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Frasi con defend (in inglese)

  1. Defend me, a poor girl.
  2. He would defend The King.
  4. He turned to defend himself.
  5. Defend your family with it.

  6. But he will defend his people.
  7. Youth In The Courts To Defend.
  8. Manna stood to defend the man.
  9. His/her job is to defend the.
  10. It could be to defend himself.
  11. They tried to defend the girls.
  12. You told me to defend myself.
  13. United Nations would defend them.
  14. Defend others but leave them be.
  15. Baron von Richtofen would defend.

  16. Defend your truths but admits to.
  17. We will stay and defend our home.
  18. You can only defend against heku.
  19. We could defend ourselves with it.
  20. Bradshaw was asked to defend the.
  21. He is angry, but he'll defend you.
  22. They were not prepared to defend.
  23. He tries to defend his evil actions.
  24. They know how to defend themselves.
  25. He was preparing to defend the weak.

  26. She didn’t move to defend Mars.
  27. Now you attack and I’ll defend.
  28. It is the I that we defend when we.
  29. You do not defend me against Marius.
  30. They would try in vain to defend him.
  31. This bandit refused to defend himself.
  32. I don’t have to defend myself, L.
  33. Our primary task is to defend you.
  34. You will defend Canada and the rest.
  35. It was left to Bessie to defend Caris.
  36. Avery tries to defend himself, But.
  37. You don’t have to defend anything.
  38. Look at how Laius and Jocasta defend.
  39. They killed to defend their territory.
  40. Nurse was quick to defend the newcomer.
  41. Then I shall defend the castle myself.
  42. It was a good place to hide or defend.
  43. And so I went to defend against that.
  44. Be sure, I should always defend him.
  45. I have to defend the future of mankind.
  46. I will defend a child, Ashley said.
  47. Yet I could do nothing to defend myself.
  48. But you can defend us somewhere else.
  49. Plan, anticipate, defend, attack and win.
  50. They had no shields to defend themselves.
  51. Why, then the Polack never will defend it.
  52. He would have to defend it, he knew that.
  53. I don't think we should try to defend it.
  54. Yet he had drawn his sword to defend her.
  55. They are prepared to defend their master.
  56. Oh dad, that was a tough one to defend.
  57. The man could not defend anymore as his.
  58. She could not defend it in any other way.
  59. It is too short-sighted to defend itself.
  60. But how would they be expected to defend.
  61. Well, how will you defend the city?
  62. He did not even attempt to defend himself.
  63. Use whatever you have to defend yourself:.
  64. Prepare to defend the ship against borders.
  65. I expected he would defend the Resurrection.
  66. These bass will defend the spawning beds!.
  67. Defend your proposal and be done with it.
  68. Defend yourself in your own home against a.
  69. Ammon tensed and prepared to defend himself.
  70. Then get your men ready to defend this tower.
  71. One cannot defend oneself against those brats.
  72. As she had noted before, she would defend the.
  73. She gave everything to defend Ki'minsyllessil.
  74. Q What can I use in my house to defend myself?
  75. This time, however, she is ready to defend him.
  76. There was little he could say to defend himself.
  77. If Peter tries to taunt me, she will defend me.
  78. It will not keep you on your road, nor defend.
  79. He leapt to his feet, ready to defend his work.
  80. Now here he is, being forced to defend himself.
  81. And those who, when wronged, defend themselves.
  82. I am here to accuse him, but to defend him also.
  83. It is only natural for you to defend my actions.
  84. I tried to defend myself from the unjust charges.
  85. Zural tried to defend his position by pointing.
  86. Joseph knew it would be futile to defend himself.
  87. It is unable to hunt or defend itself correctly.
  88. They defend themselves, and they have the right.
  89. It was almost time, time to defend herself again.
  90. And we will defend you to the death if need be.
  91. Mitch, however, was too dumbstruck to defend her.
  92. I had to "defend" my position over and over again.
  93. I will not defend myself to you one minute longer.
  94. We'll defend Stavka because it's our home, Travis.
  95. He told me you’d only teach me to defend myself.
  96. He however still attempted to defend his position.
  97. A falcon will always stay to defend its territory.
  98. Don wasn’t in the mood to have to defend himself.
  99. Vinny cowered to defend himself but it was too late.
  100. You have the dreams of your friends to defend now.
  1. He was defending her honor.
  2. I was only defending myself.
  3. No, I was defending the coven.
  4. And thanks for defending me!.
  5. In the process of defending his.
  6. Defending Cynthia was now out of.
  7. Defending the Early Years Project.
