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Frasi con slump (in inglese)

  1. I slump in the booth.
  2. I slump against the counter.
  3. Then they have a slump and.
  4. She felt her shoulders slump.
  5. As Nyla began to slump Selma.
  6. I saw her shoulders slump a little.
  7. But he had begun to slump in his seat.
  8. No, Aknarra’s in a bit of a slump.
  9. Sank back into a slump and began to sing.
  10. I slump into one of the chairs at the island.
  11. It made her slump down on a log with horror.
  12. He then leaned forward from his slump, his face.
  13. Rodney turned at last and let his shoulders slump.
  14. Will felt the Illustrated Man slump the tiniest bit.
  15. Ariella felt him slump behind her but he said nothing.
  16. Standing in that goofy, useless slump that Stein had.
  17. I watched this clown slump over as if punched in the gut.
  18. This was at the beginning of April, weeks into my slump.
  19. The Kingsbridge fair had recovered from the slump of 1338.
  20. The market is waiting for a signal to rally hard or slump.
  21. I slump my shoulders and turn the private screen toward me.
  22. He couldn’t do a job while he was in a slump as deep as that.
  23. He let his body slump against the crates of the cargo hold, the.
  24. The Necro's shoulders slump and a look of relief crosses his face.
  25. An immediate feeling of drowsiness made her slump against Morgan.
  26. We need that guy who does nothing but slump in a bar booth all day.
  27. My shoulders slump, and with a sigh, I relax my back on the cushions.
  28. He put his hand on Thomas’s shoulder, then let it slump to his side.
  29. She felt him slump, although his body still appeared to be a cadaver.
  30. Watching Rihanna's loose and limp body just slump down onto the floor.
  31. It’s in the less desirable sectors that the economic slump is most felt.
  32. The girl addressed was trying, unsuccessfully, to slump against my shoulder.
  33. If there’s a slump in America, business may be booming in Europe or Asia.
  34. What would happen? but he ignored her as she felt him slump down again.
  35. Before he could slump to the ground in exhaustion, the mist came and snatched.
  36. Unless we thought a crash was imminent, there is no need to worry about a slump.
  37. Relationship between amount of water per cubic meter and slump of concrete mix:.
  38. Before he could slump to the ground in exhaustion, the mist came and snatched him.
  39. Yakov watched Matt slump in his chair, cupping his hand across his forehead as he.
  40. And then only gurgling sounds were heard as he started to slump downward to his knees.
  41. Have to stand up straight and not slump over the boxes they'd stacked up in the opening.
  42. She felt sorry for Comben’s hangdog expression but she couldn’t allow morale to slump.
  43. A comical indentation of a bemused man was left, as he slid down the wall, falling to a slump.
  44. The slump in Gary's shoulders told her that he would carry that weight for the rest of his life.
  45. Investors arguably overreacted to the slump much as, in the past, they overreacted to favorable news.
  46. The mistakes may be isolated, or they may pile up as you drift into the realm of a trader’s slump.
  47. She started to slump to the floor but the captain caught her and laid her down gently, his brow furrowed.
  48. The crispness of the black silhouettes of hangleaf and claw leaf, just beginning to slump for the darkness.
  49. Then Bob fell down—well, it was more like a slump to the ground—and there he did his best to hold still.
  50. He grunted to his knees, grabbed the edge of a desk and got to his feet so he could slump into a swivel chair.
  51. He wanted to slump into a cushion but realized they were still standing on the stair landing just inside his door.
  52. Sydney had already begun trading and in anticipation of the Hong Kong slump the All Ordinaries Index drifted lower.
  53. Such an extreme financial situation and the severe laws applied to halt the slump caused great suffering and hardship.
  54. This likely means there is a slump over the horizon somewhere, so I’m prepared for a knockback come the late spring.
  55. Her shoulders lost the slump into which they’d fallen and she stood up, back straight, head raised, smiling, relieved.
  56. The King croaked unintelligible, and slowly slid from his slump against the wall to lay prostrate on the floor, gurgling.
  57. The president tried to stand and leave when he saw the governor slump over and fall off the platform to the ground below.
  58. It doesn’t happen that often but occasionally a share will slump suddenly on a news story that might affect its products.
