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    1. that, any revelation from God must produce the manifestation

    2. Ability to Produce Wealth

    3. with the Father which will produce God’s accreditation of

    4. us the ability the produce wealth, they concluded that

    5. God, should produce the same benefits he enjoyed with

    6. · Use natural lighting where possible, and position light sources in ways that don't produce shadows

    7. This, too, has not been properly tested (actually the US Government decided that it was safe without testing it and, further, decided that genetically engineered produce does not have to be labeled as such)

    8. These blends are extremely well balanced, offer broad spectrum time-released plant nutrients, will produce excellent yields

    9. It combines aerobic and anaerobic bacteria enhancers that produce nitrogen from the air and enzyme action in the soil

    10. produce power that will change your life

    11. those things they produce power or results

    12. While it has not been proven scientifically that emotional stress causes coronary artery disease, it is associated with behaviors that do produce coronary artery disease, and there is suggestive evidence that it may even have a direct effect in producing coronary disease

    13. You must control the ants since they herd aphids which produce nectar which the whiteflies love! See my web site entitled Dances with Ants

    14. There are N different ways to produce that signal and she is capable of using any method at her disposal to produce that signal

    15. Aphids for example produce a sweet nectar that the ants love

    16. The amount of minerals and the quality rock used to produce rock dust depends on the location of the for quarry, and the mining process

    17. "As long as the garden's still produce, we'll eat

    18. The aisles filled again with every kind of produce

    19. to produce a feeling of

    20. That missile struck in 2359, in the form of instructions to produce an artificial virus that would modify human genetics to prevent mortals from aging as long as they had frequent promiscuous sex

    21. On the 16th, I produce a birthday cake for Fred and we surprise him with a little party in the hall to celebrate his birthday – complete with balloons and streamers

    22. Normally if anyone had this happen to them it would be reported and the Council would make everyone produce a backup and go over those backups looking for control of the scene Bahkmar had experienced

    23. "We're going to land as many atmosphere landers as we can safely produce in many areas where Alan has found the vegetation thin

    24. "Oh we could produce a few hundred," Victoria said, "without hurting our life support

    25. Finally, Ideal for those with low thyroid function, Brazils are a good they’re rich in omega-3, so they’re a great alternative if you source of the mineral selenium, which we need to produce don’t eat oily fish

    26. us and operate throughout our lives to produce optimal

    27. The landscape was becoming more built up as is drew nearer to the City … more farmsteads along the river, many with wharves selling produce, more large barn-like constructions doubtless used for craft activities, and, as they drew nearer to the city, glass houses covering vast areas of land, growing produce to be shipped to markets of London

    28. ’ Kara replied with a smile, casting a glance at the heap of her belongings … her bulging bag and the basket carrying flowers and produce that Issa had insisted she take with her

    29. He said he was studying the native economy, he did produce some numbers, ships and tons moving on this river

    30. Angie would write herself but she is at Abery at the moment, expecting to produce their second child any day

    31. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit

    32. It has special components that specifical y aim at the targeted areas in order to stimulate the skin to produce collagen and elasticity

    33. Moreover, Vitamin C is known to produce collagen, the known protein that contributes to

    34. Technology is constantly creating methods to produce skin care treatments that are

    35. Delving in the backpack, I produce the jar of ointment

    36. If you are married this practice could produce some hilarity from your partner but the laugh would be yours if you cured your arthritis by this unorthodox method

    37. According to recent medical research, lack of vitamin E can produce sterility in both sexes, miscarriage, and loss of hair

    38. ’ I said, frowning as I remember the teeming market and the produce on sale there

    39. Take Wales, for example, on Earth the place is riddled with little mining villages where men, women and children slaved underground in the most appalling conditions to produce coal which was then burned to produce pollution and energy to drive factories where even more men, women and children slaved in equally unpleasant conditions in order to keep body and soul together

    40. They are usually sited by wasteg – partly because of the water supply and partly because it enables the produce to be transported quickly and easily to the major towns which is where the food is most needed

