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    1. They’re usually relegated by the state to immigration and border security

    2. The woman lost her husband of fifty years at the border of Canada and Washington State

    3. He lost his younger brother to the same zombies at the border

    4. I look around at the expanse of lawn, dotted here and there with island beds of shrubs and the occasional stretch of herbaceous border set against a wall

    5. patrol guard on the border of life and death at the last moment I put her

    6. this side of the border

    7. All of the sudden, the border approached quickly

    8. Coming up to the border gates vomit spewed all over my father's shoes

    9. Almost immediately after leaving the border, in the comfort of knowing I was safe, I lost it again

    10. ’ She said, her accent coloured by the proximity of the Welsh border

    11. " That had been part of the Laurentian border also at the time

    12. Up to then, I suppose it had been nothing more than banter but I sensed it was beginning to border on something a little more diabolical and that was when the mood changed with some Athens jazz

    13. This time it was from Wuding Tung who was on a post at a cryoslicer on the eastern border of Tibet

    14. Since they left Sol the second time, the ship had been boosting for the nearest border of Wetat, determined to be the seed of the infection called mankind that made it out of Wetat, and built their own Afterlife

    15. She took some minutes to find enough but soon had a border of rocks laid around the body

    16. That same strangeness makes the dog-eared town seem familiar, as if he was at home on the Adriatic coast, watching lights over the border

    17. of The Wash along its western border

    18. The whole border could do with a serious dig over … maybe when you’ve finished the cleaning

    19. That border definitely needs some tlc

    20. What about some hardy perennials? That grey-green ferny leaved thing, the label says it’ll have daisy-like flowers in the summer, and what about half a dozen of those bedding plants? Maybe some tough-looking grasses would colonise part of the border

    21. “Neither am I young man, but Heather says you do things that border on the

    22. apartment and it was at the border of

    23. border of Trenton and Ewing I got a

    24. voice say move to the border

    25. This beautiful country is surrounded on three sides by sparkling blue waters, and sits in the Arabian Gulf, with the only land border meeting Saudi Arabia

    26. Situated on the Asian border, this is the 9th largest country in the world, and covers two time zones and five climate zones

    27. Sharing its land border with Brazil, this mild country is the home of doves: eared,

    28. "Why have we stopped here, this close to the border of Lock Core?"

    29. Through the greater part of the Low country, the most usual wages of common labour are now eight pence a-day ; tenpence, sometimes a shilling, about Edinburgh, in the counties which border upon England, probably on account of that neighbourhood, and in a few other places where there has lately been a considerable rise in the demand for labour, about Glasgow, Carron, Ayrshire, etc

    30. announcing the border of Galicia, and quietly celebrated

    31. There was a criss-cross bamboo fence on the border that

    32. the mechanization and/or massive proliferation Of such techniques might: 1) promote a flatting of style, or 2) make Zen common sense (we here approximate the border Between the above and its inverse)”

    33. border, used to treating bombs as flimsy fire crackers

    34. On some streets with little traffic, the border

    35. “Truth be told, it’s something that had been nagging at me since getting caught just across the border

    36. The name, it was the name of the Breton woman who had been captured along with him and the others just across the border and was lead to the block in Helgen

    37. Those parts of Great Britain which border upon the Irish sea are all grazing countries

    38. “So many questions! Well, it was essentially right across the border

    39. Conditional border between conventional and high-strength concrete varies as concrete technology develops

    40. Martin was impressed, but how would he gain asylum at the border

    41. At least as far as I can safely go and then we’ll come back which takes us almost to Cumberland near the Columbia border

    42. border states is having difficulty with their water supply

    43. They had somehow made it across the border into Mexico where they were captured this time by a band of Mexicans and dragged back to some village and there, half dead, treated to the most degrading and brutal tortures before finally being killed

    44. I knocked and entered I found myself in a waiting room with benches to sit on the walls were white tiled with a green border

    45. a border state, but it was sided with the North

    46. We"re having, nowadays, many, many more illegal immigrants, than legals from our southern border

    47. Our two young border collies tried to herd her, but she’d hop on a chair or climb a tree and ignore them

    48. Despite the lesson she’d taught the border collie on the front porch and my own love of the woods, I feared that the wild animals who lived there, coyote, badger, fox, and raccoon, would make easy pickings of my sweet, innocent cat

