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Frasi con pop (in inglese)

  1. My pop is a good man.
  2. They may pop us off.
  3. There was a loud pop.
  4. A list will pop up.
  5. I didn't pop pills then.

  6. Someone ought to pop it.
  7. Pop in the cover plates.
  8. What about when you pop.
  9. And pop went that balloon.
  10. Dramamine can pop one now.
  11. And pop out of the bushes.
  12. Pop hadn’t caught up yet.
  13. I'll pop in here and wait.
  14. Mix up the salt, pop in a.
  15. However, I wanted cold pop.

  16. Its lid gave a bulging pop.
  17. We’ll pop and have a look.
  18. Remembering the King of Pop.
  19. She would become a pop star.
  20. Lifting his pop bottle, he.
  21. Pop, pop, pop went his gun.
  22. Not some Pop singer like you.
  23. Pop told me to close my eyes.
  24. She heard the clasp pop and.
  25. I gotta pop the Christ guy.

  26. I bet he’s about to pop.
  27. I had a choice of pop or beer.
  28. Romanian pop over the speakers.
  29. Not at $500 a pop dealer cost.
  30. Pop! There went that illusion.
  31. The Mom and Pop store was dead.
  32. In the melee there was a pop….
  33. A muffled pop and puff of smoke.
  34. Pop shots, I called them later.
  35. Something inside them goes pop.
  36. Pop in tomorrow for a few tests.
  37. With a pop his hearing returned.
  38. It's time for you to pop back.
  39. With a final bow, I rushed to Pop.
  40. When they start to pop throw in.
  41. When they pop, add sliced onions.
  42. I made a lot of money out of pop.
  43. With a pop and a fizz the flare.
  44. Classical renditions of pop songs.
  45. Her eye flew out with a sudden pop.
  46. There was no time to lick the pop.
  47. Let’s pop over to Tokyo first.
  48. You quoted the words of a pop song.
  49. We 90s pop stars are for real!’.
  50. I may have a glass of pop or juice.
  51. Some kids didn't have a pop at all.
  52. Pop ups aren't the only way to use.
  53. As soon as they begin to pop, add.
  54. All this on top of a 38% pop today.
  55. I’m ready to blow this pop stand.
  56. Tears didn’t pop out of his eyes.
  57. What's up? Pop in a minute to phone.
  58. Prices pop above the trendline and.
  59. Pop tried to keep up with the others.
  60. There’s pop and juice in the frige.
  61. Pop! You're dead, lady!" "Killing?
  62. He would often pop in with his wife.
  63. Pop shots, I called them later.
  64. That snap crackle pop in the morning.
  65. But Pop had not made a sound in hours.
  66. I can pop this thing open in no time.
  67. POP does not have any proper way for.
  68. And pop this in your expense account.
  69. Then pop the new babe in it and turn.
  70. They pop out, grab you, and pull you.
  71. The words seemed to pop out of nowhere.
  72. His Pop Pop always told him from when.
  73. I’ve got to pop out for half an hour.
  74. You pop the cork and refill your glass.
  75. The car is hit before they hear the pop.
  76. Order some high caffeine pop with the.
  77. She is our own DJ Diva Princess of pop.
  78. The man said, ''Pop it up, pop it up!''.
  79. The lies were really starting to pop up.
  80. And pop up he did in my family’s life.
  81. Corey and I were in the mood for some pop.
  82. That relationship will allow you to pop.
  83. But only pop in for a second, she needs.
  84. The small pop he made in the air moving.
  85. The ones that pop up on Canadian beaches.
  86. They all mimed along to the queen of pop.
  87. Believe me, pop won't mask the scent of.
  88. What will Gran and Pop think of you now?
  89. I heard a loud pop and she let out a yell.
  90. Another pop and everything was going well.
  91. My big sis Gina, and Pop (I love y’all).
  92. I pop them on, and the rotor blades start.
  93. It becomes a tax haven for teen pop stars.
  94. I thought you were going to pop me here.
  95. Her eyes were about to pop out of her head.
  96. Every now and again a giggle would pop out.
  97. Michael Jackson was more than a pop artist.
  98. Cecil kept yawning, trying to pop his ears.
  99. He performed western, country and pop music.
  100. Now, does pop really taste that good? Good.
  1. I'm just popping this zit.
  2. She heard a loud popping.
  3. They keep popping up and down.
  4. No popping ice cream into the.
  5. I turned as I heard bone popping.
