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    1. I pull it off my hat and toss it back to her

    2. I pull on my ear flaps and waddle out with my case of beer, nearly tripping on the first step through the door

    3. Her fingertips brushed his forearm and he tried not to pull away

    4. I grab him by the collar and pull him up

    5. We pull up to the hotel

    6. Fighting the pull of gravity becomes more challenging with age

    7. Then again, seeing as Violet was only seven, she did not yet have the black market connections to pull off a transaction of that nature

    8. Vinnie’s fingers from his right hand danced across the holographic keyboard as he tried to pull up any communication from his team

    9. I wait as she finishes her pull, briskly lowering the glass on her coaster

    10. What are you trying to pull here?

    11. John and Dave pull up into the driveway

    12. She could pull a truck with it

    13. "Henri, please stop the car, pull over here

    14. You need to pull over and listen

    15. At the edge of the community, they pull up to a long, low concrete-block building roofed with corrugated steel

    16. The sound of footsteps coming towards the kitchen rouses her and she frantically tries to pull herself together, groping in the pocket of her jeans for a tissue

    17. The soldiers unsling their weapons, pull back the bolts to cock them

    18. started to pull it gently through her sleek, long, black hair, how odd that they still

    19. However, feeling the pull of a billion, billion stars, feeling the weight of mass

    20. As I go through one village on the way, I spot a small garden centre and, on impulse, pull in to have a look round

    21. I try to pull myself together

    22. He had his hand on the control conduit and he wanted to pull it, but he couldn’t

    23. We pull up to the curb, get out and walk to her front door

    24. there to pull you from the river

    25. It's the free labor in this basin of travelers willing to pull sail, but that's another lecture

    26. corpse and began to pull out the sword for Son

    27. Son to focus on anything but the pain, but he managed to pull himself out of

    28. He felt the oily air pull him down but gradually steadied himself, finding a reserve of strength and clarity that allowed him to remain standing

    29. that fill with water as the pull and push

    30. pull back these two levers and fire

    31. But I believe he will pull through

    32. On a positive note, Jake has every confidence that he will pull thru

    33. with gravity’s inevitable pull

    34. I put the mug down on the stand and try to pull myself together

    35. She took another long pull of her beer

    36. When she started to pull away he turned and faced her

    37. Chased, laid waste, the pull

    38. " Tarlass started to pull it from the case

    39. Pull your legs as high off the floor as you possibly can by

    40. Put them up higher than your head for in this position your legs are not subject to the downward pull of gravity and are therefore being rested

    41. The antidote was based on limbering up the spine and keeping it supple, bending it this way and that to relieve tired muscles, and putting the feet up above the head to combat the pull and downward drag of gravity

    42. "No pins," the redhead said, "see these plastic pinch blocks? Just pull a rope thru here and it stays, better than you can belay it, til you pull back this lever here

    43. Your best way to master Variation 4 is to practice the other three until perfect and then, while supporting yourself with a conveniently placed chair or low table you can gently pull yourself on to your knee-caps, and then let go of the chair or table

    44. She didn't want to pull the standard, 'no I don't' either, so she told him the short version

    45. The fluids of the body tend naturally to flow downwards and even the skeleton is subject to downward displacement by the pull of gravity

    46. There are jumps set up down the middle of the paddock and, as we round the next corner, I pull slightly on the reins so that we move down the middle

    47. ’ He said appreciatively as I pull out the gold chain in the box

    48. Nerves and ligaments of the spine arc subjected to a healthy pull, and the spinal nerve roots and sympathetic system are toned so that this posture beneficially affects the entire organism

    49. Not bothering to dismount, I pull up my sleeve … my forearm is a mass of red lumps, all burningly itching

    50. This went on for 30 minutes at such an unrelenting pace that the large black devil had to pull back momentarily and regroup

    1. He was pulled up sideways to the dock beside their lake sprite which was still tied on the end of the dock for the party

    2. He had pulled up as the tide stopped its flow, in a few hours it would start its ebb from this inlet

    3. The young woman had her brains bashed in, chunks of her skull cracked and pulled outward like it was done with a crowbar or the back of a hammer

    4. ” He took her firmly by the wrist and gently pulled her out of the way of her giggling companions

