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Frasi con march (in inglese)

  1. It was now March 2001.
  2. From March to May Mrs.
  3. And on March 31, the.
  4. It had to be March 28.
  5. On 4 March 1977 at 3 a.

  6. It was March 17th, St.
  7. Have a great March :).
  8. But it is the March fly.
  9. That was in March 1918.
  10. Look at that march, I.
  11. June 1981 and March 1983.
  12. They are filed in March.
  13. In March, prior to his.
  14. March began to thank Mr.
  15. Address on March 4, 1865.

  16. March, you drive the car.
  18. On March 15, 1863, the J.
  19. Show him how to march.
  20. This was held on March 8.
  21. The Warrior on the March.
  22. He’d gone home in March.
  23. On March 18th, 2010, the.
  24. He died on March 19, 1976.
  25. It was early March of 1977.

  26. On March 12, 2009, the Dr.
  27. The first week of March.
  28. Education on 2 4 March 1976.
  29. Yet, on March 17, 2000, Mr.
  30. Before you march forth to.
  31. March was when she knew it.
  33. When will the army march?
  34. The date is March 30, 1981.
  35. The March of the Wild Host.
  36. Happened on March 17, 1994.
  37. The Father of the March.
  38. Say the ex-date is 21 March.
  39. March had advised the plan.
  40. Today in History: March 15.
  41. March, with an anxious look.
  42. March could not help smiling.
  43. Waisman, died in March 1971.
  44. By March of 2125 The trees.
  45. The march of the damned to.
  46. Or losing to a Mad March Hare.
  47. Chapter 7: The March Chapter.
  48. In March, Phil was taken away.
  49. It was on March 21st in 2007.
  50. Behind him march the soldiers.
  51. He learned much on the march.
  52. Bao-Yu died on March 6th 2014.
  53. The time fixed was March 1st.
  54. To march upon this open field.
  55. The March of the Imperialists.
  56. He was whistling an old march.
  57. A good lively march is often.
  58. In the March of the year 630 (C.
  59. All this changed again in March.
  60. On the sixth of March, Captain.
  61. March afar off, and shot within.
  62. March received the culprit alone.
  63. Aunt March never petted any one.
  64. City of Washington, March 2, 1809.
  65. The March of Time, July 4th, 1930.
  66. Give 'em an hour and we'll march.
  67. Around March 21, she approached.
  68. The enemy is already on the march.
  69. The March 680 put option cost $39.
  70. On 31 March 2012, he screwed a 3.
  71. So I buy 10 March 95 calls for $5.
  72. And I hope Aunt March won't croak.
  73. The March of Time, June 20th, 1930.
  74. James's, London, on March 2, 1884.
  75. He is as mad as a March hare!.
  76. The March of Time, June 21st, 1933.
  77. March is a prosperous month too.
  78. We open up on March 14th around 32.
  79. The march of progress will rush on.
  80. I shall go to Aunt March, as usual.
  81. March on, destroy the Russian army.
  82. March 1977, outside the institution.
  83. As of March 2012, approximately $3.
  84. March expiration is two months away.
  85. The March 100 calls have a vega of.
  86. It was a beautiful morning in March.
  87. This battle began on 31st March 637.
  88. This is Mamma's friend, Miss March.
  89. On March 10, 2000, it stood at 5,048.
  90. They don’t know I was at the March.
  91. We march for the Shrine at once!.
  92. March, suiting the action to the word.
  93. On March 27, 2000, Cisco Systems, Inc.
  94. Then they set out again on the march.
  95. And he set out on the march once more.
  96. To be on the march in such weather.
  97. Greece has chosen 25 March, when the.
  98. In March 2011, we took one last step.
  99. On 25 March 2011, Smokey purred at 67.
  100. It was March 1957 when the story began.
  1. Warlock was marching on it.
  2. Practice marching on the spot.
  3. Before marching in the city of.
  4. The unknown road still marching.
  5. Tom was marching hour after hour.
  6. We were given our marching orders.
  7. I watched him marching up and down.
  8. For Ashat he was marching towards.
  9. Jesse welcomed all of those marching.
  10. I’ve given him his marching orders.
  11. They are marching toward that figure.
  12. He didn’t go marching out in a huff.
  13. These were Waddell’s marching orders.
  14. At that moment Rex came marching our way.
  15. Behind the royal guard stood a marching.
  16. The waggoner marching at their head saluted.
  17. Cass looks at Unks as they continue marching.
  18. A marching sound was heard down the stairwell.
