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Slump in a sentence

I slump in the booth.
Here Comes the Slump.
I slump against the counter.
Then they have a slump and.
She felt her shoulders slump.
As Nyla began to slump Selma.
we slump, with faces white as whey.

I saw her shoulders slump a little.
But he had begun to slump in his seat.
No, Aknarra’s in a bit of a slump.
consistency of the mix (Slump or Vebe).
Sank back into a slump and began to sing.
It made her slump down on a log with horror.
I slump into one of the chairs at the island.
He then leaned forward from his slump, his face.
Rodney turned at last and let his shoulders slump.
Will felt the Illustrated Man slump the tiniest bit.
Ariella felt him slump behind her but he said nothing.
Standing in that goofy, useless slump that Stein had.
I watched this clown slump over as if punched in the gut.
This was at the beginning of April, weeks into my slump.
The market is waiting for a signal to rally hard or slump.
The Kingsbridge fair had recovered from the slump of 1338.
I slump my shoulders and turn the private screen toward me.
was a bit of a slump in orders and things were not looking too.
He seemed to slump in a release of tension with these words.
Alex sighed, his shoulders slumping.
mused, slumping into his padded throne.
Down he went, slumping over, holding.
He sighed, his shoulders slumping slightly.
with a surge of power, slumping to the floor.
I moaned in complaint slumping back to the bed.
She slowly slid down the wall, slumping to her.
I shorted, and Mothercare just carried on slumping.
out cold which sent her slumping back to the floor.
wants, I said, slumping my shoulders and sighing.
Shoulders slumping, she rasped out, I’m tired.
He then placed his arm over Chance's slumping shoulder.
This is all of you? she asks, her shoulders slumping.
breath, his shoulders slumping dejectedly, and he knew he was to.
Slumping in his chair, Locke didn’t care if the Director noticed.
Melvin sat at the table, slumping to one side, sipping from his mug.
Jerks were slumping out of his office with their faces white all day.
shoulders slumping like an old woman's instead of the elegant forty-.
He wondered if they noticed his shoulders slumping or heard his sigh.
Slumping to his knees, Gideon dropped his head into his hands and sobbed.
Slumping into his seat with his hands shaking, he picked up the phone and.
‘Oh man, I was real y enjoying that!’ said Mike slumping his shoulders.
Slumping into his chair, he began to shake nervously as his mind screamed,.
He leaned against the back of his chair, slumping slightly as the UPS went on.
Jesus, Clive, I groaned, slumping against the wall as he finished his story.
o'clock in their morning, just as our shoulders were slumping at four o'clock in the.
Indeed, Tolro said, pointing to the Ferengi not dancing, and still not slumping.
a knife over her, shouting "I'll kill her!" Steinhauser was slumping, her head bowed,.
She was slumping to the floor, she could barely move her arm to break her fall at all.
He sighed heavily, shoulders slumping as though the worries of the world were weighing him down.
He slumped to.
The man slumped.
The slumped body.
slumped to his room.
' Janet slumped down.
Diggory slumped on.
slumped to his knees.
He slumped beside me.
He slumped into his.
Her shoulders slumped.
His shoulders slumped.
He slumped into sleep.
We slumped on the wall.
He slumped in a chair.
He slumped a little.
Both men were slumped.
He slumped in his chair.
slumped against the wall.
He slumped to the floor.
Haven slumped over, her.
She slumped into a chair.
Elfi slumped in her chair.
Saul slumped in his chair.
I slumped over, paralyzed.
slumped over a tree branch.
The woman slumped in the.
Jesse slumped in her chair.
John slumped his shoulders.
slumps of, 89–91, 92, 106–7.
He slumps forward and rests his face in his hands.
He slumps against the wall and closes his eyes.
floppish brown hair slumps in his chair next to a friend.
David slumps over, and then his body shudders, and shudders again.
Slumps happen and happen often, but there is no immediate risk of a crash.
The woman, who was hit in the chest, slumps against the wall but doesn’t die.
He slumps back in his seat and crosses his right ankle just above his left knee.
He staggers and slumps to the floor, and for a moment I think he’s going to pass out.
This is volatility re-entering the market and the future is full of rallies and slumps.
lack the confidence I did in the beginning of the season and would slide into serious slumps.
A strangled scream leaps out of my body as the boy slumps to the ground, and I squeeze my eyes shut.
He stares at me, jaw clenched and eyes narrow, for a moment and then he sighs and slumps his shoulders.
He opens the garage door with the remote and then parks the car, turns off the engine, and slumps into his seat.
Before he can move, or even think, Sigyn’s body slumps against his, and Thor’s heavy hammer falls to the ground.
Such slumps are characterized by periods where you may actually start to believe you have no idea what you are doing.
With a sickening thud, Henry’s body slumps down on the front steps when Cal and Max viciously stab him with their swords.
He slumps just a little in the chair and rests his hands across his thick torso with his fingertips pressed together in anticipation of your answer.
A sign the market is pretty well at the bottom is when share prices have been discounted for doomsday – prices have allowed for more massive slumps than it is rational to expect.
There’s also a difference between a market that retreats in the face of news that’s scary but easy to understand and explain, and one that slumps noticeably on no apparent news at all.

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slack slump depression sink correct decline slouch

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