    5. Once he pulled that one off, he thought, he could relax and be ‘exclusive’ for at least two or three years

    6. He pulled out a flask and unscrewed the top

    7. She pulled them up

    8. I had copies of the paperwork, they pulled it off right under our noses

    9. A rope lashed around Brandon's neck pulled him against the statue

    10. Her long brown hair was tightly pulled back in a ponytail

    11. He pulled out a thin glove from his pocket and put it on his hand, pressing the glove against the door and listening

    12. Big Petey strained all his muscles and then pulled

    13. The Operator pulled the Chip back toward himself and held it close, not sure what he was going to do to effectively guard it

    14. Vinnie pulled out a small remote controlled device

    15. Johnny pulled out his yo-yo device, Nancy pulled out a rubber ball

    16. Over here he pulled into the city of Azhergok

    17. Johnny pulled a shirt on over his head and sighed when he could see Ackers’ angry face again

    18. As they pulled closer they could see that the opening of the tunnel was decorated with flowing curves, giving the impression of continuous bodies intertwined

    19. He pulled his knife to slit Fox's throat, expected him to beg, but instead Fox laughed at him

    20. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a square box that had its own keypad on the front of it

    21. We all shivered as he pulled his leather face out of the sand

    22. As the air is pulled in from the North and the South, another vacuum ensues, pulling the warm moist air towards the poles

    23. doostEr pulled his head in

    24. He pulled Jen out of the taverna as fast as he could, out into the road and

    25. The car pulled over and Theo jumped out

    26. Her hands sought him out as the car pulled away

    27. He reached out to take her by the wrist but she pulled her hand quickly away

    28. with seemingly nothing left to fume about Cat opened the door, pulled the collar of

    29. He pulled it out of his pocket and the caller ID made him freeze

    30. The pulled the rockasaur backwards around the corner

    31. Theo returned to his car, pulled out swiftly and with some sharp revs disappeared around the corner under the glare of Garda Thicke

    32. He pulled the latch on the bottom half of the door, swung the door open and was

    33. John sticks his head inside the limo, finds himself abruptly face to face with Teekra, who has pulled away her tattered veil

    34. Nevertheless, Johnny pulled

    35. Johnny slowly pulled

    36. Before I could protest he was in the cell and had pulled the phone out of my hands

    37. She pulled in her arms, fluffed her hair out, and looked around

    38. As she pulled out the blue

    39. He pulled at the tailgate, screwing up his scrawny, twitching features, and slowly

    40. entire being is made up of nothing but disappointment, pulled a red handkerchief from

    41. "I need some green to balance that," Ava said and pulled a tall, ornate stein out of the air

    42. " He pointed to the switch on the wall and then pulled the shutters down outside the main window

    43. Leonora knew she would know when she knew, and she did, the minute that old gray beater pulled into the lot

    44. She pulled the car out of the lot and drove it back onto the highway

    45. He pulled over immediately and ran over to her car just as flames started coming from the back of the vehicle

    46. Her act caught the attention of a driver of a delivery van passing by, who pulled over to the curb beside her

    47. Thirty minutes later he pulled up outside and indicated the door to his customers

    48. The huge wagon pulled up at that time, they must have noticed it approaching

    49. She pulled the You out of her pocket and hesitated

    50. I gather there was some idiot of a white van driver pulling in and out of the traffic, Liz had to brake when the van pulled in front of her

    1. Dad waves a hand dismissively, pulling the sheets up to his mouth and coughing mucus into them

    2. They jabbed their fingers and teeth into his ribs, pulling him apart, cracking him open like a lobster

    3. Tennis,” the child begged, pulling on his mother’s skirts and Hermann Schulz wondered why

    4. When he didn’t feel a shock, he tested it again, touching the keyboard for a longer amount of time before quickly pulling his hand back again

    5. They must have just bumped a dock, she heard rope pulling

    6. He tucks his hands into the pockets of his overcoat, pulling it tight upon his shoulders

    7. I would dream up the most vivid scenarios of me pulling off his toenails or tying him up in barbed wire or cutting off his penis and shoving it in a knife wound in his side

    8. ’ I said, pulling out one of the chairs for myself

    9. Still holding my hand, he rises, pulling me to my feet

    10. As the air is pulled in from the North and the South, another vacuum ensues, pulling the warm moist air towards the poles

    11. "I guess here we are,” Leonora said, pulling into the driveway

    12. ’ Stephen said, catching hold of me and pulling me towards him

    13. I gather there was some idiot of a white van driver pulling in and out of the traffic, Liz had to brake when the van pulled in front of her

