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Frasi con tell (in inglese)

  1. I had to tell her.
  2. I have to tell them.
  3. Tell Dad I love him.
  4. So, tell me about it.
  5. I will tell you why.

  6. So, let me tell you.
  7. I tell you the truth.
  8. Tell me if it's hot.
  9. I have to tell her.
  10. It was hard to tell.
  11. I tried to tell her.
  12. What shall I tell Mr.
  13. I'd have to tell her.
  14. Tell me what he did.
  15. I tell her I was here.

  16. I cannot tell a lie.
  17. You can tell later on.
  18. It’s him I tell you.
  19. I just had to tell her.
  20. Tell me what you mean.
  21. Tell Him you love Him.
  22. I can tell you no more.
  23. Tell me about your son.
  24. Tell me more about him.
  25. What can I tell you?'.

  26. No, but tell me more.
  27. You can tell from the.
  28. Go where they tell you.
  29. Tell him what a great.
  30. Tell me, all there is!.
  31. I hope he can’t tell.
  32. Told and still to tell.
  33. I have to tell her now.
  34. Nobody had to tell them.
  35. I’m trying to tell you.
  36. Tell me it is going to.
  37. Now, tell me about Adam.
  38. I want to tell you the.
  39. Ill tell you that much.
  40. I could tell he was lit.
  41. I can tell you that now.
  42. He did try to tell them.
  43. Tell me, what are your.
  44. But let me tell you, Mr.
  45. Mary refuses to tell me.
  46. I cannot tell you that.
  47. M: Nobody came to tell me.
  48. Then tell me the truth.
  49. Well she would tell them.
  50. I have to tell the truth.
  51. Tell me how to stop them.
  52. It was show and tell time.
  53. And I could tell by the.
  54. To tell them of the hope.
  55. I wanted to tell him it.
  56. Of course I never tell.
  57. What should I tell her?
  58. Joe, tell me the truth.
  59. What can I tell you?’.
  60. Q: What did he tell you?
  61. Hunter decided to tell Ms.
  62. Tell me about the outback.
  63. What did he tell you?
  64. I wouldn't tell you a lie.
  65. I could tell her ANYTHING.
  66. What would he tell them?
  67. Tell it to poor old Vince.
  68. Tell that to poor old Bob.
  69. Stay still, I tell myself.
  70. There was nothing to tell.
  71. What did he tell you?’.
  72. Tell her that this was it.
  73. Tell Kelly to come get me.
  74. Do not tell me that I am.
  75. Tell me where the exit is.
  76. Wait tell me what is yours.
  77. But I tell you they were.
  78. I could tell his location.
  79. Tell me about the tattoos.
  80. But today, I had to tell.
  81. I can’t tell you that.
  82. They could tell him little.
  83. How much could she tell?
  84. Min, what did I tell you.
  85. Then why can't you tell me.
  86. Let me tell you a story.
  87. I'll tell you what's true.
  88. You couldn’t tell it now.
  89. Not much to tell, really.
  90. Tell me about your brother.
  91. He began to tell his story.
  92. Tell me or I will kill you.
  93. So tell me what happened.
  94. They tell him to give at-.
  95. We tell the one we're with.
  96. Tell me, why this happens?
  97. Oh well, time will tell.
  98. I cannot tell you them all.
  99. Now tell me where they are.
  100. Tell the children to return.
  1. I heard her telling Mr.
  2. Are you telling me you.
  3. I was telling the truth.
  4. He has no way of telling.
  5. Telling you to come home.
  6. After years of telling Mr.
  7. He was telling the truth.
  8. God is telling you that.
  9. There is no telling who.
  10. What I have been telling.
  11. You are telling lie Mr.
  12. Now, you're telling me J.
  13. He replied by telling me.
  14. This will be very telling.
  15. So I began by telling him.
  16. He would be telling them.
  17. What are You telling me?
  18. There was really no telling.
  19. They are telling the truth.
  20. If someone is telling the.
  21. It’s no telling how the.
  22. There is no way of telling.
  23. Without telling what to do.
  24. When I finished telling Mrs.
  25. I am telling you Sergeant.
  26. I am telling you this sole.
  27. So people keep telling me.
  28. Thank you for telling me.
  29. I now recall him telling me.
  30. Most of the time telling a.
  31. I am telling the truth!.
  32. God is telling you for this.
  33. She was telling me to hurry.
  34. I enjoy telling you stories.
  35. That's what I'm telling you.
  36. And she is telling the truth.
  37. I tried telling him it was.
  38. I'm telling the truth, Alex.
  39. The man is telling the truth.