    41. Every requests need to trigger the instantiation of a controller which will eventually produce

    42. They were over the moon that their modest little estate could produce such wonderful produce and did not hesitate to tell everyone and anyone about the wonders of their traditional approach to gardening

    43. Instead, he strived harder every year to produce the most remarkable flowers, vegetables and fruits

    44. Indeed, as good as his produce was, it was no more than a match, at best, for the produce of other gardeners

    45. He was, however, intrigued by the competition’s rules, which stated that to win the competition you had to produce a most unusual and new flower

    46. That does not stop me from knowing that our love can never produce a child, a new soul for our nation and church

    47. Without that, it is mutual masturbation is it not? I've read enough of the Bible to know the only virtuous use of the organs is to produce children

    48. As with all creatures, large and small, generations of breeding will produce changes, and evolution of the species is inevitable

    49. It will produce a pair of sensors

    50. In this audio in the Brave Heart System we continue the use of sophisticated BWE technology to further train your brain to produce better brain and body chemicals on a regular basis

    1. Nourishing Food, those produced only with the interaction of soil, water and sun, in moderate quantity

    2. The skill of his hands and the hormones this body produced and his patience made it more likely she would force him, but there was never a need because he would grant any desire

    3. Beer: Beer is produced from fermented hops

    4. The main problem I have with most beers is the chemicals that are in most mass produced beers

    5. You may be lucky once or twice but history has not produced a single investor who has made money regularly by timing the market

    6. For all the Troll might of arms, the telling factor over time had been the tiny babies produced by Elven woman so that almost all mothers survived, instead of the average Troll woman's chance in those days, dying in her fourth or fifth childbirth

    7. He only wanted to talk about the land, how the sheep were doing and how much wool had been produced that season … I couldn’t understand why he was interested in that when he’d been seeing the world and doing exciting things

    8. It was said to be beyond anything Earth had ever produced, shouldn't they get a sample of it? It was said the Christials cracked it, but not the Brazilians, they became users of the native system that now had Brazilan technology added on

    9. After two weeks of endless chatter and subtle revelation, after the constant highs produced by this new and wonderful friendship, I drifted down into the maw of the beast

    10. Technically produced spirits, every one of them

    11. In accordance with the ideas produced by the great minds you and I doubtless are, I am taking JJ to Abery and, as you suggested, Angie is going too

    12. "Isn't it staggering when you think that one sermon on the day of Pentecost produced 3000 people? And we had some cities yesterday where 3000 sermons were preached and nobody was saved… And it doesn't even faze us

    13. A non-descript hessian bag was produced from yet another secure shelf, and the items carefully place in it

    14. Twenty minutes later, and still reeling from the euphoria produced by so many expressions of Joris’s love for her, Kara was led back to the main gate of the compound and released

    15. It had produced titans of industry; leaders of legend, and far thinking scientists who provided this country the advances she enjoyed

    16. Then one of them produced a baglama, a tiny long-necked bouzouki, and began to play and without so much as a glance over his shoulder, his mates linked strong arms across powerful shoulders and began slow, thoughtful steps for no one but themselves

    17. The substances of which gallstones are made are produced when the body is unable to cope adequately with the amount of fat consumed

    18. ' Grinning, he lifted a finger for emphasis, then rifling a drawer beneath the window at the back he produced a photograph of himself with a priest

    19. You can imagine his surprise when the old woman produced a long length of coiled rope from under her voluminous purple overcoat

    20. Lead by Heavenly Talstan, the Angels of Sol went to war to prevent that virus from being produced

    21. She could see that the signals produced in Gordon’s Lamp had the same characteristics as those from the Pink Dawn

    22. The lasagne goes down well, as does the bottle of wine Alastair has produced to go with it

    23. Still some produced monsters that conveniently “died’ in childbirth

    24. actually produced the emotions that people felt

    25. Together they produced a soothing sound, almost hypnotic, echoing throughout the entire Bay area

    26. Some rope was produced and her hands were tied behind her

    27. The cake is produced and the bridal pair proudly cut it

    28. produced by the Heart or Small Intestine

    29. Independent thought has never been produced by the majority

    30. indicative of the opposite: having produced a desired result by its performer

