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Pull in a sentence

I pull her to me.
I pull up the flaps.
I pull it from my.
I had to pull over.
I pull out my phone.
I pull my hand away.
But there is no pull.

Please pull up a seat.
I still feel the pull.
He was about to pull.
We can pull out more.
But the pull is great.
Try to pull you up.
I had to pull her out.
We pull into the drive.
She also has some pull.
We pull up to the hotel.
Then it started to pull.
If I can pull this off.
She tried to pull free.
You can pull it off.
The pull on her heart.
Pull out all the stops.
Sure, pull up a chair.
I couldn’t pull it out.
He watched her pull off.
We have to pull back.
Pull her to the surface.
I pull one of the cards.
But the pull to that end.
To pull Jim, to draw Jim.
The guys started to pull.
How'd you pull it off?
I pull Eugene in with me.
Pull your chair up close.
You won't pull these off.
I let the moon pull me in.
They just pull it out as.
Pull down the blind, love.
You pull the hood tighter.
I was pulling on my.
Pulling me by the hair.
Fred was pulling a face.
There must be no pulling.
After pulling it out of.
Are C5 pulling him? D.
Pulling in front of the.
Pulling my knife from my.
The earth is pulling the.
It is still pulling on it.
I was pulling out all the.
Pulling him close so that.
Pulling a small radio 365.
He had to be pulling my leg.
You could just keep pulling.
As if she needed any pulling.
I’m just pulling in, sir.
That serves the term pulling.
Someone pulling at her jeans.
Pulling the weight load was.
Then the mass is pulling the.
The merciless pulling off of.
She tried pulling her arm away.
Pulling out into the oncoming.
She nodded, pulling out her gun.
In pulling his hands away the.
We’re pulling out of Greece.
Pulling a black robe out of a.
They are pulling out of Athens.
The pulling force let go of me.
Gastolde began pulling on his.
But he was already pulling away.
She stopped pulling out her hair.
I felt like pulling my hair out.
Pulling and tying nets all day.
This is what is called pulling.
He dove at her, pulling her to.
The man answered while pulling.
Only his strength pulling me up.
Then, without even pulling his.
I pulled out my M9.
I pulled to a stop.
I pulled out my P99.
I pulled at the cord.
He pulled me into him.
I pulled out the roll.
He pulled up to the.
Quonez 2 pulled it up.
Pulled up by the pout.
He was pulled out of.
When he pulled at my.
He pulled on the door.
She pulled my chin up.
The man pulled out a.
She pulled away as if.
I pulled a grenade out.
But as she pulled her.
I then pulled out a CD.
She pulled her arm away.
Sarah pulled a face of.
She pulled on the jeans.
She pulled her hand away.
I pulled my trousers up.
The games are pulled out.
She pulled the hood of.
The boys pulled up short.
He pulled out his Bowie.
And pulled out a revolver.
Noah pulled off his shirt.
He pulled her to her feet.
He pulled back onto the.
He pulled out his phone.
Roy pulled me to face him.
God pulled out His wallet.
He pulled out an almost.
He pulled her close to him.
Lachey pulled at his tunic.
As we pulled the trailer.
He pulled back the covers.
He pressed it and pulled.
He pulls her to him.
He pulls out a chair.
He pulls the cover off.
She pulls her hair out.
If mass pulls mass as.
He pulls out the torch.
She pulls away from me.
Aaron pulls me from knees.
The boy pulls the trigger.
He pulls with full force.
She stands and pulls the.
He pulls out a calculator.
He pulls me into his arms.
Alan pulls back with a gasp.
Jayson pulls into the drive.
She pulls away from the hug.
He pulls out of me suddenly.
Pulls himself up on the sill.
She pulls out a large photo.
As the opponent pulls back.
The dark blue car pulls off.
Just needs a few more pulls.
I cry out as he pulls me back.
Channing pulls me in for a hug.
She pulls out a stuffed animal.
It is said that mass pulls mass.
Dad then pulls out the tripod.
Her uncle pulls off the headset.
She pulls the covers around her.
Marie-Laure pulls at his sleeve.
Caleb pulls me up from the bench.
Steve pulls out the photos the I.
He pulls a note out of his pocket.
He pulls back to look into my eyes.
He hesitates then pulls her closer.
I grab his arm, and he pulls me in.
The magic pulls away from me….
He pulls back with a puckered brow.
Elmer taps the horn as he pulls away.

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