  6. Stars were popping behind my eyes.
  7. Louie popping his mic with his hand.
  8. Barrons popping the buttons on my fly.
  9. One thought kept popping into his head.
  10. Popping shots, drilling the table clean.
  11. Oh, thank you, Niki said, popping up.
  12. I took the usual cure: popping an aspirin.
  13. You were always popping in, on duty or off.
  14. Places are popping up all over the World.
  15. They scrambled, popping the slots with shells.
  16. There was a popping noise and a flash of light.
  17. Depress the bubble wrap rather than popping it.
  18. Lester popping his beer open and handing it to him.
  19. They started popping corn to string into garlands.
  20. Popping the trunk, he pulled out a two-gallon gas.
  21. This is not like popping aspirin for a headache.
  22. There was a popping noise and the radio went silent.
  23. Popping the cats and Killer here and there whenever.
  24. Omi said, popping a candy from the jar into his mouth.
  25. Popping the clutch, the backhoe lurched forward and.
  26. Sailors ahead begin popping up amidst the crowd, and.
  27. She was chewing gum and snapping it and popping it in.
  28. He flexes hard, shirtless muscles popping with tension.
  29. As the doors opened the cameras began popping once more.
  30. There are quite a few suggestions without popping a pill.
  31. Click Here to Visit Who Els e Want s A Button- Popping.
  32. Once the popping has slowed, remove the pot from heat.
  33. Gary lifted his head, eyes almost popping out of his face.
  34. You can sleep in the dung when the trees start popping.
  35. Jaden hears a low popping sound from a distance behind him.
  36. Tiny bubbles streak up from its surface popping in streams.
  37. She does have a way of popping up where she doesn't belong.
  38. Distant popping sounds damped by bush, echoed high over head.
  39. Stop! Claire screamed, popping her head out the window.
  40. He was not dashing, heart popping and an Adonis in the making.
  41. Now at 20th and Main Street, there are tent cities popping up.
  42. What more do you need? she asked, popping another cookie.
  43. The woods were dark, with fireflies popping in and out of view.
  44. The happy sound of popping lifted their spirits ever so slowly.
  45. The possibilities began popping into his head almost immediately.
  46. There was a popping sensation and Eric felt himself jump upwards.
  47. I heard the same popping noise as I stood there and watched the.
  48. The reality and pain of that mom-betrayal-shit is always popping.
  49. Away, she said casually popping a sugar lump into her mouth.
  50. This should be fun, he said popping a CD into the CD player.
  51. Listen you, she began, and she scowled into his popping eyes.
  52. She could hear Sven’s voice mingled with the popping of flaming.
  53. Her gaze was met with an endless sea of lights popping and flashing.
  54. Your soybeans, she said with a shrug, popping one in her mouth.
  55. Selena stared at the three friends on the floor, popping her hip out.
  56. That was the part that he loved, the popping, and then the screaming.
  57. It occurred to me that popping them off might actually be a good idea.
  58. She reached for the aspirin on her nightstand, popping the lid to pour.
  59. Scott pushed the power-driver into each screw, popping out with a whine.
  60. It's all a hologram, popping in and out of existence as I observe it;.
  61. Sam frowned just before popping a final salsa-laden chip into her mouth.
  62. Let’s head over to Chandler’s Wharf and see what’s popping?
  63. Bread crumbs? Thomas asked, the old fairy tale popping into his mind.
  64. The door gave, popping the door handle off but the deadbolt still partly.
  65. Sorry about the whole popping cherry thing though, I had way too much to.
  66. Is that the Hab popping? No? Okay… What was that!? Oh, nothing? Okay….
  67. Together! Together! He roared as the whip cracked with great popping.
  68. However, before the bones began popping beneath his flesh Alec released him.
  69. Some popping and hissing sounds accompany the voice, but the words are clear.
  70. With awe in her voice and her eyes almost popping from their sockets she said.
  71. He floats upward to a stand, his eyes popping out and his tongue swelling up.