    49. That was during the Bone Wars, when the Free Lands became overrun with demons that surged through the defences of the Green Border

    50. Neither of the two kings understood how such a large force could have been transported past the Green Border without raising the alarm of all nations

    1. They had it to themselves, a square mile of water bordered only by forest

    2. Leaving the car parked in a visitor’s space, I stroll along a path bordered by rather nicely kept shrubs towards the entrance to the offices

    3. The square is paved with cobbles and bordered on two sides by white-painted, stucco-covered houses

    4. Shortly afterwards, we enter a village called Panwik, its high street winding up a slow hill, bordered by stone houses built in a warm Cotswold stone

    5. She lost her balance and her grip on her handbag as she stumbled and tripped over her own feet, falling backwards into a beech hedge that bordered one of the suburban gardens

    6. backwards into a beech hedge that bordered one of the suburban

    7. was bordered by a ring of rune-inscribed monoliths,

    8. As she came in sight of the cliff, she saw that a gap had been ripped in the hedge of bushes which bordered the drop to sea level

    9. It was a pleasant room, overlooking the well-kept gardens which bordered this side of the building

    10. Bordered by Turkey, this is full of turquoise lakes, lush forests with bears and rocky highlands, and semi-desert flowers

    11. Bordered by the Pacific to the east and the Atlantic to the west, South America

    12. She loved the man as a father, and had a respect for him that bordered on worship

    13. Dialectical connection at a bordered region

    14. I sighed with relief when I had finished I buttoned my trousers and then went back to the front of the building where I sat down looking across the landscape and resting my arm on the small wall that bordered the edges of the roof

    15. Georgian terrace had a garden that bordered this

    16. sandy square bordered with sculpted plane trees that were waiting

    17. Sitting down, he pushed his teacup aside and opened a folder bordered in red

    18. She was still so wired that her speech bordered on incoherent

    19. The expression she wore bordered on hatred

    20. He was surprised when they instead encountered the outer fringes of the reed marshes that bordered the river

    21. A narrow gravel path bordered by native plants wound among thirty-five crosses adorned with plastic flowers, images of saints and flaming candles under a trellis overgrown with bougainvillea

    22. The sisters stood motionless, following the example of the mother superior, who was looking at the band of marauding bandits with contempt that bordered on hate

    23. Finally, the visits had ceased, and Kwonowski guessed that the Russians must have decided that in the blizzard, the truck had fallen into a ravine or through the ice of one of the lakes that bordered the road between Dwiespestka and the city

    24. Southwest of Colorado Springs, located in south central Colorado, the land contained a stream and bordered a national forest

    25. Every time he engaged in this she restrained him because it bordered on disrespect

    26. She strode across the white cobblestones and scaled the hedges that bordered

    27. bordered the main hallway, with a handful of smaller passages

    28. Of the trio of doors that bordered the left side of the

    29. Behind the church was a six acre cemetery, bordered by a wooded area on two sides and a canyon to the west

    30. It was bordered by an old, six foot, redwood fence, and had a chainlink gate that gave me an excellent view of the rear of the house and a detached garage that sat within the perimeter fencing

    31. It appeared that we were on a peninsula bordered by a large bay to the northwest and a long estuary in the north

    32. dullness and, to his surprise, directly in front of him was a pristine looking detention centre instead of the familiar row of houses that bordered his mound of soil

    33. Charmed the way a child is when they are taken to the theatre for the first time, rapt by the performance in a similar fashion to an infant bordered by fireworks, lights, and glitter

    34. In a moment of stubborn aversion, death bordered him with stare

    35. It showed a rotating view of a breath-takingly beautiful cove, it’s white beach bordered by palms and other carefully arranged tropical growth

    36. They filled the waters and subdued them, their power limited only by the land that bordered their domain

    37. The wide and broken road bordered by the remains of the parkland swallowed him up

    38. “Well,” Moshe answered, in a tone that bordered on conspiratorial, “I’m expecting a big bunch of people that are supposed to meet me here! Do you suppose that you can go to the top of that hill there”—Moshe indicated by pointing to where he had just been—“and keep a sharp eye out for them for me?”

