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Drift in una frase (in inglese)

Get my drift?.
I got the drift.
I began to drift.
you catch my drift.
burn the drift wood.
drift where it would.
If you get my drift.

You get my drift.
I did drift back to.
the ship would drift,.
She let her mind drift.
She began to drift away.
The rest drift to and fro.
These would often drift.
Rumors continued to drift.
Her eyes started to drift.
some started to drift away.
There was no big drift in.
His thought started to drift.
drift on the aroma of loam,.
drift off into a dark heaven.
The voice seemed to drift off.
land, knee-deep, in the drift.
You let go and drift skyward.
– If you catch my drift.
I caught his drift of thought.
he lets his words drift off.
Too late he divined her drift.
drift over bald domes of sugar.
Bex is drifting away.
drifting over the land.
into the drifting storm.
You know drifting, boat.
I felt her drifting away.
again in his drifting mind.
the drifting tufts of white.
His legs are drifting away.
of her shoulders, drifting.
Her voice was drifting off.
Drifting To The Palace Passed.
drifting out and then back in,.
his abandoned elemental drifting.
drifting off within a few minutes.
was now drifting in the open seas.
before drifting out of this world.
reflections that were drifting by.
Whitton was drifting down slowly.
several drifting forms around her.
we’re up there, drifting out and.
Our souls drifting across the moon.
They were drifting, having pushed.
Further drifting into the chaos of.
This will bring your drifting to a.
Now for the hard part: drifting off.
A sort of drifting into their minds.
Drifting and drowning near the rocks.
drifting from ruin to ruin with only.
I thought I heard a drifting whisper.
As he drifted.
We drifted apart.
As I drifted in.
My eyes drifted.
It drifted from.
On the men drifted.
drifted awhile <.
I drifted to sleep.
drifted off to sleep.
He drifted through.
They drifted closer.
As he drifted from.
bored and drifted off.
He drifted in a dream.
Her eyes drifted shut.
The ship still drifted.
Rather, we drifted in.
He drifted off to sleep.
The kid had drifted in.
My gaze drifted to Jake.
Mom drifted next to her.
and still he drifted on.
But his spirit drifted.
Zion drifted over to me.
His mind drifted to Mary.
Teal eyes drifted closed.
drifted into the shadows.
His eyes drifted upward.
drifted back to the fire.
He drifted back to sleep.
It drifted over the dais.
In places the drifts.
She drifts off to sleep.
Conversely, DUG drifts to 81.
Carl drifts in and out of sleep.
drifts, they’re abandoned cars.
Hallway deep with drifts of ash.
and the white drifts and spirals.
Drifts of lazy smoke catch the beam.
Hendersen drifts off into a daydream.
My mind drifts to Sean, then Channing.
And through the drifts the snowy clifts.
Anyway, it is said that success drifts.
to skip effortlessly over the sand drifts.
I drop my toast, and my mouth drifts open.
the ferry-boat as it drifts slowly toward.
The market drifts down, and when the 4:13 p.
old song, while the ferry-boat drifts slowly.
with all of the loose stones and powder drifts.
Instead of pristine white drifts, the city was.
Ciere’s hand drifts to her shoulder-length curls.
Her stare drifts to Tobias and me, and stays there.
She drifts through the throngs of well-dressed elite.
Then the disabled ship merely drifts in our direction.
The YM soon rolls over and drifts down into the close.
spring’s fragrance drifts through the port of Lisbon.
Half-hidden in the early morning mist that drifts on by.
Her soft hair drifts idly in a halo of spring sunlight.
snow drifts, plays on an endless loop in this headspace.
She looks up at us, and her mouth drifts open slightly.
He lies back and drifts with her momentum to the bottom.

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