    31. I remember when the first woman produced her baby, I was finishing off some painting in one of the flats and Bunty came rushing in, completely beside herself with joy

    32. produced in the third trimester, but can be created at

    33. In the end, the Admiral produced exactly what he promised he would; 600 dedicated fighting robots intent on killing every Ogatu in sight

    34. "You and your 'family' have produced some of the sickest and cruelest members of our society," Tarak spat out

    35. Ava was banking on slipping into the next one unnoticed because the planets they would settle would have never produced souls before, so the creature in that area wouldn’t search for silicon intervention in the harvest of those souls

    36. ’ he produced a silver flask

    37. The elder man produced one of his hand-carved meerschaums, tamped an aromatic blend of tobacco into its bowl, lit it and sat back into the cushioned leather chair

    38. He produced a threaded flange and affixed it round the hole under the floor with screws, then began twisting the pipe to mate it to the flange

    39. The stench produced in the process had filled the room

    40. From goodness knows where, he had produced a knife, lunging and slashing at her clothes

    41. his belt hidden by his suit coat and produced a key chain

    42. ’ The Inspector said as a tray of coffee was produced

    43. ‘Yes, you produced some little cards so that parents could pay in instalments if they wanted to

    44. Carl produced a switchblade from his pocket

    45. After dinner, up in our room, Alastair produced the bottle of champagne he had brought for the occasion, complete with glasses

    46. He smiles again, picks up the sheet of paper his printer’s just produced, and passes it to me with a pen

    47. In the past he never saw a reason why a re-lighting of Tdeshi’s candle, a re-sparking of her life, would have produced such a different personality

    48. The beatings from Ed had never produced as much as a salty teardrop from

    49. pulled open the dresser next to my bed and produced a patch

    50. Heather produced a blanket from her picnic

    1. This depletion of the mineral content produces deficiencies throughout the food chain

    2. This relieves stress and produces endorphins in the brain that make you feel relaxed and happy

    3. He produces a tape machine and puts it on the table in front of me

    4. Suddenly she produces a knife from god only knows where, presses it into John’s hand

    5. It also produces a constantly updated compendium of current environmental reports providing an essential tool toward understanding the battle against -and alternatives to - polluting chemicals, which is available for free to ClubIG members on his website

    6. terms of their workload, but when a company is successful and produces quality

    7. He produces an notepad, makes an entry while Russ and the other watch

    8. In fact, the more miserable a society is, the more offspring it produces

    9. with the same mentality that produces reliable

    10. It is a pleasant evening – Gilla, clearly on cloud nine, produces a celebration meal

    11. We have to know the truth, are these state changes conducting information or just random noise like energy produces? Or was Thom doing just what he had done, generating a false universe and pretending it is real data? Or was he generating a false universe and believing it was real data? Without understanding how those signals actually originated, there was no way to tell

    12. Berndt produces some oil and herbs and, although I daresay our meal would be considered pretty basic by virtually anyone, it tastes delicious after a morning riding through the pouring rain

    13. He makes the point that if I decide to press charges, my anonymity could be maintained … though I don’t see how … Jim accepts this course of action on my behalf, saying that he’ll contact Joan’s next of kin and see if that produces any possible way out of this impasse

    14. produces feelings of anger

    15. “Actually the color of yaag comes from a pigment that the plant produces, the chlorophyll, the purified cannaboloid is actually a clear liquid to which a little grain alcohol is added as a vehicle

    16. The guy who knew her up there is quite a bit more active than I was ready to handle, even with the hormones this body produces

    17. And the Catholic Church not only produces evil nuns; they also produce evil priests

    18. As long as my mini-eye produces the signals that this scene would transmit to the Kaldiss Eye, you cannot know the difference