  8. We were defending our home planet.
  9. They only were defending themselves.
  10. The synth was only defending itself.
  11. Defending the scum of the earth was.
  12. Alicia found herself defending Joshua.
  13. He died defending Kendra 25 years ago.
  14. He wasn’t defending himself, though.
  15. The defending Advocate rose to his feet.
  16. An army defending their turf and at the.
  17. Soon the defending troops were scattered.
  18. The sharpest thorn defending the rose.
  19. In this way, defending their goods, they.
  20. Who would be defending the White Raiders?
  21. He’d dedicated himself to defending that.
  22. Alexey Alexandrovitch replied defending them.
  23. We did, said the boy, defending himself.
  24. He has used up his fortune in defending mine.
  25. The ethics of my profession need no defending.
  26. Im defending, the solicitor general said.
  27. South Africa was defending the unholy rule of.
  28. That little thing, defending that enormous man.
  29. Jack was actually defending himself, forcefully.
  30. Golyakov is totally devoted to defending Stavka.
  31. That has nothing to do with defending the Empire.
  32. And one need not get angry while defending the truth.
  33. Chill, Rich Kid, Rex said, defending his friend.
  34. Although Cynthia was capable of defending herself, she.
  35. If she charged, I’d have a hard time defending myself.
  36. Defending the Mound of the Creation Star was not as easy.
  37. God his defending counsel and redeemer had vindicated him.
  38. King Tommit should be proud to have you defending Paradan.
  39. Defending P I ships materialized all around the attackers.
  40. Addicted to a sedative and defending my sanity in court.
  41. I will not be killed in this war defending the losing side.
  42. At some point I was interested in writing and defending a.
  43. The propriety of defending our country can be denied by none.
  44. Why? he said; are they not capable of defending themselves?
  45. Defending myself isn’t the most important thing on my mind.
  46. Minho looked exhausted, but he started defending his proposal.
  47. It is the least that we could do for the ones defending us.
  48. Such battered victims have even died defending their abusers.
  49. He fell defending the hobbits, while I was away upon the hill.
  50. I was defending my friend’s honor! She said defensively.
  51. Do you both promise to each look after the other, defending.
  52. Terence sighed, knowing the ineffectuality of defending himself.
  53. They do not have exemplary records for defending their clients.
  54. Meanwhile, a few hunters were defending themselves from the north.
  55. You don’t want it to be close by when we are defending the road.
  56. Just as with Job, God was his defending counsel and delivered him.
  57. Above her bowed head the pink flowers stared, as if defending her.
  58. If I died in the cave, defending Theo, how would it help him? And.
  59. But I don’t want to be the person defending those clients anymore.
  60. Again, Paul, here in Romans, is defending the free grace view and not.
  61. I was worried about you, Kira, Raf said, still defending himself.
  62. They became fanatical about defending their sacred, beleaguered Church.
  63. Why are you defending her? That worm is the reason that you got hurt.
  64. But that was what heroes did; they died defending what they believed in.
  65. Apparently defending the wrongly accused, she said matter-of-factly.
  66. That woman showed a lot of courage in defending these children like this.
  67. One of the geese spread its wings and honked at the truck, defending them.
  68. She gave her life defending us, Tris says with surprising gentleness.
  69. However, part of those robots are in the future, defending our base there.
  70. Because of victory, and that you are actually defending the whole Creation.
  71. He was defending her reputation, as he looked from one to the other of them.
  72. Inside the house, Kate was defending Christina’s choice, stating her case.
  73. The defending troops tried to hold the Japanese at various defensive lines.
  74. All this time you have been thinking that we are defending ourselves to you.
  75. They were all capable of defending themselves against anything that came up.
  76. Females only use their horns when defending their position within the group.
  77. Look I'm not defending him, what he's done to Leah he should be locked up.
  78. I cannot be bothered with defending that indefensible thing called Apartheid.
  79. The group of insurgents who were defending the centre retreated in confusion.
  80. The two men tried to argue, with Adem defending his claims like a stone wall.
  81. Where did you find the tenacity to stand against all odds, defending British.
  82. American parents are not in the mood to let their children die defending Jews.
  83. The latter were defending me for reacting to a potentially dangerous situation.
