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    1. knocked Granddad off his feet, he said, and shied the horses

    2. Both those routes lay thru deep Gnome tunnels other races shied away from

    3. Though the ern did have ranged weapons, the creatures found their use distasteful, and shied away from them

    4. He spoke to Captain Melstone who was in charge and told him to move us off at that moment a horse coming past on the opposite side slipped on the wet cobbles and shied this in turn upset his horse and it took him all his time to control the beast and stop himself being unseated

    5. ” The Lieutenant shied a bit swallowed and looking up from his notebook said

    6. Her mind shied away from the potential for widespread devastation, the utter vileness of the idea

    7. He turned to look at her but quickly shied away from the question in her eyes

    8. Monica wanted to ask the director about sex, but she shied away from the question

    9. With that said, I shied away and renewed the distance between us

    10. The horse shied and cried out

    11. against hers, but that was a picture that came far too readily for comfort, and was one she shied away from, again because of seeing the results of that sort sort of life within her own family

    12. Did he bring Alison here to ease that loneliness? Would he have done so if she had been plain in appearance? He shied away from that

    13. His mount, feeling this, shied slightly, throwing him onto the ground where he landed heavily

    14. Youssaf’s fingers latched talonlike onto her forearm as Moshe’s horse, further spooked by the close maneuver, shied sharply away

    15. Moshe’s horse shied suddenly

    16. shied slightly, throwing him onto the ground where he landed heavily

    17. weight of two in the soft flying sand, stumbled and shied

    18. Moshe's horse shied suddenly

    19. The animals shied away when herded toward it

    20. I followed the rout of the restless shadows that shied away from the streams of light that gathered on the sidewalk and flowed along the street

    21. The specters gasped and shied away from their creation

    22. David shied away from the question of where Marcus was

    23. Jane quickly shied away from the cries of her plants, turning a blind eye in order to not feel the pain

    24. He shied away from mentioning Andrew’s involvement but it made no difference, Steve knew there was something going on

    25. He had not ridden far when the stallion snorted and shied back from something lying in the trail

    26. I could see that she wanted me by her tender looks, by the way she constantly touched my hand and face with loving intent yet she was hurt when I shied away

    27. That you have even thought of contacting me, but then shied away and took yet another route altogether and approached Freda

    28. Stallman shied away from clear-cut competitive events that

    29. He shied away from the end of the table where the Siamese cats

    30. The buck shied away and settled back into strolling

    31. After that we just kind of shied away from

    32. Either way, he never shied away or became intimidated by the game, he simply played along and observed

    33. Instead, he shied away from taking up responsibility once again—the seventy-two-year-old veteran Congress leader from Karnataka, Mallikarjun Kharge, was chosen instead

    34. But on the other hand, the Mohammedan elite allowed themselves to be drawn into the closets of self-recrimination, and fearing religious dilution, shied away from the secular ideas and ideals and kept their children away from the convent education

    35. Charles Darwin’s theory of “organic evolution” to intimidate me, I had shied away from speculating

    36. ” Sharee shied away from her self-revelation

    37. The horses shied in and out of the gutters

    38. Its success it is true was chiefly owing to the immense variety of things to eat she had provided; for the conjuror, merry-go-round, and cocoa-nuts to be shied at that she had told young Vickerton to bring with him from Minehead, had all been abandoned on Tussie's earnest advice, who instructed her innocent German mind that these amusements, undoubtedly admirable in themselves and on week days, were looked upon askance in England on Sundays

    39. His sources had dried up, shied away and all he had were tenuous threads that suggested directions but which bore no definite signs

    40. Alexandra The Great rode into many battles with his armour and shied depicting the Medusa

    41. Our horses were good watchdogs for approaching danger, they could sense it and when danger was near, they shied and pulled on their lines, giving us men fair warning

    42. But if I was so enamoured of her, why had I shied away like a startled virgin the minute I thought she was

    43. The percussion of the shot was loud and the hounds instead of diving in for a bite shied off a bit from me

    44. The Arabian shied away from her, obviously not happy

    45. ” She shied away from his eyes

    46. Some of the coven came out to greet her and shied away when she turned on them

    47. ” She was out in the clearing now, and Patra shied away from the

    48. Her appointed companion did not pretend to escort her: he shied off by the road-side and vanished

    49. As he waded out a little way with them the two nearest loathers on the lens shied away with expressions of extreme disgust