  72. I think that goes a little beyond a pill popping habit, don’t you think?
  73. For a long time the only sound was the crackling fire and the popping embers.
  74. I’m sick of this! Minho spat in the ivy, veins popping out of his neck.
  75. Standing with my back to the wall, I could feel the beads of sweat popping.
  76. Lifeboats would be popping over the sides as frantic crew attempted to escape.
  77. It was not as bad as the pimple popping game, she thought, but still repulsive.
  78. It felt like small rocks popping against his furry-covered cap and tender ears.
  79. The onion- like eyes of the sheriff bulged, almost popping out of their sockets.
  80. Because of that ideology, terrorist groups and individuals keep popping up in.
  81. It cushions objects so well (and popping the bubbles is a great stress-reducer).
  82. Your eyes are practically popping out of your head, and you’re as cold as ice.
  83. Adam’s eyes were almost popping out of their sockets as he asked that question.
  84. Together! Together! He roared as the whip cracked with great popping sounds.
  85. The ache had kicked in so it was a matter of popping the pills washed down by coke.
  86. Chances are you can’t, and thoughts of pink elephants keep popping into your head.
  87. Cursing, Terry eased himself from the car, popping the bonnet to look at the engine.
  88. It started out sunny and bright, the popping wood of the fire exploding in his ears.
  89. It did nothing more to cause ripples of popping honoi in the bodies of the Zeromuos.
  90. He adjusted the neck and then tuned it by ear, popping the harmonics just for check.
  91. The memories of her childhood, growing up in this house, kept popping into her mind.
  92. Prevent those anxiety attacks that keep popping up giving you a poor performance to.
  93. The fat man stayed on his feet though, and with no other strategy popping into that.
  94. Its trunk sucked at the top of the shell before popping it into its slathering mouth.
  95. She picked a few early daffodils that were popping out everywhere amongst the trees.
  96. And this time of the year, September and October, they’re popping out like rabbits.
  97. Oh, hi dad, she said popping her head round the corner of the door to the lounge.
  98. Jons eyes, already popping from near strangulation, opened even wider when he saw me.
  99. After thanking the Central crew and popping a few aspirin to fix my hangover, I hopped.
  100. A loud popping noise shattered several crystals on the table and I turned my head away.
  1. As soon as I popped.
  2. I popped my eyes open.
  3. Zoe popped her head in.
  4. In a second he popped.
  5. Katie popped her head up.
  6. If I could have popped.
  7. One of his joints popped.
  8. Then an image popped in.
  9. Tony popped the rear doors.
  10. A Rexen popped out to fire.
  11. I just popped down to check.
  12. With a shrug he popped the.
  13. Her head popped up, Harvey.
  14. The flames popped and danced.
  15. Leesa popped out of her chair.
  16. She popped her head out the.
  17. Her head popped up from the.
  18. She popped it in, and blushed.
  19. If he popped the guy, or had.
  20. She just popped in for a chat.
  21. A thought popped into her head.
  22. An answer popped into his head.
  23. Clearly the bubble had popped.
  24. In an instant his eyes popped.
  25. Papa popped out his head again.
  26. Vinny popped the red plastic.
  27. The top of his head popped off.
  28. And then the stone popped free.
  29. The man I had killed popped up.
  30. A question popped into his head.
  31. Its melon popped off and came.
  32. It just popped out of his mouth.
  33. I just popped him under my arm.
  34. A small motor popped and chugged.
  35. Bettors popped from the shadows.
  36. He heard her, his head popped up.
  37. Corks popped and champagne spewed.
  38. The ancient sun god Ra popped out.
  39. Her eyes popped open in surprise.
  40. She popped a grape into her mouth.
  41. It was morning when the Hab popped.
  42. Marie popped out to buy some milk.
  43. The idea just popped into my head.
  44. We just popped in to wish you luck.
  45. The weapon popped free with a wet.
  46. Her eyebrows popped up for a moment.
  47. Here a question popped into my head.
  48. The same book popped out at me and.
  49. On the car's station popped up the.
