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    1. Some of his work is very upsetting – children being abused … wives being beaten … I’ve never worked out if it is worse for him having to defend the aggressors or to prosecute them … either way, he has to delve far too deeply into people’s lives

    2. Once she got a blaze going that was large enough to see by, she thought she should find something to use to defend herself from small predators at least

    3. He would have to defend it, he knew that

    4. "This cargo is valuable, if criminals learn that it is being transported, there is a very good chance that it might become stolen cargo, unless you can defend it from bandits?"

    5. chair or a saucepan, something, anything with which he could defend himself

    6. It's impossible to predict what they plan against me every time, so I can't defend myself effectively

    7. attempts to defend this negative pattern out of a desire to

    8. of his opponents to defend himself

    9. You have nothing to defend and nothing to fit the Scripture into

    10. The missile program in South Africa can be used to instruct African nations to defend themselves from incoming missiles and engage in defensive battles

    11. This community had no weapons and decided not to defend themselves

    12. "From what I saw at the feast you'd need more than that to defend against a theirops

    13. They would help defend you from a theirops, they'll gang up on theirops also

    14. "We could build missiles again, we have to use crystal instead of titanium, but we could do that," the unnamed one admitted, "If this visitor proves hostile we may have to do that to defend ourselves

    15. Then he had to defend his extrapolations of the amount of information that was being exchanged

    16. Favourite Child of mighty Zeus, you came to defend the people

    17. "We could defend ourselves with it

    18. accountability that we can stand tall in the world and defend the

    19. What makes a woman a woman is not the fact that she has female genitals, it is that she tries to defend them, whether she wants to use them or not

    20. The entire Hall went silent; Tarak’s men were on their feet, ready to defend their Lord if necessary

    21. Were your life in sincere danger and you would defend it with that weapon,

    22. the cost, God will defend you for it

    23. decision: whether to defend with military might the routes to the

    24. Lying in the bed, Chrissie muffles a scream as she feels again the smarting of the cuts he inflicted to her arms and hands as she fought to defend herself

    25. ‘Mr Hartley-Jones appears to have attacked his wife with a knife – she understandably tried to defend herself and, somehow, in the tussle he appears to have stabbed himself and bled to death

    26. No doubt they would be ready to defend theirs and accuse others

    27. " He attempted to defend himself

    28. “You’re right, Robby, I need something to defend myself with before I go back in there and rescue my father!” Monica said

    29. defend his Monarch's actions

    30. this desperate need to defend Collette Dubois, but it

    31. But we have a way to defend ourselves!” Moana said, opening the door to the basement

    32. If he was worried about her having to defend herself, He may as well get over it

    33. Once she had seen it with detailed probes from above, she would defend the beauty in his creation at that castle with whatever might the expedition could muster

    34. On the other hand, Paul did defend his identity in

    35. The humans sought to defend themselves as the creatures flooded their ranks, but instead of biting into the demons' flesh, their blades slashed and stabbed at emptiness, cutting harmlessly through the air

    36. responsibility,’ said an elderly Cure, trying to defend

    37. location was secure and safe, and they worked to defend the land

    38. deeper places with God, so that they can defend their hearts from

    39. The Ancients never meant to go back into the Rift, just defend against it

    40. It had been over a month since Brice and the Death Guards had returned from their meeting with Rafe, and judging by the outcome of their conversation, they meant to defend the city to the end, no matter what that end may be

    41. I'm forced to defend myself from death, but insults are wasted on me

    42. Ammon tensed and prepared to defend himself

    43. He probably didn't want Alan able to defend himself

    44. Driving his sword into the forehead of a trapped soldier, one of the Reapers was unable to defend himself when Nathalia came at him in a whirlwind of silver

    45. ‘I have instructed Papa that we will help you defend this place

    46. ‘The first thing that I wanted to discuss is the question of how possible would it be to defend the abbey successfully

