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    1. The carriage was around by the time she had everything ready, He had a very pretty keda the color of a chipmunk with five dark manes and spotted stripes down his back

    2. that “by His stripes we are healed”

    3. By His stripes we are

    4. to fully receive your word that by your stripes my family and i were healed

    5. When I got the revelation that by His stripes I was healed 2000 years

    6. When the statement “by His stripes we are healed” gets

    7. creep into our soul: did God really say that by His stripes I was healed?

    8. that, “by His stripes I am healed””

    9. Bahkmar could never say this, but Moamar looked a lot like the one named Kiethying except for the pin stripes and turban and maybe fifty years

    10. Before me was this huge massive head, black as night with silver stripes on the ridges of its nose

    1. His britches were black, with a purple stripe down the

    2. The white stripe down his mane told Rayne immediately who he was

    3. He stood back and I saw the second stripe on his sleeve so I said

    4. It was a navy blue single breasted suit with a grey pin stripe

    5. Out came Stripe, the tabby kitty, and Sally Anna, the black kitty

    6. ” He then drew a stripe on my arm with chalk saying this will be confirmed when things are a bit more sorted out but it is a genuine promotion

    7. I did as he told me hardly daring to believe that I had been promoted and looking every now and again at the chalk stripe on my arm

    8. ” I thanked him and looked at the fading stripe on my sleeve and wondered if it even meant anything anymore as I had seen nothing more of any of the people who had left the trench and for all I knew they could have been dead

    9. Reese’s eyes flashed with concern, and Galeron spun at him, drawing his sword across Reese’s arm, leaving a red stripe as Reese did not quite evade the move

    10. The car jerked to the side, yanking the wheel out of her hands as it lunged across the center stripe

    1. Over the next three or four days a succession of busy city types, who had invested in this run down part of the city in an attempt to make a killing on property prices in a rising market, brought around baskets full of striped shirts, frilly blouses and flimsy briefs to be ironed

    2. A winch, emergency oars, and the blue and white striped flag of Greece

    3. baskets full of striped shirts, frilly blouses and flimsy briefs to be

    4. tent made of a striped blue material

    5. "A red and white striped hat box" She interrupted him

    6. Turning, she striped the remaining portions of the house the same way, boxing everything

    7. By the time the kids came home, she’d striped the small table in the front room of the pictures and created a desk for herself

    8. He definitely looked different wearing a light suit, striped shirt and a wide tie

    9. Mackintosh he wore a tweed suit with a waistcoat and a striped tie, all large and baggy to suit his overweight frame

    10. male in the litter, a short-haired, striped tabby

    1. "A plain three and three, an oldish Vilbark I think, maybe a Lorovin with the striping long polished off

    2. A wind suddenly pushed Nathan into the water striping his attention from her

    3. The morning broke brilliantly across the countryside, striping Rosebud's face with beveled

    4. • FC-3 This layer defines additional services such as the striping of data across multiple signal lines to increase bandwidth and the use of multiple ports with a single alias address

    5. Disk striping is a method for enhancing the performance of two or more drives by using them concurrently, rather than individually

    6. Technically, disk striping is not RAID at all because it provides no redundancy and therefore no data protection or fault tolerance

    7. A RAID 3 array is a combination of data striping and the storage of a type of ECC called parity on a separate drive

    8. The use of striping on the data drives enhances I/O performance, just as in RAID 0, and using one drive in the array for parity information adds fault tolerance

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