  20. A bone chilling scream, followed by sobs.
  21. The calm of his voice was almost chilling.
  22. Dread swept through Eric, hot and chilling.
  23. Chilling words from Hanor struck them cold.
  24. But then Thomas saw the most chilling part.
  25. He heard a chilling rumbling sound outside.
  26. Morse looked at the next chilling quatrain:.
  27. Fred’s last words to the group were chilling.
  28. As a chilling reminder of why I do what I do.
  29. He’d always found it chilling, not thrilling.
  30. They flare and begin to emit a chilling chime.
  31. It was a chilling thing, to see iron in such.
  32. A chilling hand seemed to reach up in here.
  33. He only smiled, his eyes chilling and invasive.
  34. That thought brought a chilling sense of peril.
  35. He rolled them up, his fingers chilling quickly.
  36. Total Time: 2 1/2 hours (includes chilling time).
  37. The terror ebbed, but she was left with chilling.
  38. Those were the first chilling words that we heard.
  39. There was a silence, following by slow, chilling.
  40. The wind found the holes in my sweater, chilling me.
  41. Oberon watched with narrow eyes and a chilling smile.
  42. It was slightly chilling to think he could have been.
  43. My Experian credit report was still chilling out on a.
  44. It requires chilling, but can be made in about 5 minutes.
  45. Although this is chilling to watch, it is only when the.
  46. The Heavenly Goose Priest eyes were chilling and piercing.
  47. We was chilling in the lobby until I seen her bestie Erica.
  48. And, on cue, the chilling caw of a crow shatters the peace.
  49. The sea mis licked at them, chilling them, smothering them.
  50. The truth then struck her squarely in the face, chilling her.
  51. If there is not time for refrigerating or chilling the soup.
  52. The prognosis was chilling: Fred could expect to live only.
  53. Ahead of him and to his left a chilling sight was unfolding.
  54. She was dark as the grave and the memory of her is chilling.
  55. Oh, God! What chilling treachery doth armor fear in trickery.
  56. He suddenly had a chilling thought, which stopped him in his.
  57. The doctor mused, Luise, a chilling wind is blowing across.
  58. I sat on my horse, watching, feeling the icy blast chilling me.
  59. But the merriment of the Fontaine boys, a chilling brought him.
  60. We found Taisei and Kurumi chilling out at the gate to the shrine.
  61. She and that Danfeng Ye Qiubai trained under that chilling cold.
  62. There was the chilling click of another revolver being cocked near.
  63. There was a chilling cold laugh coming from within the woods and Mei.
  64. I recognized a chilling sight as something large and black was thrown.
  65. Isn’t it a bit chilling with Vaselly looking over your shoulder?’.
  66. It made a chilling screeching sound as it pounced straight for my throat.
  67. What the fuck you think Im doing in here, chilling? What kind of dumb.
  68. I gave him my most chilling smile as I tipped the corner of my hat to him.
  69. The serpent slithered closer, and a chilling sense of dread swept over me.
  70. Sun Zhongyu coldly laughed and he used the most chilling manner to say to.
  71. Suddenly a thin young swordsman drawn his sword and it emitted a chilling.
  72. But at that point of realisation, a more chilling thought occurred to him.
  73. It was chilling to read how casually these supplements were discussed.
  74. Just as he spoke, there came another chilling war-chant from the road ahead.
  75. The story was chilling, he and his accomplish were robbing the tourist’s.
  76. The thought was chilling and despite the warm sunshine I was almost shivering.
  77. Weinberg: 'Nice to see these guys chilling out for a change,' Is he from the.
  78. His final chilling thoughts on the subject were that it could be a deliberate.
  79. With those chilling words of caution, the two companions ventured ever deeper.
  80. The priest felt a chilling feeling entered into his bones and a flash of light.
  81. Apparently, he’s chilling out in Goa with his wife and mistress for the week.
  82. Chilling, another ear-splitting cry shook them as it heaved as if preparing to.
  83. That such a chilling effect might be extensively exerted, is certainly credible.
  84. Kris the same chilling story she told Ralph Roberts about her near suicidal leap.
  85. What do you think will happen to those Souls? Bane asked, his own chilling.