  84. He wanted to protect himself from defending possible claims with his own money.
  85. With only three of us, we'll have a hard time defending ourselves against them.
  86. He had been defending the family's interests since the brothers were in diapers.
  87. Both girls had had training in the village on defending against obsessor spirits.
  88. How would you feel about defending the poor, the hapless, and the hopeless?
  89. There was something to be said for the advantage one had defending one’s home.
  90. Death, and its perpetual presence, has battered you into willingly defending it.
  91. This was the ship of choice for defending pirate bases or drug smuggling depots.
  92. It seemed that the men defending the walls would not be caught napping so easily.
  93. He was killed at war, defending his comrades from a surprise attack on their camp.
  94. Those ISF troopers would have a big advantage, defending from inside mine tunnels.
  95. You will be sufficiently occupied in defending your frontiers against the savages.
  96. Mayank smiled at the child which he could see in Guddi, defending her favorite toy.
  97. Yet, despite their disabilities, they too were ready to die defending their world.
  98. The AARV’s ceased operation because all the defending aircraft had been destroyed.
  99. The subconscious mind works in exactly the same way when it comes to defending its.
  100. Wright,) in defending the character of the soldier, has given us a quotation, viz:.
  1. And the church defended me.
  2. Praise Him! He Defended The.
  3. It was walled but not defended.
  4. I can't believe I defended him.
  5. Izzy defended in the only way.
  6. You never once defended yourself.
  7. It’s the first planet I defended.
  8. And the poor man’s cause defended.
  9. We are innocent! - I defended myself.
  10. It cannot be defended from both sides.
  11. You are defended from being a trifler.
  12. He defended his right to catch the bus.
  13. He defended the sun god against Apophis.
  14. Mother defended me, but because of her.
  15. The moat made sure it was well defended.
  16. Such a God and Heaven cannot be defended.
  17. So it is that the Pandav army defended by.
  18. I have always defended the Christian church.
  19. Of course not, he defended immediately.
  20. Butterfield defended himself and his actions.
  21. By whom will the accused be defended?
  22. It's second nature really, he defended.
  23. Nevertheless, he valiantly defended himself.
  24. Anyone else, they woulda defended themselves.
  25. Why the hell is he laughing? defended Kate.
  26. She defended the priest? Was she armed?
  27. For five hours Rachel defended her conclusions.
  28. La Mont, Elizabeth defended Faye vigorously.
  29. When this came out, the Democrats defended Sen.
  30. Bastet defended her father Ra against the snake.
  31. Some disputed his arguments, others defended them.
  32. He got out of jail because Baba and I defended him.
  33. Eve had not blamed Alexandra, she had defended her.
  34. The dragon roared and defended itself, snapping at.
  35. He had defended their actions as just and honorable.
  36. But Pyotr Stepanovitch immediately defended himself.
  37. They’re just trying to help, defended the man.
  38. Kelsen would have defended him in the event of a trial.
  39. But it proved better defended than he’d anticipated.
  40. He said I shouldn’t be upset that I defended myself.
  41. Ford defended his pardon as needed to heal the country.
  42. The opposite position could also be defended, that is.
  43. Even Palomita was surprised, but she defended her friend.
  44. She was a good friend, Sophia defended her old friend.
  45. I went over and defended her honor the only way I know how.
  46. I defended myself just fine against Pierre Steele!.
  47. He defended himself when Jack and Brunno tried to jump him.
  48. Mithras stood up, Then I hope that she is well defended.
  49. He has defended this castle for forty years against all.
  50. Can this interdiction be defended on this ground? It cannot.
  51. He was sympathetic and frequently defended my point of view.
  52. And he had successfully defended his title every year since.
  53. The Badgers had defended their territory and their families.
  54. Of course not, Lady Jane defended their actions sternly.
  55. President Truman always staunchly defended the atomic bombing.
  56. It can be defended for years and will be as a matter of course.
  57. She recognized how fiercely she had defended her version of the.
  58. But the river defended the town only on the east and south sides.
  59. But I dragged you to this training, Kostya defended his theory.
  60. Pinocchio, although he was one alone, defended himself like a hero.
  61. That makes sense because she defended the mortal and I last night.
  62. One that had been heavily defended by a guard station of redcoats.
  63. That was a joke, Paxton insisted, Wendy still defended him.
