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Modification in a sentence

Voice and its modification, R.
She stuck to her behavioral modification.
This modification only cost eighteen cents.
Any modification would have to be hardware.
The rod of iron was a modification by.
The single seater was a modification of the.

Does the simple modification of E=mc2 (E=mc ^.
About 75% of the issue accepted this modification.
This modification of the motion was accepted by Mr.
VRITTI—A wave of thought, a modification of the mind.
There is not a shade of modification from the idea or.
This alone proves that this verse is a later modification.
In fact with that modification it can become a better idea.
In this section we will discuss the advanced modification.
Well, I never heard anything else about this modification.
She must have made some sort of modification to the device.
Still, the notion of unrestricted modification intrigued me.
In the past, homeowners who were granted a loan modification.
All use, reproduction, distribution and modification of these.
This was followed by a modification of the famous donkey game.
The importance of modification in both licenses was a reflec-.
Such modification allows for realizing two plausible assumptions.
Knowing a little about behavior modification, I know that the less.
Obviously, this was an ill-timed modification to your trading system.
The act to be done was, the revocation or modification of the edicts.
I don’t believe that the point of the therapy was behavior modification.
It can be fired from any of our P I and picket ships without modification.
There is not a shade of modification from the idea or absolute eradication.
It may be asked how far I extend the doctrine of the modification of species.
A candlestick chart is a modification of a bar chart, where each candlestick.
In 2007 a legislative project (PL 912) for modification and completion of OUG.
Since his arrival in Sulaco the colonel's ideas had undergone some modification.
Wedding is a modification that requirements a certain quantity of creativeness.
The two could not be separated from each other as I taught the line modification.
I believe it had something to do with a modification to the stasis infrastructure.
There may be better, stand alone default algorithms that need no modification.
A variable is receptive to modification yet maintains its identity as that variable.
That modification was inserted to delude followers and justify the many centuries of.
Different kinds of modification would, also, serve for the same general purpose: as Mr.

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