  50. A bubble of blood popped on his lip.
  51. His head popped back in for a moment.
  52. Her lips pursed and popped as they.
  53. Jags popped her head round the door.
  54. Thankfully, no such noise popped up.
  55. Another error message had popped up.
  56. Joey popped the collar of his merino.
  57. I popped off the cork out the window.
  58. Hassan popped a mulberry in his mouth.
  59. A nurse popped her head into the room.
  60. That image popped me back to reality.
  61. Sam popped the cigar out of his mouth.
  62. He had popped the DVD in the player.
  63. He popped in another section of skull.
  64. His eyes popped open at once, and he.
  65. A red flag popped up on the System.
  66. Karina popped her head out of the tent.
  67. Twisting it just right it popped open.
  68. Helios popped out of Andrew’s collar.
  69. Haven’s eyes popped open in surprise.
  70. Just then soccer popped into his mind.
  71. The right answer popped into his mind.
  72. Finally, Sharon popped it out herself.
  73. Strange pictures popped up in his head.
  74. Saarang's eyes popped out in an instant.
  75. He popped the case, and screwed the cue.
  76. The locks on the restraints popped free.
  77. The robot popped and clicked repeatedly.
  78. I popped pills and potions, tried yoga.
  79. Tom popped his head through the hatchway.
  80. Holly popped some toast into the toaster.
  81. Before Nelvana could answer, Q popped in.
  82. He popped the question on Thanksgiving.
  83. Sharon then popped up from the casket-.
  84. In an execution style, he popped off a.
  85. I popped out as he went back into hiding.
  86. Then the images popped in Dennis’s eyes.
  87. Questions popped into her head as she ran.
  88. Franklin, whose eyes popped open at once.
  89. Images of our shower popped into my head.
  90. At least they would have popped if eyes.
  91. Something unexpected popped into his head.
  92. The beautiful woman’s mouth popped wide.
  93. Beads of sweat popped out on my forehead.
  94. I had a piece of paper popped through my.
  95. Nothing wriggled in it, no bubbles popped.
  96. She coughed as she popped fries into her.
  97. Glass? he asked, as he popped open.
  98. Then a brilliant plan popped into my head.
  99. I held my breath as the file list popped up.
  100. The boy popped open the cash register and.
  1. Pops was a good bird.
  2. Butter pops in a hot pan.
  3. A strange screen pops up.
  4. These pops are from the U.
  5. You should bring Pops back.
  6. I couldn't do that to pops.
  7. I heard faint pops and tiny.
  8. On the bed, Pops, in his pine.
  9. On this side the owner pops in.
  10. A head pops up out of the covers.
  11. Pops supplied from behind the paper.
  12. Well, if he pops up, bring him in.
  13. See if anything interesting pops up.
  14. David pops the trunk with a key fob.
  15. Pops grunted and shook out the paper.
  16. After all, Pops started with nothing.
  17. If it pops up, the oil is hot enough.
  18. But now, the next question pops out:.
  19. It is all there Pops, Alain said.
  20. Wait, when will the pops arrive?
  21. A box pops up that says Off to the Races.
  22. That's good to know; you should tell Pops.
  23. And they gave my Pops the Award of Freedom.
  24. He also convinced Pops to do a documentary.
  25. The reverse is true for shorting into pops.
  26. Yeah Pops, just have to fetch a few things.
  27. De-throne one oppressor, and another pops up.
  28. Pops died on a Monday night, October 25, 1993.
  29. Dave pops his head round the door mid morning.
  30. A head pops out of the window, looking outside.
  31. Besides, she lived with her pops probably rent.
  32. Pops told me you were going job hunting today?
  33. In this case, Pops had some difficulty proving it.
  34. Pops thought about that and developed a strategy.
  35. A pale, chapped face pops up to eye level with me.
  36. I've known about what my Pops does and how he is.
  37. Pops, he"s a stressin" and he"s poppin" out a vein.
  38. Pops to business and soon found the building that.
  39. Before anyone can speak, a boy pops out of thin air.
  40. Pops thought sales contests got the juices flowing.
  41. The trade pops higher, but the rally is short-lived.
  42. Scowling, he pops another chocolate chip in his mouth.