  64. He should have defended his daughter! What kind of father was he?
  65. I went over and defended her honor the only way I know how.
  66. The Pandav army, on the contrary, defended as it is by Bheem, is easy.
  67. But who are you that sit in the plain as foes before defended walls?
  68. He fought valiantly, gained ground, and defended his position strongly.
  69. The militias of some barbarous nations defended themselves much better.
  70. Anne also heard talk about how few of Rad’s friends had defended him.
  71. I'm not! she defended herself with the contrarian anthem of the age.
  72. He laughed under his breath and carelessly defended himself with one arm.
  73. Dr Williams defended himself in a Lambeth Palace statement saying he had.
  74. His administration even defended it once it was publicly exposed in 1971.
  75. Clay, and defended the bill, on the ground of expediency and of precedent.
  76. He defended the faith, as did those who followed him into spiritual battle.
  77. He defended the navy-yard at Washington against the imputations cast on it.
  78. The propriety of it was defended on the declaration to the Executive by Mr.
  79. On what ground can this discrimination be defended? You adopt this measure.
  80. Everybody did it, she defended herself when he tried to remonstrate with her.
  81. This man that Philemon defended is Homer, the famed poet, said Nerissa.
  82. That is ideological blindness and moral callousness that cannot be defended.
  83. We lived in a tough neighborhood, and Avi defended Tanya from the street thugs.
  84. Apartheid was wrong and cannot be defended as much as the Nationalists tried to.
  85. She had been relentless and vitriolic, but he had staunchly defended his corner.
  86. Now we’re back in enemy territory, and this is defended airspace, even at night.
  87. His brother had told him that Sullivan had gone off on him and defended Reynolds.
  88. Enough has been said on the matter, Tarmon defended, sticking to the present.
  89. The mine could be defended against any force likely to be sent to take possession.
  90. The Souljhin defended themselves for brief moments before they were cut to pieces.
  91. Our territory was invaded, I defended it; France was menaced, I offered my breast.
  92. And after you have successfully defended the threat then continue on your journey.
  93. I never said that, Wickland defended, sensing the resentment in Ed’s voice.
  94. Only days ago she defended the woman, in front of witnesses, here in the cathedral.
  95. A surprise attack, he guessed, but even so, surely it could have defended itself?
  96. With a poker in his hands he defended his landlord from a great horde of assassins.
  97. And who have I never, ever represented? Whose rights have I never defended? Jews.
  98. Gone was his mother who had always defended him and protected him from undesirables.
  99. MacKenzie was a lawyer, a friend of the Barcs, and he defended them, fighting class.
  100. Bournisien defended it; he enlarged on the acts of restitution that it brought about.
  1. Although it only defends.
  2. A knight defends the innocent, he said.
  3. Q: And the witness defends on the real?
  4. More than once in Desobremesa he defends works of.
  5. Domestic abuse defends itself in stereotypes words.
  6. When one is afraid of theft, one secures and defends.
  7. We are all going to have an ego choice that defends our insanity.
  8. It is the messenger (cpth) who protects and defends all believers.
  9. The Capoeira student defends himself through the use of dancing.
  10. Rommel was aware of the old adage that he who defends all defends none.
  11. I'm not saying that defends what he does but he's not in on it alone.
  12. This report, by its very length, defends itself against the risk of being.
  13. In a Norse duel, one party strikes a blow at the other, who defends himself.
  14. The Lord Himself defends the scriptures! Many times the authorities have tried to.
  15. By tearing down enemy strongholds in their paths, a vanguard defends the masses from the front.
  16. When Israel has been obedient (like with David), God defends them and takes down their oppressors.
  17. Writing is not the only way Roger takes a stand for his beliefs and defends his religious convictions.
  18. My hand has been forced, however, by the recent letters in which Colonel James Moriarty defends the.
  19. The typical Christian defends themself from me with violence or labeling me the anti-Christ, or Satan.
  20. Paul defends his apostleship, not with how many miracles he did, but how much he suffered for the people.
  21. Alike in appearance, fundamentally different in reality; the Swiss defend the false, Bonaparte defends the true.
  22. Mr Zuma defends his record by pointing out that he took office in 2009 at the height of the global economic crisis.
  23. And then the principal said something that anybody who defends a murderer of Americans is as guilty as the murderers themselves.
