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Frasi con adjust (in inglese)

  1. Adjust the items so the.
  2. I'll need time to adjust.
  3. Adjust them, as you need to.
  4. He needed some time to adjust.
  5. They can adjust themselves in.

  6. William had to adjust his eyes.
  7. How was she to adjust herself?
  8. Things would take time to adjust.
  9. Please let me adjust it to suit.
  10. I know he has to adjust to that.
  11. Were the mirrors easy to adjust?
  12. She used her hand to adjust her.
  13. This is to help the child adjust.
  14. He never could adjust Why?
  15. Thus, if we adjust power supplies.

  16. Who words and actions will adjust.
  17. I hardly have had time to adjust.
  18. This happens when I adjust my meds.
  19. Jason then paused to adjust his hat.
  20. The Enterprise didn’t adjust course.
  21. We may have to adjust our priorities.
  22. I allowed my eyes a moment to adjust.
  23. That was sneaky of him to adjust the.
  24. This circuit can be calibrated to adjust.
  25. Third, adjust all your means to that end.

  26. She let her eyes adjust, and looked about.
  27. Adjust with a file or chisel as necessary.
  28. Uar had to adjust his thinking and speech.
  29. You may also have to adjust to a simpler.
  30. She would adjust her lifestyle accordingly.
  31. As my eyes struggled to adjust to the low.
  32. Another technique you can use is to adjust.
  33. In a few weeks most mammals and birds adjust.
  34. The cost to adjust is not my primary concern.
  36. To let her eyes adjust to the moonless night.
  37. This helps your body to adjust to the motion.
  38. You can always adjust upwards if you see fit.
  39. He can adjust, reduce position size, or exit.
  40. The inability to adjust behavior rapidly and.
  41. She went into the scullery to adjust her hair.
  42. It helps to adjust time based on the situation.
  43. Twice a year, we have to adjust our clocks for.
  44. We would surely have to adjust to the loss of.
  45. They take a moment to adjust to this revelation.
  46. Write it down, follow it and adjust when needed.
  47. Adjust the trades or exit when a trade goes bad.
  48. Having to adjust to the contrasting conditions.
  49. That was not the problem; I had to adjust also.
  50. As his eyes began to adjust, he added somewhat.
  51. It took him a while to adjust to the fact he.
  52. Tim had to stop several times to adjust his loud.
  53. A professional sees and adjust to the differences.
  54. Lastly, I adjust the rose I've tucked in my lapel.
  55. She’ll have to learn to adjust, your mother did.
  56. His eyes began to adjust back to the dark and he.
  57. Bleeding Skull let his eyes adjust to the darkness.
  58. Adjust the chair height so that your hips are level.
  59. Our family of seven was beginning to adjust to the.
  60. Adjust the position of your hands according to your.
  61. But we might also adjust the y axis, the volatility.
  62. Adjust the chair height so that their hips are level.
  63. Had to bribe a female constable to adjust it at home.
  64. The nanoeyes adjust so you can see through the water.
  65. When you adjust for risk, the news gets even grimmer.
  66. You’ll adjust to eat however much is in your fridge.
  67. It took several minutes for her eyes to adjust to the.
  68. She rolled away over on her stomach to adjust for his.
  69. He needed a few moments to adjust to this new reality.
  70. It blinded me for a while but my body began to adjust.
  71. You can adjust to cut your risk or to increase profit.
  72. Adjust the name as needed in the text box and tap Add.
  73. I liked the color, and I like that I can adjust their.
  74. He stepped in, willing his eyes to adjust to the dark.
  75. In Practice: adjust the weights by amplifying what is.
  76. This would buy her eyes time to adjust to the sunlight.
  77. But it was designed to adjust itself to natural things.
  78. We should adjust the indicators, said Tom rigidly.
  79. I close my eyes, smiling and adjust my head on his chest.
  80. Adjusting screw 5 is used to adjust to the correct time.
  81. Emily was struggling to adjust her eyes so she could see.
  82. Adjust the axis of the device in alignment with the hip.
  83. It is also possible to adjust the angle of the handlebar.
  84. She turned the shower knob to adjust the water flow and.
  85. Adjust the axis of the device in alignment with your hip.
  86. She also knew how to adjust the seat to a lower position.
  87. His blue pupils get smaller and adjust to the brightness.
  88. For a moment her mind could not adjust itself to his words.
  89. The captain has his arms around her to adjust her posture.
  90. She chuckled and bent over to adjust the baby’s blanket.
  91. Street and blinked several times to adjust his eyes to the.
  92. Listen to the message of the market and adjust accordingly.
  93. Adjust flavors if necessary by adding more sugar or pepper.
