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    1. that, any revelation from God must produce the manifestation

    2. Ability to Produce Wealth

    3. with the Father which will produce God’s accreditation of

    4. us the ability the produce wealth, they concluded that

    5. God, should produce the same benefits he enjoyed with

    6. · Use natural lighting where possible, and position light sources in ways that don't produce shadows

    7. This, too, has not been properly tested (actually the US Government decided that it was safe without testing it and, further, decided that genetically engineered produce does not have to be labeled as such)

    8. These blends are extremely well balanced, offer broad spectrum time-released plant nutrients, will produce excellent yields

    9. It combines aerobic and anaerobic bacteria enhancers that produce nitrogen from the air and enzyme action in the soil

    10. produce power that will change your life

    1. Nourishing Food, those produced only with the interaction of soil, water and sun, in moderate quantity

    2. The skill of his hands and the hormones this body produced and his patience made it more likely she would force him, but there was never a need because he would grant any desire

    3. Beer: Beer is produced from fermented hops

    4. The main problem I have with most beers is the chemicals that are in most mass produced beers

    5. You may be lucky once or twice but history has not produced a single investor who has made money regularly by timing the market

    6. For all the Troll might of arms, the telling factor over time had been the tiny babies produced by Elven woman so that almost all mothers survived, instead of the average Troll woman's chance in those days, dying in her fourth or fifth childbirth

    7. He only wanted to talk about the land, how the sheep were doing and how much wool had been produced that season … I couldn’t understand why he was interested in that when he’d been seeing the world and doing exciting things

    8. It was said to be beyond anything Earth had ever produced, shouldn't they get a sample of it? It was said the Christials cracked it, but not the Brazilians, they became users of the native system that now had Brazilan technology added on

    9. After two weeks of endless chatter and subtle revelation, after the constant highs produced by this new and wonderful friendship, I drifted down into the maw of the beast

    10. Technically produced spirits, every one of them

    1. This depletion of the mineral content produces deficiencies throughout the food chain

    2. This relieves stress and produces endorphins in the brain that make you feel relaxed and happy

    3. He produces a tape machine and puts it on the table in front of me

    4. Suddenly she produces a knife from god only knows where, presses it into John’s hand

    5. It also produces a constantly updated compendium of current environmental reports providing an essential tool toward understanding the battle against -and alternatives to - polluting chemicals, which is available for free to ClubIG members on his website

    6. terms of their workload, but when a company is successful and produces quality

    7. He produces an notepad, makes an entry while Russ and the other watch

    8. In fact, the more miserable a society is, the more offspring it produces

    9. with the same mentality that produces reliable

    10. It is a pleasant evening – Gilla, clearly on cloud nine, produces a celebration meal

    1. The confusion, however, is not entirely over, for rather than accepting the carefully deliberated recommendations of the National Standards Board, Glickman declined to definitively prohibit three practices being used in producing organically grown foods

    2. While it has not been proven scientifically that emotional stress causes coronary artery disease, it is associated with behaviors that do produce coronary artery disease, and there is suggestive evidence that it may even have a direct effect in producing coronary disease

    3. It was his party piece, producing the gun almost as proof

    4. When making bins or piles, the bigger the pile the more heat it will be capable of producing

    5. ‘Though he has a nice line in producing a clean hanky when it is needed

    6. No matter what you do to escape from destiny, fate will eventually lead you where it wants by producing all the necessary coincidences and circumstances

    7. Angie chattered inconsequentially as she assisted the older woman to undress, laying aside each garment as it came off and producing a long, soft nightgown from somewhere, casting it over Kara’s head and helping her find the sleeves

    8. ‘Whereabouts on the island is the touching place, Lintze?’ Berndt asked, producing a map of the island and laying it out on the table, pushing odd bits of tableware out of the way as he does so

    9. He reached out and pushed with his feet at the same time, producing a leap off the side of the mountain

    10. ’ He replied, groping in his bag and producing a couple of large potatoes

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    Synonyms for "produce"

    garden truck green goods green groceries produce acquire develop get grow create make farm raise bring forth bring about give rise bring on bring out effect generate give rise to manufacture harvest return outgrowth production yield afford propagate blossom furnish provide bring forward present demonstrate display exhibit unfold

    "produce" definitions

    fresh fruits and vegetable grown for the market

    bring forth or yield

    create or manufacture a man-made product

    cause to happen, occur or exist

    bring out for display

    cultivate by growing, often involving improvements by means of agricultural techniques

    bring onto the market or release

    come to have or undergo a change of (physical features and attributes)