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Modification in a sentence

The Loan Modification Timeline.
her own review and modification.
modification allows for the laser to.
modification to you r site from within.
in state taxes after a loan modification.
She stuck to her behavioral modification.

Any modification would have to be hardware.
This modification only cost eighteen cents.
modification, and therein lies its downside.
The single seater was a modification of the.
The rod of iron was a modification by.
Does the simple modification of E=mc2 (E=mc ^.
incorrectly and is therefore a later modification.
we can make a small modification to the template.
About 75% of the issue accepted this modification.
- modification level of the mixture by admixtures;.
modification requests being considered at the moment.
modification of insanity which is called melancholia.
knowledge and Truth, so this was a later modification.
that taught behaviour modification for the benefit of.
dedicated to criminal reform and behavior modification.
There is not a shade of modification from the idea or.
VRITTI—A wave of thought, a modification of the mind.
This alone proves that this verse is a later modification.
In this section we will discuss the advanced modification.
sensual perceptions through a modification of their intent.
In fact with that modification it can become a better idea.
Well, I never heard anything else about this modification.
later modification to help confuse the meaning of blood.

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Synonyms for modification

adjustment alteration modification change limiting qualifying