  94. Eve learned to adjust the books so that Gran would not know.
  95. Once inside it took her eyes a few moments to adjust to the.
  96. If you prefer never to adjust a position, that is acceptable.
  97. The pilots adjust the power outputs and the fleet accelerates.
  98. She had to lift the cover of the control panel to adjust the.
  99. He couldn't see anything until his eyes had a chance to adjust.
  100. In effect, risk management will adjust the rates of change in.
  1. Adjusting to the conditions, no.
  2. There is no way of adjusting this.
  4. Instead of complaining, try adjusting.
  5. He’s adjusting his speed to match.
  6. Adjusting his eyes once again to the.
  7. They were in the process of adjusting.
  8. Adjusting for Health Care in Retirement.
  9. He slowly erected himself adjusting his.
  10. Adjusting his aim, his second didn't miss.
  11. He rattled his sword, adjusting the sheath.
  12. She was adjusting focus when he next spoke.
  13. Consider adjusting them for the coming year.
  14. Eyes adjusting through the dimness, his mind.
  15. He was pacing around the apartment adjusting.
  16. Adjusting the mirror downward, he stared at a.
  17. Adjusting your trades is part of risk management.
  18. Minto here? Doppler asked adjusting his tone.
  19. The island! Kitara said, adjusting her scans.
  20. Kyle was adjusting a belt with odd tools around it.
  21. He’s adjusting his speed again, Undine said.
  22. He blinked several times to try adjusting his eyes.
  23. The body as I mentioned earlier is a self adjusting.
  24. He watched the Minister adjusting a log on the fire.
  25. Adjusting her dress she spied herself in the mirror.
  26. Its the same way as adjusting a television signal:.
  27. Sean, adjusting his shirt, shoots a glance at Zachary.
  28. Ahh! My back really hurts! he said adjusting himself.
  29. After a moment, I turn, adjusting my head on his chest.
  30. What did you think? he asked, adjusting the strap.
  31. He was leaning up, adjusting his monocle, squinting hard.
  32. Adjusting screw 5 is used to adjust to the correct time.
  33. Benny looked closely and began adjusting the wires a bit.
  34. The lad found a strap on his glove that needed adjusting.
  35. Will he be okay? She was having a hard time adjusting.
  36. Rachel had the most difficulty adjusting to the machines.
  37. As I was adjusting my position I made an unexpected noise.
  38. I remember that I was adjusting a few uncomfortable rocks.
  39. Sustained, Judge Toban said adjusting his black robe.
  40. The girl handed the scarf and needles to Beth adjusting.
  41. The travelers resigned themselves to adjusting to their new.
  42. After adjusting his chair he cleared his throat and began to.
  43. Gary got in and started the car adjusting the rear view mirror.
  44. She head for the shower and have difficulty adjusting with the.
  45. Tifa posed gleefully between the SOLDIERs, adjusting her hat to.
  46. Me too, said the tough-looking guy, adjusting his Ray-Bans.
  47. Lindsay? Cat came toward me, adjusting Meredith in her arms.
  48. Yes, he has, Picard said, adjusting his uniform unconsciously.
  49. But there are two less harmful means of adjusting the money supply.
  50. Pisces is inflexible and finds hard adjusting in new circumstances.
  51. As a specimen, answered Hojo, adjusting the square lenses of.
  52. Dawn watched as he busied himself adjusting something on the machine.
  53. There was also the challenge of adjusting to the content of the show.
  54. The Major opened his internal comm-line, adjusting it for all decks.
  55. He raps on the door and waits, adjusting the satchel over his shoulder.
  56. Something was wrong, for they kept stopping and adjusting the harness.
  57. Almost there! shouted Orthon, frantically adjusting the settings.
  58. Florence was already giving directions, while Yanny was adjusting the.
  59. They were so happy, she was very glad that they were adjusting so well.
  60. What’ll it be? she asked, adjusting the three trays of garbage.
  61. Adjusting the breast plate as she threw her long braid behind her, she.
  62. You did very well, adjusting to all the weapons and shield technologies.
  63. All? There is but my widow, and she is adjusting her feathers for flight.
  64. Currently, using conventional technology and adjusting for the orbits of.
  65. That is about half of the battle; the next step is managing and adjusting.
  66. Look, Yuki, he said, adjusting his glasses over the bridge of his nose.
  67. Adjusting entries: Accounting entries posted on the balance sheet date to.
  68. He watched a few of the photographers adjusting their camera focuses, and.
  69. Adjusting for the different rates of change, the result is a loss because.
  70. A moment after that the bed is moving, adjusting me so that I'm sitting up.
