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Frasi con pic (in inglese)

1. Courtney: pic of wat?
2. Can I see the pic?
3. The Pic ’N’ Save Story.
4. Pic 1: The Buffalo is willing to.
5. But I want a pic of his face ASAP.
6. I had snatched a pic from her apartment.
7. The same thing occurred with Pic ’N’ Save.

8. The pic showed that her eyes were hazel like mine too.
9. In the 1970s these were stocks like Pic N Save and Tandy Corp.
10. But what the hell happened to that stupid turd-muncher pic? Fuck it.
11. I also showed her pic to the bouncers as I was leaving but neither of them remember her.
12. You will then take a pic of yourself pulling it from the stream, giving the illusion that you just found it.
13. And who took Sheena’s pic? Was this something she and Arthur indulged in? And if that was their house, they.
14. There wasn’t any note with the pic which fitted in nicely with my spying delusions, but I did wonder if Sheena.
15. Oh! Do you mind signing the pic stating that it is a true likeness for the file and I will witness your signature underneath?
16. The Facebook flack continued for all of last week with my brother then changing his profile pic to a dodgy one of Hugh Hefner wearing a smoking jacket.
17. Note also that the account was worn out of Pic ’N’ Save on July 6, 1982, at $15, but we bought it back at $18 and $19, even though this was a higher price, and made a large gain by doing so.
18. OK, at first I thought that someone had been stalking me, but then I realised that I don't own a bloody headscarf - I'd rather die! The pic was sent by a girlfriend in an hysterically funny email, and it wasn't me in a boat at all.
19. In fact, Pic ’N’ Save’s pretax margins, return on equity, annual earnings growth rate, and debt-to-equity ratio were at that time superior to those of the other, more widely accepted institutional growth favorites—such as Wal-Mart Stores—that we had also recommended.
20. Why not just ask for papers, like the new concentration State of Ari an- Zon e- A? We earn our wings innocuously and reflexively every time we instinctively snap a pic and record a video of some public event, thus providing documentation for anyone who might want to know where you and I were, when and with whom.

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