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    1. Astral Projection: I induce my astral body to get out, in the darkness of my bedroom

    2. Additionally, these activities can induce a sense of fear which may bring

    3. stimulation is a clever way to induce current without

    4. information? And, more importantly, what would induce my brother

    5. This was all done under the helmet in some kind of hallucination they are able to induce in silicon crystals with electricity, but this seemed to be the closest these aliens can come to interacting with humans

    6. could induce more horror in a human, I hadn’t heard it – “tell me,

    7. None of them could induce her to go to bed

    8. By being extremely clever, at times, she would induce a boy to accompany her into her quarters at the rear of the store, whereupon she would reveal one of her tits to him, or do some other such startling thing in order to get him aroused sexually

    9. He never wore underwear, though she had tried on several occasions to induce him to at least wear briefs, without success

    10. She loved to play this little game but it was seldom she could induce him to do this particular thing to her

    1. being induced to enjoy the miracle of marketing

    2. No amount of money could have induced him to carry this out for idle curiosity or vanity

    3. “Evaristo!” Sun Ni Lee shouted and jerked awake from another short nap induced by fatigue, stress and the long flight

    4. In the first ambulance the paramedic is working as quickly as he can given the constant subtle shifts of weight and force induced by the vehicle's furious pace as it crosses the narrow stretch of land between the Taw and Torridge estuaries

    5. The rest of the body attached to the head appears, followed immediately by another body, of medium height and build, heading for that middle aged paunch induced by a liking for pubs and real ales

    6. Her head is suddenly very clear and her tongue has lost the rough edge induced by the brandy

    7. She knows who Jock is, she understands his hinterland and his history, and has lived with him through the inevitable darkness induced by his business interests

    8. induced the theory, but inversely, the theory invoked

    9. persistence of the idea induced in reader’s mind, the

    10. Leninism induced by the Soviets, and in no

    1. It would be intoxicating if it weren't for the visceral fear of mutilation and death it induces

    2. “there is something in trusting God, that induces God to make the

    3. induces the idea the access of middle class

    4. Chaos is the element that generally induces stress

    5. Do not give to mares in foal (induces contractions) because it is oxytocic and do not use when gastric ulcers are present

    6. Later experimentation proved that adding thyroid extracts to the water induces or hastens metamorphosis of tank-kept Mexican salamanders

    7. “The transmitter and the liquid that induces the simulation

    8. ” This induces a social climate that facilitates the triumph of raw will over ordered reason

    9. Last, online editor of The Weekly Standard, sees Hibbs’ book as expressing a realization that rampant nihilism induces the “flattening of man,” a

    10. The present Civil War induces Americans toward the same glowing image, a fresh icon of perfection ornamented in a more chic and alluring design

    1. In other research, sulforaphane from Kale has been shown to have a more direct effect on cancer prevention, especially in colon cancer, inducing cancer cells to destroy themselves

    2. The cancer-protective compounds in kale have thus been the subject of intense research, particularly their role in blocking the growth of cancer cells and inducing cancer cell death (apoptosis)

    3. Still, it was possible the extreme forces were inducing hallucinations

    4. Stimulant chemicals to replace the relaxants; short busts of high intensity electric shocks was normally the final attempt at resuscitation, but they tried as a desperate measure the method of inducing high frequency pulses directly into the limbic region in order to stimulate chemical uptake throughout the entire brain

    5. Maso's project of inducing restricted immigration from the Canary Islands and northern Spain will solve the latter difficulty, if placed into effect; and to the former, while America financiers may still be cautious, English capitalists are winning contracts, obtaining options and making effective arrangements for aggressive investment

    6. What would be an example of “negative feeling inducing questions”?

    7. Instead, ask yourself “positive feeling inducing questions”

    8. What would be an example of “positive feeling inducing questions”?

    9. “Oxytocin, best known for inducing labor and lactation in women, also operates in the brain (of both sexes)

    10. The acceptance and warmth I lavished on these special people went a long way in inducing them to lower their protective barriers

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    induce cause get have make stimulate bring on hasten rush induct muster effect produce breed bring about engender instigate impel incite influence spur urge