    14. ‘Oh Mum! We’re not pulling your leg

    15. After that travesty of a lesson in Janus last night, I realized all these years Alexander has been doing nothing but pulling our legs in there

    16. elder takes control of the eldership, he is pulling the church away from the primitive pattern of leadership given in the Scriptures

    17. As he picked his way through the web, gently pulling himself along in the null-gees, his helmet highlighted the figures of his fellow reds outside, out on the ring

    18. He is either pulling my leg or a penniless Albanian; he is certainly not a literature master, I thought but suppressed that suspicion at once

    19. I stood up, instinctively pulling the hessian sack over my head as I did so – a reflex action – reacting to this strange new morning by adopting the tried and tested methods of survival

    20. “What the fuck are you doing?” I shouted, pulling my head away from him

    21. " I imagine her pulling a crop of hair from inside the book

    22. The young woman smiled and, pulling a chair from a nearby computer station, sat next to Kara

    23. JJ and Angie debated for several minutes where this could be but in the end Iain solved the mystery by pulling out an old book of maps …

    24. As he walked Danton straightened himself up, pulling his shoulder blades back to relieve the tension that he felt tightening at the base of his neck

    25. It is like the Jenga game when we start pulling out the blocks

    26. the pulling cart were strong and large, but also they were solid, as

    27. he was aware everytime the pulling cart went over a stone on the

    28. Loosing me, she reaches past me and grabs the pillow, pulling it up so I can lean on it

    29. the table wearing party hats and pulling crackers

    30. She responded by pulling herself to him as her entire body shuddered

    31. Pulling the ggs to a stand, we wait while Wiesse reads the message and sends off a reply

    32. the damp air pulling me down to the cold stone

    33. pulling, shaping, out-of-shaping them,

    34. "AAAAA," he yelled, "it's pulling me back

    35. Luray was still pulling at Alan, and they both snapped back when the tentacle let go as soon as the knife bit deep

    36. He closes his eyes for a long moment, pulling himself together

    37. ‘What for?’ I had stammered, not at all certain why he was saying this, pulling back a little so I could see him better

    38. A few were pulling on wet suits and carrying their boards down to the water

    39. ’ He replied settling himself down on the box he prefers and pulling me down beside him, his good arm round my waist

    40. It is a long drag out of the town and the gg pulling the wagon strains as it hauls us up the hill

    41. He went to her and asked if she really wanted this; she responded by pulling him to her

    42. "So how's those chips treating you?" She asked while pulling up a stool behind him where he was sitting on the bench

    43. Stopping and pulling the young man back towards her she asked, “Please wait

    44. He would only make fun of her, she thought, and pulling away from her husband she tried to rise from her chair and run for the door

    45. The family shut themselves away behind the barrier of polite poverty, pulling up the rope ladder of social interaction

    46. Garth appears, pulling the door closed behind him

    47. Alessandra tried the key and we could turn the door handle and hear the latch lift and listen to the tumblers but even with all our pushing and pulling it still wouldn't budge

    48. They drove up the hill that led to the big electric gates at the entrance to Seaview Park just in time to see a large removals lorry pulling out of the estate followed by a ranting, screaming harridan dragging behind her a couple of suitcases and an old and battered fishing rod

    49. She pushed his hand with the note aside, and went into his arms pulling him to her

    50. I rolled onto my stomach, allowing the water to wash and revive me, pulling myself forward over the pebbles like a lizard, sliding down into the water past the boulders, keeping as near to the bottom as I could and then turning, and looking skyward through sparkling shafts of sunlight beaming through my open fingers

    1. Sarah pulls the child from her breast and hands him to Dr

    2. He shakes his head, pulls into a parking lot next to a hospital compound

    3. John pulls away quickly, watching the building he just exited, turns out of the parking lot and races down the street

    4. John pulls into a parking space in front of one of the three-story buildings, gets out of his car, then suddenly staggers backwards, holding onto his car to support himself

    5. The higher temperatures cause evaporation, and the moisture rises, creating a vacuum underneath which pulls in cooler air from the polar regions