    47. There was little he could say to defend himself

    48. She gave everything to defend Ki'minsyllessil

    49. defend their common interests and were doing it with

    50. And defend the shores

    1. MacKenzie was a lawyer, a friend of the Barcs, and he defended them, fighting class

    2. MacKenzie was a lawyer, a friend of the Barcs, and he defended them, fighting class actions and helping them to formulate their ideas

    3. He defended the integrity of the village and believed its unique traditions were its strengths

    4. “I defended your reasons, but I wasn’t going to lie about what’s going on in Thom’s lab

    5. ” The Sportsman defended himself, “While on holiday in Scotland, I was offered a go with one rod of Livingson's construction, by a British gentleman who boasted of its unparalleled performance

    6. He defended himself when Jack and Brunno tried to jump him

    7. "Not Us!" Shelly defended her mother's stance

    8. “It's second nature really,” he defended

    9. " He defended "I was just saying, you have a head on those pretty shoulders, and you know what to do with it, as well as he does

    10. good grace, but defended his man to the hilt

    11. " she defended her half-frozen husband

    12. he defended himself from the lies of

    13. defended his apostleship to the

    14. And after you have successfully defended the threat then continue on your journey

    15. defended their faith as well

    16. “This man that Philemon defended is Homer, the famed poet,” said Nerissa

    17. “Don't look at me!” she defended, “It was that darn cloaking device that got all this started in the first place! I just couldn't imagine how it could have still had any charge in its power cells if it hadn't been recently acquired and relatively locally

    18. Had the king of Portugal submitted to those ignominious terms which his brother-in-law the king of Spain proposed to him, Britain would have been freed from a much greater inconveniency than the loss of the Portugal trade, the burden of supporting a very weak ally, so unprovided of every thing for his own defence, that the whole power of England, had it been directed to that single purpose, could scarce, perhaps, have defended him for another campaign

    19. They themselves, on the contrary, have hitherto been defended almost entirely at the expense of the mother country ; but the expense of fleets and armies is out of all proportion greater than the necessary expense of civil government

    20. How obstinately the city of Paris, upon that occasion, defended itself, what a dreadful famine it supported, rather than submit to the best, and afterwards the most beloved of all the French kings, is well known

    21. She knew Rogan well enough to know he would have defended Mars whether he had known or not

    22. I defended your ignorance of the situation because you saved my life, as well as Alex’s

    23. As a result, Alex was in a coma and he possibly defended someone responsible for the demon attack, either directly or indirectly

    24. That makes sense because she defended the mortal and I last night

    25. The militias of some barbarous nations defended themselves much better

    26. Why the hell is he laughing?” defended Kate

    27. As it is only by means of a well regulated standing army, that a civilized country can be defended, so it is only by means of it that a barbarous country can be suddenly and tolerably civilized

    28. They defended Madras, took Pondicherry, recovered Calcutta, and acquired the revenues of a rich and extensive territory, amounting, it was then said, to upwards of three millions a-year

    29. “You’re probably right Johnny but I have looked at those Turkish trenches over there and I haven’t got field glasses but to my eye they look only lightly defended if you ask me”

    30. “Gather round lads and I will fill you in on what’s happening it would seem that the Turks for whatever reasons haven’t seen us yet and from what we can make out their trenches are only lightly manned and not heavily defended as we were told”

    31. He looked like a cancer patient in the final stages of life, and it was a horrific sight for Sebastian; to see this warrior that had defended them all, helpless

    32. The teachers of those doctrines, though perhaps, in other respects, not more learned than many of the divines who defended the established church, seem in general to have been better acquainted with

    33. tunnels were narrow, so they could be easily defended

    34. The Souljhin defended themselves for brief moments before they were cut to pieces

    35. By then he was more than tired, as were the Guardians and soldiers who defended the front lines

    36. While she defended Hayley’s assault during those seven rounds, she sensed the Power growing in Hayley too

    37. The argument was that the animals on a farm don't mix with each other so why should humans? There is no way is this world that that system can be defended

    38. the portion of Cuba east of a line drawn through Aserradero, Dos Palmas, Cauto, Tanamo, and Aguilera; the United States to transport all troops in the command to Spain; officers to retain their side arms; the forces to march from the city with honours of war, laying down their arms at a given point, it being understood that the commissioners would recommend that the Spanish soldier return to Spain with the arms he so bravely defended