    50. She hadn’t been the only one who’d shied away after learning the truth about Colin, and while Evan might joke that Colin immediately volunteered his full history to anyone who asked, it wasn’t like that

    1. wounded by a man as she shies away from conversation

    2. Rightly or wrongly, the Hindus have come to believe that the Musalmans are out to multiply themselves with a long-term demographic goal that demonically suits the short-term vote bank politics of the self, or family serving parties! What baffles them is that if checking the country’s population growth is in the national interest, then why do the Congress-led band shies away from encouraging the Musalmans to exercise restraint on the family front? Moreover, the obduracy of the Indian Musalamns in adhering to their personal laws, abandoned even in the Muslim countries, in the Indian secular setting is increasingly earning them the Hindu ill-will in good measure

    3. It shies away from even the simplest and easiest of solutions

    4. It shies away from logical thinking

    5. It shies away from logical feelings

    6. It shies away from feeling logic and the logic of feeling

    7. It shies away from emotional logic

    8. It shies away from physical logic or any kind of logic that is organic and direct

    9. This irritates the Prophet, and he shies away from you, but God does not shy away from the truth

    10. But if you’re looking for higher yields in bonds, you have lots of options—as long as these investments go into your Risk/Growth Bucket and not your Security Bucket! For instance, not everybody shies away from so-called junk bonds

    11. For another, Buffett often shies away from acquiring financial companies outside of the insurance business

    12. The mind shies away from a head tax, a facility tax

    13. He took his tin hat from off his head when the tension was high and, banging on it with his bayonet, cried: "Roll up, me lucky lads! Seven shies a tanner! Who'll 'ave a go!" That bit of nonsense relieved the tension and enabled us to pull ourselves together

    1. My dad was always active in the village I grew up in and I spent a lot of my younger years shadowing him as he took tickets at various gates or rushed around using me as a ‘gofer’ … thank goodness I wasn’t a shy child, that would have been hell!

    2. I was a practically shy lad, and nothing much has changed over

    3. confused, a bit shy

    4. It was quite a romance novel wasn't it, - shy, bookish Angel re-incarnated in a body seething with uncontrollable lust, and a dashing latin Lothario rebuild the technology industry in a new world-

    5. She was red faced and shy, but he showed her how happy she made him

    6. Dan, remember how shy he used to be around women

    7. He was quiet and shy, but had a quick mind

    8. She's a little shy

    9. I appreciated her friendliness but it made me incredibly shy

    10. of an innocent, a shy youth as yet

    11. ” Not at all shy, she slowly began to run her hand over his chest and down to his belly

    12. She soon found that this shy little man, whose timidity was the butt of many jokes within her Light Brigade, had the finest mind in the realm

    13. This technique can be incredibly empowering because you reduce the size and magnitude of your fear by realizing that you can handle the things you would otherwise shy away from

    14. Yet they have one flaw; when they find their mate they shy away because of the intensity of their emotions

    15. Jane is on time and arrives with a shy looking Tilly Stubbs in tow

    16. I want Bunty to come alive to the reader … I want them to see the shy, sensitive girl I have uncovered … but I don’t want it to be sugary sweet, Bunty would have hated that

    17. His picture of Bunty doesn’t tie in with the shy, isolated woman of the diaries … mind you, when Bunty was working in Italy, she moved up through the ranks and ended up in charge … that may have given her more confidence in her ability … and of course, she worked with the nuns as well

    18. 'Well, … I … er … feel that she was essentially shy and uncertain; a big girl of older parents and consequently insecure

    19. I think mine's a bit on the shy side, though

    20. arm and stopped the penetration just centimeters shy of his neck

    21. Several of the congregation surreptitiously watch them and whisper – the joy of living in a village! Fortunately, Anna remains totally oblivious to this; she’s so terribly shy that being the centre of attention would be hell for her

    22. Shy people might escape from humanity to the desert

    23. Because he was shy about it she didn’t say anything but didn’t hide herself either and stood so he could see that she had some resemblance to female shape

    24. His family is very, very shy, you should be supportive with him, not trying to scare him

    25. She noticed his clothes were gone and was amused by how shy he was that he couldn’t go down there without them

    26. This way she could have his arms around her and wasn’t at all shy about placing his hands exactly where she wanted them