  86. However, accounts of spoken recollections bore this out as the chilling evidence.
  87. It was a realization so cold and chilling that he shivered inside his flight suit.
  88. As we sat, we heard that sound, the awesome and chilling sound of the Pictish war-cry.
  89. The wryly chilling thought brought on a crawling feeling up the back of his neck as.
  90. For the moment, Will's admiration was accompanied with a chilling sense of remoteness.
  91. This carried on in detail for another 30 minutes and finished with a chilling warning.
  92. The reply came in a whisper, soft and chilling as the rustle of leaves in a graveyard.
  93. Cold oils slid along his veins, chilling his blood: age crusting him with a salt cloak.
  94. Sir… The mention of her old friend in such a chilling context disarmed the Nord.
  95. Floodgates opening, cramps of fear in his stomach shot up to his heart like a chilling.
  96. After chilling out for a few days, I was ordered back to Baghdad to work with GROM again.
  97. Instant Chilling Out: Inhale for 3-5 seconds then exhale for 3-5 seconds through your nose.
  98. Celia turned anguished eyes on us both and said with chilling intensity, „Not someone –.
  99. Several phrases beginning with the chilling words: We’ll be getting rid of this place soon.
  100. The squall that erupted from the creatures was chilling; it rang with determination and hunger.
  1. I was chilled with fear.
  2. All of my senses chilled.
  3. It chilled them with fear.
  4. The thought made me chilled.
  5. He felt chilled at the thought.
  6. Hot kisses against chilled skin.
  7. Add the cream when well chilled.
  8. Chilled red? You might well ask.
  9. The cool bars chilled his cheeks.
  10. Serve with chilled fruit mixture.
  11. The sight chilled him to the bone.
  12. The thought chilled her own blood.
  13. Dot with pieces of chilled butter.
  14. It tickled and she chilled lightly.
  15. The breeze off the sea chilled her.
  16. Serve at once in tall, chilled glass.
  17. He sleeps alone, chilled to the bone.
  18. His absence left her feeling chilled.
  19. You want the melon to be very chilled.
  20. The damp ground chilled his bare feet.
  21. Serve chilled, with a little cayenne.
  22. Below: The new Chilled Water Plant at.
  23. He was weary, sweating and yet chilled.
  24. But this cool indifference chilled her.
  25. And warm the hands that age has chilled.
  26. Got some Heineken all chilled for you.
  27. It’s not chilled, and it tastes sweet.
  28. The wine was chilled just to the right.
  29. The air of the room chilled his shoulders.
  30. His was feeling chilled, and not his best.
  31. The look she gave me chilled me to the bone.
  32. She, bewildered, then chilled and shivered.
  33. Nangong Ping felt chilled the more he heard.
  34. I was sweating and chilled at the same time.
  35. Everyone’s hearts chilled when they saw it.
  36. I was tired and thirsty, hungry and chilled.
  37. What he told me next chilled me to the bone.
  38. Despite of chilled atmosphere she doesn’t.
  39. The morning hour was very chilled and dulcet.
  40. It chilled my feet that were below the thin.
  41. My clothes were soaked and I was chilled to.
  42. She was chilled and disheartened and desperate.
  43. She felt herself absolutely chilled with terror.
  44. This time is was not from the cold, she chilled.
  45. The contempt in his voice chilled the night air.
  46. Her next words chilled the smile from his face.
  47. Then, as cold as the air, his veins were chilled.
  48. The sight of a sword or a gun chilled his blood.
  49. I felt chilled and I started to sweat profusely.
  50. There was something in them that chilled the air.
  51. But Nikita though chilled through was still alive.
  52. Place dip in a bowl and place on a chilled platter.
  53. It was late, the moon was setting and I was chilled.
  54. Caleb's emotionless face chilled Holly to the bone.
  55. The chilled record sun above the grove, the Falls?
  56. She finally got home at 7:00 PM, chilled to the core.
  57. He was so blithe about his murders her blood chilled.
  58. He was chilled to the bone and hungry; and his head.
  59. A blast of fear like a winter wind chilled his skin.
  60. They felt chilled as by the breath of a death's-head.
  61. Pour into a chilled champagne glass and serve at once.
  62. I was starved and chilled and did not know what to do.
  63. The voice chilled my bones as I slowly opened my eyes.
