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Kill in a sentence

I can kill.
Fun to kill.
not kill a fly.
Kill on sight.
sin to kill him.
but to kill him.
I'll kill him.

in for the kill.
He could kill.
is to kill Jeff.
He'll kill you.
Don’t kill me.
I’ll kill him.
the one hit kill.
It’ll kill me.
And kill it did.
Kill him, it is.
it would kill me.
He will kill me.
I will kill you.
going to kill us.
In For The Kill.
He loved to kill.
one that kill you.
Then we kill you.
he would kill her.
Tried to kill me.
One time to kill.
Kill the cowards.
He’ll kill you.
Killing was it.
Killing is sick.
It's killing me.
That was killing.
The killing cold.
And stop killing.
The killing shot.
killing to have me.
It was killing.
same as killing him.
It’s killing you.
Tilling is killing.
I'm killing him!.
Killing is not sane.
or after the killing.
One without killing.
Capable of killing.
Life is not killing.
Slavery and killing.
Just the killing cut.
Killing sickened him.
What a killing stroke.
They enjoyed killing.
They were killing me.
John was killing her.
This was killing him.
My body's killing me.
I killed it.
I killed him.
I killed her.
You killed it.
He was killed.
I have killed.
He killed them.
Killed two of.
That killed me.
They killed him.
Saul killed him.
Cain killed Able.
the cop he killed.
maybe killed by.
I want him killed.
You killed him.
to have him killed.
If he’d killed.
whom it had killed.
they killed Satin.
They killed Anna.
She killed herself.
It killed our baby.
it killed me inside.
killed in this room.
It killed many men.
killed on the cross.
Since I killed.
It kills them.
And it kills.
That kills me.
He kills in 2007.
He first kills M.
care who kills who.
And he that kills.
He kills them both.
kills one of theirs.
If a person kills.
It kills me that I.
It always kills you.
Openness kills evil.
who kills the dream.
that is what kills me.
poison kills the rads.
They need fresh kills.

Synonyms for kill

kill killing obliterate down pop defeat