    39. By the God of Moses, that bordered on brilliant! Moshe thought, That’s three of them! Flashing a self-satisfied smile, he once again hurried off to where Judah awaited him

    40. They had not yet arrived at the stream which bordered the courtyard, but Simon could see their figures hurrying towards him over the fields

    41. “Well,” Moshe answered, in a tone that bordered on conspiratorial, “I'm expecting a big bunch

    42. By the God of Moses, that bordered on brilliant! Moshe thought, That's three of them! Flashing

    43. Somehow, they stood in a place bordered by clouds

    44. Not simply a river bordered by banks, but a thousand rivers rolling together without any gentleness of land to break the horizon’s power

    45. Coalition naval forces achieved success in Desert Shield-Desert Storm by controlling the seas that bordered the Arabian Peninsula

    46. rocks that bordered the creek

    47. It was perfect and clean, with a lovely stereotypical picket fence that bordered the cemetery grounds

    48. - A crack with his fingers on the pearl-shaped surface and a magical heavy Persian carpet appeared on the floor, rose-colored, bordered with a light beige fringe and adorned with Arabesque textiles with threads of silver

    49. into his life, and to him it bordered on an invasion of his privacy

    50. -Over there! -said Victor Andres pointing out the bluer water lagoon I had ever seen, bordered of shrubs and smaller plants that gave it the appearance as an aquarium

    1. We searched the area and, as I said, we found the gun in the hedge bordering your property

    2. At peace for the first time in days, she sat watching the land slowly passing by; ducks dabbled in and out of the reed beds bordering the river and here and there she spotted the long legged herons, poised like statues peering at the water intently as though hypnotising their prey

    3. In the distance I can see great woods stalking up the hills bordering the valley and flocks of black birds much like crows fill the air above the trees

    4. The mixture of rain and sun we’ve had lately has had major impact on the hedgerows bordering the lane

    5. My hands stroked the old, old stones bordering the ruins of the basilica of Agia Melina and by climbing on one at my feet I was able to look over the walls at the proud white marble columns still upright in the grounds

    6. and climbed over the low stone wall bordering the

    7. There were short shrubby bushes bordering the cliff edge overgrowing the path in places, fingers of branches reaching across the gravel

    8. low hill bordering the trees they looked back

    9. console on the wall bordering the cement door

    10. There were still no households bordering this street that grew more food than they ate, not by any means

    11. bordering on the excessive, but it helps one to keep smiling…”

    12. All sorts of stories were written - some were sad, romantic, funny, inspiring, violent while others were bordering absurdity

    13. floor had been only stone, this one’s floor consisted of a stone path bordering a crystal clear pool of

    14. small island of stone joined to the path bordering the room by small, thin pathways sloping

    15. Pleasure at the jump they’d made from mere acquaintances to something bordering on friends

    16. Standing before Cruzel, the girl was confused and a little scared, bordering on the intrigued

    17. Sandra walked to the wooden fence bordering her garden, holding on, standing on tip-toe as she peered over the top

    18. Then she spotted the fence bordering the far side of the field and broke into a run again

    19. doctrines by advancing plausible interpretations contrary to biblical teachings and superseding them with spiritually abstract new-age assumptions bordering on Pantheism

    20. There were so many people bordering the barrier tape that was sectioning off the problematic area that we had to fight our way through the curious bystanders

    21. While there were a few enclaves of nicely-restored period homes, for the most part the southwest corner of the city was working class bordering on slum

    22. As soon as the car stopped, Aunt Martha hopped out to inspect the flowerbeds bordering the police station car park

    23. Sandra walked to the wooden fence bordering her garden, holding on, standing on tip-toe, peering over the top

    24. She had to repeat herself before two heads appeared out of what must have been a ditch bordering the field

    25. For a woman to have a drink amidst the company of men, even with her husband present was bordering sin

    26. Their leader, clutching the rolled-up fleece, was on a plane to Pakistan, and headed for a mountainous region bordering Afghanistan