  40. Always telling us what to do.
  41. God is telling Abimelech to.
  42. But he was telling the truth.
  43. A letter telling me about the.
  44. He thought about telling Marie.
  45. Midge was telling me about it.
  46. I am telling you the truth.
  47. Just telling him the truth.
  48. Why are you telling me this?
  49. The results were quite telling.
  50. Telling the story of our love.
  51. You do have a way of telling.
  52. He had been telling the truth.
  53. It was all about telling lies.
  54. That is what he is telling us.
  55. So you’re telling me the.
  56. But we can't go telling anyone.
  57. She was busy telling everyone.
  58. As she was telling me I could.
  59. She was telling me I trust you.
  60. He really hated telling her no.
  61. He might be telling the truth.
  62. He was telling me all about it.
  63. Monty needed no further telling.
  64. That John was telling the truth.
  65. It was no use telling me to be.
  66. Something was telling him that.
  67. Im telling the truth, and how:.
  68. Did he bother telling you that.
  69. No fear of me telling lies then.
  70. He gave me false hope, telling.
  71. I could save myself by telling.
  72. If only I was telling the truth.
  73. My instincts were telling me to.
  74. Telling them to remain calm was.
  75. My wife keeps telling that to me.
  76. A telling aspect though is that.
  77. Who else is telling your story?
  78. So here we are telling his story.
  79. No, I shouldn’t be telling you.
  80. Just telling you like it is, kid.
  81. Simon didn’t need telling again.
  82. He is telling them to water the.
  83. Listen to what he is telling you.
  84. Thank you for telling me this now.
  85. I knew he was telling the truth.
  86. Know, without really telling her?
  87. I'm telling you this in confidence.
  88. All I'm telling you is be careful.
  89. We're telling CodeIgniter that it.
  90. Thank you, Grammy, for telling me.
  91. It was Juan, telling him to abort.
  92. You are telling me, that whether.
  93. I know you’re telling the truth.
  94. What aren’t you telling me?
  95. She was busy telling my dad, who.
  96. Her mind was telling her to turn.
  97. He's telling us that He's got this.
  98. If you don’t mind telling me.
  99. The exalted professor was telling.
  100. Their story telling is interrupted.
  1. I told him I did.
  2. I told her to run.
  3. I do as I’m told.
  4. He told me he was.
  5. I told him the plan.
  6. I told him in brief.
  7. I told him that I.
  8. I did as she told me.
  9. He told her so, too.
  10. I told her what had.
  11. HE talked and I told.
  12. She told me to come.
  13. They told him of my.
  14. I told him about you.
  15. Jack if truth be told.
  16. My mom told me what.
  17. I told her then I'd.
  18. I was told to listen.
  19. I told you last time.
  20. No one ever told him.
  21. We both told him we.
  22. His wife told him to.
  23. He then told them to.
  24. I told her about our.
  25. I thought I told you.
  26. I told her that I too.
  27. Ava told me about that.
  28. I just want to be told.
  29. He told us three days.
  30. When I told Ron of my.
  31. Told Jenny to get lost.
  32. They were told to wait.
  33. We ought to have told.
  34. Truth be told she was.
  35. I’m sorry, I told her.
  36. We told him about Tony.
  37. But I told them I did.
  38. Yeah, I told her as much.
  39. Ricci does as he is told.
  40. That’s why I told you.
  41. He did what he was told.
  42. When Mom told me I’d.
  43. I had already told [Mr.
  44. All told, that was that.
  45. Things I never was told.
  46. That’s what he told me.
  47. I told her just how fond.
  48. I told you to sit down.
  49. They had been told that.
  50. I told Pat that was fine.
  51. Ish told us to follow him.
  52. They've told no one else.
  53. I told them to go to sea.
  54. I had told him the real.
  55. But in ‘as told to’.
  56. I told him to come over.
  57. The one I told you about.
  58. I told you I bruise easy.
  59. He told your sister Karly.
  60. I was told Sharon was in.
  61. He told me that he would.
  62. I told him I didn't have.
  63. The moment Shreya told me.
  64. Jean had told Pierre all.
  65. No one told me about Jesus.
  66. Told them he said hospice.
  67. I told him that I’d be.
  68. Que sera, I told her.
  69. She told me where you are.
  70. She told him at this time.
  71. She told you I was sick.
  72. I told everyone at daycare.