  19. Loud, marching footsteps thumped down the hall.
  20. For Ramin, marching was hard but not unpleasant.
  21. Even now High Police were marching from Athrom.
  22. But he shrugged and gave me my marching orders.
  23. Marching ahead of him, she headed for the hotel.
  24. Ants were already marching on his neck and hair.
  25. Arthur turned and said, No more marching today.
  26. King Edward was fanatical about orderly marching.
  27. Javert's two acolytes were marching in their ranks.
  28. I have sent armies of millions marching off to war.
  29. You will not be able to keep on marching like that.
  30. I guess you did, said Ron, marching with them.
  31. Enter FORTINBRAS, a Captain, and Soldiers, marching.
  32. Mistress Prism had arrived with our marching orders.
  33. John seems to be marching to the beat of a different.
  34. Felix gave a nod, saluted again and went out marching.
  35. And now Roman marching? You know how I hate marching.
  36. Is that so? He bites his lip marching toward me.
  37. I heard their boots marching, then they ordered him.
  38. A dozen women were marching along the path towards him.
  39. This was no warrior he had been marching with all day.
  40. After ten miles of marching, there was no time to rest.
  41. She strode on, his footsteps marching in time with hers.
  42. Tim led the team that delivered Mac’s marching orders.
  43. As if on cue, the android army began marching towards us.
  44. The regiment had reached Hebuterne after marching from St.
  45. Bennings came marching towards him with a shrewd look on.
  46. He came marching up and stopped before us, giving a salute.
  47. We won! chanted the men, marching arm-in-arm to the.
  48. That is the Falcon's army you hear, marching into the city.
  49. And now… now I'm marching straight towards a death field.
  50. The Irakzai were dumb, like men marching to a certain doom.
  51. And then they started marching us, and I got cold all over.
  52. They were marching at the centre of the convoy to Panchavati.
  53. One road led downhill and the troops were marching along it.
  54. They trudged slowly along, beside the column of marching men.
  55. Hollowcrest strode through with his men marching behind him.
  56. We started at once, marching southward under the morning sun.
  57. Moments later, a giant of a man came marching into the pas-.
  58. In my dreams, You had me marching around strongholds of paper.
  59. He reveled in the thought of marching back to the swine and.
  60. Sherman was marching through Georgia, from Atlanta to the sea.
  61. Both of them led downhill and troops were marching along both.
  62. If they’re loyal, why aren’t they marching with us?
  63. But I broke the mood by marching into the room and saluting him.
  64. I see the crusaders marching bearing the cross on high, to the.
  65. Every man holds his revolver, marching stiff through Boston town.
  66. It had been a month of uneventful marching through the Sundarban.
  67. Armageddon is marching home without notice because of secularism.
  68. Marching on, he delivered a crushing defeat to the Austrian and.
  69. The Japanese allow us to rest a day between each day of marching.
  70. One thought one heard the terrible statue Legion marching onward.
  71. One more marching, clapping, dancing idiot in his circus of fools.
  72. Finally the story calmed down and we got our marching orders from.
  73. Saying nothing, she turned and continued marching along the trail.
  74. Doon got to his feet and started marching purposefully up Crow Hill.
  75. They walked past us, marching on as though they still had work to do.
  76. She reined up before the two men, at the head of the marching column.
  77. Peter maneuvered in the line of marching men until he was next to Tom.
  78. We’d probably still be marching up and down parading our asses off.
  79. There were about three hundred men altogether, marching four abreast.
  80. The damp clothes of the marching men steamed under the sudden warmth.
  81. Why is there an army of forest animals marching down the street?
  82. There is a movement in the trenches, and heavy columns are marching.
  83. It was not yet noon, and we had been marching since five hundred hours.
  84. The marching men following the ox cart in her direction made her worry.
  85. They could also hear thousands of marching footsteps above the ground.