    27. The General remained calm at the face of an attitude bordering the ridiculous, intent only to aggravate him and test his limits as a person and an officer for reasons that probably the Castigator found pertinent

    28. Colling found a suitable place to conceal a horse-drawn wagon in the forest bordering the road

    29. His was the farm bordering the camp, and he had seen the Russians driving to and from the place on many occasions

    30. This would have diluted the salinity of at least the surface waters that flooded the low-lying lands bordering the southern or African part of the Mediterranean

    31. The earthquake was caused by subduction and triggered a series of devastating tsunamis along the coasts of most landmasses bordering the Indian Ocean, killing over 230,000 people in fourteen countries, and inundating coastal communities with waves up to 30 meters (98 ft

    32. We chose a lovely spot high on a wooded slope bordering on a nature reserve

    33. She had a very large assortment of steak knives, and other steely sharp things tucked into every drawer, a few bordering on being instruments of torture

    34. retreated to the shadows of the bordering tenements, wary of

    35. His love of 80s cars was bordering on the obsession

    36. Levi was bordering on the truth, he knew nothing about me

    37. with one gold line bordering the edges of his robes, kept

    38. ’Are you sure?’ she asked, looking at the amount with an expression bordering

    39. He was able to find one, bordering Tagaytay City and Mendez

    40. But this,” he added with a look bordering on condescension, “you must already know

    41. A short period of consternation ensued as well, upon the discovery, that now, only their tall city gate protected them from an attack on the side bordering the river that had somehow disappeared

    42. He waved to the company of paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne, their faces so young, who sat on the brown sunburnt grass bordering the taxiway to await airlift to a remote jungle battle zone

    43. But this,” he added with a look bordering on condescension, “you must

    44. protected them from an attack on the side bordering the river that had somehow disappeared

    45. Athene shuddered at the casts of the figures, their realism was bordering on creepy

    46. Under the peace treaty with Aristria, the border Keeps and defences on both sides had been demolished, leaving only the larger castles bordering the smaller kingdoms to the south, but the defences on these structures only faced out of Tanaria

    47. Eugene Wigner (the 1963 Nobel Laureate for Physics) exclaims in disbelief, ‘The enormous usefulness of mathematics in the natural sciences is something bordering on the mysterious and there is no rational explanation for it

    48. The village elders confiscated all the trees bordering a road leading to a stately farm, and they assigned each household one tree which they had to cut and transport home themselves

    49. I found it very difficult to think quickly while at the same time trying to look relaxed, bordering on boredom

    50. separating her from Chantal would be bordering on psychological child abuse

    1. “He smote the Philistines, even unto Gaza, and the borders thereof, from the tower of the

    2. enlarge the borders of their garments, 6And love the uppermost rooms at feasts, and the

    3. We shared a geographical commonality along the borders between Lebanon and Palestine, and through it so much common history, which made the personal nature of our lives and stories mutually accessible

    4. has spread chaos in the borders of his garden

    5. beyond the borders of fatigue,

    6. their behavior borders on being obnoxious

    7. He presented a weekly show about gardening and had recently been seen in the nation’s living rooms helping the poor and needy to fix up their allotments and their child friendly but dishevelled herbaceous borders

    8. There was not a weed in sight and the flower borders exploded with colour and vivacity throughout the spring, summer and autumn

    9. “After all, Ted, haven’t you got enough to do with the flower borders, the lawns and the vegetables?”

    10. He is quite passionate in his feelings towards Outsiders; it borders almost on fanaticism

    11. He is a madman; he has a hatred for the Queen that borders on insanity

    12. We spend the afternoon in the garden, cutting the grass as short as we dare and tidying up the borders

    13. and the flower borders exploded with colour and vivacity

    14. from a place beyond the borders of this plane of

    15. alone on a small hill, it's clearly defined borders

    16. weather-worn, stone structure on the borders of the

    17. Just touching the Alps, this borders Italy and is the most forested area after Finland and Sweden, and is home to 1% of al living creatures and 2% of al freshwater species

    18. It is told that in the ancient kingdom of the Sassanidae, which reigned for about four hundred years, from Persia to the borders of China, we read the praises of one of the kings of this race, who was said to be the best monarch of his time

    19. borders of savant though, diversified and adapted itself

    20. And soon enough she had ventured beyond the borders of the camp and into the soft wilds

    21. a blank space that borders the edge of the text

    22. “Is it that dangerous that you have to sneak out by the old trail? I saw on the news that emigration has been restricted for Anglos, but can’t one just travel within the borders?”