  24. The Time Patrol represents and defends the interests of the whole of Humanity, and not only those of some countries in particular.
  25. Christina defends Will’s plan; the Dauntless-born initiates vote for offense; everyone argues about who should make the decision.
  26. Adam Hall – once known as Alan Cayhall – defends his racist grandfather, Sam Cayhall in an attempt to save him from the gas chamber.
  27. Cheney defends torture or enhanced interrogation to this day and maintains that it led to saving lives and prevented terrorist attacks.
  28. She issues a motherly scolding when she feels I have done wrong but defends my reasoning when my ―ugly American‖ abrasiveness offends others.
  29. The lawyer who defends an educated murderer because he is more cultured than his victims and could not help murdering them to get money is one of us.
  30. Red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis): This noisy carnivore emits a terrifying screech to ward off rival hawks during hunting and aggressively defends its territory.
  31. Now each person in the home must get their own relationship with Christ, but you are to provide a spiritual covering over the home, that makes it safe, it protects them, and defends them, when there's demonic attacks.
  32. But when Christians live in the midst of a non-Christian society which defends itself by force of arm, and calls upon the Christians to join in waging war, then the Christians have an opportunity for revealing the truth to them who know it not.
  33. One often marvels why, for what reason a lady of the world or an artist, who, it would seem, is interested neither in social, nor in military questions, condemns labour strikes and preaches war, and always definitely attacks one side and defends the other?
  34. The creation of an ‘Atlantic Wall' stretching from Spain to Norway, covering some four thousand five hundred kilometers was one of the largest construction projects in human history, but, as Frederick the Great noted, He, who defends everything, defends nothing.
  35. The second page was filled with news concerning only the United Kingdom, and next to a short article entitled MoD Defends Against Suicide Accusations there was a large X in the judge’s flowing, wobbly style that had undoubtedly been made with the same fountain pen used to compose the simple note addressing this case.
  36. Let us admit that the progress made in our day is noteworthy, marvellous, unusual; let us admit that we are fortunate mortals to live in such a remarkable epoch: but let us endeavor to appraise this progress, not on the basis of our self-satisfaction, but of that principle which defends itself with this progress,—the division of labor.
  37. What! is it possible that there are knights-errant in the world in these days, and histories of real chivalry printed? I cannot realise the fact that there can be anyone on earth now-a-days who aids widows, or protects maidens, or defends wives, or succours orphans; nor should I believe it had I not seen it in your worship with my own eyes.
  38. He who defends the cause of the fatherless and the orphan; He who commands His people to provide shelter for the homeless, and uphold the cause of the needy, the aged and the widow? Do I not hold the scales of truth and weigh all in the balances?! Am I not a discerner of the heart and of the mind, He who knows the innermost thoughts and intentions?!.
  39. But if, when they speak of the men from whose attacks the government defends us, we understand that they mean the criminal classes, in that case we know that they are not extraordinary beings, like beasts of prey among sheep, but are men very much like ourselves, who are naturally just as reluctant to commit crimes as those against whom they commit them.
  40. To invade a country, to kill the man who defends his home because he wears a blouse and does not wear a kepi, to burn the dwellings of starving wretches, to ruin or plunder a man's household goods, to drink the wine found in the cellars, to violate the women found in the streets, consume millions of francs in powder, and to leave misery and cholera in their track.
  41. The said Nicholas Ridley affirms, maintains, and stubbornly defends certain opinions, assertions, and heresies, contrary to the Word of God and the received faith of the Church, as in denying the true and natural body and blood of Christ to be in the sacrament of the altar, and secondarily, in affirming the substance of bread and wine to remain after the words of consecration.
  42. Going into a country, cutting the man's throat who defends his house because he wears a blouse and has not a military cap on his head, burning the dwellings of wretched beings who have nothing to eat, breaking furniture and stealing goods, drinking the wine found in the cellars, violating the women in the streets, burning thousands of francs' worth of powder, and leaving misery and cholera in one's track—.
  43. The ocean defends the water, the hurricane defends the air, the King defends Royalty, the democracy defends the people; the relative, which is the monarchy, resists the absolute, which is the republic; society bleeds in this conflict, but that which constitutes its suffering to-day will constitute its safety later on; and, in any case,.

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