    6. He pulls her by the hair so that she is looking up at him

    7. The man pulls his head out, looks at them both with his scary blind eyes, then speaks in a gravelly voice

    8. Swimming strong and sure, the man pulls John to the surface

    9. He runs his fingers down her arm, then her thigh, pulls her closer to him, inspects her hair, kisses it

    10. She follows my instructions and pulls into the drive

    11. John pulls himself up off the floor, breathing hard, his fists balled

    12. Ricci touches his shoulder, but Ahmed pulls away

    13. He extends a hand, pulls Ahmed from the car with the help of Russ, who guides the prince to safety

    14. She pulls her foot, but is unable to free it

    15. John nods, pulls her from the car by her hand and they flee the limo

    16. Majeed starts the bus and it pulls away, crosses the median and is soon far away

    17. John pulls on his shoes while Russ ambles over to the frig, pulls out, opens a non-alcohlic beer

    18. He pulls on his pants, goes to the window, checks out the view

    19. He exits the souk just as a Nissan truck pulls up with a bed full of young Arab men chattering happily and laughing in the back

    20. Russ shrugs, takes out his Redman, pulls out a chaw, sticks it in his jaw and calmly begins to chew

    21. Russ pulls John out of his seat to help him put his parachute on

    22. After a few pulls off that bottle she called up her cherub to tongue her out

    23. Dante pulls out a

    24. He pulls me towards him … for a second I think about resisting but by then it’s too late

    25. He comes in and pulls the door closed behind him

    26. Mind you, Rose pulls things out of the air at times

    27. pulls down the north winds

    28. Hawk pulls out and spins,

    29. She pulls her panties back on, waiting in a corner

    30. It is upon that point of no return that God pulls back His hand and allows the Antichrist to be established

    31. (ERICK pulls her closer

    32. and calves, her arm pulls the cover back up,

    33. (SAMANTHA rushes to a chest of drawer and pulls out a pile of her dresses

    34. (pause) It will be done (almost a whisper) now… (a desperate scream) Now! (holds the gun to his own head and pulls the trigger

    35. as he pulls back the first

    36. He pulls this sheet off her body,

    37. Swearing, he quickly pulls Adamant over, leaps off the gg and starts delving into one of his bags

    38. I hear Findel smother a chuckle from behind me as he pulls up the gangplank

    39. ‘You sound as though you know Wales pretty well,’ I commented, as he pulls out to overtake a caravan

    40. Gary pulls over to the side of the road

    41. ‘Wow! Anna, now this is what I call a welcome!’ he said as he dumps his bag on the hall floor and pulls me towards him

    42. Halfway home, he pulls into a side road which culminates in a dead end, and parks the car

    43. He pulls into the layby opposite my house

    44. happens because alignment pulls you into the flow of consciousness that

    45. He pulls out into the stream of traffic before replying

    46. Just before four, Dave pulls into the drive of a modern looking house on a rather smart estate in a village about six miles outside Bridgwater

    47. All of a sudden, Dave pulls into a layby and, after a second’s hesitation, turns the engine off and turns to look at me

    48. The girl rolls onto her back and pulls the blanket up under her chin

    49. Ten minutes later Davie pulls into the farm courtyard and parks next to a piece of old farm machinery

    50. Helen takes his left hand in hers and pulls him up from the bed

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    Synonyms for "pull"

    pull pulling drag puff clout twist wrench overstretch root for draw out extract pull out pull up rip out take out tear out deplumate deplume displume pluck tear draw attract draw in pull in rend rip rive get out commit perpetrate allure appeal inclination inducement influence lure enticement tow haul lug tug yank force power weight strength might exertion strain grab jerk pick gather detach remove withdraw uproot stretch sprain disjoint

    "pull" definitions

    the act of pulling; applying force to move something toward or with you

    the force used in pulling

    special advantage or influence

    a device used for pulling something

    a sharp strain on muscles or ligaments

    a slow inhalation (as of tobacco smoke)

    a sustained effort

    cause to move by pulling

    direct toward itself or oneself by means of some psychological power or physical attributes

    move into a certain direction

    apply force so as to cause motion towards the source of the motion

    perform an act, usually with a negative connotation

    bring, take, or pull out of a container or from under a cover

    steer into a certain direction

    strain abnormally

    cause to move in a certain direction by exerting a force upon, either physically or in an abstract sense

    operate when rowing a boat

    rein in to keep from winning a race

    tear or be torn violently

    hit in the direction that the player is facing when carrying through the swing

    strip of feathers

    remove, usually with some force or effort; also used in an abstract sense

    take sides with; align oneself with; show strong sympathy for

    take away