    39. Apartheid was wrong and cannot be defended as much as the Nationalists tried to

    40. The police woman suffered a black eye and many deep abrasions on her arms as she defended herself

    41. The Angolan government (called FAPLA) with substantial Cuban assistance defended their own country to the best of their ability

    42. His hopes of a quick entry were dashed when he saw that it was well defended by three guards

    43. What you did cannot be defended in law and thus once it get to the stage where the police gets involved the Egg Breakers are thrown to the wolves

    44. Ford defended his pardon as needed to heal the country

    45. ” When Truman first defended dropping the A-bomb, he claimed it saved half a million lives

    46. That is ideological blindness and moral callousness that cannot be defended

    47. It can be defended for years and will be as a matter of course

    48. Greenberg defended his selection of Nebraska…………a team whose coach (Tom Osborne) understands a

    49. In this case, victims became emotionally attached to their captors, and even defended them after they were freed from their six-day ordeal

    50. But Clinton did approve the final assault in the siege, kept Reno in spite of her deadly incompetence, and defended her actions and his own afterward

    1. But that was what heroes did; they died defending what they believed in

    2. ‘Looks as though Harvey might get landed with the job of defending him

    3. Together we lay side by side defending the roads of Athens and firing our pistols at the Nazis

    4. “For your bravery in the recent adverse situation, for defending your Queen against overwhelming odds," Naria removed the sash she had around her waist and tied it to Sera's wrist

    5. chose a woman who’s more than capable of defending

    6. months into the training Roman was defending six aggressors at a time, his

    7. He was an apologist defending Pythagorus, however some of his arguments weren't as helpful as others

    8. "The stick" She was defending herself now

    9. He was defending her reputation, as he looked from one to the other of them

    10. "I don't know why she's acting this way?" Todd responded taking her hand and letting it drop again; as he struggled to defending himself

    11. The defending Advocate rose to his feet

    12. ’ The defending Advocate leapt angrily from his chair

    13. The wearer could forego defending themselves, and focus instead on eliminating their enemy as quickly as possible

    14. Since the battle began, they had accepted the fact that they would never leave the Red Wall, and that they would die defending it

    15. Several round towers strengthened the wall, giving the defending archers a panoramic view of the entire city

    16. The gaps were spaced five feet from one to the next and angled downward at a near ninety degrees, allowing defending archers a clear shot at the enemy directly below them

    17. As of yet, the group of Magi had suffered few losses, due in great part to the fact that they had focused all their efforts on defending themselves while offering only an infinitesimal show of retaliation

    18. Yet, despite their disabilities, they too were ready to die defending their world

    19. In this way, defending their goods, they

    20. Lawyers defending such people will argue that their clients are totally innocent of the consequences of a disease that have affected their brain

    21. In the disorderly times which gave birth to those barbarous institutions, the great proprietor was sufficiently employed in defending his own territories, or in extending his jurisdiction and authority over those of his neighbours

    22. They only were defending themselves

    23. Defending the Early Years Project

    24. In consequence of the representations of Columbus, the council of Castile determined to take possession of the countries of which the inhabitants were plainly incapable of defending themselves

    25. defending themselves against anything that comes their way

    26. study it are more than capable of defending themselves in any type of situation,

    27. Other states have generally disburdened themselves, upon their subject and subordinate provinces, of the most considerable part of the expense of defending the empire

    28. Upon the power which the greater part of the leading men, the natural aristocracy of every country, have of preserving or defending their respective importance, depends the stability and duration of every system of free government

    29. Towards the declension of the Roman republic, the allies of Rome, who had borne the principal burden of defending the state and extending the empire, demanded to be admitted to all the privileges of Roman citizens

    30. The Cape of Good Hope was inhabited by a race of people almost as barbarous, and quite as incapable of defending themselves, as the natives of America

    31. For the sake of that little enhancement of price which this monopoly might afford our producers, the home consumers have been burdened with the whole expense of maintaining and defending that empire