  64. Once chilled place the melon and the milk in a blender.
  65. He closed his eyes and stretched his chilled stiff body.
  66. What was happening? My body chilled with an icy shiver.
  67. Roll a small amount at a time, keeping the rest chilled.
  68. Morning came dark, and a chilled rain came pissing down.
  69. Place 1 cup each arugula on 4 chilled individual plates.
  70. But to send you … Her heart chilled at the thought.
  71. Thompson waited a moment, suddenly chilled to his marrow.
  72. The blast of cold air chilled her as she hit the street.
  73. Tony chilled in his recliner nursing an Old Crow tumbler.
  74. The fact he was aware of this had me chilled to the bone.
  75. We cracked open cans of chilled lager, sat on threadbare.
  76. He turned and studied my eyes with a look that chilled me.
  77. Then she heard a wailing, and it chilled her to the bone.
  78. Sparky nodded slightly and took a sip of his chilled wine.
  79. A thought occurred to Zarek and his mind chilled instantly.
  80. The clear sky was a cutting blue, an empty chilled expanse.
  81. Five thousand spectators, with chilled spines, looked upon.
  82. Once their bodies warmed the water, they felt less chilled.
  83. It kept the harbor road muddy, and chilled the evening air.
  84. Even after lunch, Pete was still chilled through to the bone.
  85. That first night we chilled out in the rooftop bar, all the.
  86. A strong breeze blew up and chilled the sweat on their faces.
  87. I chilled cold again, looked deep into his steel-green eyes.
  88. Therese’s appetite left her, and she sat chilled and afraid.
  89. Serve cold on chilled plates with chocolate sauce, if desired.
  90. Chilled water for cooling (cold WFI drops and WFI generation).
  91. Terry chilled and things went pretty well till the explosion.
  92. In another bowl beat in chilled whipping cream to stiff peaks.
  93. I waited half an hour, chilled to the bone, for another train.
  94. They packed up as quickly as their chilled fingers would work.
  95. Are you chilled? I asked this as I trembled with my need.
  96. Each scream brought me a sense of satisfaction that chilled me.
  97. What Carius heard from the man chilled him through and through.
  98. There was a breeze coming in the window and it chilled my skin.
  99. Jeremy wrapped his thin, moth-eaten blanket around his chilled.
  100. His lungs burned as he ran through the chilled air and he was.
  1. It gave me the chills.
  2. I have chills all over.
  3. A fatal truth that chills.
  4. Chills ran down her spine.
  5. But he gave me the chills.
  6. Cold chills or hot flushes.
  7. His smile gave me the chills.
  8. We have INTERNAL CHILLS also.
  9. It really gave me the chills.
  10. Wind chills in excess of 10.
  11. Those words gave me the chills.
  12. Cold chills move around his body.
  13. November chills and watery winds.
  14. Just looking at it gave me chills.
  15. The look on Jada’s face chills me.
  16. That sent chills down my spine.
  17. Looking at her sent chills up my back.
  18. Now let us have 5 chills on all 5 sides.
  19. What is talked about is EXTERNAL CHILLS.
  20. Chills rose to the surface of her flesh.
  21. Chills were going up and down your spine.
  22. A wave of chills raced up his arm as his.
  23. Just being around him gives me the chills.
  24. And that thought was enough to draw chills.
  25. Cold wind chills the atmosphere, condensing.
  26. It gives me the chills when he’s like that.
  27. Still the looks sent chills down through her.
  28. She experienced chills along with gooseflesh.
  29. The warmth of the oven sends chills through me.
  30. It is shaking with chills from Maine to Mexico.
  31. But then I got chills, though my room was warm.
  32. But damn, man, that thing gives me the chills.
  33. By using Chills ,heat extraction rate is hastened.
  34. The driver chills, as two guards enter, bag, and.
  35. The mention of it'sname sent chills down her spine.
  36. The determined look in his eyes gave me the chills.
  37. It usually was which just sent chills down my spine.
  38. It gave me the chills to know that she was now dead.
  39. But he would have to shake off those chills for now.
  40. Chills and even shorter breath ensued - then a voice.
  41. The clinking of them sent chills down Kevin’s spine.
  42. A cry sounded above them that sent chills over her skin.
  43. Chills ran up Kent’s spine knowing how exposed he was.