  59. As he bent down to grasp his suitcase he began to slump from the effect of the drug that Charlie had dropped into his drink.
  60. He would quickly retract the blade as he turned away and allowed the dead boy to slump to the ground with only minute bleeding.
  61. Over 20 years, it has always been profitable, and aside from the 2001–2002 cyclical slump, its earnings have steadily increased.
  62. It showed all the little villages in Slump County, including Trouble Valley, which was nested there in the centre of the depression.
  63. Of our £6,000 in profit £1,000 went pooof! I think this is the start of the May slump but we will know in the next few days for sure.
  64. He stared out of the back of the Metro, stared down the long, straight highland road, and settled himself into a damp and steamy slump.
  65. How’s the legal world these days? I suppose with the slump in the property market the conveyancing side is a bit slower than normal.
  66. Frank the serial killer is on a slump the headline reads in the blood of his last victim who happens to be a dog because he can’t find.
  67. And then a slump of the top half onto the bed, and with the knees bent, KK’s legs up went up into the air, his feet in the mosquito net.
  68. He let his shoulders slump and bowed his head, "Ok," he said, "I know what a bad trip a dart would be," as he began walking toward Victoria.
  69. A solid understanding of commodities will give you insight into the way the world works and into why some investments soar while others slump.
  70. Armed with an understanding of commodities, you’ll realize the way the world works and why some investments will soar while others will slump.
  71. Of course a bunch of US stocks would have done well because of the falling pound, but I feel the pound has had its slump and is well set to rally.
  72. And among the art-house exhibitors Bergman is acknowledged as ”The Big Swede” who pulled the foreign-film business out of a substantial slump.
  73. But something about Richard—the gray in his hair or the casual slump of his shoulders, the assorted newspapers under his arm—made him seem safe.
  74. Today was the day of the Slump County Carnival, in which all the folks from various villages nearby would come to offer their wares to any interested takers.
  75. Hitler’s first real chance for power came with the worldwide slump that followed the Wall Street Crash of 1929 (see Chapter 8 to find out about this event).
  76. In a way I do too, but I am simply looking at the indexes and their charts tell the story that if we rally from here and don’t slump, something big is underway.
  77. You could suffer a 50% crash, you could lose 30% of the companies in your portfolio in one slump, but even still, the years will see your investment portfolio swell.
  78. In the next blurry second, before Boris's body even had time to slump forward, she gripped the body and sank her face into the open wound that had once been Boris's neck.
  79. Meanwhile, the real-estate slump had all but halted construction in the five boroughs; you couldn’t get a project a tenth of this size built anymore, even with City Hall behind you.
  80. I covered my face with my hands, uncontrollably sobbing, my being convulsing in Adrinius’ arms as he let go of me, releasing my body as I fell onto the floor in a slump, a defeated pile of mess.
  81. She gazed lovingly at the woman who had borne all their burdens and trials for the past twenty-five years and noticed for the first time the slump of her shoulders and threads of grey in her hair.
  82. I’m now about 20% in cash, which is not really that big a cash pile, but I’m normally 100% in equities, so it does leave a nice chunk of so called dry powder for any slump that might show up.
  83. Nearly all issues which met reasonably stringent quantitative tests at the beginning of 1937 came through the ensuing slump with a relatively small market decline and no impairment of inherent position.
  84. The most advanced system of State benefits for the elderly or the unemployed had been set up in Britain before the First World War, but even that system struggled to keep up with the demands of the Slump.
  85. Kaprayon had the time to feel his spacesuit balloon and stiffen as the crew sphere decompressed and to see from the corner of one eye the decapitated and fuming shape of Diana Uniko slump down in her seat.
  86. Knowing he had no recourse, the now dejected customer let his shoulders slump and stepped away from the stage and walked back down the long hallway to the entryway where he paid his twenty dollar entrance fee.
  87. It is also interesting to note that the June 1 edition of Time magazine featured Federal Reserve chairman Arthur Burns on its cover and was captioned: Is This Slump Necessary?—Facing an Economy on the Brink.
  88. But O'Neil overstates the case when he says, "If you are wrong about the direction of the broad general market, three out of four of your stocks will slump with the market averages and you will lose money" (O'Neil, p.