  86. San-pei means three soldiers who are marching in the same direction.
  87. We sent out scouts and flanked our marching column with forward troops.
  88. Who do you think that was marching steadily sternly confronting death?
  89. THE YOUNG CARROLL BOY had his marching orders, really strict orders, too.
  90. Great strength of them was reported to us some days ago, marching north.
  91. Merry stared at the lines of marching stones: they were worn and black;.
  92. While the armies are still marching toward the Jezreel Valley, which is.
  93. And those marching boots are an investment in somebody's army of profit.
  94. She has a good job if she minds it till Johnny comes marching home again.
  95. However, there was still no improvement in Frankie’s marching technique.
  96. Marching was not their strong suit, certainly not compared to the Germans.
  97. The woman was already marching toward the entrance of the lodging with a.
  98. He was in conversation with Jeffery and Collin when they came marching in.
  99. It is called marching when you walk around with a bunch of other soldiers.
  100. When we were not marching, it was mostly a matter of standing and waiting.
  1. Next he marched on Roma.
  2. She marched into the room.
  3. They got up and marched on.
  4. Joey marched into the trees.
  5. She'd marched with the gay.
  6. She marched up to the pair.
  7. She marched towards the door.
  8. He marched into the bedroom.
  9. The company marched on gaily.
  10. They marched along in silence.
  11. He marched to his own drummer.
  12. As they marched along the road.
  13. The strikers marched slowly on.
  14. As the guards marched off and.
  15. The camp commander marched off.
  16. If I’m being marched out of.
  17. Davis seized it and marched out.
  18. An elated Brijbabu had marched.
  19. On the seventh day they marched.
  20. Freeman marched toward the cooler.
  21. They marched grimly and silently.
  22. Behind them marched regiments of.
  23. Ultimately the troops marched off.
  24. Men in mail marched at their rear.
  25. I marched over and grabbed his jaw.
  26. They marched and rolled and trotted.
  27. The stock marched higher from here.
  28. The warriors marched until twilight.
  29. And they marched up over the broad.
  30. The two workers were marched out.
  31. Napoleon marched straight on Moscow.
  32. Halloween costumes and then marched.
  33. Fine_ I marched toward my room.
  34. They marched him to the counter and.
  35. And today has marched into tomorrow;.
  36. Edward seized his arm and marched him.
  37. The workers were marched back to camp.
  38. They couldn't possibly have marched.
  39. Into the Casino we marched in triumph.
  40. He exited and marched to Hal's office.
  41. They marched on with renewed strength.
  42. Sharon marched up to the hospital bed.
  43. So they sang as they marched southwards.
  44. At the end of the lesson, she marched.
  45. Those two words marched through my head.
  46. And she is being marched to the showers.
  47. He marched forward and saluted abruptly.
  48. Banahan and Zimmer marched out with him.
  49. Full of fire she marched down the stairs.
  50. Well, they marched into Canaan, and their.
  51. Philemon stepped aside and Saul marched in.
  52. He turned quickly and marched for the door.
  53. Time marched on, and September was at hand.
  54. He took Claude by the arm and marched him.
  55. He marched down the road, shame burned his.
  56. Garcia followed Gowron as he marched right.
  57. They marched through Tanyvilas for many days.
  58. He jumped down from the wall and marched off.
  59. We marched noiselessly through the empty land.
  60. I was marched down the corridor and shuffled.
  61. My eyes tracked him as he marched over to her.
  62. For many hours they had marched without rest.
  63. He marched over to the square soapstone font.
  64. The mercenaries marched again at first light.
  65. I marched over and swatted him on the shoulder.
  66. At the station I was marched down a dimly-lit.
  67. Yura Division marched east the previous summer.
  68. A few peasants and shopkeepers were marched up.
  69. As he marched around the sanctuary he prayed:.
  70. The Sergeant Major marched me in and read out.
  71. A pack of wolves marched orderly down the road.
  72. I was handcuffed then marched out past a crowd.
  73. The band of mercenaries marched for another hour.
  74. The fighters marched beyond the Terranoid Midden.