  71. LeCynic's grin rested on his wife, Katrina, who was adjusting her black wig.
  72. Her eyes were adjusting to the dark when she saw him and went to her knees.
  73. Adjusting my hold, glad that he was so light, I bodily threw gustin inside.
  74. By adjusting the damper and firedoor you can have as much draft as you like.
  75. You make it pretty hard to stay on the bridge, he said, adjusting his.
  76. I do the thinking, soldier, he said, adjusting his helmet with one hand.
  77. Set off : adjusting debit in one account of a borrower with credit in another.
  78. Brooke, dropping his gloves into his hat and hastily adjusting his eye-glass.
  79. People were adjusting to the devastation of the plague with astonishing speed.
  80. Adjusting for the bid–ask spreads observed in the 2000s reduces the SR by 0.
  81. Izzy’s mom had this irritating, but funny way of adjusting Izzy’s clothing.
  82. After years of keeping everything under wraps, I’m having problems adjusting.
  83. After about a month, I was doing well and adjusting, as we fed intelligence.
  84. You might be able to save that much by adjusting your thermostat by one degree.
  85. She needs fluid, she's dehydrated, the doctor said, adjusting the rate of.
  86. There is nothing inherently wrong with collecting cash when adjusting a position.
  87. Adjusting tools or keys should not be left in places where they can fall, slide.
  88. Oh, I couldn’t afford them on my salary, Picard says, adjusting his shirt.
  89. He waits for the water to boil and then spends another minute adjusting the mixer.
  90. Junyas eyes grew weary, while adjusting his jeans from his reaction from the sex.
  91. Adjusting annual returns downwards as well would be to account for inflation twice.
  92. Adjusted book-value : Valuation of a running business by adjusting all its assets &.
  93. He knew that his eyes were adjusting to the lighting in whatever room he was now in.
  94. Adjusting a hair strand back to merge in his side curled pompadour, he smiles at me.
  95. Only by excavating buried facts and adjusting glorified stories might history teach.
  96. Perhaps it’s your perception of reality that needs adjusting, she suggested.
  97. They looked at each other in the silence, their eyes still adjusting to the darkness.
  98. Suddenly he stopped dead in his tracks and held up a finger, adjusting his headphones.
  99. Adjustment to the correct time is accomplished by means of adjusting l of the arm 12.
  100. The hardest part is not adjusting to the new genres, but being careful not to adjust.
  1. She adjusted to the light.
  2. We have all adjusted very.
  3. Fine, they adjusted to that.
  4. If you have adjusted gross.
  5. He adjusted his glasses again.
  6. Her eyes had adjusted to the.
  7. The quantity can be adjusted.
  8. Then Stratham adjusted his hold.
  9. Andrew quickly adjusted his tie.
  10. He adjusted something on the IV.
  11. The man adjusted his blond wig.
  12. My eyes adjusted to the shadows.
  13. ROE is adjusted for this payment.
  14. The line was adjusted to a.
  15. The matter may still be adjusted.
  16. Toria adjusted the skirt of her.
  17. After a while his eyes adjusted.
  18. Babs adjusted his Gerry Garcia tie.
  19. He adjusted his position, trying.
  20. The Coast Guard adjusted to what U.
  21. Jalan stood and adjusted his tunic.
  22. As my eyes adjusted to the faint.
  23. Once they've adjusted you should.
  24. Houston said as he adjusted his hat.
  25. He adjusted his grip on the stout 1.
  26. Thus it gets redefined and adjusted.
  27. The added quantity must be adjusted.
  28. Mitch had already adjusted his stance.
  29. Without hesitation, he adjusted the.
  30. Danny adjusted to the python grip and.
  31. He adjusted his mind to the conception.
  32. He adjusted his shirt decorated with.
  33. He adjusted his wig self-consciously.
  34. Jill adjusted the sleeve of her blouse.
  35. Bernie carefully adjusted his mustaches.
  36. As his eyes adjusted to the light, he.
  37. Then the current is adjusted in two ways.
  38. Sophie paused as she adjusted to his news.
  39. She adjusted herself quickly to move away.
  40. By 1988 it surpassed adjusted book value.
  41. The IV drip was adjusted and I drifted off.
  42. Only the delta and gamma must be adjusted.
  43. L€ne adjusted her ponytail tinted with.
  44. Moved to a bed adjusted to a comfortable.
  45. Lewis adjusted his glasses and pushed his.
  46. Slowly, their eyes adjusted to the gloom.
  47. She stood up, adjusted her skirt and then.
  48. The Inspector sniffed, and adjusted his tie.
  49. His vision had adjusted remarkably to the.
  50. Aquarius adjusted a dial and nodded his head.
  51. To compensate, one may use the adjusted R2.
  52. Morgan adjusted her hat, tilting it just so.
  53. She turned the knobs and adjusted the water.
  54. The numbers above are not industry adjusted.
  55. His chin is raised and his feet are adjusted.
