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Frasi con frisson (in inglese)

  1. The frisson had passed but it had left her uncomfortably.
  2. With a frisson of excitement, I notice there’s a note for me.
  3. The moneylender suddenly experienced an unfamiliar frisson of panic.
  4. I swallow instinctively and a frisson of exhilaration runs through me.
  5. The simplicity of his reply cuts through Ralph’s frisson of disappointment.

  6. When I saw these drastic state of these forests I felt a frisson of sadness.
  7. Flicker didn’t respond, which was when a frisson of concern went through me.
  8. A little frisson of alarm coursed through me, Estimated arrival of what?
  9. Had she thought about him? Was she breeding? A frisson of distaste hit the back of his throat.
  10. A frisson of awareness rolled up his back at her ability to tempt him to the degree that his wolf alternately snapped and whined to savor her again.
  11. The great abyss yawned and tried to suck him down into its dizzying depths, but Loofah's vertigo broke like a wave against the solid brick parapet of the bridge and he passed calmly over, with only the tiniest frisson fluttering in his abdomen.

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