  89. We have both experienced such periods, and we believe strongly that what distinguishes great traders from average traders is the ability to recover and rebound strongly from a single mistake or a full-blown trader’s slump.
  90. Bill O’Neil might saunter into your office once or twice a year, but usually this was for the purpose of going over mistakes, particularly if you were in a trading slump, in the interests of helping you get out of the ditch.
  91. There may be multiple challenges in the future: The economy may slow down or go into a recession, a particular industry may fall into a temporary slump, or the company itself may develop problems and start to generate less revenue and earnings.
  92. Our duty was to keep her capital intact and hand it over to her when she was thirty- five, and I began to worry sometimes about the chances of a slump or some unknown disaster in Australia which would extinguish the thirty per cent of her inheritance that we had let her have.
  93. Wood‘s enormous talents have ―suffered‖ a recent set back, his ―denial‖ is merely defensive posturing common among many successful athletes whose skills have diminished and are no longer able to perform on a level many have grown accustomed or who simply find themselves in the throes of a protracted slump.
  94. It’s about celebrating the rich rewards of this year’s harvest, about collecting together the combined foods of all of Slump County and coming together to Trouble Valley to partake of a glorious feast with all sorts of delicious food and compare it with all the other tasty foods of New Zealand! My Mansion’s keeping an intake of the Granary where we’re keeping all the food, Julia said.
  1. Alex sighed, his shoulders slumping.
  2. Down he went, slumping over, holding.
  3. He sighed, his shoulders slumping slightly.
  4. I moaned in complaint slumping back to the bed.
  5. She slowly slid down the wall, slumping to her.
  6. I shorted, and Mothercare just carried on slumping.
  7. Shoulders slumping, she rasped out, I’m tired.
  8. He then placed his arm over Chance's slumping shoulder.
  9. This is all of you? she asks, her shoulders slumping.
  10. Slumping in his chair, Locke didn’t care if the Director noticed.
  11. Melvin sat at the table, slumping to one side, sipping from his mug.
  12. Jerks were slumping out of his office with their faces white all day.
  13. He wondered if they noticed his shoulders slumping or heard his sigh.
  14. Slumping to his knees, Gideon dropped his head into his hands and sobbed.
  15. Slumping into his seat with his hands shaking, he picked up the phone and.
  16. He leaned against the back of his chair, slumping slightly as the UPS went on.
  17. Jesus, Clive, I groaned, slumping against the wall as he finished his story.
  18. Indeed, Tolro said, pointing to the Ferengi not dancing, and still not slumping.
  19. She was slumping to the floor, she could barely move her arm to break her fall at all.
  20. He sighed heavily, shoulders slumping as though the worries of the world were weighing him down.
  21. We drove into town through curving streets flanked by slumping, desolate, vandalised canal homes.
  22. Finally, a slumping, white-robed figure appeared, accompanied by an army of black masked killers.
  23. Judging by the way their heads and shoulders are both slumping towards the right, I would say the.
  24. No, ma’am, he eventually said, slumping his shoulders and diverting his eyes toward the floorboard.
  25. They spend the rest of the afternoon slumping on each their chair, drowsily observing what happened around them.
  26. But when he straightened, I saw in his slumping shoulders that the life I had known since I'd been born was over.
  27. The girl went for the largest bug in a rage and sliced it to pieces before slumping to the ground in a heap, sobbing.
  28. Slumping down to the grassy floor Amori groaned with the action as her sore leg muscles revolted against the movement.
  29. Her shoulders are slumping forward and she’s shuffling through the garden, toppling over her marigolds and daisies.
  30. Then, slumping behind his desk, he took a deep breath, trying to calm the palpitations that threatened to overtake him.
  31. It was all very sudden and Philo barely had time to put his feet down to be able to stand instead of slumping on the stone floor.
  32. Slumping to the water, her power spent, it was with great dismay that Emily noted that the dark clad soldiers had chosen to remain.
  33. True, revenues were slumping, but industry consolidation had largely eliminated once-rampant price-cutting competition among manufacturers.
  34. But it was someone already sagging, slumping under the pull of gravity, shriveling under the sun like a fruit you should have picked last week.
  35. Quilter had apparently exhausted the number of expletives he knew and limited himself to slumping in the back seat and occasionally stamping on the floor.