  75. They then entered the hal way and marched down.
  76. She marched in and asked for the Superintendent.
  77. Bruce marched to the beat of his own drum most.
  78. The entire group marched back to the festivities.
  79. Then, squaring her shoulders, she marched onward.
  80. Those babies haven’t marched out of the desert.
  81. The smal contingent of graduates marched to the.
  82. She turned in irritation and marched back to the.
  83. But he held his head high and marched into school.
  84. The hordes of goblins and orcs marched behind him.
  85. We marched up the stairs and down the hall, still.
  86. He marched up to Daniel and stared him eye to eye.
  87. Rich men and great men marched proudly up to lay.
  88. Kimberly had Daniel by the arm as she marched him.
  89. She marched over to him and pulled his headset off.
  90. She marched up the stairs and saw his door closed.
  91. He bade his comrades good-bye and marched proudly.
  92. The family marched on and went up to the help desk.
  93. The faces of the dead marched alongside him as he.
  94. The warriors marched quickly through the underbrush.
  95. The three men marched out of the Inn, with Nicolas.
  96. They marched down the street in opposite directions.
  97. The crusty looking booth operator marched out and.
  98. Carter gave her a shut the heck up look and marched.
  99. Texas Avenue was not the only street I marched down.
  100. They entered the hall in silence and marched to the.
  1. CRIME MARCHES on and on.
  2. A great host marches north along the.
  3. Pandora marches toward the Buick Century.
  4. For then the Marches, Laurences, Brookes.
  5. He marches onwards, sure they will follow.
  6. He nods at Zia, then marches toward his men.
  7. Almost all of their marches ended in violence.
  8. Arathorn was going to war upon the marches of Mordor.
  9. We were quite used to the long marches in the desert.
  10. The real Yogi marches on towards the goal fearlessly.
  11. I keep my camera trained on Hawke as he marches away.
  12. There's plenty of good land east of the Bossonian marches.
  13. The Bossonians have retired to their marches far to the west.
  14. However the marches were marred with racist violence and abuse.
  15. Thousands and thousands of EDL supporters joined these marches.
  16. I need to talk to Reese, he says as he marches ahead of me.
  17. Every weekend there were marches through one city after another.
  18. This one march covered the distance of four ordinary daily marches.
  19. We-ell Helen this time We-ell, time marches on doesn’t it.
  20. And the counter marches and confusing orders, Watomika pursued.
  21. In the first marches they went further and faster than he had hoped.
  22. So they passed into the northern marches of that land that Men once.
  23. They merely punctuate the endless marches in all kinds of weather.
  24. Autocratic society with its rigid caste laws lay east of the marches.
  25. My parents were keen activists and regularly went on protest marches.
  26. You can also use this CD for the processional and recessional marches.
  27. There will be riots, marches, speeches, scandals, conflict, and debate.
  28. At the same time, General Hawke comes out of the plane and marches toward me.
  29. You know that the lives of all the people west of the marches depend on this fort.
  30. A good thing that after twenty years he marches back in with a guilty conscience.
  31. Our exercises proved to be brutal marches toward objectives some distances away.
  32. Christina marches into the classroom with a ladder under her arm, the others behind her.
  33. One man suddenly exits the formation of sailors, and then ceremonially marches forward.
  34. The captain marches around the formation as the wondering eyes of the crowd follow along.
  35. Petersburg, a double advantage—that is to say, twenty marches nearer to his objective.
  36. At the head of the procession marches King Frosthyrr with his daughter, Princess Járnsaxa.
  37. Braunau, where they hoped to receive boots and clothes and to rest after their hard marches.
  38. Some of the CPP’s marches turned violent and, inevitably, the British threw Nkrumah in jail.
  39. The parade quietly marches off toward the stadium where there will be another brief show later.
  40. It had fused polyrhythms from West Africa with classical melodies and also marches from Europe.