    23. have a clue regarding protecting America"s borders, especially those with Mexico which, of course, are the most important in regard to illegal aliens

    24. Think about its borders, and Obama"s rejection of them, and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu"s rejection of Obama"s rejection

    25. „the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps" means at its narrowest point the country would only be eight miles wide –

    26. The four armies were to travel together in the beginning and then separate when they neared the borders of the closest revolt

    27. We will send out a warning to withdraw from Coalition borders or face the consequence of our military offensive

    28. Rather, over the centuries she rotted from within, making it easy for the barbarians massed across her empire"s borders

    29. It was the second week of summer when they crossed over into the borders of Corsair, where they met with a small portion of the farmer army, some six thousand men, mostly farmers armed with spears or pitchforks though many also wore swords at their hips

    30. The pen left the completed soldiers to work on the numbers and borders

    31. At that moment, she was the happiest mother in the entire kingdom of Halflings and probably well beyond its borders, too

    32. Many hours later, Dorro and Forgo ambled across the borders of Thimble Down in the settling dusk, leading their ponies, which were as tired as their owners

    33. “Some of the soldiers who have been stationed on the borders must know these mental sciences exist

    34. Accordingly, the South African international borders with Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) and Botswana were protected by SAP COIN

    35. The rest of South Africa's borders were protected by SAP COIN where things now and then exploded into the open

    36. There are no books (that I know of) about SAP COIN on our own borders

    37. At that stage SAP COIN had camps everywhere along the international borders

    38. Others went to Botswana or Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) and the Mozambique borders

    39. One of our practical problems on our own borders was that many thousands, if not millions of black newly liberated Africans, wanted to live and work in Apartheid South Africa as the living conditions was and still is very much better than anywhere else in Africa

    40. “A man we do not want within our borders,” agreed Kay wholeheartedly

    41. Meanwhile, future (employment) opportunities continue to look grim for the American Worker as companies are presently finding themselves in the enviable position of being able to secure their labor requirements from an expanding (global) pool of labor including such (potential) resources who are routinely flaunting our nation‘s borders

    42. We did not use them at the South African Borders and I never saw one at the SAP COIN armouries

    43. Why should they when they had the SAP to protect them? They slept in their beds every night, and made their children in the dark whilst the SAP patrolled the townships and borders

    44. That's out of scope of this book but guess what? History is repeating itself again, and what have we learned? Nothing if you ask me! The international borders are still wide open since SAP COIN got disbanded and withdrawn

    45. A car in every garage and a television in every room is the stuff that middle-class dreams are made of! It is questionable, however, in light of diminishing incomes and job displacements precipitated by the emergence of cheap(er) labor from across our borders and the outsourcing of jobs overseas, not to mention a bubbling economy, that American families will be able to sustain its frenzied lifestyles once that bubble bursts

    46. Many of the old SAP COIN camps were used to operate from as SAP COIN were closing down, and the borders opened for anyone and everyone to come here but we spoke about that before

    47. A nation that is unwilling to preserve the inviolability of its (own) language and customs or the foundations of its cultural and social traditions and, having renounced its national character and historical mandate, is not properly positioned to defend its (own) borders!

    48. It has no borders and no right to exist anywhere and is disgusting

    49. Rhodesia being surrounded by her enemies on all sides except a small strip in the south (South Africa) was always vulnerable for attack and could not safeguard her borders with her severe lack of manpower

    50. The State of California has taken an certain step backwards in its putative efforts to secure our nation‘s borders when its feckless governor (Davis) signed a bill into law extending driver‘s licenses to illegal aliens

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