  36. Moving slowly, although he wanted to run to Blackthorn's aid as quickly as possible because even now Blackthorn was slumping over, he walked toward the Citans.
  37. And that will be when the parties in London will be at their fullest, during the festivities of the Christmas season, he groaned, his shoulders slumping.
  38. In Ghana, farm productivity is slumping and the children of many of the country’s cocoa farmers aren’t interested in working in the family business anymore.
  39. Sohrab was wearing the plain white T-shirt and new denims I had bought him in Islamabad just before we'd left – the shirt hung loosely over his bony, slumping shoulders.
  40. Johnny came slumping down like a sack of potatoes, smashing his chin upon his knees and knocking himself out for just long enough to regain consciousness a second after landing.
  41. When is “Paul”, having returned to his seat and sipped some coffee, starts slumping in his seat and drooling, Gerard tells the server that he will take his “friend” to the hospital.
  42. Not only did oil and natural gas prices decouple from their historical trading ratio, but mild weather and slumping demand increased investors’ pain by causing natural gas prices to fall further.
  43. Slumping industrial production, big investment flows in a tight market, and concern over labor unrest and electricity disruptions in South Africa all helped make platinum a volatile investment in 2008.
  44. This was not a Halloween recipe, but from a verse about an unstrung puppet hobbling home on a liquid stick of alcohol and slumping, close to collapse, while gruesome images played on a television set.
  45. Some months later, Jereriah came for our daily visit, but on this particular evening he had a look about him, showing within the face, and the slumping of the shoulders, I knew something was bothering him to the core.
  46. His thoughts where cut short when he suddenly heard a shout from one of Yuembe’s men and then saw bloodied pieces of skull bounce off a door, the rest of the bandit’s body slumping against it a flick of an eye later, when the gunshot was heard.
  47. For Big Oil, a perfect storm of slumping global supplies, voracious demand, and increasingly hostile host governments have made it difficult to grow its reserve base—that is, the inventory from which oil companies produce their supply each year.
  48. At any rate he was too large and heavy for a hobbit, if not quite tall enough for one of the Big People, though he made noise enough for one, slumping along with great yellow boots on his thick legs, and charging through grass and rushes like a cow going down to drink.
  49. The main requirements are that we should sit erect, with the spine in a straight line; that we should sit relaxed (without slumping) so that there is no tenseness anywhere in the body, and that we should drop the chin somewhat, so as to release any tension in the back of the neck.
  50. They had rowed with so much composure, so serenely as the Times put it, so completely within themselves, that at the finish, rather than slumping in their seats and gasping for breath as oarsmen generally do at the end of a race, they had been sitting bolt upright, looking calmly around.