  43. He pops out the single RoboBox he used earlier today.
  44. Then I hear my phone chime and a text message pops up.
  45. We know how to operate in small towns, Pops said.
  46. The pops will be delivered to us early tomorrow morning.
  47. But Pops is a scaredy, and says, „Zach, hold the light.
  48. He pops open his medicine bottle and tips it upside down.
  49. Willie pops his head and shoulders back out of the kitchen.
  50. Well thanks to you pops, you being the principal and all.
  51. If an offense pops up, the controller calls a scheduler.
  52. And just say whatever pops out of your mouth, he added.
  53. I can explore any idea or thought that pops into my mind!.
  54. Where is she? Has she seen Pops? I been lookin’ for him.
  55. What happened to you? Pops asked from the kitchen table.
  56. Cut off one head of state: and another head of state pops up.
  57. She finds him in the system alright, but another issue pops up.
  58. Often we would travel together and meet Pops at the other end.
  59. Carl pops the pills into his mouth and drains the water bottle.
  60. She pops the gumball into her mouth and instantly disappeared.
  61. Of those who have died, Pops left the biggest hole in my life.
  62. Nan looked up from her coupons and Pops peered around his paper.
  63. In October 1993 doctors determined Pops needed prostate surgery.
  64. So what first word pops into mind when others think about you?
  65. Besides, how was she able to quickly remove all of the pops and.
  66. To the south, we could still hear pops, thuds, whunks and whacks.
  67. She breaks off a piece of the muffin and pops it into her mouth.
  68. The second he asks the question, the answer pops out of my mouth.
  69. He then flexes the arm so that the head pops back in the socket.
  70. He reaches over, grazes my knee with his hand, and pops the glove.
  71. And we need to comb through their histories, see if anything pops.
  72. One read Is She Really Going Out with Him?—Top of the Pops.
  73. But when Pops came home, he just asked if it hurt, and that was it.
  74. Ma and Pops sat up toward the top of the stadium, wrapped in their.
  75. Pops grunted from somewhere behind his newspaper but remained silent.
  76. If Pops wanted us in jail he could’a had the cops here months ago.
  77. Tell who what? Asked Pops, who had just appeared in the hal way.
  78. If not for a ship to shore call to Pops, I would've spoken to no one.
  79. In early 1992, Pops received the Centennial Award from his alma mater.
  80. What’s the big deal? asked Ben between bites of his Cocoa Pops.
  81. She shrugs her shoulders and smiles until Gregory pops his head back in.
  82. Pops stood in the doorway smiling, holding in his hand the folded black.
  83. This is where questions like "Where's this?" or "Where's that?" pops up.
  84. Once your feet are engulfed in the pops you stand fast at your position.
  85. Pops wasn’t blind to my faults, and he pointed them out in a gentle way.
  86. The same holds true for a trendy kangaroo that pops up during a downtrend.
  87. The spreadsheet pops back up with rows and columns of meaningless numbers.
  88. It was seldom that Pops was at a loss for words, but there were exceptions.
  89. The engine roars and pops; the truck rarely accelerates past walking speed.
  90. He heard a few more pops, felt a sting or two on his back and kept walking.
  91. Reese, offended, pops up behind Rio and pulls the chair out from under him.
  92. Pops turned and smiled at her, Neither, that wasn't the point of the story.
  93. When she realizes they aren’t moving, she reaches over and pops her seat up.
  94. It pops at the open, and the premium price of the option expands accordingly.
  95. Pops just lowered his head, with a momentary glare, and stifled his next comment.
  96. This is the satellite blockage that usually pops up over military facilities.
  97. I am sure there will be enough information that pops up on these subjects to keep.
  98. Now, the most interesting thing about this holographic image of an apple that pops.
  99. As I said, Pops traveled a lot in his work, and sometimes we would all go with him.
  100. As Johnnie mentioned earlier, in 1983 Pops was instrumental in creating the Lewis H.

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