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Frasi con movie (in inglese)

1. Is the Star Trek movie.
2. The movie was only 20.
3. It's just like a movie.
4. Al of us have a movie.
5. The movie was great, too.
6. You should make a movie.
7. Then the movie came out.

8. Think of it as a movie.
9. In the movie Dune I began.
10. No, it’s not a movie.
11. Now made into a TV movie.
12. Like an old Western movie.
13. The movie must not be over.
14. The meaning of the movie.
15. Or a Hollywood movie star.
16. Want to watch a movie?
17. That movie reminded me of.
18. A movie with himself in it.
19. Of a movie named the life!.
20. You’re a movie buff, then.
21. Then we would watch a movie.
22. But this was no Hindi movie.
23. Now, in the movie, Redford.
24. Now let’s watch the movie.
25. Right out of a horror movie.
26. Recall the movie Time to.
27. I stopped to watch the movie.
28. I stopped watching the movie.
29. There was a tiny old movie.
30. I fell asleep in that movie.
31. A movie ad, Wysocki said.
32. I saw it in a movie once.
33. Now!? is a movie anthology.
34. Until the movie comes out.
35. We loved the movie very much.
36. It was like being in a movie.
37. God, that was a cheesy movie.
38. I thought of the movie, „Mr.
39. You can’t play the movie.
40. Think as a movie writer first.
41. It was supposed to be a movie.
42. It reminds him of a movie set.
43. Where "Movie" Shows Cost Soap.
44. I prefer watching a movie to.
45. But Horndog was no movie star.
46. Usual decor of car and movie.
47. We’d seen this movie before.
48. Matrix movie dialogue tel s us.
49. Adult inside the movie theater.
50. Was this movie ever in 3-D?
51. I mentioned the movie, Doubt.
52. It must have been a sad movie.
53. In the movie August Rush.
54. Like a movie about the Marines.
55. I hardly cared about the movie.
56. For a movie The Covenant.
57. It is reserved for movie stars.
58. Thus watching a movie that is.
59. Check out the movie theater.
60. We put in a movie now and then.
61. He suggested they go to a movie.
62. But better than the movie studio.
63. The Chase — Core of the Movie.
64. The movie is the story of a hero.
65. The good things aren’t a movie.
66. Only if it’s a boring movie.
67. You saw that movie back in the.
68. Yeah, you remember that movie.
69. They sat watching a movie, Fred.
70. A movie to play time after time.
71. It was straight out of a movie.
72. I’d better go and see the movie.
73. Now make yourself the movie star.
74. It was made into a movie in 1984.
75. I watched the movie Matilda today.
76. Going to hopefully find the movie.
77. I thought he was a movie actor.
78. Let’s watch a movie tomorrow.
79. The movie is going to start soon.
80. It seemed to be out of a movie.
81. The movie is not completely evil.
82. Remember the movie Pay It Forward.
83. I loved the movie Chariots of Fire.
84. The movie was entitled World’s.
85. It was a movie maneuver, but the.
86. This movie is still popular today.
87. In the movie Island in the Sky.
88. I won't think of the movie or the.
89. What? No, we’re seeing a movie.
90. A 2004 movie for all to see is La.
91. It was his favourite holiday movie.
92. All of us went to the movie theater.
93. During the two months of the movie.
94. Very impressive… very movie star.
95. The movie was called The Final Line.
96. I guess were gonna go see a movie.
97. Is he seeing the movie with us?
98. It was like a science-fiction movie.
99. Instead; the movie only showed lies.
100. I remembered a movie where Ram, as.

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