  51. Slumping into his chair, he began to shake nervously as his mind screamed,.
  1. He slumped in a chair.
  2. We slumped on the wall.
  3. He slumped in his chair.
  4. He slumped to the floor.
  5. Elfi slumped in her chair.
  6. Saul slumped in his chair.
  7. She slumped into a chair.
  8. Jesse slumped in her chair.
  9. Bruce slumped in his chair.
  10. The woman slumped in the.
  11. Camilla slumped to the bed.
  12. He slumped back to find a.
  13. She slumped down in a chair.
  14. The lady slumped and nodded.
  15. Thaen slumped back in his.
  16. He slumped against the wall.
  17. She slumped, her hope fading.
  18. He slumped back in his chair.
  19. Albert slumped into his chair.
  20. Grace slumped over her knees.
  21. Gustave slumped into his chair.
  22. His face slumped with fatigue.
  23. I slumped, knowing the answer.
  24. I slumped a little in my chair.
  25. The judge slumped back slightly.
  26. Her shoulders slumped a little.
  27. Simon slumped down to all fours.
  28. Puller slumped back in his seat.
  29. He had slumped against the dash.
  30. Claire slumped back in the chair.
  31. His head slumped into his chest.
  32. Shoop slumped down to the ground.
  33. His body slumped against the wall.
  34. Holly's body slumped against him.
  35. Deanna slumped down in the corner.
  36. Collin slumped down on the floor.
  37. He slumped to his knees flopping.
  38. The man slumped to the floor dead.
  39. The Director slumped in her chair.
  40. He slumped as fatigue overcame him.
  41. The heavy weight was still slumped.
  42. At last Konky’s shoulders slumped.
  43. He slumped to the ground, out cold.
  44. He slumped down on to his old sofa.
  45. The girl slumped back on the pillow.
  46. And his body slumped like a ragdoll.
  47. Then the droid slumped to the floor.
  48. Hartle slumped back, totally stunned.
  49. He slumped back down into the easy.
  50. Reuben’s head slumped to the table.
  51. His body slumped forward once again.
  52. Instantly, she slumped over, asleep.
  53. Her shoulders slumped at the thought.
  54. Rojan slumped to the floor, laughing.
  55. She slumped down in the mud and cried.
  56. The Beast slumped in the confessional.
  57. Her shoulders slumped in defeat and.
  58. I slumped back against the headboard.
  59. He slumped and LD checked for a pulse.
  60. Katie slumped over, using her bat to.
  61. Bonnie was slumped over him, weeping.
  62. Wulfric slumped on his knees in the mud.
  63. Callder suddenly slumped into his chair.
  64. He sighed and slumped back in the chair.
  65. Richard slumped in the chair behind him.
  66. His head slumped forward, chin on chest.
  67. Nancy slumped with the feeling of defeat.
  68. Johnny was slumped casually over the bar.
  69. Oh, that, the slumped mass replied.
  70. His body slumped slowly to the car roof.
  71. He could see Cindy slumped on a corner.
  72. Michael was inside slumped in his chair.
  73. Garcia swallowed and slumped to the floor.
  74. With his shoulders slumped, he suddenly.
  75. He slumped into one of them and pressed.
  76. He lifted it to slam again, then slumped.
  77. Richard slumped in the chair next to John.
  78. Roidon was slumped in the recliner chair.
  79. Joey sighed and slumped back in his chair.
  80. Thomas was slumped in the corner, weeping.
  81. In the kitchen, Jesse slumped into a chair.
  82. Ackers slumped against the wall, exhausted.
  83. With that, the old man slumped in his chair.
  84. Cody felt it when Amori slumped against him.
  85. He slumped back in his seat, chin dropping.
  86. Slumped over my seat I rested for a moment.
  87. The mayor slumped dejectedly into his chair.
  88. Wilhelm slumped lifelessly over the stocks.
  89. Emily, he said, his shoulders slumped.
  90. He slumped on top of her, dead or nearly so.
  91. He slumped back to find a more comfortable.
  92. I slumped into a chair at the pinochle table.
  93. Daphnie slumped down where she was and cried.
  94. They al visibly slumped with relieve, even.
  95. Her head slumped and she dropped once more.
  96. Blackavar was already slumped in his alcove.
  97. They found her slumped on the floor, crying.
  98. She was blindfolded, with her head slumped.
  99. Most of the shoppers are slumped over pizza.
  100. But he sighed and slumped back in his chair.
  3. He slumps forward and rests his face in his hands.
  4. David slumps over, and then his body shudders, and shudders again.
  5. Slumps happen and happen often, but there is no immediate risk of a crash.
  6. The woman, who was hit in the chest, slumps against the wall but doesn’t die.
  7. This is volatility re-entering the market and the future is full of rallies and slumps.
  8. He staggers and slumps to the floor, and for a moment I think he’s going to pass out.
  9. A strangled scream leaps out of my body as the boy slumps to the ground, and I squeeze my eyes shut.
  10. He stares at me, jaw clenched and eyes narrow, for a moment and then he sighs and slumps his shoulders.
  11. He opens the garage door with the remote and then parks the car, turns off the engine, and slumps into his seat.
  12. Before he can move, or even think, Sigyn’s body slumps against his, and Thor’s heavy hammer falls to the ground.
  13. With a sickening thud, Henry’s body slumps down on the front steps when Cal and Max viciously stab him with their swords.
  14. He slumps just a little in the chair and rests his hands across his thick torso with his fingertips pressed together in anticipation of your answer.
  15. A sign the market is pretty well at the bottom is when share prices have been discounted for doomsday – prices have allowed for more massive slumps than it is rational to expect.
  16. There’s also a difference between a market that retreats in the face of news that’s scary but easy to understand and explain, and one that slumps noticeably on no apparent news at all.

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