    32. An industrious, and, upon that account, a wealthy nation, is of all nations the most likely to be attacked ; and unless the state takes some new measure for the public defence, the natural habits of the people render them altogether incapable of defending themselves

    33. In some countries, the citizens destined for defending the state seem to have been exercised only, without being, if I may say so, regimented; that is, without being divided into separate and distinct bodies of troops, each of which performed its exercises under its own proper and permanent officers

    34. But when, from different causes, chiefly from the continually increasing expense of defending the nation against the invasion of other nations, the private estate of the sovereign had become altogether insufficient for defraying the expense of the sovereignty; and when it had become necessary that the people should, for their own security, contribute towards this expense by taxes of different kinds; it seems to have been very commonly stipulated, that no present for the administration of justice should, under any pretence, be accepted either by the sovereign, or by his bailiffs and substitutes, the judges

    35. They set themselves, therefore, to expose the many errors of that translation, which the Roman catholic clergy were thus put under the necessity of defending or explaining

    36. The state required that every free citizen should fit himself for defending it in war, and should upon that account, learn his military exercises

    37. Of the great and extensive interests of his country he is altogether incapable of judging; and unless very particular pains have been taken to render him otherwise, he is equally incapable of defending his country in war

    38. But a coward, a man incapable either of defending or of revenging himself, evidently wants one of the most essential parts of the character of a man

    39. They are listened to, esteemed, and respected by their superiors; but before their inferiors they are frequently incapable of defending, effectually, and to the conviction of such hearers, their own sober and moderate doctrines, against the most ignorant enthusiast who chooses to attack them

    40. The expense of defending the society, and that of supporting the dignity of the chief magistrate, are both laid out for the general benefit of the whole society

    41. “How can you blame everything on me I didn’t tell him to drink like he did”, I was going to carry on defending myself when Helen joined in saying

    42. If any of the provinces of the British empire cannot be made to contribute towards the support of the whole empire, it is surely time that Great Britain should free herself from the expense of defending those provinces in time of war, and of supporting any part of their civil or military establishment in time of peace; and endeavour to accommodate her future views and designs to the real mediocrity of her circumstances

    43. The two men tried to argue, with Adem defending his claims like a stone wall

    44. I would certainly not like to see what he called unlucky and with a clown like him defending me I could feel the bullets striking home already

    45. ” The man spoke as if he were defending himself, though Jean did not press him further; she had her own secrets to conceal

    46. “You’re a fast learner,” Jean said after barely defending the last flourishes of Hayley’s blade

    47. He wasn’t defending himself, though

    48. He was defending her honor

    49. Esther gave up all hope of saying anything sensible to them, least of all defending poor Christians wife, and poured herself a large brandy instead

    50. An army defending their turf and at the

    1. doesn't appear to make a difference to how efficiently he defends them though

    2. When Israel has been obedient (like with David), God defends them and takes down their oppressors

    3. Paul defends his apostleship, not with how many miracles he did, but how much he suffered for the people

    4. The Capoeira student defends himself through the use of dancing

    5. He who defends the cause of the fatherless and the orphan; He who commands His people to provide shelter for the homeless, and uphold the cause of the needy, the aged and the widow? Do I not hold the scales of truth and weigh all in the balances?! Am I not a discerner of the heart and of the mind, He who knows the innermost thoughts and intentions?!

    6. Cheney defends torture or “enhanced interrogation” to this day and maintains that it led to saving lives and prevented terrorist attacks

    7. Christina defends Will’s plan; the Dauntless-born initiates vote for offense; everyone argues about who should make the decision

    8. The Lord Himself defends the scriptures! Many times the authorities have tried to

    9. who dwells in Heaven has his eye on that place, and defends it; and he beats and destroys those who come to hurt it

    10. Q: And the witness defends on the real?

    11. The typical Christian defends themself from me with violence or labeling me the anti-Christ, or Satan

    12. We are all going to have an ego choice that defends our insanity

    13. Writing is not the only way Roger takes a stand for his beliefs and defends his religious convictions

    14. who defends her physically abusive husband out of love, philosophers will likewise come to the