    27. Well, love honestly I'm shy or ashamed to tell you about it but since you really wanted to know so…

    28. At this table she’d had to have been abnormally shy to be clothed

    29. John Smith only gave a shy nod and walked into the foyer

    30. and his shy personality was hardly attractive that day

    31. She got to know that Brancettrabble was not shy of experimenting on himself, and felt more fear for him than he did for himself

    32. They were looking for their son, a shy and inexperienced youngster who had grown up far out in the wilds of Wescarp

    33. Though both were small, considering they were several Gypsium Nights shy of adulthood, even a full grown human would've appeared childlike walking next to the elf

    34. miles shy of his quarry as they bedded down to sleep that

    35. "Oh it would cost at least a rosy red apple," he replied with a shy smile

    36. Not that she was shy, ordinarily

    37. She was a shy and mousy waif of a girl

    38. “Don’t be shy

    39. Programming: Others and I were always told I was shy

    40. ensure they are comfortable, just in case they are shy

    41. Earlier she would feel shy when I tried to concentrate on her

    42. Feeling shy, I looked down as I approached the fire

    43. Maybe he was shy

    44. Initial shy steps did not do her justice

    45. He stops a few yards shy of the man with the pruning

    46. The second was very shy, scared and flinched under her touch

    47. She was never shy and was always game to try anything new

    48. because they weren’t shy about sharing an ingredient or two

    49. To dream that you are shy suggests that you need to be more assertive, aggressive and confident in your abilities and talents

    50. Sorry, Zarko – I meant to tell you, but at that point I was still too shy and overwhelmed by it all

    1. “Wait,” Books said, shying away from the approaching men

    2. Shying away everything the others threw at him, he turned to face Jules head on, with the most probable outcome being Jules turning into a cut-away cardboard version of his old self, while the rest of us looked in sympathy and complete helplessness

    3. I couldn't help but laugh a little at her beautiful face, which made her laugh shying a bit

    4. shying from it as they picked up their pace accompanied by the sounds of concern issuing

    5. watching the black sea, and shying away from the most

    6. “He said they can't combat this by shying away

    7. In adolescence, they were more likely to be seen as shying away from social contacts; to be stubborn and indecisive; to be easily upset by frustrations; to think of themselves as bad or unworthy; to regress or become immobilised by stress; to be resentful and mistrustful about not ‘getting enough’; to be prone to jealousy and envy; to overreact to irritation with a sharp temper, so provoking arguments and fights

    8. Tarana stood there shying and blushing while Karan held her hands in his

    9. So, I asked her, “ Aarti, Why are you shying? Tell me what is it…”

    10. The pony was shying and whinnying, as if to say, What’s happened? I’m scared!

    11. We waited for Arthur and my patience was running out, for we wanted to ride! Ride! The horses were gathering and hoofing the ground, and when I turned, there he was, riding towards us on his shying white mare, trying to control her wildness, as if she was being led to a stallion, as if she was fighting the rider on her back

    12. And as we got closer to the city, Arthur’s horse began again her wild shying; here I heard Llachlan say to him that his horse was yet another mistake he had made—female of course, so was an unreliable mount to take anywhere, let alone into battle

    13. But the real reason for Epona’s shying was because the roads into the city were crowded with cheering townspeople

    14. Hundreds, all lining the road and over the bridge and we rode in through them, proud and exhilarated, with Arthur riding his shying mare, trying to control her head as the crowds waved and called his name

    15. We sat for a while, our horses shying through fear of fire

    16. Shying away from the noise of They

    17. was shying away from his heku

    18. When the full daylight came we were looking together at the crowd on foot and on horseback, demonstrating on the Plaza and shying stones at the windows of the Intendencia

    19. ’ Evidently he thought that I was shying away from the ‘gonnegtion’ mentioned at lunch, but I assured him he was wrong

    20. With happy, exhausted faces, they laid the old wolf, alive, on a shying and snorting horse and, accompanied by the dogs yelping at her, took her to the place where they were all to meet

    21. Another prodded his horse with the butt end of a musket, and Pierre, bending over his saddlebow and hardly able to control his shying horse, galloped ahead of the soldiers where there was a free space

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