    19. How could he know this? Yes, that is all that we live in isn't it? The principal that one thing can be substituted for another that produces the same output

    20. He produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty, or thirty times what was sown

    21. He must then pay for the licence to gather them, and must give up to the landlord a portion of what his labour either collects or produces

    22. In the fourth and last place, I shall endeavour to shew what are the circumstances which regulate the rent of land, and which either raise or lower the real price of all the different substances which it produces

    23. But land, in almost any situation, produces a greater quantity of food than what is sufficient to maintain all the labour necessary for bringing it to market, in the most liberal way in which that labour is ever maintained

    24. A rice field produces a much greater quantity of food than the most fertile corn field

    25. In the present commercial state of the known world, the most barbarous nations, I believe, among whom land property is established, have some foreign commerce of this kind, and find among their wealthier neighbours such a demand for all the materials of clothing, which their land produces, and which can neither be wrought up nor consumed at home, as raises their price above what it costs to send them to those wealthier neighbours

    26. When they are superabundant in the country which produces them, it

    27. Barren timber for building is of great value in a populous and well-cultivated country, and the land which produces it affords a considerable rent

    28. Gold, too, is much more liable to be smuggled than even silver; not only on account of the superior value of the metal in proportion to its bulk, but on account of the peculiar way in which nature produces it

    29. The land which produces a certain quantity of food, clothes, and lodging, can always feed, clothe, and lodge, a certain number of people ; and whatever may be the proportion of the landlord, it will always give him a proportionable command of the labour of those people, and of the commodities with which that labour can supply him

    30. In consequence of the extension of agriculture, the land of every country produces a much greater quantity of vegetable than of animal food, and the labourer everywhere lives chiefly upon the wholesome food that is cheapest and most abundant

    31. It consists in those useful plants and animals, which, in uncultivated countries, nature produces with such profuse abundance, that they are of little or no value, and which, as cultivation advances, are therefore forced to give place to some more profitable produce

    32. The extension of tillage, by diminishing the quantity of wild pasture, diminishes the quantity of butcher's meat, which the country naturally produces without labour or cultivation; and, by increasing the number of those who have either corn, or, what comes to the same thing, the price of corn, to give in exchange for it, increases the demand

    33. In all farms too distant from any town to carry manure from it, that is, in the far greater part of those of every extensive country, the quantity of well cultivated land must be in proportion to the quantity of manure which the farm itself produces ; and this, again, must be in proportion to the stock of cattle which are maintained upon it

    34. But the whole quantity of poultry which the farm in this manner produces without expense, must always be much smaller than the whole quantity of butcher's meat which is reared upon it; and in times of wealth and luxury, what is rare, with only nearly equal merit, is always preferred to what is common

    35. The market for the carcase being in the rude state of society confined always to the country which produces it, must necessarily be extended in proportion to the improvement and population of that country

    36. But if this rise in the price of some sorts of provisions be owing to a rise in the real value of the land which produces them, to its increased fertility, or, in consequence of more extended improvement and good cultivation, to its having been rendered fit for producing corn; it is owing to a circumstance which indicates, in the clearest manner, the prosperous and advancing state of the country

    37. But if this rise of price is owing to the increased value, in consequence of the improved fertility of the land which produces such provisions, it becomes a much nicer matter to judge, either in what proportion any pecuniary reward ought to be augmented, or whether it ought to be augmented at all

    38. It raises the price of animal food ; because a great part of the land which produces it, being rendered fit for producing corn, must afford to the landlord anti farmer the rent and profit of corn land

    39. The quantity of industry, therefore, not only increases in every country with the increase of the stock which employs it, but, in consequence of that increase, the same quantity of industry produces a much greater quantity of work

    40. A very fast caching engine for WordPress that produces static html files

    41. elucidates best the kind of effect a girl produces on a boy

    42. That part of his capital which a dealer is obliged to keep by him unemployed and in ready money, for answering occasional demands, is so much dead stock, which, so long as it remains in this situation, produces nothing, either to him or to his country

