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    1. “[He] was brutal and deliberate in his killings

    2. The council slipped to another space to deliberate, they soon announced that they would need a continuance till next week

    3. Either it was a random attack in which case it had no bearing whatsoever on who she was … or it was deliberate and everything to do with who she was

    4. deliberate co-‐creator of your life and your reality, then we’ll

    5. deliberate partners that want to operate on a plane of

    6. deliberate co-‐creator that delights in surrounding you with all

    7. Remember that the most effortless acts of deliberate

    8. deliberate creative process that will EMPOWER you move

    9. As soon as it was quiet from the receding stampede, a herd of something else meandered into the area at a slow deliberate pace

    10. ‘It couldn’t have been deliberate, Berndt

    1. The confusion, however, is not entirely over, for rather than accepting the carefully deliberated recommendations of the National Standards Board, Glickman declined to definitively prohibit three practices being used in producing organically grown foods

    2. She deliberated only a moment, “I wish to begin now

    3. At Rome, on the contrary, the principal courts of justice consisted either of a single judge, or of a small number of judges, whose characters, especially as they deliberated always in public, could not fail to be very much affected by any rash or unjust decision

    4. Slikit trailed along behind, doing his best to hide his agitation as he deliberated on what he was getting himself involved in

    5. The book looked like it was at least a thousand years old, impossible he deliberated, but with this girl, he was never sure

    6. “Join Me,” I said, she deliberated for a while and then came to sit in the chair next to me

    7. Gabe and Elle both deliberated on the topic

    8. Eight had immediately informed the Board of the execution and had been confined to his quarters while they deliberated over his fate

    9. He deliberated for a

    10. Frankie deliberated, wriggling in her mother's embrace

    1. When the public deliberates concerning any regulation of commerce or police, the proprietors of land never can mislead it, with a view to promote the interest of their own particular order ; at least, if they have any tolerable knowledge of that interest

    2. The person who has a capital from which he wishes to derive a revenue, without taking the trouble to employ it himself, deliberates whether he should buy land with it, or lend it out at interest

    3. The assembly which deliberates and decides concerning the affairs of every part of the empire, in order to be properly informed, ought certainly to have representatives from every part of it

    4. now deliberates upon the way out of this difficulty

    5. As James Brady deliberates, Ronald Reagan spends thirty minutes alone in the Oval Office, tinkering with his upcoming speech

    1. He had never been one for deliberating

    2. She placed it on the floor and looked at Rosemary for a few seconds as if deliberating whether or not to say something

    3. What was in there? Was there enough strength? Enough courage? How could she test it? She sat for some time deliberating then she went and sought out Shelagh

    4. They went and sat down before Tiamat, deliberating about the gods, their firstborns

    5. Jesus knew that Sabbath breaking would be one of the chief charges to be brought against him when the final test came, and he desired to be brought before the Sanhedrin for adjudication of the charge of having healed a blind man on the Sabbath day, when the very session of the high Jewish court sitting in judgment on him for this act of mercy would be deliberating on these matters on the Sabbath day and in direct violation of their own self-imposed laws

    6. ” Yeltsa paused, deliberating, “but seeing as how I just got out of a gang that almost killed me, I’m not so ready to start a new one

    7. ” Feltus glanced over his shoulder to ascertain that the jury was still deliberating

    8. continued to discuss their plight while morning turned into day, and though the air was fresh and sunlight pleasant, it didn’t remove the weight of what they were deliberating over

    9. Now all of these three started deliberating and pondering over the most dangerous current situation

    10. The troll unsheathed his sword, deliberating which of the three he should slice up first

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    debate deliberate consider moot turn over careful measured calculated intentional knowing moderate prudent sober circumspect leisurely methodical wanton considered conscious advised designed premeditated voluntary muse contemplate judge pause meditate ponder premeditate confer argue consult