  56. She noticed him stare and adjusted the cloth.
  57. Rebecca adjusted her watch according to the.
  58. She adjusted her weight as her back started.
  59. She adjusted her bag in the crook of her arm.
  60. The hi-man's lenses adjusted to the blue glare.
  61. I will have your pay adjusted to reflect this.
  62. I should have known, and adjusted my entrance.
  63. A few seconds later he stopped, adjusted his.
  64. He adjusted his tie, smoothed out his sleeves.
  65. The haggard old man quickly adjusted his red.
  66. I tucked my shirt in and adjusted the backpack.
  67. Adjusted his glasses and stubbed out his smoke.
  68. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw it.
  69. He adjusted his tie as he entered through the.
  70. How you adjusted your personification this way.
  71. He adjusted his hat slightly and examined the.
  72. I haven’t adjusted very well here, Julissa.
  73. The queen perked up and adjusted her huge boobs.
  74. Gradually, his eyes adjusted to the difference.
  75. She had really not adjusted well to the changes.
  76. He rubbed his chin, then adjusted his spectacles.
  77. The boy scratched his head and adjusted his sash.
  78. He quickly adjusted his white curta and opened.
  79. It looks like she has adjusted to life with him.
  80. Stockton adjusted his tie and cleared his throat.
  81. She adjusted the drape of her bottle green and.
  82. I tried it and was perfectly adjusted to my size.
  83. In return we shall as well be adjusted by others.
  84. Mum huffed and adjusted the scarf around her neck.
  85. He took his own place on stage and adjusted the.
  86. This point thus adjusted, the young women left Mrs.
  87. IRENE Kennedy adjusted the lamp for the third time.
  88. Mitchell then adjusted the focus on Travis's face.
  89. Siri quickly adjusted his thoughts before replying.
  90. In a few days most mammals and birds are adjusted.
  91. Her eyes now adjusted to the normal lighting, she.
  92. He sniffed slightly as he adjusted his headphones.
  93. They adjusted their uniforms, fixed their collars.
  94. I adjusted to life on the Canadian prairies, with.
  95. She jumped to the mirror and adjusted her lobster.
  96. I adjusted my attitude to appear more professional.
  97. I adjusted the video settings, which had no effect.
  98. The option has a skewed or adjusted delta of –15.
  99. Theo stood up sharply and adjusted his suit and tie.
  100. Theo straightened his suit, adjusted his cuff-links.
  1. The red line adjusts for each lower low.
  2. When the Federal Reserve cuts or adjusts.
  3. He cringes and adjusts his grip on her legs.
  4. Adjusts the flowers again with a happy smile.
  5. He dials up the RF gain, adjusts the filter.
  6. A professional then adjusts to the differences.
  7. Be sure to have an automated XML sitemap that adjusts.
  8. Easily adjusts in 6 increments with a touch of the thumb.
  9. Fortunately, the nose quickly adjusts to almost any outrage.
  10. The price adjusts before the investor has time to trade on it.
  11. The trailing stop adjusts or trails behind a rising stock price.
  12. Third, how species’ DNA evolves, learns and adjusts to its host.
  13. Maxx stares straight into my eyes, then adjusts the coat over my shoulders.
  14. Unks adjusts the back of Cass’ shirt while they cross over the gangplank.
  15. Vince adjusts his seat, then puts the keys in the ignition and starts the car.
  16. Upon seating of children at a table, waiter automatical y adjusts covers with.
  17. An efficient reader adjusts his speed and strategy to suit the need of the moment.
  18. Capital structure analysis adjusts for both the amount and variability of sales by.
  19. The exit price constantly adjusts with the movement in the market to maximize profit.
  20. The flow of a river physically adjusts itself for the purpose of energy conservation.
  21. The sub-unconscious often overlooks the difference, and just adjusts accordingly.
  22. The advantage of the trailing stop over the stop loss is that it adjusts to protect profits.
  23. The Professor, trying to save face starts giggling nervously as he adjusts himself in his chair.
  24. Static crackles and whines as she adjusts a radio dial from the long dashboard of glowing lights.
  25. He adjusts his favorite blazer, rich caramel in color with minimal armor details by the shoulders.
  26. While he adjusts, Johan stares around the tunnel, its walls adorned here and there with sparkling stones.
  27. She then looks forward and adjusts the CD player as Judy leans forward and starts to chat with her again.
  28. The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
  29. We got it covered Aunt Celeste, Bernice says as she adjusts the corset straps around Dana's right shoulder.
  30. Having witnessed this support level, the trader adjusts the stop level to 75 so as to lie just below the support level.