    43. The judicious operations of banking enable him to convert this dead stock into active and productive stock ; into materials to work upon ; into tools to work with ; and into provisions and subsistence to work for ; into stock which produces something both to himself and to his country

    44. It is a very valuable part of the capital of the country, which produces nothing to the country

    45. The judicious operations of banking, by substituting paper in the room of a great part of this gold and silver, enable the country to convert a great part of this dead stock into active and productive stock; into stock which produces something to the country

    46. The gold and silver money which circulates in any country may very properly be compared to a highway, which, while it circulates and carries to market all the grass and corn of the country, produces itself not a single pile of either

    47. The former as it produces a value, may be called productive, the latter, unproductive labour

    48. Their service, how honourable, how useful, or how necessary soever, produces nothing for which an equal quantity of service can afterwards be procured

    49. The labour of the meanest of these has a certain value, regulated by the very same principles which regulate that of every other sort of labour; and that of the noblest and most useful, produces nothing which could afterwards purchase or procure an equal quantity of labour

    50. The people of fashion in Sicily are clothed in silks made in other countries, from the materials which their own produces

    1. The confusion, however, is not entirely over, for rather than accepting the carefully deliberated recommendations of the National Standards Board, Glickman declined to definitively prohibit three practices being used in producing organically grown foods

    2. While it has not been proven scientifically that emotional stress causes coronary artery disease, it is associated with behaviors that do produce coronary artery disease, and there is suggestive evidence that it may even have a direct effect in producing coronary disease

    3. It was his party piece, producing the gun almost as proof

    4. When making bins or piles, the bigger the pile the more heat it will be capable of producing

    5. ‘Though he has a nice line in producing a clean hanky when it is needed

    6. No matter what you do to escape from destiny, fate will eventually lead you where it wants by producing all the necessary coincidences and circumstances

    7. Angie chattered inconsequentially as she assisted the older woman to undress, laying aside each garment as it came off and producing a long, soft nightgown from somewhere, casting it over Kara’s head and helping her find the sleeves

    8. ‘Whereabouts on the island is the touching place, Lintze?’ Berndt asked, producing a map of the island and laying it out on the table, pushing odd bits of tableware out of the way as he does so

    9. He reached out and pushed with his feet at the same time, producing a leap off the side of the mountain

    10. ’ He replied, groping in his bag and producing a couple of large potatoes

    11. All that he wanted was to be recognised as one of the best working gardeners in Surrey, and, with a great deal of hard work, he achieved just that, producing some of the finest specimen fruits and vegetables from the country manor garden for many years to come

    12. In her work with Sound Medicine, Misa Hopkins has learned that we are all capable of hearing and vocally producing the very sounds that call our cells back into their proper geometric vibration

    13. “Most stars would have to be producing more souls than Sol is,” Ava said, after working out the math

    14. producing summaries and recommendations for those in charge

    15. Their deft hands could not be replaced for producing the highest quality wrappings and attention to consistent quality

    16. Look, Sam, what do you reckon to those? Three tubes on my side – one red, one blue and one yellow – all of which are producing coloured foam

    17. producing a case of cigars and plucked one out of the silver case

    18. Bobby reached in his coat pocket, producing a thick wad of money folded

    19. backpack producing a folder, and out of the folder pulled a stack of about fifty

    20. In this state of things, the whole produce of labour belongs to the labourer; and the quantity of labour commonly employed in acquiring or producing any commodity, is the only circumstance which can regulate the quantity of labour which it ought commonly to purchase, command, or exchange

    21. Neither is the quantity of labour commonly employed in acquiring or producing any commodity, the only circumstance which can regulate the quantity which it ought commonly to purchase, command or exchange for

    22. In the price of corn, for example, one part pays the rent of the landlord, another pays the wages or maintenance of the labourers and labouring cattle employed in producing it, and the third pays the profit of the farmer