  41. When I was much younger I wanted to change the world and I took part in heaps of protest marches.
  42. Drens appears moments later, giving instructions to his second in command as he marches along the deck.
  43. Marches boomed impressively from the loudspeakers, and the honor guard briskly went through its drill.
  44. It happened at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago and on many of Martin Luther King’s marches.
  45. In camp and on interminable marches, he studied the first language of the province, that of the Indians.
  46. Exhausted with long marches and want of sleep, they could find in the snow no rest for their weary limbs.
  47. Peeping through the meshes of the hammock, he saw the Marches coming out, as if bound on some expedition.
  48. He groans and marches off, leaving the horse to stare after him in confusion, shrug, and return to his feed.
  49. Every one liked Laurie, and he privately informed his tutor that the Marches were regularly splendid girls.
  50. Leaving the main body, Prince Christian, Major Piggott, and others pushed ahead by forced marches to the coast.
  51. Barry marches in as if he owns the place and stops and looks down at the table and locks eyes with Curly Pete.
  52. Were it to fall, red axes would be splintering the gates of Velitrium before a horseman could cross the marches.
  53. The Aquilonians were driven back across the marches, and have never since tried to colonize the Cimmerian country.
  54. We arrived at the city of Potenza without incident and after a short rest continued on to Atella by forced marches.
  55. Girl after girl marches by, each taking their gift of perfume or silk, objects of silver or gold or precious stones.
  56. The machine marches briskly past the podium and stops in front of my dad, who presses a button on his remote control.
  57. Insidiously ironic, it is this very anthem style lock step and voice that makes peace marches more prone to violence, i.
  58. We may call Mars the God of Marches, for each new campaign must begin with a march and each spring season begins in March.
  59. The government had wanted the Phoenix Project, and no amount of left-wing camp-outs and student marches had made any difference.
  60. For a mind that marches in circles, there is no flow of time, and a mind without time cannot be trapped by hours that run in a ring.
  61. His own ethical dilemma was nothing compared to her pain, and he felt childish when he thought back to the marches he had attended.
  62. Now, we have with my helicopters a viable alternative to those debilitating jungle approach marches our troops had to endure before.
  63. It was only about nine li each way but after all the forced marches, hard rides, infiltration maneuvers, and long swims, it was not easy.
  64. In order that we may start afresh and go to Meg's wedding with free minds, it will be well to begin with a little gossip about the Marches.
  65. He believed that the conquest of the still defiant provinces of Gunderland and Poitain and the Bossonian marches would mark his end as king.
  66. And with that, Lindgren lays two Vicodin on his tongue, slips the rest into his shirt pocket, and marches off to fight crime in the Hamptons.
  67. The voluntaries she played that day were Dead Marches, and the vicar preached a conscience-shattering sermon upon the text "Lord, who is it?".
  68. He managed to hide his anger and shame as he regularly beat the other recruits and soldiers on the track, in the marches and on their training.
  69. The rest died of starvation, cold, dysentery, plague, or died after they surrendered of starvation and forced marches and cold in prisoner camps.
  70. Apparently he had turned westward through the wild, thinly settled hill country, and entered the Bossonian marches, gathering recruits as he went.
  71. Until the Cold War ended, being in NATO meant having US nuclear missiles stationed on your territory, which inevitably led to big protest marches.
  72. Outside the Farthings were the East and West Marches: the Buckland (see beginning of Chapter V, Book I); and the Westmarch added to the Shire in S.
  73. Bands of Bossonians were seen moving along the edges of the marches: stocky, resolute men in brigandines and steel caps, with longbows in their hands.
  74. Everything we had been through since arriving the forced marches the fatigue and bone weariness had caught up to us and we slept the sleep of the dead.
