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Movie in una frase (in inglese)

It's just like a movie.
Al of us have a movie.
Is the Star Trek movie.
The movie was only 20.
Think of it as a movie.
The movie was great, too.
You should make a movie.

Then the movie came out.
In the movie Dune I began.
No, it’s not a movie.
Now made into a TV movie.
Or a Hollywood movie star.
The movie must not be over.
The meaning of the movie.
Like an old Western movie.
That movie reminded me of.
Of a movie named the life!.
A movie with himself in it.
Want to watch a movie?
Recall the movie Time to.
I fell asleep in that movie.
Then we would watch a movie.
Right out of a horror movie.
I stopped watching the movie.
I stopped to watch the movie.
But this was no Hindi movie.
There was a tiny old movie.
A movie ad, Wysocki said.
I saw it in a movie once.
You’re a movie buff, then.
Now, in the movie, Redford.
Now let’s watch the movie.
Until the movie comes out.
It was like being in a movie.
I thought of the movie, „Mr.
We loved the movie very much.
Now!? is a movie anthology.
God, that was a cheesy movie.
I mentioned the movie, Doubt.
You can’t play the movie.

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