    23. A dyer who has found the means of producing a particular colour with materials which cost only half the price of those commonly made use of, may, with good management, enjoy the advantage of his discovery as long as he lives, and even leave it as a legacy to his posterity

    24. Some natural productions require such a singularity of soil and situation, that all the land in a great country, which is fit for producing them, may not be sufficient to supply the effectual demand

    25. Christ, producing the fruit of true repentance

    26. With regard to the supposed scarcity of corn occasioned by the multiplication of vineyards, corn is nowhere in France more carefully cultivated than in the wine provinces, where the land is fit for producing it: as in Burgundy, Guienne, and the Upper Languedoc

    27. "The same sort of thing Grandpa but Flitters wrong as Seaboy was with us lying in the dark pool producing all those fantastic sea images

    28. The greater part of the cultivated lands in Cochin China are employed in producing corn and rice, the food of the great body of the people

    29. Food is, in this manner, not only the original source of rent, but every other part of the produce of land which afterwards affords rent, derives that part of its value from the improvement of the powers of labour in producing food, by means of the improvement and cultivation of land

    30. The concept of not actually producing anything at

    31. Whatever increases the fertility of land in producing food, increases not only the value of the lands upon which the improvement is bestowed, but contributes likewise to increase that of many other lands, by creating a new demand for their produce

    32. The rest will, the greater part of them, be allowed to lie waste, producing scarce any thing but some miserable pasture, just sufficient to keep alive a few straggling, half-starved cattle; the farm, though much overstocked in proportion to what would be necessary for its complete cultivation, being very frequently overstocked in proportion to its actual produce

    33. Under this system of management, it is evident, even that part of the lands of Scotland which is capable of good cultivation, could produce but little in comparison of what it may be capable of producing

    34. But if this rise in the price of some sorts of provisions be owing to a rise in the real value of the land which produces them, to its increased fertility, or, in consequence of more extended improvement and good cultivation, to its having been rendered fit for producing corn; it is owing to a circumstance which indicates, in the clearest manner, the prosperous and advancing state of the country

    35. It raises the price of animal food ; because a great part of the land which produces it, being rendered fit for producing corn, must afford to the landlord anti farmer the rent and profit of corn land

    36. producing such buses like babies to which he replied, “That’s

    37. And praising, than actually producing?

    38. Nerissa ran again, her ribs aching, every breath producing a sharp pain in her side

    39. Gone was the look of apology in his eyes for not producing his

    40. It is only by means of such exportation, that this surplus can acquired value sufficient to compensate the labour and expense of producing it

    41. may not know it, but Pilates is producing stronger backs and more

    42. prohibitions, the importation of such goods from foreign countries as can be produced at home, the monopoly of the home market is more or less secured to the domestic industry employed in producing them

    43. The value of its annual produce is certainly more or less diminished, when it is thus turned away from producing commodities evidently of more value than the commodity which it is directed to produce

    44. The natural advantages which one country has over another, in producing particular commodities, are sometimes so great, that it is acknowledged by all the world to be in vain to struggle with them

    45. Then instead of selling the flax, they could earn much more by producing linen

    46. The owner of bank money cannot draw out bullion, without producing to the bank receipts for the quantity which he wants

    47. Good thing the bandits who found you couldn’t wield a blade worth a damn, eh?” The gray-haired physician squinted to focus on the bloody flesh once more before producing damp cloths to clean and bandages to secure

    48. The whole French capital annually employed in it would annually be distributed among the people of France; but that part of the English capital only, which was employed in producing the English commodities with which those foreign goods were purchased, would be annually distributed among the people of England

    49. The capital which had been employed in producing the English goods that purchased this gold and silver, the capital which had been distributed among, and given revenue to, certain inhabitants of England, would thereby be replaced, and enabled to continue that employment

    50. The modern maxims of foreign commerce, by aiming at the impoverishment of all our neighbours, so far as they are capable of producing their intended effect, tend to render that very commerce insignificant and contemptible

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