  75. From north to south the marches were ravaged and the Aquilonian armies marched back from the borders, leaving a ruined and devastated land behind them.
  76. Later, they would refight battles and tell children and grandchildren of pranks and forays and charges, of hunger, forced marches and wounds, but not now.
  77. He pushes his sleeves up, even though they're already rolled up to the elbow, and marches into the courtyard that separates the castle from the guard tower.
  78. Whether it marches as an army, or moves about as a company of herdsmen, the way of life is nearly the same, though the object proposed by it be very different.
  79. Having been raised in these cultures of marshal music, protest marches employ the same cadence, thus invoking a sense of battle even when demonstrating for peace.
  80. She established herself in this world as a whole person for the first time by standing up proudly to defy the established order at sit-ins and on protest marches.
  81. One, with only a negative kind of faith to keep him company as he blindly marches ever so determinedly toward an eternity whose existence he so vociferously denies.
  82. He told them jokes and funny stories about friends, talked gaily about makeshifts, making light of hunger and long marches in the rain, and described in detail how.
  83. The chief cause of the débâcle was hunger, followed by rapid and ceaseless marches and bivouacs without sleep or rest; and lastly, the cold when it became very intense.
  84. The regiment broke up into companies, which went to their appointed quarters near Braunau, where they hoped to receive boots and clothes and to rest after their hard marches.
  85. It can go through the marches and bulrushes and find babies hiding there, and kill them: just as Herod had a long reach, and could reach out from his palace and kill babies.
  86. At the chiefs request he conducted him and some of his warriors through the Bossonian marches, where the honest villagers stared in amazement, into the glittering outer world.
  87. This body of soldiery—which still sustains a corporate existence, and marches down from past ages with an ancient and honorable fame—was composed of no mercenary materials.
  88. The sun had roasted him, the cold frozen him, and hunger famished him on the forced marches of forty and fifty versts a day in the heat and the cold and the rain and the shine.
  89. Still elves are light–footed, and though they were not in these days much used to the marches and the treacherous lands between the Forest and the Lake, their going was swift.
  90. But above all… there had been too many strikes, too many grass roots uprisings, too many rebellions, too many marches and demonstrations by the new industrialized working class.
  91. All the artful maneuvers suggested by our generals meant fresh movements of the army and a lengthening of its marches, whereas the only reasonable aim was to shorten those marches.
  92. The Duke's Daughter paid the butcher's bill, A Phantom Hand put down a new carpet, and the Curse of the Coventrys proved the blessing of the Marches in the way of groceries and gowns.
  93. They were marched at all hours, invariably during the heat of the day, and suffered severely; only the splendid physique of the American army made marches possible under such conditions.
  94. Len marches down into the kitchen only when it is time to eat, consumes quickly, and, finished with his self-possessed narration, he leaves the table to reunite with his TV, iphone, and computer.
  95. My father talks of nothing but marches and countermarches, things of which I understand nothing; and the day before yesterday during my daily walk through the village I witnessed a heartrending scene.
  96. The 2nd Brigade marches into Rennes, and adds to its numbers with the same method employed as that for Caen; the 3rd Brigade reaches Paris, where General Shaun Smith orders a search for government buildings.
  97. The irrepressible gaiety of the French soldiers vanished, and instead of the songs and jokes in which it had been their wont to forget the fatigues of their long marches, a death-like silence reigned in the camp.
  98. Japan murdered thousands of POWs on death marches, and worked thousands of others to death in slavery, including some 16,000 POWs who died alongside as many as 100,000 Asian laborers forced to build the Burma-Siam Railway.
  99. Olympic team an hour later, they made their way through a shed full of barrels and shipping crates into a high-ceilinged reception hall where hundreds of cheering Germans and an oompah band playing Sousa marches greeted them.
  100. So King organised another set of marches in the jurisdiction of another not-very-bright redneck sheriff, this time at Selma, Alabama and the world watched news coverage of helmeted policemen baton charging the unarmed marchers.

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