  73. KELLY: You told him to stop.
  74. We are told that it is a.
  75. So Nathaniel told his story.
  76. I told Thom, she said.
  77. I'm nine, Saya told her.
  78. Yes, so I have been told.
  79. He had told me only years.
  80. I told you he was alive.
  81. Has Anna has told him yet?
  82. Write down what you're told.
  83. My grandfather told me this.
  84. The scene told its own story.
  85. When you told me where you.
  86. So I told her that story too.
  87. Dad told me to stay here.
  88. As you have told us, these.
  89. He told me he was from IIT.
  90. Yes he told me about that.
  91. If Ava knew, she never told.
  92. James told him … at length.
  93. Someone told me he was dead.
  94. She told me she loved dance.
  95. I turned to her and told her.
  96. I told you assholes once.
  97. I had been told that he had.
  98. Many of the tales were told.
  99. I told him what I heard the.
  100. He's told me too much of you.
  1. He never tells a lie.
  2. The old man tells me.
  3. He tells me the truth.
  4. What my maid tells me.
  5. Her life tells it all.
  6. Q: It tells me nothing.
  7. He tells us Jorge had.
  8. He tells them it will.
  9. A blind man tells you.
  10. And John tells of how.
  11. He tells me where to go.
  12. Liam tells me that you.
  14. The picture tells a story.
  15. The Guru only tells you.
  16. What tells us that this.
  17. The Bible tells us that:.
  18. He tells us in His Word.
  19. Apuleius tells us of them.
  20. The Guru comes and tells.
  21. It tells of what was once.
  22. The ash tells her to go on.
  23. So it tells he has dreams.
  24. Bell tells of their fate:.
  25. But that tells me nothing.
  26. He then tells Arjun that.
  27. It also clearly tells us.
  28. She tells him her secrets.
  29. The Book of Genesis tells.
  30. The owner tells the story.
  31. The camera tells the truth.
  32. It tells you on the packet.
  33. Krishn tells Arjun in the.
  34. When anyone ever tells me.
  35. The book tells how he died.
  36. He tells his fellow gladi-.
  37. Antti tells you it’s hard.
  38. This tells you why special.
  39. I already know, he tells me.
  40. So Jesus tells him a parable.
  41. Tony tells them, Thank you.
  42. TOBIAS TELLS ME this story:.
  43. This tells us a great deal.
  44. She tells him what happened.
  45. He tells me about his night.
  46. The Duke’s envoy tells me.
  47. A website now tells of the.
  48. The Bible tells lies about me.
  49. The Word of God tells us in.
  50. He tells me that you are.
  51. The business tells me, even.
  52. He tells me he served your.
  53. I don’t, he tells her.
  54. So my shaman tells me, too.
  55. This also tells us that the.
  56. Sit down! he tells him.
  57. Accept all that he tells you.
  58. The myth simply tells us—.
  59. She tells him, I sent my.
  60. IS IT? If the teacher tells.
  61. A boy tells me about the time.
  62. It tells the truth about you.
  63. He tells how only the humble.
  64. IBD tells investors the truth.
  65. Our Congress never tells the.
  66. Infant Bex tells him to do it.
  67. She tells me, I owe it to him.
  68. Werner tells himself: So do I.
  69. Stay seated, she tells you.
  70. And the messenger tells him:.
  71. The other tells me I’m being.
  72. Now that tells us he felt pain.
  73. So Krishn tells Arjun that he.
  74. Remember that he tells you lies.
  75. Rabbi Levy tells it this way:.
  76. How History Tells Us to Invest.
  77. That he tells that story? No.
  78. That is what my heart tells me.
  79. The Bible tells lies, all lies.
  80. Ted down at the station tells.
  81. He tells us, I feel I have.
  82. This tells an incomplete story.
  83. In Matthew 3:8 John tells the.
  84. Quincy) so often tells so much.
  85. Move when He tells you to move.
  86. The Dictionary tells us it is.
  87. To me, that tells us two things.
  88. Karma tells me that it is greed.
  89. The Tree never tells its virtue.
  90. And our gaze tells the wildest.
  91. He tells the truth to your face.
  92. Genesis 4:2 tells us that Chief.
  93. But something tells me this is.
  94. The Ocean never tells its virtue.
  95. The River never tells its virtue.
  96. A single test tells you nothing.
  97. She tells me to follow her home.
  98. Ephesians 1:5 tells us on what.
  99. But Pim tells me that you’re.
  100. It tells us the wisdom of nature.

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