  31. The light adjusts in the corner of the frame, she jostles the camera from direct center but it is quickly back on level.
  32. The flight is smooth and without incident and just before midnight the plane adjusts its position for the final approach.
  33. What the socialists fail to remember is that the decentralized, unfettered free market adjusts production and consumption.
  34. The trader adjusts the stop level to 90, thus assuring at least a 32-point profit while letting the profit continue to run.
  35. The function calculates the dates at the beginning of the interval period, and then the alignment argument adjusts the result.
  36. Jaden’s body goes into shock as it adjusts to Earth’s atmosphere and he finds himself in a local hospital in upstate New York.
  37. One of the tailors adjusts his baldric, then as one the crowd around him steps backwards and he's able to see himself in the mirrors.
  38. Consider the trader who adjusts in stages and plans to cover 20% of the short call spread when the market reaches a specific price level.
  39. This is an automated order, set as a percentage or by points, that adjusts upward or downward as your stock advances, or falls, in price.
  40. Behind him he hears the queen's delicate cough that she uses to cover up her laugh as the instructor adjusts everything about his posture.
  41. He awkwardly adjusts them both until he can slide an arm under her legs and scoot off the bench, hefting her dead weight up into his arms.
  42. That is, a person adjusts to a completely different frequency of reality and consequently perceives this world only as the lowest illusion.
  43. That may mean adjusting your RRSP contributions every year, and your TFSA ones each time the government adjusts the annual contribution room.
  44. She adjusts, props herself up on one elbow, never losing her touch, and the first things that Arbnor Jasari sees of this new day are Helen's eyes.
  45. The trailing stop order only adjusts higher, allowing you to lock in gains, but doesn't change if the stock moves lower, so it also minimizes losses.
  46. It does not become disconcerted, but adjusts to its divine work the man who has bestridden the Alps, and the good old tottering invalid of Father Elysee.
  47. Something twists in his heart at the sight and he adjusts his hold on her to pull her closer so he can press his lips to her forehead and continue to walk.
  48. None of the academic papers adjusts momentum signals or position sizes for volatility, even though natural gas has three times higher volatility than gold (48% vs.
  49. Unlike the trader who adjusts at regular intervals, a trader who adjusts based on a fixed number of deltas cannot be sure how often he will need to adjust his position.
  50. The particular danger to the analyst is that, because of such delay, new determining factors may supervene before the market price adjusts itself to the value as he found it.
  51. The second measure adjusts for the number of terms in the model; as this exercise reveals, the greater the number of terms, the greater the difference between the two measures.
  52. So when he measures distance, he doesn’t need to count the clicks on the turret, he simply adjusts it until the indicator reaches the figure shown on the engraved side of the distance recorder.
  53. Given that they are constantly monitoring their insurance portfolio, Allstate adjusts (raises) the price of the insurance for this market, or they might not insure married women with kids driving minivans.
  54. Suzy put her big coat on and the big felt hat Lewis had got her, looking in the mirror she adjusts the hat to a jaunty angle; How do I look? she asks Sharon with a smile as she keeps staring into the mirror.
  55. Yet it contains the beginning and the end of all philosophical speculation; it demonstrates a causal relation between the Infinite and the finite, for Karma is that Infinite Power which adjusts each effect to its originating cause.
  56. While the OAS adjusts for embedded options and for duration mismatches, it remains in various ways an imperfect measure of expected returns—even if the OAS model’s term structure specification and volatility assumption were correct.
  57. If a trader initiates a hedge but adjusts less frequently or does not adjust at all, how will this affect the outcome? Because theoretical evaluation of options is based on the laws of probability, a trader who initiates a theoretically profitable hedge still has the odds on his side.
  58. As portfolio manager Christopher Davis of Davis Selected Advisors puts it, If you owned 100% of this business, how much cash would you have in your pocket at the end of the year? Because it adjusts for accounting entries like amortization and depreciation that do not affect the company’s cash balances, owner earnings can be a better measure than reported net income.

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