    15. I'm not saying that defends what he does but he's not in on it alone”

    16. 39 For he who dwells in Heaven has his eye on that place and defends it; and he beats and destroys those who come to hurt it

    17. In a Norse duel, one party strikes a blow at the other, who defends himself

    18. defends me in all things

    19. She issues a motherly scolding when she feels I have done wrong but defends my reasoning when my ―ugly American‖ abrasiveness offends others

    20. By tearing down enemy strongholds in their paths, a vanguard defends the masses from the front

    21. The Time Patrol represents and defends the interests of the whole of Humanity, and not only those of some countries in particular

    22. Adam Hall – once known as Alan Cayhall – defends his racist grandfather, Sam Cayhall in an attempt to save him from the gas chamber

    23. The second page was filled with news concerning only the United Kingdom, and next to a short article entitled “MoD Defends Against Suicide Accusations” there was a large X in the judge’s flowing, wobbly style that had undoubtedly been made with the same fountain pen used to compose the simple note addressing this case

    24. The creation of an ‘Atlantic Wall' stretching from Spain to Norway, covering some four thousand five hundred kilometers was one of the largest construction projects in human history, but, as Frederick the Great noted, "He, who defends everything, defends nothing”

    25. Rommel was aware of the old adage that he who defends all defends none

    26. Now each person in the home must get their own relationship with Christ, but you are to provide a spiritual covering over the home, that makes it safe, it protects them, and defends them, when there's demonic attacks

    27. "The said Nicholas Ridley affirms, maintains, and stubbornly defends certain opinions, assertions, and heresies, contrary to the Word of God and the received faith of the Church, as in denying the true and natural body and blood of Christ to be in the sacrament of the altar, and secondarily, in affirming the substance of bread and wine to remain after the words of consecration

    28. This report, by its very length, defends itself against the risk of being

    29. Although it only defends

    30. Mr Zuma defends his record by pointing out that he took office in 2009 at the height of the global economic crisis

    31. defends from chaos and whim

    32. this stroke looked simple and easy, it was actually a superior attack stroke that also defends at the same time! Unbreakable and at the same time incomparable

    33. Domestic abuse defends itself in stereotypes words

    34. creeds prevailing at his time and defends it

    35. When one is afraid of theft, one secures and defends

    36. defends the State against insurrectionists, c

    37. [94]- In Arabic the statement ‘mother-in-law’ is Hamat which means the woman who protects her daughter-in-law and defends her

    38. It is the messenger (cpth) who protects and defends all believers

    39. More than once in Desobremesa he defends works of

    40. he defends is correct and this formula carries more truth than does the Holy Bible

    41. � Our identity gets established in some competitive arena, an apt sports metaphor of our time, and our ego defends that identity against all comers

    42. [107]� In this state, our ego still defends our identity so it can assert itself relatively safely in the world, but it doesn't feel the need to act aggressively against anyone

    43. � In that we feel very deeply if without question that these meaning perspectives form absolutely indispensible parts of our identity, our ego defends those perspectives and what we feel is our identity from any disruption caused by questioning and critically reflecting on these meaning perspectives

    44. � It no longer expresses itself and defends itself in pleasing, impressing, or surrendering to the world

    45. � Our ego sometimes defends against rejection by rejecting others before the others can reject our identity

    46. � We also find them in an inauthentic form which concerns itself with our material identity and our ego that defends our identity based on unquestioned meaning perspectives

    47. � He feels her accusatory lack of regard threatens him, so he defends himself and implicitly tells her that she is lying

    48. � This identity invests all of its way of life into this artificial existence, and this ego self-justifies that existence and defends that existence against all comers

    49. � That means this ego defends against any or all possibilities of this identity's making a new choice based on a critical moment, a moment of cognitive dissonance which makes very clear the falsity and fallacy of the meaning perspective that drives this chosen lifestyle in any or most of its parts

    50. “And then the principal said something that anybody who defends a murderer of Americans is as guilty as the murderers themselves

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