  44. And it triggered chills up and down the Breton’s back.
  45. Eynochia… He whispered, sending chills up her arms.
  46. The Chills used should be of same thickness as the Casting.
  47. From these dead clods and chills as from low burial graves.
  48. The chills went deeper than just what the dew had given her.
  49. Chills creeping up his spine, he slowly lowered the blanket.
  50. He moved down on her, sending chills of dread along her back.
  51. The malevolence in those eerie eyes still gave me the chills.
  52. Chills went down my spine as I read what the other door said.
  53. Was that the murderer driving? The thought gave Sunday chills.
  54. She was shaking, she had chills, she looked very very sick.
  55. Feelings of disbelief and cold chills go up and down his spine.
  56. Recollections of her savior at the Talos shrine wrought chills.
  57. Peter cried out, sending chills up the spines of many onlookers.
  58. The heat inside the house had turned her chills to perspiration.
  59. I got the chills even though I wasn't feeling the cold anymore.
  60. Raven’s stomach tightened and he felt chills all over his body.
  61. I feel chills running up and down and it’s not because of the.
  62. It is the cold which chills the creeks, the wind, and our bodies.
  63. The squeaking of the wheels sends chills down the men’s spines.
  64. But bringing up Jahna, even in that teasing mode, gave me chills.
  65. He had chills across his arms as his fingers grazed over her skin.
  66. PRECAUTION : While using METALLIC CHILLS ensure that they are clean.
  67. The thought of warm food and icy drink gave her chills and new hope.
  68. Chills ran down my spine as if someone poured ice water all over me.
  69. She had the chills again, but improved, I’d say, as long as she.
  70. Elizabeth’s speech was starting to send chills down Kevin’s spine.
  71. And yet the idea of a neuron that ceases to branch chills me a little.
  72. He stroked his fingers over hers and the touch sent chills trough her.
  73. What I later learned gave me chills though – I had stopped breathing.
  74. The phenom-enon yielded a hazy half-light that gave him unusual chills.
  75. The voice was warm in its quality, but it always sent chills through me.
  76. Really? So you’ve never seen anything here that gave you chills?
  77. His chills started at the gas pedal and snaked their way up his right leg.
  78. It soon got going and took away the chills that were gathering around her.
  79. It still gives me the chills, and I’ve probably read it a hundred times.
  80. His warm breath sent chills across her scalp and down the nape of her neck.
  81. Christian howls with such animalistic, inhuman fury that it chills my blood.
  82. There was something eerie in the atmosphere that sent chills down my spine.
  83. Persephone massaged her scalp, sending chills down Therese’s neck and back.
  84. But in a second, the man’s angry look sweeps the room and chills the mood.
  85. The rain came down a little harder now, sending chills down Therese’s back.
  86. His calm tone chills me to the bone when he tells his soldiers: Seize her.
  87. Jon frowned and mumbled something about Sinbad the Sailor and catching chills.
  88. She was cold, like kissing a leather couch and her body gave Gary the chills.
  89. I still got chills when I remembered his talk at Tasha Catchings’s funeral.
  90. He became feverish, and then seemed to have chills that no fire could relieve.
  91. Still gives me the chills thinkin’ I might have gone through the Changing.
  92. We urge you not to skip this step even if the word spreadsheet gives you chills.
  93. Pretty soon she made the cold chills streak all down my back, because she says:.
  94. His mind interprets the signals as brain freezes and cold chills around his body.
  95. Kay heard the faint thwuck of the dart gun and intuition crept chills up her spine.
  96. If we put chills in the sides, they lose the contact as the casting shrinks, so the.
  97. Her felt her heated and wet tongue slide in and out his mouth giving him warm chills.
  98. The cool touch of his hand in the darkening day sent chills up my arm and I shivered.
  99. And the smell: the air is ripe with leafy aromas, and a steady breeze chills my skin.
  100. Now, the chills lessened, starting at his feet and going right through his shoulders.

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